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14 Sep

Under 150$ Louis Vuitton Dupes from a Spanish Brand

Louis Vuitton Dupes

Looking for a luxury designer bag dupe that would look better than the original item itself? I have a great solution for you!

I always thought that wearing Louis Vuitton bags was a little tasteless. Especially nowadays when every other girl is wearing a fake copy of this brand. That never looked decent and even when you wear a good quality copy you still know it’s not worth it and basically, it’s not worth buying again.

But what if I told you that there is a beautiful solution to this issue. I know, I am also a person that likes to try out things before actually investing thousands of dollars on just a bag. So here is what I usually do. I try to research and find a similar dupe from another legal registry brand. This time I was struck by a Spanish gem – Purificacion Garcia.

We have a boutique here in Lisbon in one row with all luxury brands even Louis Vuitton. It does look luxurious and the bags are made of a genuine leather with a brand logo inside the bag. But the big plus is that the price is way more plausible and affordable to those from LV. So if you ever wanted to feel how it would be to wear something similar to Louis Vuitton bags – choose Purificacion Garcia.

Louis Vuitton Dupes

I am in love with the black one – Mini bowling bag in black leather embossed with our PG cube pattern. Cowhide handles and matching detachable cross body strap. Zip fastening and fully lined interior in linen.

They have a whole variety of colors: green, blue, brown, white, etc. I would highly suggest paying closer attention to this brand when it comes to high-quality designer dupes. This is not China made, it’s still Europe and the quality overcomes the desires. Trust me…this is the best what you can find!

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DISCLAIMER: Dear friends, if you see the link is not taking you to the bag, it means it has been SOLD OUT. Please wait for the update, reach out to me or the seller to request the info about the specific bag!

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