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28 Nov


French floral dress
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Vintage dress is not only popular today but also in high demand because of its unique style.

I am an avid admirer of the 1920 -1960 era. It was a “golden age” of the feminine style. There is nothing more beautiful and unique than a pretty silhouette in a girly dress.

This thin waistline that is always stressed on with a flared design that is concealing the rear – is an epitome of the “secret of a real woman”. It’s not only a dress that does it – it’s the whole image that matters. The makeup, hairdo, hat, gloves, etc., that emphasize the dress even more.

If you wear this kind of outfit today – you will definitely catch interested eyes on the street. I bet, the majority of people never seen this kind of beauty. And this is why I started making these dresses – to make us, women feel unique and feminine.

My favorite one is this french style long flared dress

This design was inspired by French streets and a Parisian vibe. The hand-painted lavender print reminded me of french lavender valleys that could not go unnoticed. The satin fabrics look and feel like real silk with subtle sine on sunlight.

I really love this dress especially for such sunny days like in Portugal. Very much suitable with black transparent gloves even now during this difficult time in the world.

Lavender Valley Retro Dress

This satin dress was inspired by Provence lavender valleys during peak time. Late summertime and a beautiful smell of lavender are introduced to this dress design. This color is amazing because once you wear this light purple color your face becomes so young and fresh that will fall in love with it for the rest of your life.

This vintage vibe is perfect for those who love unique designs that are wearable for everyday life even in the city. I wear it in Portugal and people always ask e where I got this pretty dress from. I’m always proud to say that I’m the designer and you can get it at

Coffee And Milk Floral Design Dress

This dress color is really for those who want to look expensive and fine. It’s a really exquisite shade especially in combination with silky fabrics. It does look romantic during hot August. You will definitely add a feminine flair to your look.

Polka Dot Vintage Dress

This is a perfect “to go” dress. Whenever you don’t know what to wear – just take this dress and it will become your “saver” at any time! This is what works so well for me. The color of the dress – soft peachy orange makes my complexion look much better and it even enhances some of my imperfections simply by the immaculate color reflection onto my face.

It fits perfectly well with high heels, mid-heel, and even your favorite Converse sneakers. I love using it with a matching soft orange silk scarf either as a headscarf or an accessory for my bag. I’m always impeccable in this dress!

Something From The 60s And Modernity!

This is one of my most favorite dresses as it contains something that represents true femininity. It’s my painting of a rose originally painted on rice paper with black Chinese ink that can be found and purchased over here even in PDF.

It’s a bodycon maxi long-sleeve dress in the beige-pink shade. There is nothing more important than comfort. This design was made for a beautiful and yet modern woman. As my designs always match a request to be pretty but still wear heels and sneakers at the same time.

Iryna Fedorchak

Hello, I am Iryna. A creative Ukrainian soul living in Lisbon, Portugal. I know fashion, I speak beauty and I know what lifestyle suits you the best. Here I will show you how fashion manifestation looks like as well as I want it to be an inspiring space for women of all religions and heritage. I hope I can help and advise you about your fashion preferences. Let's do fashion together! I love to create and re-create looks showcasing the life of European Bohemia in Portugal, researching Dos' and Donts' of the beauty realm, throwing my philosophy like confetti.

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