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20 Mar


Were you always wondering what other people carry in their bags?

I do, and this is what I always have with me!

What’s In My Bag 2021
  1. Coconut Water. Just in case you didn’t know: it contains vitamins like vitamin B2, B3, C, and other ingredients like electrolytes and potassium that may be beneficial to the skin. Consuming coconut water may help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, increase skin hydration and elasticity.
  2. Chewing Gum. No need to explain 😉
  3. Calvin Klein sunglasses. Just in case I want to hide from the outer world, plus I have to use those because of direct exposure to the sun all year round.
  4. Aussie hairbrush. I got to Budapest for a change. It lives with me since then 😉
  5. Damask rosewater face mist from Iherb.com. Beautiful scent, and it’s perfect hydrolytic water. Perfect for hydrating your face during the day, or use it instead of a toner.
  6. Notebook. I need a journal because I like it old-style. I stamp my lips there, write and paint whenever required.
  7. Lipbalm and Silicon. I need both, ok? My lips get dehydrated all the time.
  8. Loewe White Magnolia perfume, small-sized Hermes Twilly, and Neroli samples. To freshen up the day, especially with Loewe. It’s a perfect vanilla and magnolia combination. It’s not too strong or sweet and fits perfectly for the morning and almost any situation, plus it’s summer soon.
  9. Dior Lipstick. I love this non-red cherry shade that can easily be smudged with a finger. It can be intensified as per preference, and it smells great. It contains a little bit of shimmer. If you are a fan of Korean makeup – I’d pay attention to this model as it creates a perfect cherry tint on lips.
  10. Chanel and Guerlain compressed powders. The 1st one if for fixing daily makeup, and the 2nd one is more for a “photoshopped effect.” Especially suitable for photo or video shooting/wedding/special events.
  11. YSL Duo eyeshadow. It’s brown and purple, the last one of which I use for highlighting cheekbones. It also works well with green and brown eyes. Something different never hurt anyone;)
  12. Canon M6 Mark ii with a holder. I’ve never seen a better vlogging camera. The quality is outstanding, and the colors are deep. It’s a massive jump from Sony a6000 to Canon. It always has a space in my bag.
  13. This is a genuine leather bag, sorry no vegan edition.
  14. Laptop. It goes without saying. How else would I work?
Iryna Fedorchak


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