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25 Oct

Where To Buy Japanese Skincare Online: Edobio Picks

Are you wondering where to buy japanese skincare online which is effective and fast?

Here is your answer after a thorough research!

I already mentioned a Japanese skincare online brand last time in the article about the benefits of collagen and how to avoid premature aging. I really found that product effective because I saw the real effect of tight and lifted skin in 2 months after taking their powder.

And the I thought, why not to reasearch the Japanese skincare further since I sw such a great effect? And so I did, I found Edobio selling at thier minimalistic looking stuff at The Ritz-Carlton Osaka. I like it how they make it look simple, pure and yet luxury.

This is what I found about them:


Japanese skincare online

“The Japanese beauties depicted in ukiyo-e, the art of traditional block prints, were known for their youthful and flawless skin.The secret to their smooth and satin soft complexion lay in the ancient natural ingredients used in a simple beauty rituals originating in the Edo period (1603-1868). EDOBIO skincare integrates cutting-edge Japanese biotechnology with the ancient natural ingredients that have been in development since the Edo period.

EDOBIO optimizes the skin’s natural abilities by soothing it with the timeless nourishment of natural ingredients, moisturizing, balancing pH levels and reducing the burdens of modern living. Beauty blooms from the inside out. EDOBIO encourages cellular rejuvenation and gently revitalizes your skin, producing a radiant glow that stands the test of time. Return to a simple ritual, powered by biotechnology, to renew and enrich your skin”.

Ones of the most important ingredients that they use are:



The Sakura flower, also known as the cherry blossom, is an integral characteristic of Japanese culture. It is directly from this source of beauty that we have extracted one of the most esteemed ingredients present in our skincare line.

Somei Yoshino extract is known, not only for its pleasant aroma but also for the moisturizing properties that are concentrated within the substance. This is just one of the many Japanese beauty secrets that we have researched and executed within our products.

SAKE KASU(Lactobacillus-Fermented Sake Lees Extract)

A unique moisturizing ingredient made by fermenting sake lees with BiProGE lactic acid bacteria. It moisturizes the skin while improving texture, and helps prevent dullness caused by dry skin.What is Sake lees? Sake lees are an ancient Japanese superfood. EDOBIO has focusedon the nutrients in sake lees (peptides, amino acids, vitamins, yeast, etc.).We have developed our own “lactobacillus-fermented sake lees extract”by adding BiProGE lactobacillus.It is specially fermented and cultivated for the proper period of time,so as not to compromise efficacy. Sake lees extract moisturizes the skin while improving texture, and helps prevent dullness caused by dry skin.BLUEBERRY LEAFKUNISATO Number 35(Japanese Blueberry leaf & stem extract).

Organic Japanese Blueberry Leaf & Stem (Kunisato No. 35)which is grown in Miyazaki Prefecture. It’s not only contains more than 15% of proanthocyanidins,which is an elite class of polyphenols but also contains chlorogenic acid,quinic acid, and fiber, all nutrients that can aidthe aging process beautifully.It’s a potent antioxidant and has skin-conditioning benefits. 


Japanese Green tea leaves, also called Ryokucha, are attentively harvested from the soil after an entire season of direct sunlight. Although the finished product is often enjoyed as a hot beverage, renowned for its dark color and potency, it comes with its own set of benefits for skincare.
Green tea leaf extract contains catechins that assist with conditioning and toning the skin after direct application. As one of the active ingredients within many of our skincare products, tea leaf extract is monumental in producing healthy results that go beyond the surface.



Green Tea seed is a natural substance, grown from the Camellia Oleifera plant, that is masterfully pressed to produce an edible oil. The Camellia is an exquisite species, carefully grown in very specific environments throughout the world.

The benefits of Green tea seed extract include the conditioning and toning of the skin, which is made possible through its concentrated Vitamin E and amino acid content.


 BiProGE® Lactic Acid Bacteria is a proprietary ingredient that helps regulate the condition of the skin, through the calculated utilization of select microorganisms. As a naturally derived component within our skincare products, it can be directly compared to the soil of the earth.Full of natural resources, the soil contains microorganisms that are full of various elements, including valuable minerals. In the same way that these substances promote life and growth around them, the inherent power of certain considerably selected microorganisms are brought forward in our exclusive formula.Through the careful mixture of lactic acid bacteria and yeast, BiProGE® Lactic Acid Bacteria allows for effortlessly flawless skin results through continuous use of any product within our revolutionary skincare line.

Ask before ordering 

They have autumn campaign going on right now and those are the set. 

●Radiant Skin Set

$74 ( $104 Value) 

Japanese skincare online

After the summer time it is common to see the Face Skin particularly dry and opaque. Edobio SkinCare helps the skin combat damage from external factors that the skin is exposed to in daily life, such as ultraviolet rays, dirt, pollution, temperature changes, dryness, and blue light.

Especially recommended if your skin needs to absorbs pore’s dirt, while moisturizing, softening the skin’s texture and promoting a brighter complexion.

●Autumn Skincare Set


$142 ( $198 Value ) 

Our Saketernal Skincare Complete Set is formulated with a traditional Japanese women’s Beauty Secret to enhance the complexity of the tissues, cleanse, moisturize, and visibly brighten the skin. Comes with their bestseller Bar Soap

Japanese skincare online

You can check about this link for more info about saketernal skincare series.

All about Sake Lees: Japan’s Anti-ageing Superfood – Edobio

I wouldn’t hesitate to try out new skincare especially if it’s Japanese! That just cannot be better than that!

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