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26 Jun

Work and office outfit ideas for women in 2019

work outfit for office 2019

How to choose an office outfit and look bright in 2019

Have you noticed that a monotonous routine every day takes all your energy? At the end of the day, you not only have any power to go through the home checklist nor do you have any idea and time to prepare a new outfit for work. I know it, I’ve been there and oh God, I didn’t want to be bothered about the office wardrobe.

Furthermore, here are the tips that can ease your morning when getting ready for the work:

  1. Take the basics.

Consequently, it’s always been a shirt and I admit I’m a shirt maniac. And if you want to feel happier and just in general more lively in the office, take a colorful shirt. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a plain white shirt that you are used to taking every morning…have you ever thought about choosing something bright? For instance, it has been proven by scholars and experimented by me that a bright color enhances my mood and makes me feel better throughout the day.

2.  Combine with classics.

Obviously, don’t have to look bright from head to toe. Trust me, one thing is just enough, which we have already chosen (a shirt). Finally, you can take your black, grey or white trousers or even a midi-length skirt. And viola! Your office look is almost finished.

3.  Shoes for the office.

That, my ladies, needs to be classics. I’m sure you have your perfect midi-length heel pumps.

However, on Friday I would let myself be a bit nastier and choose a high heel pump like these on the picture.

4. Accessories.

That’s totally up to you! Usually, we are not supposed to wear something big and shiny. So I from Monday to Thursday I would choose simple studs in the ears. Usually, on Friday I would let myself wear a choker. Yes, a choker. It’s fine, just don’t be afraid.

Enjoy it!

Iryna Fedorchak

Hello, I am Iryna. A creative Ukrainian soul living in Lisbon, Portugal. I know fashion, I speak beauty and I know what lifestyle suits you the best. Here I will show you how fashion manifestation looks like as well as I want it to be an inspiring space for women of all religions and heritage. I hope I can help and advise you about your fashion preferences. Let's do fashion together! I love to create and re-create looks showcasing the life of European Bohemia in Portugal, researching Dos' and Donts' of the beauty realm, throwing my philosophy like confetti.

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