Inverted Triangle Body Shape Celebs: Style, Diet & Exercises
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25 Sep

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Celebs: Style, Diet & Exercises

Are you wondering how Inverted Triangle Body Shape Celebs maintain their bodies and elevate style?

Here is the ultimate answer

There are many types of shapes. For each of them, stylists have come up with names, developed rules for choosing clothes, fitness trainers give advice on how to bring the body closer to the ideal, nutritionists recommend what and in which quantities to eat. But they all forget about one thing, the main thing in a woman is individuality.

There are no right or wrong, standard or non-standard shapes. So it is with the “inverted triangle” – a figure, in the opinion of many, disproportionate. However, following simple rules and listening to yourself, the “triangle body shape” will be a great opportunity for fashion experiments.

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inverted triangle body shape celebs

Description of an inverted triangle body shape

An inverted triangle is the name of the body type which the stylists gave to the more “athletic figure”. It is also called the T-shaped or V-shaped type.

This type of figure is distinguished by the following:

  • Conical shape. If you look at a woman’s physique, it resembles a triangular funnel, a cone in shape.
  • Broad, well-defined shoulders.
  • Convex chest. When you gain weight, it becomes even more visible.
  • Narrow hips, no smooth curves. Much less comparing to the shoulders.
  • Weak or no waist which makes the torso look shorter.
  • Flat buttocks.
  • Long, straight, slender legs.

The main feature of the triangular figure is massiveness, angularity, similarity to the male silhouette. In the case of excess weight, the lady will almost “lose” her grace and femininity.

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inverted triangle body shape celebs

Thin-type representatives should emphasize the waist to achieve proportionality.

Triangular body shape has a number of advantages:

  • Good natural data for creating a perfect figure. With a little effort, flat buttocks can be made into “mouth-watering”, rounded buttocks.
  • The chances of gaining weight in the hips and abdomen are minimal. With proper nutrition, these body parts remain lean.
  • Choosing the right clothes, the proportions are visually adjusted and all the features of the figure are taken into account.

To keep your figure in good shape, nutritionists, trainers, stylists give several tips:

  • Eat right. Balance, moderation – that’s what proper nutrition is.
  • Move more. Physical activity is the key to health and a fit body.
  • Choose the right clothes for yourself. Fashion is good, but you need to wear something that emphasizes the merits and hides the flaws.
  • Let us examine each of the listed items in more detail.

Suitable food like for inverted triangle body shape celebs

On the Internet and among women, there is an opinion that the V-shaped figure is not subject to fullness. They argue that the figure is athletic and more man-alike. Only they are mistaken, and things are quite different.

When you gain excess weight, your arms, shoulders, chest grown fat, a fat layer appears on the stomach, face, buttocks. With improper, excessive nutrition, the back becomes powerful and square. This will give the woman some discomfort.

In order to avoid the described consequences and to maintain harmony as long as possible, nutritionists advise adhering to a specially designed diet.

The correct diet includes several points. The first and fundamental one is the rejection of carbonated sweet drinks, salty foods, baked goods, fermented milk products with high-fat content. It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of pork, lamb, smoked meats, sausages, canned food.

It is important to enrich the diet with fiber (vegetables, fruits, herbs), fish, low-fat cottage cheese, legumes. 2 liters of water is a daily requirement for clear skin and regulation of metabolic processes. Food intake – five times a day in small portions. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – main receptions, two snacks.

The last meal is at least three hours before bedtime.

This will allow food to be digested and provide lightness in the stomach.

The second point is the adjustment of the daily calorie intake. Nutritionists identify three goals – losing weight, maintaining weight, and gaining mass. The number of calories consumed is calculated depending on the goal.

If a woman needs to fix her current weight, it is necessary to adhere to the daily calorie intake. For weight loss, a calorie deficit is calculated, if you want to eat more then physical activity simply increases.

In the case of weight gain, the daily calorie intake with a surplus is determined.

The daily calorie intake is determined by a special formula: 655 + (9.6 x weight) + (1.8 x height) – (4.7 x age).

Let’s calculate the daily calorie intake using an example. Initial data: weight – 62 kg, height – 165 cm, age – 30 years. Now we substitute the values into the formula – 655 + (9.6 x 62) + (1.8 x 165) – (4.7 x 30) = 1406.

The resulting number is multiplied by the activity coefficient:

1.2 – sedentary lifestyle;
1,375 – light workouts no more than three times a week;
1.55 – high activity, intense training 3 – 5 times a week.

For example, let’s take 1.375, 1406 x 1.375 = 1933 kcal. This number is the daily allowance for weight support.

To calculate the deficit, you need to multiply 1933 kcal by a percentage from 10 to 15, it is recommended to take no more than 10% for smooth weight loss or weight gain.

1933 x 10% = 1739 kcal – daily allowance for weight loss. Doctors note that a reasonable weight loss per month is no more than 4 kg.

For a surplus, we throw in 10% by 1933 kcal, we get 2126 kcal for weight gain.

It is important to stick to the calculated calories.

Many people think that by cutting calories drastically and rapidly, the process of losing weight will go faster. This is fundamentally wrong.

Reducing calories will slow down the metabolic rate, decrease hormone levels, and ultimately reduce muscle mass.

The optimal percentage of the deficit is 10-15%.

The third point is the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Proteins are responsible for the “building” of muscle mass, fats – for women’s health, hair growth, and skin quality, carbohydrates deliver energy. You cannot skew in favor of one nutrient, there must be a balance between them.

That is it, the diet should include white poultry meat, cottage cheese with a fat content of no more than 9%, cereals, cereals, consume less fast carbohydrates – sweets, cakes, chocolate bars. They saturate only for a while, releasing a huge amount of insulin into the blood. Slow carbohydrates – peas, beans, beans, lentils, rice, buckwheat – will provide the feeling of satiety for a long time.

Science for certain body types has not invented any special methods of losing weight. Everything is based on the principle of moderation – I eat whatever I want, but I do not go beyond the limits of calorie intake.

Correction of problem areas for an inverted triangle body shape

To create a beautiful figure, a toned body, or at least to get closer to a cherished dream, observing one proper diet is not enough. It is imperative to include sports in your life.

A sedentary lifestyle equals health problems and an ugly body. Physical exercise should also be approached in a comprehensive manner – to increase overall activity (cardio, walking) and give a load to problem areas (strength exercises).

Experts advise conducting training in several directions.

The inverted triangle shape is characterized by a massive top and a featureless bottom. With the right training plan, women can equalize the volumes of the two body parts. Therefore, the emphasis is on the buttocks with weighted squats, for example, with a barbell. On the other hand, muscle building in the arms, shoulders, and back should be completely eliminated.

In this case, weights are contraindicated. Enough light exercises to maintain tone (push-ups).

To select a set of exercises, taking into account individual characteristics, health status, it is better to contact a professional trainer who can also calculate the calorie intake and draw up a nutrition plan.

The style for an inverted triangle body shape

Choosing clothes for the “inverted triangle” will not be difficult if you follow the advice of stylists.

The rules will help you choose a capsule wardrobe and always look organic and feminine:

  • create additional volume on the hips;
  • focus on the neckline and neck – wear sweaters with a V-neck and a deep oval;
  • choose a vertical strip from prints;
  • give preference to an interesting cut of clothing in the shoulder area;
  • buy things in calm, dull, monochromatic shades;
  • pick up tunics, sweaters, blouses with a length that covers half of the hips;
  • to wear fluffy skirts, bell skirts, pleated, skirted and decorated with various additions;
  • wear wide belts.

Now let’s take a look at each wardrobe item separately. First, let’s take a look at the clothing for the top.

The main task is to divert attention from the massive shoulders, arms, back, adjust the lines and volume so that you look feminine and graceful:

  • Blouses, sweaters, tops. Clothes should soften the top line. There are several nuances. The fabric of blouses should be soft, easily draped, and at the same time heavy. Such material is able to make the shoulders visually narrower. The proportions will be adjusted by fitted models.

It is better to choose sweaters with thin knit, bulky braids, and weaving will add excessive massiveness.

A raglan sleeve is the best option for tops. Tops with slits on the sleeves or with one bare shoulder also look good. T-shirts with lace trim, no thin straps, just wide ones.

  • Jackets, blazers. These clothes add elegance and rigor. Inseparable from the office style. Women with an inverted triangle figure need to make a choice in favor of classic models, slightly fitted, with a standard collar. The elongated models go especially organically, the pockets of which are also lowered to the hip line.

Thus, the required volume will be created, attention will be diverted from the upper body.
Stylists advise wearing jackets without shoulder pads and unbuttoned.

  • Swimwear. In summer, on the beach, you want to show off your figure and shape. Many “triangular” girls are complex because of this. Don’t be afraid of swimwear. You just need to choose the right one – monokini, with one strap around the neck in the form of a loop, instead of swimming trunks – shorts.

The lower part of an inverted triangle body shape.

Here the main focus is on the choice of skirts, dresses, trousers:

  • As for the skirts, the length “maxi”, style “sun”, “bell”, “tulip”, A-silhouette, pleated, models with a variety of draperies, flounces, multi-layered, with prints, pockets are suitable options for correcting proportions. With the help of a properly fitted skirt, a woman will make narrow hips look enlarged.
  • The tasks for trousers and jeans are the same – to make the hips wider. Therefore, cargo is suitable, with breeches, wide models, flared. Not the most popular styles, but they will fit the figure and accentuate the shape. If you want to be fashionable in pipes, straight trousers, you should choose other elements of the image wisely. A voluminous blouse with a belt that emphasizes the waist, bright high-heeled shoes on the legs.
  • The dress should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. In it, you can go to work or to a party. For the “inverted triangle”, A-styles and fitted models are ideal. You can focus on details with a strap. The flared bottom will also emphasize the hip line well.

Typically, women with a triangular figure have beautiful, long, straight legs. Mini dresses are also welcome in the wardrobe. Long dresses should flare at the bottom and have a V-neck.
Basque is in fashion now. A dress with this element evens out imbalances, adding volume to the hips.

  • Outerwear should combine the advantages of A-line and trapeze. Whether it is a fur coat, winter coat, raincoat, jacket, in any case, the strap will not be superfluous, it will highlight the waist. Any embellishment on the shoulders is excluded, bag-like models, over-size, masculine style.

A list of things that are not recommended for girls with inverted triangle bodies:

  • Outerwear and underwear with extra volume on the shoulders. It can be shoulder straps, shoulder pads, embroidery, flounces, embroidery.
  • Sweatshirts with a square neckline. Such a cut will enhance the effect of the angularity of the figure.
  • Garments with large prints, made of shiny bright fabric.
  • Models with horizontal stripes, seams. This will broaden the silhouette.
  • Blouses, tops with drapery, ruffles in the chest area, sleeves-lanterns.
  • Fit or too loose.
  • Skinny pants or skinny jeans.

Correctly selected clothes are the key to a harmonious and balanced image, so this issue should be approached responsibly and thoroughly.

Inverted triangle body shape celebs

The stars are the same people, and nothing human is alien to them. Celebrities become style icons, imitate them, strive to achieve similarity. But celebrities are not immune from disproportion.

Angelina Jolie and Alyssa Milano are recognized beauties with a “triangular” figure. But let’s digress from their Hollywood status and see how they skillfully hide flaws and emphasize their merits.

Angelina Jolie is a gorgeous woman, for many females, she is the standard of appearance, clothing, behavior. The actress is slim, of medium height, proportional. However, Jolie has broad shoulders, small breasts, narrow hips, flat buttocks.

The initial data are good enough, and with a skillful selection of clothes, the figure will become proportional.

Despite some flaws, Angelina loves to wear tight pants, cropped T-shirts. Such clothes do not emphasize beauty, on the contrary, they make them angular. Sharp shoulders stand out immediately, the lower part looks even smaller. This is what she dresses in everyday life.

On the red carpets, Jolie changes her style – wears beautiful long dresses with slits. Length changes the perception of the figure, hips, shoulders, chest becomes balanced. Slits reveal slim, long legs.

Alyssa Milano is an American actress and singer. Her triangular figure is slightly different from those of Angelina Jolie. Alyssa is short, which adds some inconvenience.

Earlier, in the days of “Charmed”, she dressed, to put it mildly, strange. Clothes only emphasized the disproportionality of the figure, opened up large shoulders, made the hips even narrower. The style was mostly street – jeans, T-shirts, open tops.

Over time, Milano’s style has evolved. She began to wear elegant dresses that accentuate the waist, blouses, shaping the shoulders. In general, the images have become more restrained and more feminine.

Spectacular examples of inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangle women find it easy to put together the right wardrobe. The main thing is to be able to correctly combine the elements, finding interesting sounds, making the proportions close to ideal. The following selection of photos will illustrate how to properly combine clothes, creating unique looks.

The photo shows three options for dresses, both in length (midi, mini, maxi) and in style – every day, for relaxation, evening. These dresses have one thing in common – they perfectly balance the bottom and top of the body. All models are fitted, with fluffy skirts, with a calm color scheme.

Shown here are good examples of a jacket, sweater, blouse. The jacket is elongated, its length hides the hips, the fitted cut emphasizes the waist, and a white V-neck T-shirt distracts attention from the shoulders. The sweater is loose enough, while the neckline visually made the shoulders a little narrower. Classic straight jeans are perfect for this loose, relaxed fit. Blouse with a wrap, but it does not fit, that is, it creates the right volume in the hips. The neckline lengthens the torso for a more proportional silhouette.

Trousers are an indispensable attribute of a woman’s wardrobe. They are able to create the image of a business-like, purposeful lady. Correctly chosen trousers emphasize the merits, emphasize the beauty of long legs, correct the imbalance between the hips and waist.

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