Pear Body Shape Celebrities And How To Elevate Your Style
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26 Sep

Pear Body Shape Celebrities And How To Elevate Your Wardrobe

Are you wondering how pear body shape celebrities maintain their style and diet?

Join my discourse on how to elevate your body shape maintenance!

One of the most common types of shapes is the pear body shape. The same pear with wide hips and small breasts, which for some reason is not loved by its owners and is so attractive and feminine in the eyes of men.

How to dress correctly for women of this type?

Description of the pear body shape

Many people immediately associate the female figure of a pear with a wider lower part than the top, which is generally true.

This type is also called an A-silhouette or a triangle.

Women of this type have wide hips (noticeably more expansive than the shoulders), a very accurate small chest, narrow shoulders, graceful arms, and a delicate thin neck.

Legs are usually somewhat massive, sporty, and sometimes a little short.

Those with a pear shape body usually own a refined, even aristocratic, elegant upper body.

The difference between the hips and the waist is significant – about 25-30 cm.

The thin pear body boasts a flat belly, wasp waist, and voluptuous buttocks.

Excess weight, of course, spoils the impression somewhat, making the figure more voluminous and vague.

In addition to the delicate and long neck, pears have thin, beautiful arms.

Even with a slight discrepancy in the width of the wrists and more massive bones, this drawback can be easily leveled up with accessories.

The main pride of pear shape women is, of course, the waist, and it can be slightly more elongated or short but always thin, which is further even more emphasized by the hips.

Famous pear body shape celebrities

Many women with this type of figure consider themselves unattractive, and this is entirely in vain.

Domestic and Western show business is full of famous people of the pear shaped type.

The most striking example of a star with this type of figure is the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, who has long made her wide hips a trump card.

Among the famous pear types are Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Beyonce, and even Meryl Streep.

They all choose the right outfits to look seductive, elegant, graceful, and easygoing.

We emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages

The upper part of women of this type is distinguished by grace and almost sculpted aesthetics.

At the same time, it is enough to disguise the bottom and somewhat stretch the legs out to get a noble and feminine image.

Women should not wear overly tight-fitting outfits. Otherwise, they will visually justify the name of the body type.

The thighs will appear even more significant, and the legs will look chunky.

Turtlenecks, open-fitting T-shirts, or shirts can be worn, but matching them with oversized blazers and cardigans is better.

The length of the latter should be above or below mid-thigh.

There is no need to strive to become inconspicuous, choosing modest and simple blouses; on the contrary, the top of the outfit should always attract attention and be original.

Bright colors, an abundance of decorative elements, flounces, and unusual necklines – all this should become a thing for women with this figure.

The emphasis should be placed on the waist, and wide hips should be hidden with clothes flared from the hips and flowing fabrics.

You can play on contrasts – choosing clothes of lighter shades for the top and dark ones for the bottom.

For pear shaped women it is taboo to wear pleated skirts and patch pockets and folds on trousers.

Even a rather slender pear shaped body with a well-defined waistline will look like a “hammock”. It’s better to avoid it.

An emphasis on the hips should be strongly avoided unless this is what you are actually trying to do- the same applies to trousers and coats.

You cannot choose models with patched pockets in the hip area.

You should also not buy clothes with horizontal stripes and other color accents in the hip area.

The optimal fit for trousers and skirts is medium. Clothes with a high waist can be recommended mainly for younger-looking women without excess weight.

If, with the help of clothes, it is possible to balance the upper and lower parts of the figure, then heeled shoes will help visually stretch it (which is necessary for pears to have pointed shoes that will visually stretch them out, even if it’s a kitten-heel shoe).

Its shape must necessarily correspond to the shape of the legs.

You can choose wide enough heels and even stilettos for slender legs with thin ankles.

The latest options for women with full legs and massive ankles are not suitable; shoes with a classic cylindrical heel look much more spectacular on their legs.

Not the best option for this type – shoes on a platform or wedge heel, with a flat thin sole.

Matching trousers to match your shoes will make your legs look longer, and open-toed shoes have a similar visual effect.

Such an essential accessory as a bag can also hide figure flaws. And, contrary to popular belief, bulky bags carried in the hands are not suitable for pear body types.

The entire volume falls on the hips in this case.

The ideal bag is soft and worn above the hip line. A small clutch, a bag with a strap, and a miniature backpack are what you need.

Other accessories will help to emphasize the natural femininity and softness of forms.

Do not be afraid to choose bold designer jewelry; the main thing is that they have smooth curves and a rounded shape. It is better to choose a thin belt, wearing it strictly along the waistline.

All this can and should be worn are bulky shawls, knitted scarves-collars, fur boas, and cozy capes.

It is better not just to throw them on the shoulders but to learn how to drape beautifully and emphasize the waistline with a belt tied directly over the stole, for example.

This will create a feminine volume, drawing attention to the upper part of the figure but not turning it into a shapeless spot.

Fabrics for clothes should be chosen soft, well-draped – silk, lace, chiffon, knitted fabrics, voluminous knitwear, suede.

Moreover, you should select a simple texture for the bottom, but not coarse materials.

Large prints in the lower part and bright colors should be avoided. The top should be bright in terms of both color and design.

All of these tips are aimed at visually hiding the lower body. However, you can do the opposite because now the trend demonstrates a tasty bottom like Kim Kardashian.

How to build a wardrobe for a pear body shape

The femininity of the figure, graceful arms, and pronounced waist allow pear shaped women to wear dresses and skirts that make them seductive and light.

And even if you are used to wearing trousers and jeans, a couple of dresses have to appear in your essential wardrobe.

Trying to hide excessive hips with straight, baggy dresses is a big mistake, and this not only does not reduce the hips but also adds unnecessary bulk to the top.

For this type of figure, semi-fitted dresses of the correct length are perfect. They should end in the part of the legs where their narrowing begins, the thinner part.

Dresses with a flared skirt, as well as A-shaped silhouettes that expand from the chest, are also a worthy look.

Wrap dresses and asymmetrical cuts also distract from large hips.

At the same time, it is essential that the thighs do not turn out to be both overly covered and do not have a large number of horizontal layers or folds.

The top of the dress, on the contrary, can have volume in the form of frills and ruffles, a plunging neckline, and a boat neckline to look beautiful and feminine.

A thin waist can be emphasized with a strap or a belt.

Women with a pear figure should pay attention to skirts extending in the middle of the thigh (this will mask the widest part of it) made of light-flowing fabrics.

First of all, these are, of course, a-line skirts and bells.

If this style seems too dull and simple, look closely at the flared skirt style. It is quite lush in the hips, so it will hide all the disadvantages.

Wearing such a skirt with high heels is better.

With a high waist, this style will shift the emphasis to this area, adding grace to the image.

Wrap skirts look exciting and unusually seductive on such women.

In this case, you should correctly choose the line on which the two halves of the outfit converge – it should not fall on the entire part of the hips but, ideally, should be at the level of the thinnest part of the top of the legs.

At first glance, year skirts seem not the most suitable option for this type.

Even though such a skirt fits the upper part, due to the expansion downward and the lush ruffle or a fold, it is possible to neutralize the excessive volume in the hips.

If you have no excess weight, you can afford a classic high-waisted pencil skirt like Jennifer Lopez.

The choice of trousers for women with such a figure should be approached extremely responsibly.

Models with low waist should be avoided as they make the hips look even more voluminous.

It would be best if you did not choose models with patched pockets on the back, side and front.

Slender pear-shaped ladies can afford high-waisted palazzo pants.

By the way, they are suitable for tight-fitting trousers and jeans, but in this case, you need to add volume to the lower legs and ankles.

You can tuck your jeans into high boots or wear rough boots that “dangle” a little in the ankle area.

Almost all pear shaped women can fit into straight trousers a little flared from the hip. The main thing is to avoid over-fitting.

When choosing a blouse, shirt, cardigan, or jacket, you should be guided by the following principles:

  • no baggy, clothes one or more sizes larger;
  • the optimal length is just below the middle of the thigh (or the widest part of it);
  • the presence of decorative particles in the upper part is welcomed – buttons, brooches, and original elements will become the accent of the image and distract from the questionable area;
  • open shoulders, lantern sleeves, boat necklines – all of this allows you to balance the massive
  • bottom, emphasizing the beautiful sloping shoulders;
  • voluminous sleeves, frill, ruffles, and unusual geometric cutouts in the upper body allow you to place the right accents and hide problem areas of the figure.

As for outerwear, the rule also applies here – no shapeless silhouettes.

Wear blazers and jackets that cover the hips or are simply well below mid-thigh.

An autumn wardrobe can consist of coats and jackets and blazers.

The coat should be fitted at the waist or possibly an A-line silhouette.

Chanel-style jackets, leather jackets with an original cut and an apparent shoulder line, should appear in a fashionista’s wardrobe with this type of figure.

It is also better to choose a faux fur coat with an A-shaped silhouette, fitted with a voluminous collar or hood.

The fur is preferably long or, on the contrary, sheared.

Do not be afraid of too bright and catchy accessories – large locks, rivets, epaulets – they all not only add individuality to the image but also draw the eye to the top, distracting from the bottom of the figure.

Valuable tips for different ages

All of these recommendations are suitable for pears of all ages. But they should still be implemented and adjusted for age.

So, for example, open shoulders and a giant fluffy ruffle near the face area on girls in their 20s look harmonious and attractive.

However, for women 30+, such an outfit can be non comme il fait.

For a lady over 40 years old, you can choose an American armhole or clothes with transparent and translucent voluminous sleeves as everyday clothes.

This will help expand the upper part visually, but it will not be perceived as a desire to be a teenager again.

The same goes for bright colors. Suppose young girls can choose bright red, pink, and yellow tops, jackets, and cardigans.

In that case, mature women are better off making these colors nobler and muted – not a bright red jacket, but a dark cherry or burgundy shade, not a canary yellow blouse, but mustard or olive shade.

By the way, even a white or beige shade against a dark background looks bright and noticeable.

And the same combination of black and white in the presence of an exciting cut, a combination of textures and accessories does not look dull and office-like, but expensive and sophisticated.

Beautiful examples

These ladies demonstrate how to visually stretch a figure with massive hips and reasonably short, slightly plump legs. To do this, you need to “lengthen” the waist by choosing outfits with a high waistline.

A length just below the knee and shoes with heels also help.

An example of an ideal dress for this type is a flying skirt of the correct length and an interesting “top” with a boat neckline.

The latter visually expands the line of the shoulders and focuses on the graceful collarbones.

Pay attention to the silhouette of the dress – it is fitted, and the waistline is slightly higher than its natural line, which contributes to the “lightening” of the image, stretching the silhouette.

Long and very long cardigans, light coats, jackets – all this, if worn wide open, literally “eats up” the extra centimeters in the hips.

If you tuck the sleeves, they will attract the eyes to the arms, the upper part.

The look with an elongated jacket can be called even more successful. They hide weighty legs and stretch (in combination with shoes with heels) the silhouette.

The deep blue looks are bright but calm enough. The accent becomes a voluminous ball with a print within the palette chosen for the bow.

Flared trousers are paired with an extra-long blazer and leave no trace of heavy thighs.

A turn-down collar and large buttons draw attention to the upper body, and the white color will not leave such a woman without enthusiastic looks from others.

Every day’s look is simple, convenient, but no less stylish.

The flared trousers are paired with a loose-sleeved blouse, which conceals voluminous hips and balances the hem with the top.

In this look, a bell-looking cut skirt with a high waistline conceals wide hips, and a laconic blouse with lantern sleeves takes on the widening of the shoulder line.

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