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14 Aug

20 Best Jeans For A Pear Shape Or A-Line Body

Are you struggling to find the best jeans for a pear shape body?

Join my comprehensive discourse on how to choose the best jeans for your body type!

One of the most common types of body shapes is the pear shape. The same pear with wide hips and small breasts, which for some reason is not loved by its owners and is so attractive and feminine in the eyes of all men.

How to dress correctly for women of this type?

That is obvious that every woman wants to look great. Attractiveness directly depends on the ability to choose clothes correctly. Judging by the statistics, the type of figure called “pear” is the second most common, right after the “rectangle” body shape. Most of the representatives of this type are faced with the problem of choosing the right or correct wardrobe.

In this article, you will learn how to choose jeans for your pear shape

Peculiarities of the pear-shaped body

While many women around the world dream of “expressive buttocks” like Kim Kardashian’s, the owners of the “pear” figure think about how to hide the features of the body structure or how to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Given the huge assortment offered by modern clothing stores, there should be no problems with the choice, but few people know about the rules for the selection of trousers, jeans, skirts, and other elements. As a rule, women are guided by fashion trends and personal preferences, forgetting about personal body characteristics. Instead of wisely using their structure, women try to squeeze into things a few sizes smaller, or, conversely, hide in voluminous “robes”. As a result, they achieve only an absurd kind of silhouette.

Those with a pear shape usually boast a refined, even aristocratic, elegant upper body. The difference between the hips and the waist is very significant – about 25-30 cm. The thin pear boasts a completely flat belly, wasp waist, and rather voluptuous buttocks. Excess weight, of course, can ruin the perfect guitar silhouette making the figure vaguer. That can be corrected by the right type of clothes.

In addition to the delicate and long neck, pears have thin beautiful arms. And even with a slight discrepancy between the width of the wrists and more massive hands, this disadvantage can be easily leveled up with accessories. The main pride of pears is, of course, the waist. It can be slightly more elongated but always thin, which is further emphasized by the hips.

Famous representatives with the pear body shape

Many women with this type of figure consider themselves unattractive, which is completely in vain. Local and Western show business is literally replete with pear body shapes. And no one dares to accuse celebrities of non-sexuality.

The most striking example of a star with this type of figure is the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, who has long made her wide hips, combined with a thin waist, a business card.

Among the famous pears – Shakira, Beyonce, Meryl Streep, etc. All of them just choose the right outfits to look seductive and easy. It is enough just to study their images in more detail in order to adopt ideas that are close to you in spirit.

We emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages

The upper part of this type is distinguished by grace and aesthetics. It is on her that one should make a “bet” when choosing a wardrobe. At the same time, it is enough to disguise the “bottom” and “stretch” the legs a little to get a noble and feminine image.

Women of pear body types should not wear tight-fitting outfits, as well as tight-fitting clothes (T-shirts, sweaters) up to mid-thigh length, otherwise, they will visually fully justify the name of the type. The thighs will appear even larger, and the legs will look chunky or bulky.

If you think that it is difficult to choose stylish clothes for a pear-shaped figure, you are deeply mistaken. Moreover, the features of such a body can act as advantages and not flaws.

Characteristics of the structure of the pear body shape

Before proceeding directly to the topic of choosing jeans, it is necessary to indicate what this type of figure is.

Special features:

  • wide, massive hips (this is the main characteristic);
  • narrow, in some cases even miniature shoulders;
  • neat, small chest;
  • expressive thin waist;
  • graceful neck;
  • thin arms;
  • sometimes slightly short legs (the term “athletic” is also used).
  • As you can see, this structure has many positive nuances, the main thing is to present them correctly. The above characteristics make it possible to accurately determine this type of structure. The terms “A-silhouette” and “triangle” are also used to denote such a figure. Some aspects of the listing may be blurred or may overlap with the description of the rectangle or hourglass types.

Selection rules

The first and basic rule that the owners of such a figure must understand is that the upper and lower parts of the body should be balanced as much as possible like in the hourglass body type.

When choosing jeans, you should refuse options with patch pockets and other elements located on the hips. The details will not only make this part of the body heavier but also draw undue attention to it. Balancing the proportions of the figure is paramount.

Today, jeans remain one of the most popular types of clothing. This is a versatile outfit to suit just about any occasion. They can be worn to work, walking with friends, studying, dating, a party, or any other event. As a rule, they are present in the girls’ wardrobe in several versions. However, regardless of your clothing style and purpose of the purchase, it must comply with the above rules for choosing products.

Top Jeans Models

Going to the store for a new pair of jeans, it’s easy to get lost in the assortment. To make the right choice among the rich variety, you should familiarize yourself with the list of models that are ideal for a pear-shaped figure.

Flare Jeans

As you know, everything new is well forgotten old and fashion trends are repeated. The flare type is gaining popularity again. Pay attention to skinny jeans that gradually widen from the knee to the very bottom. This structure will help to visually balance the proportions between narrow shoulders and wide hips.

High waisted jeans

If you have a thin waist and want to accentuate it, choose a model with a high waist. These jeans are perfect for young girls. A stylish and attractive wardrobe item will accentuate your femininity and make you more fragile.

Straight jeans

To lengthen your legs as much as possible, wear straight jeans. This visual trick always works 100%. You can choose a model with a medium waist. This is a common option that is sure to be found among modern jeans.

Boyfriend jeans

This variety is ideal for girls who prefer a minimalist and austere style. Boyfriend jeans are rapidly gaining popularity while boyish feminine looks are becoming more fashionable.

Colors and additions

When choosing jeans, you need to pay attention not only to the cut and decorative elements but also to the color palette.

Discard too light options. It is known that such shades visually expand the figure, and this is useless for the owners of large hips.

Stylists give a number of recommendations on this matter.

Products in dark colors are suitable for girls and women with this type of figure. The most common options are black, dark gray, and navy blue. These jeans remain relevant from season to season.
Jeans decorated with a worn and aged effect are not the best option. This decor visually enlarges the pelvic area.

The best ideas from experts

Jeans are only part of the look. To complete it, you need to choose the right wardrobe items as well. To make legs slimmer and longer, they use a classic technique – high-heeled shoes. It is not only stylish, but also feminine, and also always relevant.

A light, the airy blouse will perfectly complement the look, no matter which model of jeans you choose.

To divert attention away from the hips, it is recommended to choose blouses and jumpers with ruffles, lace, and expressive embellishments around the shoulders.

The opinion that it is difficult to choose clothes for the type of pear figure is wrong. This body structure makes its owner sexy and attractive. Taking into account simple recommendations, the fair sex with a pear-shaped structure can wear fashionable things and always look great.

Large prints in the lower part, bright colors should be avoided. The top should be bright in terms of both color and design.

All of these tips are aimed at visually hiding the lower body. However, you can do the opposite, because now the trend is to demonstrate an appetizing bottom. The main rule is that you should not have excess weight, flabby, sagging parts of the body.

It is enough to make friends with sports, then your buttocks will become the way men love them – elastic and quite voluminous. Thighs that are too massive will suddenly complement the buttocks perfectly. This rule is followed by the hottest beauties of Hollywood with a pear-shaped figure – the same Lopez, Shakira, Biense.

The choice of trousers for women with such a figure should be approached extremely responsibly. Models with low and high waists should become taboo, which makes the hips look even more massive. However, baggy models, like those narrowed downwards, should also be abandoned.

You should not choose models with pockets – back, side.

Slender pear-shaped ladies can afford high-waisted palazzo pants. By the way, they are suitable for quite tight-fitting trousers, jeans, but in this case, you need to add volume to the lower legs, ankles. You can tuck your jeans into high boots or wear rough boots that “dangle” a little in the ankle area.

Almost all pear types fit straight trousers, as well as bell bottoms from the hip or knee. The main thing is to avoid over-fitting.

In the absence of excess weight, “pears” can afford shorts. The main thing is that they hide the problem area completely – the length of the shorts should be such that they end after the widest part of the hips. They should be straight or lose cut with an elastic band or on a belt, somewhat gathered with folds.

Stylish and effective bow from the star “pear”. Flared trousers are paired with an extra-long jacket and leave no trace of heavy thighs. A turndown collar and large buttons draw attention to the upper body, and the white color will definitely not leave such a woman without enthusiastic glances from others.

A bow for every day is quite simple, convenient, but no less stylish. The bell-bottomed trousers are paired with a loose-sleeved blouse which conceals voluminous hips and balances the hem with the top.

Black straight pants in this Rihanna look are combined with a wide coat. Pay attention – the sleeves of the coat are black, they tightly fit the arms, which makes them almost invisible. There is a feeling that this is not a coat, but a sleeveless jacket with an interesting cut. Open sandals with braided elements and bright make-up can make the office less strict.

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