What Colors Go Well With Purple For Wardrobe And Style
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10 Aug

What Colors Go Well With Purple For Wardrobe And Style

Are You Wondering What Colors Go Well With Purple Clothes And How To Make It Look Great?

Join my discourse on the basics of combining color palette with purple and how to successfully integrate it into your everyday life and capsule wardrobe

What colors go well with purple? Do you want to look unique?

Then purple clothes are exactly what you need! This color evokes associations with mysticism and hidden mystery.

Your purple clothes will surely attract attention – after all, it is not very common to wear very eye-catching clothes.

Purple is a symbiosis of cold blue and warm red tones. It creates a beautiful colorful unity of opposites.

In psychology, this color is given a double meaning: deeply saturated shades of purple cause a depressed mood and can have a depressing effect.

But the light shades of purple, lilac, or lavender purple, have a calming effect, keep the nerves toned down, and can even have a beneficial effect on vision.

Frosty sparkling lilac and blue-purple reflections remind us of winter and frost, therefore, it is the violet color scheme that is the best way to emphasize the winter solemnity of Christmas and New Year.

If you like purple or eggplant shades in clothes, this indicates inner vulnerability, sensitivity, suspiciousness, and dependence on the opinions of others.

In Christianity, in particular, Catholicism, great importance is attached to the purple color. It is the color of the mourning robes of Roman Catholic priests, a symbol of sorrow and grief.

They put on purple robes in the days of fasting preceding Easter, symbolizing the sorrow of the innocent murder of Christ.

A church wedding in a dress with purple elements is considered unacceptable, although modern requirements are not so strict. In Islam, purple also has a tinge of sacredness and mysticism, it means the deceitfulness of worldly life.

The purple robes of Buddhists indicate their abstinence and inspiration.

What colors go well with purple clothes?

Deep purple looks very rich, especially on velvet fabrics. A dress made of dark eggplant velvet can be absolutely simply cut and it will look even more aristocratic.

This color will add mystery and magic; it does not need additional decorations and accents.

The color purple is so self-sufficient that just by putting it on you can not think about the delights of makeup and expensive accessories.

As for clothes, dark-haired beauties may not be afraid to spoil their appearance with the wrong shade. Everything suits them, both dark-skinned and white-skinned aristocrats.

But with blondes, everything is more complicated. They need to stick to softer pastel shades: lilac pale lilac, lavender. Saturated shades will look good on them, but brunettes are more suitable.

The same applies to red-haired girls of the “autumn” color type. Putting on a purple dress of rich color, they immediately lose their warm beauty and age by 10 years.

In principle, the purple color goes to everyone, but its shades need to be selected individually for themselves, so as not to look like a tired, tortured student who does not have enough money for life.

The winter color type should be given preference to deep blueberry shades or the color of water-washed ink.

For autumn girls with reddish hair, we suggest paying attention to the shade of ripe plum or blue grapes. The delicate beauty of blondes is emphasized by lavender and violet shades.

Also, you have to understand whether you can use all the right purple combinations in your upper and lower bodies. It might be color correct for your skin but still unflattering if your body shapes if it is not perfect hourglass shape.

Especially it concerns those that have an ampler bottom-like pear body shape. So that would mean that bright purple pants will not be the best choice for your bottom line because they can make you look bigger than you are.

And this is what we are trying to avoid when constructing the perfect wardrobe.

Please consult your body shape guide first:

Combination of purple and green in clothes Cool purple and warm green shades go well with each other, being opposites of one thing. In nature, this is a fairly common combination.

If you belong to the color type “spring” or “autumn“, choose a warm shade of green apple or young foliage. For the cold beauties of “winter” and “summer“, you can safely experiment with more saturated shades of green – emerald, khaki, the color of withered grass.

Dark shades of purple will perfectly harmonize with them – eggplant, the color of the southern night, etc.

  • However, juicy green tones will not work with more pastel shades of purple, for example, lilac, lavender, so give preference to the same delicate shades of green.
  • A pale green dress will go well with a lilac jacket and shoes of the same color, and you can safely wear a lavender-colored blouse with a delicate emerald skirt.
  • Such an outfit, even combined with muted shades, will be bright and catchy, but at the same time harmonious and not annoying.

  • The combination of purple and orange in clothes.

The combination of purple and orange is for the young and cheerful. Bright, even neon shades of orange are perfectly combined with both dark saturated purple tones and with pastels.

Such a tandem is appropriate for business wear, and an elegant suit will only benefit from such a bright combination.

The harmony of purple and orange is in demand in youth fashion, and this duet can be seen both in the summer wardrobe and in the autumn and even winter.

It will suit any color type, but relative to age should be limited to the threshold of 45-50 years.

The combination of purple and yellow in clothes. Purple and yellow look great together.

A dark yellow, mustard shade can emphasize the richness of a rich purple hue, while at the same time purple accessories look playful in combination with yellow.

This combination is very harmonious, and it can often be found in wildlife.

Yellow is a symbol of the sun and warmth, and purple is colder and more restrained, but together they can form a bright and extraordinary combination.

Mustard and light olive shades of yellow look restrained and noble, therefore, in combination with eggplant and grape tones, they will make a wonderful tandem for business wear.

The combination of violet and blue in clothes. Violet and blue are related colors and they stand very close on the color scale.

That is why they are in the best harmony with each other.

However, their combination is so bright and catchy that it is often used in clothing designed for special celebrations or sporting events, for example, for a ballroom dress or a leotard for gymnasts.

However, with the right combination, purple will look good with blue in business attire.

A girl in such a dress will seem calm and balanced, these things of such colors can be worn for an interview or business negotiations.

Combination of purple and turquoise The combination of purple and turquoise is even more provocative than a duet with a blue tint.

Turquoise is a stronger color, so it emphasizes the depth of the purple even better. This tandem perfectly matches the summer mood, but only summer and winter girls will be able to withstand such powerful colors.

In the winter and autumn period, such shades will look too bright and ridiculous, but in the spring-summer season, they are able to emphasize the even golden tan and the bright appearance of their owner.

The combination of purple and brown in clothes Brown is the same purple with the addition of a yellow component. Hence such an incredible harmony of seemingly completely incompatible colors.

The combination of light purple and chocolate brown shades is a royal duo, an aristocratic outfit for a true lady.

It is the very embodiment of elegance and good taste. It will suit both the not too expressive beauty of a spring girl, and a catchy winter woman, warm “autumn” and cold “summer”.

At the same time, absolutely any shade of brown is in harmony with any shade of purple. A table for combining purple in clothes with other colors

Shade of purple To whom and where to apply Gothic purple.

This shade speaks of self-confidence and the ability to shock. At the same time, the owner of an outfit of this color is a rather suggestible person, she depends on the opinions of others.

The purple color of such a rich tone can withstand girls of winter and summer color types. “Autumn” will be “killed” by him at once, and “spring” will look sick and tired.

Light Lavender Purple

Mysterious and eye-catching at the same time. If you are going on a date, feel free to choose a dress in this color.

However, in the clothes in which you go to work, it is better not to use the purple color of the “rich lavender” shade because such a shade will inspire thoughts of rest and relaxation during work time.

The True Lavender Purple

This shade has a calming effect, so it is better not to wear clothes of this color in the office or for business negotiations. Ideal for a spring color type, not suitable for “autumn” beauties.

Muted Lilac Blurring and mid-tones suggest the same subtle tones. The purple color of this shade is ideal for a spring girl, but it is better to avoid it in autumn.

“Winter” in combination with a rich color accessory is able, thanks to such a muted shade, to accentuate its bright beauty.

Piercing Purple Amethyst

This shade is more dynamic than regular purple and is therefore often used in sportswear, fancy ball gowns, and swimwear.

The purple color of this shade is suitable for representatives of all color types.

Classic Lilac This is a feminine and romantic shade of purple that is good for winter and spring color types. He attracts deeply emotional and sensitive natures.

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