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24 Sep

True Summer vs True Winter: Differences and Similarities In Color Palette

true summer vs true winter
Are you wondering what the difference is between True Summer vs True Winter? This article has all the answers! Differences and similarities of True Summer vs True Winter color types are unique in their own way. It can be simultaneously defined as the most common palettes and the most diverse ones at the same time. I will take Lizzy Caplan and Bella Heathcote as typical representatives of the summer color type and Georgina Rodriguez and Monica Bellucci as a Winter types. You can spot the difference in those pictures. The hue and the contrast comes first and there is a clear visible difference between the two types. Skin tone is always the basis of color. In the case of summer, it is always a cold...
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30 Aug

Light Spring Vs Bright Spring: Can You Wear Cool Colors?

light spring vs bright spring
Are you wondering how to distinguish Light Spring vs Bright Spring and what other colors you can wear? This article will answer all your questions! Light Spring Vs Bright Spring: Can You Wear Cool Colors? The spring season pleases us with a bright sun, fresh greenery, clear piercing blue sky, bright sprouts breaking out of the ground, and piercing yellow coltsfoot flowers. In appearance - the shades of the spring color type are light, soft, warm and radiant. Eyes: sky blue, green, blue-green, watery, hazel, bright hazel as well. Skin: peach-porcelain, light apricot with a golden blush, you might have freckles, or your skin could fluctuate from ivory-white with the slightest pink blush to slightly yellowish and tanned in summer. Light Spring hair is light and...
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25 Jul

Cool Summer vs Soft Summer: Can Cold Season Wear A Warm Color Palette?

cool summer vs soft summer
Are you wondering what the difference is between cool summer vs soft summer? This article has all the answers you are looking for! How to decipher between Cool Summer vs Soft Summer? The colors for the summer palette type are distinguished by the complexity of the tone and undertone. In this case, the latter one is an absolute "king." An essential characteristic of the summer color palette type is a cold skin undertone, whether light or dark. This is a virtue of the skin to some extent, but it also doesn't mean that your type should be associated with a Frozen cartoon character. Another characteristic feature of the summer type is a slightly or non-contrasting appearance. And although there is such a...
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13 Nov

Summer color palette clothing: What to wear?

Summer color palette clothing
Are you wondering what to wear for your summer color palette clothing? This article has all the answers! Today we have two major questions that you would ask: How do I choose colors when ordering online? And why does the color from my palette not only fails to match the summer color palette but also spoils my overall look? Today in the article I will tell you how to choose the right colors, and how to make sure that not very suitable ones still fit into the basic wardrobe for the color type of summer. More precisely, for a cold color type, we will add a certain saturation and contrast of appearance. It is believed that summer is the most common type of appearance in...
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7 Nov

Which colors go with pink in the wardrobe

which colors go with pink
Are you wondering which colors go with pink for your wardrobe? This article will answer all your questions! Which colors go with pink and what it means? Pink means tenderness, love and care. Combinations of pink are refined, expressive, and soft. The color of the sunset, rose petals - a truly feminine tone. It is characterized as tenderness, striving for stability, a shade of motherhood, weakness, naivety, not objectivity in the perception of the world. This is the color of all-consuming, faithful love, affection. It is believed that pink is the closest to the color of the body, and women are much more sensitive to their bodies than men. The gazes of men are also riveted to him, who attach sexual meanings to...
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3 Nov

Colors That Go With Gold In Wardrobe For Chic & Casual Outfits

colors that go with gold
Are you wondering what are the colors that go with gold? I have all the answers to your question! Gold works best in combinations and the tone selection depends on the shade of gold itself. Colors that go with gold can be maneuvered with the selection of colors, shoes, accessories. The golden color is associated with the unfading radiance of the sun. Gold, like a metal (reflective light), difficult to corrode, yellow in color, personifies heavenly forces: eternal, exuding energy. Therefore, everything that is attributed to the highest and incomprehensible, the bestowing and formidable, is depicted with gilding. colors that go with goldcolors that go with goldcolors that go with gold Gold-colored clothing is an attribute of kings: first of all, it connects the...
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31 Oct

What colors go with olive green in wardrobe: How to mix and match!

What colors go with olive green
Are you wondering what colors go with olive green? Here are all the answers on how to match the olive green in your wardrobe! The olive color is a shade of green. So what colors go with olive green? Some of its variations can be attributed to khaki. It creates juicy, autumnal combinations in clothes. The olive color takes its name from the fruits of the olive tree, in this case unripe, which means green. The standard of tone is canned olives, the color of which has an admixture of red with a predominance of yellow in green (golden hue). This range, which ranges from dark pistachio to brownish green, is called olive. This color is closely related to its carrier - olives. They not...
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30 Jul

Which Color Goes Good With Orange Clothes: Wardrobe And Style

Which Color Goes Good With Orange
Are You Wondering How To Put Color Palette With Orange Within Your Capsule Wardrobe Together To Make It Look Great? This article has all the answers! Which Color Goes Good With Orange? A color palette with orange is the most daring choice a woman can make for her capsule wardrobe. After all, even a flashy red color is much more traditional for clothing than orange, and orange clothing is the choice of optimists and positive people. You can be sure to always attract attention by wearing this color as it speaks for itself or "screaming and shouting." Orange color symbolism No secret is that orange is the color of joy and a good mood. No other shade carries so much positivity and does...
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14 Jul

Light Spring Color Palette For Wardrobe And Makeup

light spring color palette
Are You Wondering If You Are A Light Spring Color Palette? I got you covered with these answers from a stylist and artist The Light Spring color palette is a transitional season in the color chart. It is predominantly warm and light in colors, while its owner's main features are subtle, soft, and toned down. This edge part of spring is at the peak of light pastel color development. We are transitioning from a delightful and colorful spring into hot and golden-toned summer with a mix of its premier cool undertones. Light Spring sits between True Spring, which is also the apogee of the brightness of color, and Light Summer, which is a pure conglomeration of freshness and subtleness. Light Spring is a...
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12 Jul

True Spring Color Palette For Wardrobe And Makeup

True Spring Color Palette
Are You Wondering If You Are A True Spring Color Palette? I got you covered with these answers from a stylist and artist The True Spring color palette is the apogee of the whole spring chart conglomeration. Spring is predominantly warm and bright in colors, while it's owner main features are subtle and clear. This central part of spring is the peak of true color development. It's like a raw and fresh apple from the tree-covered in the morning moist. It's high in contrast, the colors deviate from green to bright red creating the vividness and radiant glare of spring. true spring color palette True Spring is right in-between the Bright Spring and Light Spring making its colors deep and rich. All the undertones...
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