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26 Sep

True Autumn vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn: Which One Fits You?

True Autumn vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Are you wondering what the difference is between True Autumn, vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn? This article will answer all the interesting questions! Autumn is a season of change, and it's not just the leaves that are transforming. Your whole personality or what we call a "vibe" (P.S. and for the vibes, I'd consult the Kitchener system if you're looking for the answers) can also shift during this time of year, and it's essential to understand which type of Autumn color palette you are. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between True Autumn vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn color palettes and how they can impact your fashion choices (I know a lot of people are also using...
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22 Jun

Deep Autumn vs Bright Spring: Secrets You Need To Know

deep autumn vs bright spring
Are you wondering what the difference is between Deep Autumn vs Bright Spring? This article has all the answers! Deep Autumn and Bright Spring might seem a little incomparable and comparable at the same time. Deep Autumn is rich, luxurious beautiful color palette while Bright Spring radiates with saturation and chroma. And we are going to see how Autumn can wear Spring and even more. Usually, the beauty of Deep Autumn contains dark hair, darker colored skin, and quite contrasting appearances of all representatives of Autumn. The color palette is the deepest and most magnifying like the brightly saturated sun lurking through the deepness of the dark forest gravitating to the ground. The colors are diluted not with grey or dark gray, but with black...
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26 Apr

Soft Autumn vs True Autumn Color Palette: An “In-Transition” Autumn.

Soft Autumn vs True Autumn
Are you in doubt of what is the difference between Soft Autumn and True Autumn? This article has all the answers and debunks the myth of only one color palette. Before we jump into debunking the color analysis myth, we need to establish the given fact that Autumn is a warm undertone type. So Soft Autumn and True Autumn will be predominantly warm, even though Soft Autumn is a transitional type that serves as a trampoline for the Soft Summer to jump into Autumn because they are located right near each other. The True Autumn will be the central palette of the Autumn family - and of course, its colors are the richest and most saturated. There will be a visible...
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4 Apr

True Spring vs True Summer: Differences & Similarities

True Spring vs True Summer
Are you wondering what are the differences between True Spring and True Summer? Learn all about these two color palettes here! As the first thing, we need to establish the fact that warm Spring and cool Summer are two neighbouring seasons and hence the palettes. In this article, I am going to discuss True Spring on the examples of Jane Krakowski, Imogen Poots, and Hayden Panettiere. True Summer type will on the examples of Barbara Palvin and Yael Shelbia. What's similar between True Spring vs True Summer? Both of these palettes are central in their own family and that means they are the most saturated and the most color enhanced from their own clusters. For example, True Summer is the central palette of...
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24 Feb

True Summer vs Light Summer: Differences In Color Palettes

true summer vs light summer
Are you wondering what the differences are between True Summer vs Light Summer? This article will answer your questions! What is True Summer vs Light Summer? Before diving into different examples of the Summer representatives, we must remember that True Summer is predominantly the dominant and central palette of the Summer family. While the Light Summer is on the border with the Light Spring, a totally different palette with a different undertone. This information is crucial in determining the tones and how the colors will differ. I will discuss True Summer with the examples of Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt. Light Summer will be discussed the distance between Jodie Foster and partially Lily Donaldson. True Summer Color Palette Celebrities Light Summer Color Palette Celebrities What do we...
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27 Jan

Bright Winter vs Bright Spring: Differences & Similarities

bright winter vs bright spring
Are you wondering what's the difference between Bright Winter vs Bright Spring color palettes? This article is the most comprehensive explanation! Bright Winter vs Bright Spring? The first thing we need to understand here is that Bright Winter is located right at the edge of the transition to Bright Spring and is one by one on the seasonal color chart. So we are expecting these two seasons to exchange the colors naturally as if they were sister palettes. The Bright Winter color palette type is characterized by crystal and thundering colors in the overall look. Its portrayals are bold and dynamic and profound. If you could imagine the art style of cubism and modernism that would flow into one unity, which would...
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2 Jan

Seasonal Color Analysis – The Secrets Of Color Wheel You Need To Know

seasonal color analysis
Are you wondering what Seasonal Color Analysis is and what season you are? This article has all the secrets revealed! We all subconsciously avoid specific colors while purchasing clothes. No? Just me? Well, have you ever bought a color that didn't compliment your overall features and made you look dull, or do you have a plethora of shades in your wardrobe that you never wear? Do you simply choose to wear 'black' all the time because you don't know what colors best suit you? I mean, we cannot spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on purchasing all the colors in the world just to find what best suits us. A few years back, when I was a painter, I decided that the same...
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20 Dec

Soft Summer vs Light Summer: Differences And Similarities

soft summer vs light summer
Are you wondering what the difference is between Soft Summer vs Light Summer Color Palette as both summer seasons? This article has all the answers Soft Summer vs Light Summer? In order to describe the difference between Soft Summer and Light Summer color types, we first need to find out what Summer Type appearance is like. Simply put, the differences are that Light Summer is the first Summer type on the color chart and is the transitional type that is on the border with Light Spring (with a warm undertone). Whereas the Soft Summer palette is a transitional type on the border with Soft Autumn (which is deeper and warmer). Thus, such color combinations will share some warm tones. And let's not forget...
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26 Nov

Soft Summer vs Deep Winter: Differences, Similarities & Controversies

Soft Summer vs Deep Winter
Are you wondering what the differences and similarities between Soft Summer vs Deep Winter are? This article has all the answers! In my practice, I have discovered that even when people get to know their seasonal color type, they still struggle to understand how to choose clothes. Many people who have already got typed by some other "professionals" (or sometimes even quite a few) still find it difficult to understand what goes where and what to do once they are in a physical shop. Someone told them that Magenta is their top-notch color, and they go in search of it, let's say to Zara, and figure out that either this color is not there, or there might be too many shades of...
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24 Sep

True Summer vs True Winter: Differences and Similarities In Color Palette

true summer vs true winter
Are you wondering what the difference is between True Summer vs True Winter? This article has all the answers! Differences and similarities of True Summer vs True Winter color types are unique in their own way. It can be simultaneously defined as the most common palettes and the most diverse ones at the same time. I will take Lizzy Caplan and Bella Heathcote as typical representatives of the summer color type and Georgina Rodriguez and Monica Bellucci as Winter types. You can spot the difference in those pictures. The hue and the contrast comes first and there is a clear visible difference between the two types. Skin tone is always the basis of color. In the case of summer, it is always a cold undertone....
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