Deep Autumn Vs Bright Spring: Secrets You Need To Know
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22 Jun

Deep Autumn vs Bright Spring: Secrets You Need To Know

Are you wondering what the difference is between Deep Autumn vs Bright Spring?

This article has all the answers!

Deep Autumn and Bright Spring might seem a little incomparable and comparable at the same time.

Deep Autumn is a rich, luxurious, beautiful color palette, while Bright Spring radiates with saturation and chroma. And we are going to see how Autumn can wear Spring and even more.

Usually, the beauty of Deep Autumn contains dark hair, darker colored skin, and quite contrasting appearances of all representatives of Autumn.

The color palette is the deepest and most magnifying, like the brightly saturated sun lurking through the deepness of the dark forest gravitating to the ground.

dark autumn color palette
bright spring color palette

The colors are diluted not with grey or dark gray, but with black and dark brown.

By the way, exactly such an Autumn color type can wear classic black color, also, no less than the Winter type, jewelry from gold, silver, and precious stones is very suitable.

They are going to gravitate towards the gold obviously since we have already established the fact that Autumn is a warm colored season.

Autumn is a tender and touching time of the year, to which great poets have dedicated their souls for many centuries.

Drizzling cool rain, opal colored evening, luscious thick fog, and a rustling plume of leaf litter on the deserted paths of the park with occasional mustard yellow sun shadowing on the top of this Autumn galore…

It’s a deeply romantic and sensitive season in its beauty.

Deep Autumn woman is a mystery by itself – she’s elegant, beautiful, and determined.

It is not always easy to attribute such a woman to a certain color type: she can look like both Spring and Summer, and only a bewitching glance and truly magical charm will bring her precisely to an Autumn color type.

I am going to discuss and examine such Deep Autumn celebrities as Rebecca Hall and partially Meghan Markle (you will see later on why only partially).

11 1

As for Bright Spring, I am going to examine Kim Cattrall, Zoe Saldana also partially(scroll down to see the details).

Untitled design 3

Before I jump into a very interesting discussion of why so many people get mistyped, let’s brush up on the very descriptions of Deep Autumn and Bright Spring.

What Is Autumn Color Palette?

Autumn is primarily warm, like gilded colors, more saturated and deep compared to the Spring type.

Women belonging to this color type have an appearance that is memorable from the very first moment.

Among those are Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Priyanka Chopra, etc.

The Autumn color type is divided into three main subtypes, each of which is characterized by its own characteristics and has some differences both in the color scheme and in the recommendations for choosing clothes:

  • Soft Autumn – warm and low contrasted appearance type;
  • True Autumn – warm tones, almost any eye color, soft and dense colors overall;
  • (Deep) Dark Autumn – the predominance of dark deep and well-saturated warm tones.

It should be understood that these types are so close to each other that, focusing on one thing only, even the most complete description cannot be unambiguously determined for oneself.

The application of fabrics, shawls, and textures, and the analysis of the behavior of the color of the tone and the features of the face for each specific material will help to make a truly suitable basic color range for your wardrobe.

Autumn women can have two types of skin:

  • Very light, almost ivory color;
  • More saturated and lively tone of golden peach and even well bronzed shade.

Reddish or golden-brown freckles and birthmarks that harmonize with the overall appearance are characteristic and very cute features of this color type.

Autumn’s eyes are quite special – very bright, radiant, expressively contrasting and mostly dark.

They can be green or any of the palette of brown shades: amber, cognac, olive-brown, coffee-colored with golden, like sparkly specks in the iris.

Usually, their hairstyle is naturally curling large curls of all possible red shades or other colors.

Some say that owners of blonde-ash and black hair do not belong to the Autumn color type or blue and grey eyes – that is really not the case as we don’t take only one thing from the appearance and base our conclusion based on that.

All of these characteristics are just a generalization.

Deep Autumn Wardrobe Colors

Colors of Deep Autumn palette – the warmest, earthy and cozy.

It is the closest to natural colors, which in stores intuitively attract representatives of other types, but only in Autumn they will be the most expressive and luxurious.

The basic colors of the wardrobe, depending on the subtype, should be considered sufficiently dark and bright tones, only slightly diluted with a small amount of light, or, on the contrary, – light with effective splashes of bright details.

Recommended colors for wardrobe items:

  • mixed shades of yellow and gray tones which create taupe;
  • all shades of muted beige and sand tones, chocolate, burgundy-red and bright reddish-brown shades;
  • red – from terracotta to tomato, all complex orange colors and rust colors;
  • complex and warm yellow-green shades from grassy to olive should prevail in the green range;
  • from the blue range, only the so-called kerosene (oil) color is suitable, as well as an eggplant shade of violet;
  • turquoise and delicate apricot will look very effective on an autumn woman.

There we go with the first Deep Autumn classified celebrity. We see somewhat amber colored eyes, hair ranging from brunette with red pigmentation to chestnut ginger colors and skin with a rather warm tone and slight pinkish undertone blending in well together where you can see the very light tone of the skin with a rather warm overtone inclination.

7 2
13 1

Such a type is going to fluctuate from very light skin to quite a visible warm tan thought the year depending on the surrounding as well.

With such a composition where yellow is a dominant color, a drastically cool and cold undertone will clash and as a result, you will see quite a difference with the naked eye.

Cool, clean tones and icy shades, silver might make a Deep Autumn appearance dull and inexpressive.

You have to regulate your skin temperature warmness because this same color will look absolutely different on you when the color of the skin changes a bit.

In this example, the actress has very pale skin, yo can visibly spot a slight dusty rose blush and color of the lips and quite dark somewhat easy hair tone creating a visible contrast.

If she used (Dark) Deep Autumn colors which are a deep emerald, deep purple, navy blue or order rather contrasting colors – she would look magnificent.

9 2
12 1

Here contrasting deep navy blue and bright white create a perfect contrast for the natural appearance.

The following colors should not be used in your wardrobe while with a very pale skin tone:

  • pure gray and grayish-brown, cold blue and gray-blue colors;
  • the pink range, which is completely incompatible with warm autumn colors;
  • neon and acid tones, even red and orange when the skin is almost ivory-pale;
  • pure lime and salad green tones like Spring type;
  • blue-violet tones.
14 1

Let’s take a look at this neon-bright green definitely a Bright Spring palette color.

I have already mentioned, in this article that it’s very easy for the Autumn type to use Bright Spring colors occasionally when the skin tone permits that.

And does this specific green color fits her really well, because an overall skin tone gets enhanced with it?

Normally having a white skin during winter season – that would look odd.

So if you have this color in your wardrobe, don’t rush to throw it away.

Untitled design 1

While during this Met Gala event in this Gucci dress, the actress has quite a mid-light tone and also no fake tan. However, she is still able to pull it off really well.

Why? Aren’t these colors meant to stay away while the skin is not tanned well?

In this case, her hair tone is quite visibly red pigmented making a symbiosis with the color of the eyes and hence the skin tone.

And the red color of the dress and the red carpet gets reflected on her overall appearance, so everything about her hers in the “warm zone” – which also enhances her natural beauty.

As I always mention, color is not just one aspect, it’s a multidimensional aspect that you can work around.

Now we get to Meghan Markle’s discussion, as she has been previously classified as a Deep Autumn, so let’s actually see what she really is.


Her hair color is quite dark, her eyes are dark brown and her skin has an obvious warm tone with brown freckles.

When wearing black or any contrasted color, especially near the face – she gets a really visible contrast and her skin might seem a little bit fairer than it actually is.

Normally, the generalized rule for the Autumn color type is to avoid bright white and it should be replaced in the wardrobe with cream-white or peach-white, golden-white shades.

However, this is not always the case.

17 1

Here we can compare how bright white looks magnificent on her, while the Soft Autumn color makes her look calm and peaceful.

See this collage from earthy tones to soft pastel tones.

Does that mean that bright white should be completely eliminated from the wardrobe? Absolutely not.


As I mentioned previously, this is like writing black letters on white paper. It’s well contrasted and it fits.


How do we know that Meghan Markle is Deep Autumn?


I always say, that first, you need to identify your dominant tone: cool or warm.

The easiest way to do it is to try golden and silver fabrics or jewellery.

Here in this case, we can clearly see that the golden tone fits her like a glove, it enhances her appearance, while the silver cool tone just sits there, not making any enhancement, basically not making anything for her.

25 1

Here you can see, that it actually contradicts her natural skin tone and overall appearance.

Doesn’t fit well, does it?


And then again over her, we have deep bright purple that suits her, burgundy is really well and cool grey that does nothing to her appearance.

18 1

And over her, we go from earthy sandy warm tones and taupe (which is the conglomeration of brown and grey) that play a perfect ensemble here and the cool grey coat which does nothing to make her glow or look better, neither does it fit into the category of “exceptional” colors out of the scope.

27 1

And of course, once we are talking about the warm tone classified color type, I could not forget about the yellow color. Yellow must fit in for such a tonality like hers.

She can wear Soft Autumn yellow, True Autumn yellow, Deep Autumn yellow and even Bright Spring yellow like in this collage.

Here we come to the question of how come Megan Markle is able to wear such a plethora of different colors?

The thing is that Meghan Markle is a “traditional type” She is classified with the dominant Autumn family which is from Soft Autumn – True Autumn – Deep Autumn plus Bright Spring colors.

16 1

All of these colors are Bright Spring color palettes.

Does it fit well for her? – Absolutely!

Soft Autumn and Deep Autumn types are both transitional types, and not only that but also they are seasonal and factual “neighbours.”

The owners of which will jump from one color palette to another one just by virtue of being “in transition.”

The skin undergone in both seasons will be very similar or even the same, and it will be warm and cold at the same time – giving them the right to jump from a palette to a palette.

And the contrast will jump from low to medium in most cases.

This is especially helpful for people who cannot find their seasonal type, and both gold and silver shades might fit them well enough.

If you are an “in transition” type, you will even use both cold and warm colors for your wardrobe and not only jewellery.

And not only that, but this type can also wear color conglomeration of cold + warm at the same time.

This is a taupe shade (brown and grey), magenta, electric blue, etc.

19 1

Sometimes, you do incline to the golden shade instead of silver, but we also have blue colors that are never warm.

If a blue color is warm – it’s green, not warm blue.

However, in this case, blue works really well for her.

29 1

Green color works wonders for her bringing her different essences.

The Spring green brightens her appearance, the Deep Autumn green contrast her well, looking more determined and the pastel olive green – calms her down without muting her.

So there you have Bright Spring, Deep Autumn, and True Autumn colors.

23 1

The red colors are from Bright Spring red to Soft Autumn coral red.

One really brightens her out creating a vivid contrast with the high croma and the other one calms down her essence.


With the blue color we can see the same thing.

Bright Spring blue having high croma makes her glow, the deep cobalt blue together with electric blue folds fits her well as well as cam deep winter navy blue creates a quiet contrast.


The styles of wardrobe items should be simple and natural, but not artful.

Fancy extra details are completely out of place in the clothes – owners of the Autumn color type are bright and unique in themselves and do not require additions.

An ideal style for cheerful and active autumn women – sports ensembles of warm earthy shades, safari and country styles.

Multi-layered but uncomplicated clothing, wide ethnic skirts, and coarse knit pullovers will look especially advantageous.

Too strict formal clothes and understatedly romantic things will not do. Business clothes should be represented by semi-sporty models in muted tones.

Evening outings require a sensual and bold dress, which will look simply amazing.

The texture of the fabrics should carry heat and softness.

These can be voluminous, matte fabrics, as well as fabrics with piles: calico, linen, cashmere and camel wool, heavy silk, jersey, velvet, mohair, tweed, and artificial fur.

Appropriately used lace will give additional chic and luxury to any autumn woman. Leather products made of nubuck, any type of suede, or braided leather will look stylish and organic.

There is no limit to the size of the drawings – they can be small or large, but they must be warm and deep.

Among the patterns, you can welcome these:

  • non-bright tropical patterns and folklore, ethnic elements;
  • non-contrast fantasy patterns must be saturated and juicy at the same time;
  • completely acceptable contrasts in clothing should possess certain expressiveness, for example, a “chicken’s foot” cell, a polka dot, a stripe;
  • leopard and tiger colors in certain situations will complement the Autumn image very successfully.

You want to admire autumn women, men are ready to go to the end of the world for them.

Choose wardrobe items for yourself based on the recommended shades and fabric texture, and your style will always be impeccable and harmonious, guaranteeing the constant attention of others.

What Is Bright Spring Color Palette?

As a Winter type, the color type of Spring can be determined with the naked eye.

The determining factor here is the skin. Neither Summer nor Autumn has such a delicate peach tone as the Spring girl.

This color type loves bright and spring colors, cute decorations and cosmetics in bright tones.

Skin: peachy, delicately creamy, almost glowing from the inside.

The skin of representatives of this color type is always fresh and healthy in appearance.

The skin seems thin and translucent. In contrast, for example, to the Winter and Autumn color types, the representatives of which skin always has a dense structure and does not need a heavy foundation cream.

A spring girl always has a bright, beautiful natural blush of delicate color, and freckles are present in most cases.

The thin and delicate skin of Spring types in the summer period burns quickly, sometimes even burns.

She needs thorough care and additional care in the form of day creams and sun tanning products.

The winter skin of representatives of the spring type is exposed to the effects of frost, which results in redness.

Eyes: light green, dark green, brown, amber, orange, light brown, blue.

Shades in the color of the iris of a Spring type are always warm, here you will not find the icy glow of watery-blue eyes, as in Winter, and you will rarely see gray eyes, because gray is a cold color, and everything is warm in Spring.

Hair: blond hair with a warm shade – blond, light blond, golden, honey, dark blond or chestnut.

Girls of this color type always have a sparkle and a warm hair tone.

Hair can also be reddish, sometimes even dark brown.


Kim is an obvious Spring girl being able to pull off such bright and contrasting colors.


There is a visible difference between the silver and the golden tone.

Kim doesn’t have what Meghan Markel nor Kate Middleton had – an exquisite “in-transition” type.

This case will be a bit more directed toward one type, which is Bright Spring.

Let’s take it to further discussion.


What do we see here? The light pink color is way too light and creates no contrast nor does it provide any enhancement.

On the contrary, the green color which belongs to the Spring type offsets her natural beauty.

28 1

The same goes here, even though we see the tanned skin in the pink dress, it still doesn’t make her “Samantha” as in the bright red dress.


In order for the other “out of scope” color palette to work for her, it needs to be a) warm, b) rich saturated because there should be a visible difference and at least a slight contrast.

22 1

I don’t like her in a silver dress, it’s obvious it doesn’t look as good as for Miley. Does that mean that grey color should be completely avoided?

Definitely not, there will always be shades that will work well. Kim requires contrast with brightness or contrast with deepness.

In this case, light grey will not suit well, but this asphalt deep grey does the thing of contrast for her.

20 1

There you see in the example of the red color, one is in Bright contrast and the other one in Deep-rich contrast – both work magnificently for her.

26 1

We come down to Zoe Saldana, who was classified as a Bright Spring.

But what do we actually see here?

The copper shade blends in perfectly well with the completion and becomes one with the color of her eyes. It’s not really a Spring color, is it?

Deep Autumn vs Bright Spring

The burgundy and the mustard yellow are definitely not Bright Spring colors nor they are the “exceptional” colors out of the regular color palette.

And there you have the proof that grey doesn’t fit well with her, so just double confirming that she has a warm tone.

24 1

Jus like the yellow and golden tones brighten up her overall appearance.

3 2

She is an Autumn type that is able to wear Spring colors just like Jessica Alba.

4 2

Just for comparison, which color do you like better? For me, I feel like Soft Autumn pink work the best. It calms her down and she becomes softer and all of her face becomes more inviting.

The bright pink in the middle doesn’t sit as well as the last one.

5 2

Grey color can also be different. While in the first picture, the light Summer grey doesn’t blend in well, the last two the deep asphalt grey and taupe make a perfect combo for hr warm tone.

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