The Color Palette With Blue For The Capsule Wardrobe
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15 Jul

The Color Palette With Blue For The Capsule Wardrobe

How to integrate color palette with blue into your capsule wardrobe?

A comprehensive guide from a stylist will ease your fashion choices

The color palette with blue takes its roots from the symbolism of ancient times.

Since time immemorial, people have endowed colors with a special semantic meaning, reflected in various religious and mystical teachings, myths, folk tales, and legends.

The symbolism of blue began to manifest itself already in ancient times. In Egypt, this color had a special meaning.

Sacrifices and gifts to the gods were depicted in shades of blue.

which colors go with blue
which colors go with blue

The same color was used to depict the wigs of gods, pharaohs, and queens to emphasize their higher, divine origin.

Blue wigs were worn during various ceremonies.

In ancient Maya, blue was the color of sacrifices.

Objects made of wood and ceramics, wall frescoes, aromatic resins, and everything associated with ritual sacrifices were painted and covered with blue paint.

Since the Maya sacrificed even people doomed before death, they painted with blue paint.

Color Palette With Blue
Color Palette With Blue
Color Palette With Blue

In the Christian tradition, blue symbolizes the eternity of divine power and the most significant sacraments.

At the same time, blue was the color of sorrows and sorrows associated with the demonic world for many Slavic peoples.

In ancient folk legends, blue and black demons are mentioned.

Nowadays, blue symbolizes the sky, eternity, constancy, and fidelity. It is considered the color of stability, tranquillity, and deep reflection.

blue color palette
blue color palette
blue color palette

In heraldry, blue denotes purity, honesty, fame, and loyalty.

Is blue color dominant in your wardrobe?

As a rule, at a certain point in time, a person prefers one, less often two or three colors that prevail in his environment, setting and clothing, etc.

Color preferences can change over time. But in any case, your favourite color can tell a lot about the characteristics of your character and emotional state.

Psychologists use various color tests for these purposes.

The most reliable of these is the Luscher color test, according to which blue symbolizes calmness and contentment.

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The main characteristics of blue from the point of view of psychology:

  • self-confidence, decisiveness, determination, and diplomatic approach to conflict resolution;
  • inflexibility, inner core, qualities most characteristic of businessmen, people with an analytical mindset;
  • perfectionism, the tendency to idealize everything, characteristic of philosophers, writers, and creative individuals;
  • fortitude, strong-willed leadership qualities – are manifested in politicians, orators;
  • organization and responsibility – blue tones subconsciously help a person concentrate on important goals, and structure the information received;
  • blue color in human psychology speaks of a tendency to intuitive decision-making, calmness and the ability to find reasonable compromises;
  • in the psychology of relationships, blue means loyalty, stability, a sense of duty, and adherence to traditions.
  • Blue is a shade of the sky, peace, and relaxation. If you like the blue color, then this may mean that a person is characterized by modesty and melancholy, it is very important for him to feel self-confidence, as well as the favour of the people around him. The choice of this color indicates the desire for peace and stability. The greatest need for this color is manifested during periods when a person is sick, or offended, by overwork.
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Suppose a person does not accept the color blue. In that case, this may manifest a thirst for change and constant movement, a rejection of the routine and monotony of life, an unwillingness to take responsibility and make serious decisions. Such people often dream of easy money and fame.

Color Palette With Blue For Wardorbe

If clothes dominate your wardrobe in shades of blue, you are smart enough and independent; you often feel the need for warmth and attention.

You are distinguished by patience, endurance, and restraint in emotions.

Psychologists recommend using blue in clothes for people prone to frequent mood swings and inconstancy.

The blue color helps focus on essential issues and tune in to decision-making.

Those who choose blue and cornflower blue shades for their wardrobe are dreamers and romantics; they believe in true love, and in everything, they try to prove themselves and be noticed by others.

Blue clothing exudes freshness and coolness and is ideal for hot summers.

If you prefer to wear jeans, know that denim clothing gives an impression of nobility and quality.

Also, image-makers advise both businesswomen and businessmen to wear dark blue suits more often.

It not only slims your figure but emphasizes your reliability as a business partner.

Color Palette With Blue For Capsule Wardrobe

  • Navy Blue
  • Indigo – deep blue
  • Sky – Blue

Blue is a “relative” of black, which means that it has both advantages and disadvantages of this color.

On the one hand, blue is the color of calmness; it gives strength and a healing effect: it is no coincidence that designers say it is well suited for bedroom interiors.

In psychology, it is believed that if a person’s favourite color is blue, then he is reasonable and knows how to keep himself in his hand.

It is almost impossible to piss off such people; they willingly compromise and easily share with others.

What colors are combined with blue

Blue in clothes is a color of compromise, a balance between style and monotony of black and too bright and frilly colors. It is excellent for office and casual styles.

what colors go well with blue
what colors go well with blue
what colors go well with blue

It is unpretentious, and it is easy to find a good combination with him. In addition, blue has a vast number of shades, among the variety of which it is easy to choose the right one, taking into account the characteristics of your color type.

Different shades suit different occasions and events.

For example, blue-black is perfect for a business suit, while rich indigo is perfect for a semi-formal occasion.

Blue and navy blue

We have already said that blue can be combined with any color, but in the case of navy blue, you need to be very careful in choosing a shade.

Too dark blue can merge with black if you use them in the same set of clothes: the image will turn out to be gloomy.

Choose more contrasting or vivid combinations.

Blue and light blue

Blue shades are perfectly combined.

Pay attention to the Indigo blue image, which is dominated by blue, but the outfit looks harmonious due to the use of different shades.

Sky-Blue and White

One of the most organic combinations in our collection.

The white color makes blue shades brighter and more vibrant.

blue color outfit with white
blue color outfit with white
blue color outfit with white
blue color outfit with white
blue color palette
blue color palette
blue color palette

blue color palette

Also, pay attention to how summer and festive shimmering fabrics look white and blue.

Blue and grey and brown

A very calm and laconic combination that can be easily adapted to the office style or streetwear.

As an example, there are several images at once.

IMG 3265
IMG 3267
colors that go with grey clothes
colors that go with grey clothes
colors that go with grey clothes
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IMG 3295 1

Electric Blue and bright green

If green in combination with blue looks too bright, then dark blue in combination with more muted shades of green looks less catchy.

Pay attention to how organically blue looks in combination with green – the resulting image looks restrained and suitable even for business meetings.

Blue tops in a variety with a vivid green also look laconic.

Blue and orange / Blue and pink

Not the most straightforward combination.

Orange that is too intense can clash with deep blues. This will create a visual effect as if the figure is divided into parts, so it’s better when the pants are high-waisted.

Try to use blue only in combination with muted orange to balance the look.

Otherwise, choose high-waisted trousers in order not to shorten your legs visually. Another option: pink can act as an accent in a navy blue outfit.

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