Deep Autumn Vs Soft Autumn: Can You Wear Spring Colors?
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9 Aug

Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn Color Palette: How Can You Wear Spring Colors?

Are you wondering what the difference is between deep Autumn vs soft Autumn?

Here is what you need to know!

Before jumping into deep Autumn vs soft autumn discussion, what do you need to know?

Autumn color type – always deep and soft with warm tones while being “muted.”

The skin tone here will be crucial in identifying the colors best suited.

The Autumn seasonal type is the vastest and most contradictory season that raises questions.

Why does it happen since it’s being stated that Autumn has a clear warm undertone?

So, shouldn’t it be automatically a warm seasonal chart?

Yes and No and the same time!

Would you be surprised if I told you that Autumn could wear not only the Autumn warm palette, the neighbouring winter palette if you are a Deep Autumn and even Spring one for all 3 Autumn types?

That’s quite a revelation! And I will prove to you why that can happen!

We will take Jeniffer Lopez and Eva Mendes as Deep Autumn types and Hailey Bieber.

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As you can see, there is quite a gradation of the skin tones. They can often go from almost an ivory tone with a light, almost muted blush to a rather dark appearance (in this example, a Latin-American).

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The eyes are usually brown, aquamarine, and green-brown.

Hair might contain a reddish or a copper tint, which can have highlights or go down to ashy blond tones.

The natural shade of the hair itself is quite rich and often does not require outside intervention.

Therefore, when coloring hair, it is essential to preserve its natural radiance.

In clothes for women of the autumn type, soft, rich red-brown tones and warm colors are very suitable.

The base of the wardrobe is a brown range from golden beige to dark chocolate (earthy tones and neutrals).

Such shades of green will perfectly complement it as olive, khaki, and pistachio, as well as a warm pink palette like salmon-pink.

From the cold palette, that part of the blue closer to grey will do.


What do technical fashion resources say about the Autumn type: “Worst of all, bright and clean shades are in disharmony with the autumn appearance.

Pure black and dazzling white colors are categorically not suitable.

Also, those colors go into blue and grey coloration like a summer”.

Those look like a combination of winter and spring colors.

Here I will show you that you can wear most of the colors used and advised against.

Look at these pictures.

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All these colors are from a range of Spring color palettes. Here we can see pure representatives of the Autumn types wearing Spring colors perfectly well.

Especially we can see the green color Verde Pomme and the hot pink that work really nice with JLo, Mendes and Bieber.

How did that happen?

Shouldn’t they be wearing their designated Autumn color palette that is mostly deep and muted, like khaki greens and earthy tones?

The answer is – No 😉

How Can Autumn Type Wear Spring Colors?

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Hailey Bieber, a Soft Autumn colors representative, has been inspected under a zooming glass.

I have established that only the Autumn type has the widest range of tones, undertones and color palettes they can use.

Basically, they can allow themselves to use many more colors than the other types.

In the first example, we can see Hailey with porcelain ivory skin and dark hair – the tones of her skin combined a pure pink undertone with a yellow tone, resulting in her skin.

In the second picture, where she has lighter hair color, we can see a conglomeration of a yellow undertone with a peach tone, resulting in the outcome.

In both examples, we observed both yellow and pink tones – so from this, we got an outcome of a wide color palette.

As you know, the Spring color palette is designated to pink color skin undertone only – for that reason, they wear bright colors.

Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn

It is better to look at the color of ivory, a shade of creamy white.

The darker the hair, the darker tones can be used in clothing and makeup.

From fabrics, rather dense and rigid ones are best suited, such as drape, tweed, jersey, suede, velour, velveteen and others.

Women of the autumn type will face folklore motifs in the drawing, tiger and leopard colors, and wild jungle patterns.

Soft Autumn Color Palette – Hailey Bieber

The color palette of Soft Autumn represents a soft transition from late summer to early Autumn, which often raises questions in color typing.

Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn

Also, as in Soft Summer’s case, the appearance’s dominant feature is softness and muted tones.

Everything seems to be shrouded in mist.

Light brown hair with a barely noticeable reddish tint. Gray-green or gray-brown soft eyes with porcelain matte skin.


The subtype is associated with elegance, attractiveness, confidence, autumn romance, warm September vibes, and the beginning of Autumn.

Soft Autumn will suit chestnut shades of hair with a copper tint. Hairstyles are preferably light, either gathered in a bun or braided hair.

Coloring will emphasize the hair’s natural beauty, give it saturation and enhance its natural shine.

The palette should be rich in noble and complex shades that will freely intertwine with the natural range of appearance.

Shades of brown are preferred in warm tones – beige, coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, etc.

Green shades – from soft turquoise to rich emerald green – emphasize and shade the natural color.

The fabric is light and flowing – for the warm season.

Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn

Soft wool and dense suede, knitwear – for cool weather.

The pattern on the fabric should be classic – check, geometric shapes, “houndstooth” – in warm colors will emphasize the image.

Makeup should not spoil the harmony of the natural palette. For this, you should not use “flashy” colors. The main task is to increase the contrast of the image slightly.

Natural shades of shadows and lipstick will help emphasize the natural flavor.

Blush is preferred according to skin tone and the time of year. Bronze, brown and their shades are suitable for everyday makeup.

Deep Autumn – Jeniffer Lopez, Eva Mendes

Deep Autumn – a smooth transition from Autumn to winter.

This subtype is also called Dark Autumn. This is due to the fact that the main characteristic of appearance is darkness and depth.

The hair is dark brown, but not black. The skin is dense and often swarthy.

The eyes are dark and deep tones – from dark gray-green to almost black.

Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn

Deep Autumn is associated with the saturation of colors, the tart smell of foliage, and the depth of an overcast sky.

Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn

For hair coloring, deep rich tones of bronze, red and copper-chestnut color are suitable.

Elegant, and at the same time solid, look straight hair, raised at the roots.

Hair dye should have a dense consistency that envelops the hair in order to achieve maximum depth. Preference should be given to natural paints without ammonia.

The blue palette in combination with dense fabric, will add noble features to the image.

Blueberry shades, tart dark blue, and rich blue with a touch of gray perfectly complement the elegant look.


Terracotta red, the color of a ripe tomato, will add brightness to the image.

Gray-beige and soft shades will be a good addition to the basic wardrobe.

Accessories in restrained and warm colors are allowed in clothes – from beige to neutral blue.

At the same time, patterns in clothes can be bold and bright.

For eye makeup, you can use a palette of green, brown and purple. Evening makeup can be in dark colors.

Lipstick for an everyday look – natural tones, for evening make-up – dark salmon, carmine shade.

Blush can be used in bronze-brown tones for dark skin tones in peach tones for fair skin.



What do we see here?

Jeniffer Lopez and Hailey Bieber wearing bright orange color – something odd on them.

Why? It’s not because they are an Autumn type; that’s because the temperature of their skin at the moment doesn’t correlate with the color.

They don’t look tanned enough to fit the color. In the very first picture, where orange is not as active but still bright – there is also a visible skin difference this is why it works well.

In the other picture, her skin color is literally white – that will be a bad choice.

In the example of Hailey Bieber, we can also observe green and orange colors – combined with very white skin and no visible hair contrast- which was just not the best choice.

With these bright colors (from winter) you need to observe your skin temperature at the very moment. Most likely, those colors will suit you during summertime.

Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn

For Autumn Types, it is important to watch out for the yellow shades – this might be a “troublesome” shade to fit – but it all depends on how tanned you are.

Very white skin – won’t work for you.


One more color is electric blue.

Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Deep Autumn vs Soft Autumn

We see in both examples of JLo and Bieber that it works much better with a warmer skin tone rather than the white one.

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