Deep Winter Vs Bright Winter: Can You Wear Autumn & Spring?
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15 Aug

Deep Winter Vs Bright Winter: Can You Wear Autumn & Spring Colors?

Are you wondering how to distinguish between deep winter vs bright winter?

This article will answer your doubts!

How to decipher between deep winter vs bright winter?

Winter is the time when nature almost “freezes in time,” resting from the deep, rich saturated colors of the warm season and plunging into the cold.

Winter color type can be called the brightest and most contrasting type of appearance.

Among others, the Winter color type representatives are the easiest to recognize and identify.

The vast majority of those who are called “femme fatal” belong to the winter season.

dark winter color palette
dark winter color palette
bright winter color palette

In such women, the contrast between the color of the three main indicators of appearance is most clearly visible: hair, eyes, and skin, and on top of it are the cool undertones since winter is automatically cold.

It is Snow White’s face with dark (from dark chestnut to pitch black) hair, sensual bright lips, and an alluring look.

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Blackpink idol Jisoo and others, Megan Fox and Courtney Cox as Bright Winter and Irene RedVelevet, Blackpink Jennie as Deep Winter types.

All this simply does not leave the slightest chance to go unnoticed. Also, this color type also includes platinum blondes, for example, the Asian type of beauty.

The skin tone ranges from pale snow-white porcelain to fairly dark. The skin is dense, and even, with a slightly perceptible bluish undertone.

Blush and freckles almost never happen; if they do, they are barely noticeable.

The eyes are bright and contrasting. This contrast is manifested between the snowy (in some cases to a slight blue) whiteness of proteins and the iris of the eyes.

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The difference between the Deep Winter and Bright Winter is that the blue eyes will most likely appear with the latter.

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The color can be anything: brown, green, or blue, but always clean, bright, saturated, or deep.

Her hair is dark, almost black. But it is very rare and the so-called Bright Winter – women with naturally blond hair and a bright and cold appearance.

deep winter vs bright winter
deep winter vs bright winter
deep winter vs bright winter
deep winter vs bright winter

Here comes one more difference in the skin of these types.

The thing is that Deep winter is on the border with Autumn – so it is automatically influenced by Autumn’s warmness and will even blend in some pastels into it.

While Bright winter is on the border with Bright Spring and will also share warm colors, those will be warm and very bright in saturation.

While Deep winter is calm – Bright winter is vivid and bright.


So here we determine that Bright winter can stretch to Bright Spring colors without additional work.

There is no specific necessity to change skin color and temperature.

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The winter color type includes bright, spectacular ladies, more often reminiscent of the type of FATAL women.

Bright and extravagant, charming and passionate – this is exactly what typical “winter” color-type representatives represent.

They are envied because they have smooth skin, beautiful natural hair color and contrasting complexion.

The extravagant appearance color type “winter” can boast of many virtues, but the main thing for every woman is to know how to emphasize them.

Women of the winter color type always attract attention because all-natural features are saturated – with bright pigment.

For this appearance, you should choose clothes with the same characteristics. General signs of shades are cold, icy, clear, clean, and piercing.

29 1
13 2

In the first example, we can see a Korean white porcelain skin and dark hair that automatically requires contrast either in the makeup or in the clothes near the face.

As you see, they have chosen bright red colored lipstick, which created the perfect harmony in the appearance.

In the right example, you can see the high contrast colors being so saturated that it is obvious that that is a winter type.

Thus, we clearly see that their natural shades enter into a visual reaction with shades of clothes and the effect of resonance or resistance is obtained, i.e. their colors shine or fade depending on the clothing on the face.

Optimal color palette

Girls of this “cold” type are suitable for the most universal colors – black and white. By the way,
representatives of other types in rare cases are a dazzling white trouser suit or a blue-black evening dress.

“Winter” girls can use squeaky white and pitch-black in their wardrobes in any quantity and for any occasion.

19 1

This example doesn’t even need any specific explanation. The colors a vividly contrasting and go in harmony with this winter type.

What other colors could you go for?

You can replenish your wardrobe with the following colors:

Lilac, cherry, cold shade of lilac. If you are a fan of pink – choose only bright shades, but it is better to refuse pale/dull/dusty and pastel ones if you are a Bright winter.

If you get to choose light pastel colors -you have to go for vivid and bright ones.

14 1
10 2

In the black dress, we can see the colors are just sticking to the eye – and it does go well with Megan.

On the contrary, the grey color comes into question.

Since grey and everything greyish falls into pastel coloring automatically, it tends to grey down the whole appearance of the Bright winter – they get a little lost.

So what did Megan do in the first example?

Right, she added bright red lipstick which created the contrast – and just for the record – the colors that we put right near the face are the most important!

As the color can make you look glowing as well as the color can make you look dull and sick!

Green colors

30 1
5 3

Not all green colors will suit winters – as you see to the left pastel colors grey the representatives down – you can barely see their eyes, and the skin becomes greyer.

While on the example to the right – the bright and vivid winter colors brighten the glow up.


As well as, this example could show the difference more clearer. The dusty pastel from the Autumn color palette greyed down the whole appearance, and the model blended in with the background.

While on the right picture, we can see the right skin color tone contrasting with the red pigment.

It made the whole appearance look completely different.

deep winter vs bright winter
deep winter vs bright winter

The primary characteristic of the Bright Winter color type is the brightness and expressiveness of appearance.

This color suits the most intense shades of the winter palette: bright and lively, as well as slightly cool and diluted with white.

We can see on the left picture that the dark rich color created the right contrast for the winter type, while on the right picture, we can see the model being greyed out and blended with the greyish and pastel background without any kind of a contrasting thing that doesn’t look well.

What can we do about it?

  1. Either you add a bright color for the makeup.
  2. Or the bright/contrasting color in the wardrobe near the face

If you do this, you can wear light pastel colors as well.

Colors for winters: These shades include fuchsia, deep pink, raspberry, purplish pink, bleached yellow, mint, emerald green, needle green, black, ice gray, pure white, cobalt, deep navy blue, royal purple, amethyst, lavender. . »

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Can a Bright Winter wear Bright Spring?

Warm reddish shades, as well as very light (pastel) and grayish tones, do not suit Bright Winter.

Unsuitable shades include deep brown, dark green-brown, orange-brown, dark red-orange, egg yolk, dark cream, grayish blue, and light gray.

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4 3
12 2

Can you wear Bright Spring colors? Yes – but that would be advisable to get tanned – since the Spring is a warm palette – that would get blended better with warmer bronzed skin.

However, you have to be careful with these shades – not all will be able to work well with them.

Megan Fox is one of those that can convert a lot of different shades and some of the unsuitable ones.

What about Deep Winter?

As has already been mentioned above, Deep winter is on the border with the Autumn palette.

Hence, you can jump into it if you are careful.


Here we can see Jennie from Blackpink – a predominantly winter type. There is no doubt since the contrast between the skin and eyes is vivid. Her hair is warm blond.

It’s being stated that Deep winter doesn’t contain blond shades, however, it has been charged artificially.

The yellow pigment of her neutral skin comes forward and there is some kind of red pigment in the eyes.

If we make such tremendous changes in our appearance – we also change the seasonal color palette.

Hence, she will use a lot of Autumn colors like khaki greens for example.

https files 2020 10 blackpink jennie kim style wardrobe essentials how to dress like k pop celebrity singer 2

As you see – she does have a slight yellow undertone – so she might jump from season to season.

If stylists and fashion connoisseurs advise abandoning a particular color, this does not mean that it cannot be used in accessories, shoes and outerwear.

On the contrary – a winter girl should experiment with contrast.

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However, the warm colors cannot go to extremes – because it is still a winter season.


You would definitely agree that the dark and highly contrasted color suits her much better than the artificial one.


As well here, the orange color brings all the wrong saturations of her skin.

Can Bright Winter Wear Deep Autumn Colors?

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And here again, yes they can then the whole appearance has to go through the changing.

You can see Fox having a warm brownish color that corresponds more to Autumn colors, she has a slightly warm yellow skin color which will also work well with dark and deep Autumn colors – which will create the contrast after all.

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Take into consideration

Wardrobe color palette for the Winter color type Owners of winter appearance, despite their clearly cool trend, is suitable for both cold colors and some shades of warm colors (except brown and yellow-green).

The main thing is that it should be distinct bright and saturated colors (often caustic), and not light pastel.

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35 1

Perhaps this is the only color type that is ideal for pure white and pure black. It is also worth paying attention to burgundy, ruby, lilac, dark purple, emerald shades, and even hot pink.

The combination of colors in clothes according to the complementary principle suits the winter look better than any other type of color combination.

A typical mistake of winter women is unclear, dirty and light shades, which only “blur” and grey down the look.

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