Bright Winter Vs Bright Spring: Differences & Similarities
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27 Jan

Bright Winter vs Bright Spring: Differences & Similarities

Are you wondering what’s the difference between Bright Winter vs Bright Spring color palettes?

This article is the most comprehensive explanation!

Bright Winter vs Bright Spring? The first thing we need to understand here is that Bright Winter is located right at the edge of the transition to Bright Spring and is one by one on the seasonal color chart.

So, we are expecting these two seasons to exchange the colors naturally as if they were sister palettes.

The Bright Winter, color palette type, is characterized by crystal and thundering colors in the overall look.

Its portrayals are bold dynamic and profound. If you could imagine the art style of cubism and modernism that would flow into one unity, which would, in its course, resemble the palette and characteristics of the Bright Winter.

Often women of this color type have a lot of highly contrasting and chromatically saturated colored things in their wardrobe, but most often they don’t know how to mix and match them with each other.

The Bright Spring color type is similar to the Winter color types in terms of dynamics and contrast in the seasonal color analysis.

If we compare the two color palettes, this is what we would see.

bright spring color palette
bright winter color palette

The chromatic component is obviously present in both palettes.

What is the difference between Bright Winter vs Bright Spring?

The undertone is cold in Bright Winter and warm in Bright Spring color palette.

In this image, we can see clearly how well the yellow colors differ.

The yellow on the winter palette is lighter, it contains white conglomeration, with high contrast, while on the other example yellow flows into mustard yellow.

It’s as if we took a train from Paris to Barcelona we would observe the difference in tonalities.

Contrast between Bright Winter vs Bright Spring

1 5

The contrast in both cases would be high. In the Spring one might fluctuate between medium to high in winter would pretty much be the same.

However, as has already been mentioned before, the cold season, hence the color and temperature has a higher probability of getting higher rather than the warm one.

The evidence of high contrast will be more noticeable in cool winter types a bit more because the cold color has a higher potency organically.

When you look at the Spring type, you might be more confused as it could be more mild looking at first, rather than eye-striking.

Can you look like a Bright Spring but actually be a Winter type?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been previously typed as a Bright Spring and so has been Rachel Weisz.

However, there are more nuances to that, that will prove that they are rather in between the Bright Winter and Bright Spring seasons. Or maybe they are not even that, but rather something else.

20 2

Before we jump into the analysis, we need to distinguish the attributes of each season.

Bright Winter Color Appearance

External features of Bright Winter color type people:

Eyes: bright blue, green, or icy hazel
Hair: dark brown, almost black
Skin: porcelain, light beige, pale olive

Examples of dark winter among celebrities:

Jaimie Alexander, Julia Goldani.

Most often you’d be advised against too-warm tones – orange, yellow, etc. But later we will see how you can as well.

There is one thing you need to do is not to strengthen the warmth in your appearance.

Avoid too dark combinations, they make the image heavier.

The wardrobe of a bright winter should not be all-gloomy, which is more inherent in a Dark Winter.

Let’s see the Bright Winter examples here.


In one of my articles, I have already discussed that one of the prototypes of Bright Winter will be Snow White.

The perfect cold porcelain light skin, crystal cold eyes, and very contrasting hair tone.

This example is a perfect embodiment of Julia Goldani.

There is no doubt that cold grey and pitch black colours look magnificent with the tone that she has.


Even when she is tanned, her main color palettes don’t really change. She is undeniably highly contrasted cold type with its cool undertones.


Is she able to wear Bright Spring since she is a Bright Winter and they are on the verge of transition?

Yes, she can. Bright Spring colors and even calmer pastel colors usually work well on a background of a highly contrasting appearance.

This aspect has been discussed in the example of Kim Kardashian as well over her.


What is the other example of the Bright Winter? That would be Jaimie Alexander.

bright winter vs bright spring
bright winter vs bright spring

The same as in the previous example, we can see a striking contrast right away.


If you are a Bright Winter it doesn’t mean that you have to throw all the orange color pieces of clothing away. You might just keep it for summer to hit on your skin.


And then again, we can see that on the background of the pale color she looks so much appealing and the deep red fits her like a glow.

bright winter vs bright spring
bright winter vs bright spring

Rachel Weisz has been previously typed as a Bright Spring.

However, we can clearly see that rather a silver tone fits her complexion much better than a gold one.


Can we conclude that she is a Winter type? Not yet.


In this example, we can see an obvious inclination toward cold temperatures rather than warm ones.

This blue color fits her really well even though there is a clear warm admixture in her eye color.

This is where most of “experts” make a mistake, thinking that the color of the veins and eye color admixtures play the most crucial role in determining the color palette.

The makeup artist though got it right and we see quite a cold rosy blush on her cheeks play well together with crystal blue earrings.


This example speaks for itself. The comparison of bright crimson orange (which is a clear Bright Spring color) in comparison to deep red plays a different role. It just doesn’t suit her as much as the latter one.

Usually, this deep red (and other intense colors) would be more suitable for Deep/Dark winters rather than Brigt Spring types.


Are you still not convinced? Look at this example, the Bright Orange is rather destructive to her appearance than flattering. And that should be vice versa.


In this example, the stylists tried to put her in those Spring colors, still, it’s not her best colors and you can see it reflecting directly on her fair skin and face.


Another Spring vibe here, and in the comparison with the deeper green she definitely llos much better with calm deep colors.


One of the most majestic colors that normally all winter types thrive in is black. Doesn’t she look just magnificent in it?

After these examples, I’d rather locate the actress in the winter category leaning towards the Deep winter.

Another great example of the “off the charts” category would be Julia Louis Dreyfus previously typed as Bright Spring as well.

Let’s see what is not “clicking” here.


The contrast is rather high. Which is good, we got it.

16 2

Julia has warmish green-brown dark eyes and she looks well with a tan. So normally people would jump to the conclusion that she is a warm type and since she has a high contrast – she is a Bright Spring.

Well, not really. We have already seen this mistake in the previous example above.

In this example, we can see that silver fits her better, it has a much better contrast with her skin, while the golden tone “eats” her up a bit.

19 2

Taking into consideration rather bright Sprig colors, we can see that bright hot pink which is a rather cold tone fits her well.

This sometimes happens, with all “in-transition” types that could potentially wear other color palettes at certain times.

But as for right now, we are leaning towards the cold type more.

23 1

Black looks undeniably good on her and compliments well her natural contrast.

22 1
21 1

Most often, no one looks as good in black as winter types.

17 2

Spring yellow, has great contrast, but it just doesn’t do any good for her. Just the same as in the example of the golden dress, it just doesn’t fit right with the other warm attributes of her eyes for example.


In a comparison of two green color shades: one is Spring green and the other one is Deep Winter green – we can see that the latter one is undeniably her color.

While in Spring colors she is able to rock when she has a bit of tan and her complexion turns warmer, then the colors unfold gradually in the natural beauty.

However, her main colors remain deeply saturated.

I would locate Julia as a transition type between Deep Winter and Dark Autumn being able to wear both and contradictory bright Spring colors occasionally.

20 2

Casual wardrobe bright winter

A bright winter usually has an extensive casual wardrobe. It has jeans for various models, from skinny to boyfriends.

Leather biker jackets and more elegant styles. Bombers and jackets that you wear with both loafers and sneakers.

When compiling a daily wardrobe for people of the bright winter color type, it is again worth recalling their originality.

You gravitate towards non-standard color combinations and unusual prints.

Why is it so easy to find such items of clothing? Because interesting prints require bright shades that belong to your palette.

However, do not forget to buy not only bright models of blouses, shirts and T-shirts.

You should definitely have light neutrals and solid colors in your wardrobe.

When your wardrobe is filled with extremely extraordinary flashy things, it will be difficult for you to combine them.

For example, when wearing a bright jacket, you just need an invisible top, which will become just a background.

This will make the image light and clear, not overloaded.

One of the basic colors of a bright winter is blue-black or asphalt. If there is too much black in your wardrobe, replace it step by step.

This will help make your image more harmonious and effective at the same time. You will see how much easier it is to combine blue compared to black.

The common belief that black is slimming has long been outdated. You just need to learn how to combine colors correctly. It is due to the color that you can easily model and balance the figure.

Bright Spring Color Appearance

Eyes: bright green or bright blue.

Hair: dark blonde, golden or red.

Skin: peach, porcelain, sometimes with freckles.

Celebrity examples of vibrant spring: Heather Graham.

4 1 2

Basic colors of Bright Spring

To compose the background for accent things, remember the main colors of your palette.

You might want to pay attention to the following shades that could potentially be present in the basic wardrobe:
– mustard;
– herbal green;
– turquoise;

All these bright warm colors mixed with basic white, beige and let’s say, navy blue.

I would be careful with black and Soft and Cool summer pale colors.

Stylist’s tip: choose shoes that match the clothes, matching them with the top or bottom. It can balance your brightness and contrast.

3 5

Needless to say, that orange shade conglomeration fits really well, especially with her red-pigmented light hair it’s a match.

12 2

I am not a fan of her cold and silver shades. I see her in warm colors, because that’s what she is.

2 4

If with pale shades, she needs more contrasting makeup to stand out, then in her prime colors she needs nothing to improve – it looks good with her complexion, and her eyes become brighter and enhanced.

5 3
6 1 2
15 2

The chromatic attribute in the Bright Spring color palette is undeniably enhancing her contrast.

It doesn’t make her look odd or “lost or eaten up” – it actually enhances her appearance without any additional makeup, hair, or accessory manipulations.

13 2

Does Soft Summer muted colors look good enough on her?

No. To wear it comfortably she definitely needs more tan and higher contrasting makeup.

Can she wear blue and black colors? Yes, she can as Bright Spring still contains such.

9 2
11 3

Navy blue serves as one of the most favourite basic colors as well as black.

Higher contrasting appearances actually can rock these dark colors.

8 2
7 3

Obviously in comparison to dark blue, the lighter more chromatic blue fits better in this case.

Casual Wardrobe For Bright Spring

The bright spring wardrobe is generally light and quite contrasting. It has many bright shades, which is clear from the name of the color type.

Basic things should serve as a harmonious background for accent ones, combining them into a cohesive image.

To achieve this, it is important for you to figure out which things in your wardrobe should be bright and which should be basic.

Otherwise, you run the risk of typing only accent clothes and getting confused in combinations.

To avoid confusion, mentally divide your wardrobe into three parts and figure out your worst colors to stay away from:

  • basic things in neutral shades of your palette;
  • fashionable accent things;
  • classic shoes that will balance your bows.

These three elements are enough to assemble a harmonious image.

For example, bright blouses and tops, colored jackets should be combined with trousers in soothing light shades.

In a casual wardrobe, it is easiest to use color, because here you are not limited by the rules of the dress code. If you have a bright spring color type, then simple sportswear is not for you.

You are made for interesting styles, beautiful patterns, and bright combinations.

The background of the image can be your favorite jeans or light-colored cigarette trousers.

And the accent will be a bright blouse, top, colored sweater, or jacket.

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