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31 Jan

Ethereal Essence: The Angelic Style Essence By John Kitchener

Ethereal style represents unworldly glory and a mythical aura

Like an angel in the luminesce sky or the woman ageless of her time.

There’s power, there’s calmness, there’s mysticism, and there’s the mystery in her existence.

Angelic clothing style portrays the calmness of the night, the magnificent heaven on earth, and the soul so old it speaks wisdom.

Mythical creatures and the moon define her aura. 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence

“Their eyes speak a thousand old tales, 

Their angelic face…

transcends unworldly peace.

They walk with grace 

And leave trails of 

mystical energy behind them.

One look at them, 

and you are lost in the endless mystery

of the cosmos.

Poetic, aren’t they? That’s simply angelic people’s essence. 

What is the ethereal essence in the 7 Kitchener essences?

John Kitchener describes Angelic style essence as the most yin in his seven style essences.

Their visual impression gives away softness and timeless beauty.

Although belonging to the yin side of the spectrum, they are strikingly opposite from the other two yin essences, Romantic essence and Ingenue as well. 

Romantic and Ingenue essence emphasize a woman’s sensuality and girlish innocence, respectively.

However, an ‘angel essence’ goes beyond the feminine attributes of a woman.

It refocuses on the soul and its eternal timelessness.

You can define ethereal essence style with adjectives like an angelic, mystical, supernatural, old soul, mysterious, and out of this world. 

Fairies, faes, elves, angels, mythical creatures (mermaids, vampires, witches, dragons, Phoenix, etc.), galaxies, cosmos, stars, flowers, mist, etc., best define someone with ethereal essence. 

ethereal essence

Kitchener Ethereal essence and its origin

Ethereal essence didn’t exist in Mc Jimsey’s or the theory of Kibbe types with its essence archetypes. 

It was John Kitchener who first conceptualized ethereal style as the final essence of his style theory. 

Ethereal essence Kibbe

Kibbe body type in essence only focused on the physical attributes of an individual.

So, the ‘old soul’ could never have been a concept in his five-style family.

Kibbe also believed that all yin essences must have a shorter or petite body frame, which is not the case with John Kitchener’s most yin essence, the Ethereal essence. 

Individuals with Angelic style essence often have a tall, narrow body with a gentle softness around the edges.

Additionally, unlike the romantic style, Angelic essence doesn’t portray extreme sensual femininity. Instead, it illustrates unworldliness or rarity.

Their facial attributes don’t confide within the standardized beauty measures. They are rare, unconventional, and dreamy (in a way). 

ethereal essence

Again, Ingenue essence emphasizes the child-like innocence and girlish nature of the yin spectrum.

However, the angelic essence perfectly contradicts the Ingenue essence in John Kitchener’s archetypes.

The term ‘mystically ancient’ seems fit for individuals with angelic style essence. 

It shows how women can have diverse, distinct, and contradictory personalities. 

Physical characteristics of the ethereal essences

When we talk about ethereal essence, we predominantly speak about ethereal women who are tall, lean, narrow, and soft-edged with subdued colors and mistiness in their physical appearance. 

However, it’s alright if you don’t share many physical attributes of the ethereal essence.

As long as you match the vibe, you will somehow execute and give away your ethereal and unworldly vibe without even having to speak. 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence

Overall shape:

Unlike the dramatic essence, the Ethereal body type is tall but has soft edges.

They create an ‘elongated S’ with their physics, unlike the Dramatic essence that gives you a sharp ‘angular Z.’ 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence


Their eyes are always “lost in their own mysteries”. They might be present in a room, yet still so far gone.

Some say individuals with ethereal style essence look most like themselves when gazing far in the distance.

Their eyes are always calm and unperturbed, like the calm ocean holding many unknown secrets unknown to the world. 

Color of the eyes: You will be mesmerized by their muted or soft blue, green, gray, brown, and dull black eye colors.

It’s not bright; it’s subtle and grayed. 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence

Mistiness and muted coloring. 

Their overall appearance is hazy, as if only partially present in reality.

Adjectives like less-saturated, misty, and subdued best define ethereal essence’s skin and natural coloring. 

Why less-saturated colors? It is usually connected with the fact that individuals with ethereal essence have a faded appearance as if transcending to another dimension.

So, their colors are often less saturated. 

Subdued? Muted colors define the ethereal essence’s eternal age. Humans walking toward maturity often start to lose vibrant pigmentation and get graying undertones. 

Misty: Instead of having bright colors, their undertones and overtones are often hazy and adorned with mist.

Individuals with ethereal essence have freckles and a blend of textures on their faces. 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence

Angelic Face shape:

Unlike dramatic essence, ethereal essence faces are long but oval-shaped with soft and calm edges.

An ethereal face isn’t pointy and doesn’t carry sharp features, such as a pointed nose, cat eyes, or high cheekbones. They blend into softness. 

Asymmetrical features:

Individuals with ethereal essence don’t necessarily have overall generic or facial features.

Their features are rare. For instance, large or drunk eyes with a slightly puffed nose are more common in angelic essence. 

Something rare and different from your generic definition of beauty is probably an ethereal essence.

Angelic faces are so rare that their features come strong as a prodigy. 

There’s also a saying, women will find ethereal essence appealing.

If you have been called ‘odd’ or ‘weird’ by straight men, know you are slaying the ethereal essence. 

Not curvaceous: 

You may not have an hourglass body or highlighted sensual details. You are lean and flat with slight curves here and there.

This is also probably why straight men might not consider you beautiful or womanly enough.

However, to hell with such people! Your body isn’t sensual; it’s artistic and aesthetic. 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence

The difference between dramatic essence and ethereal essence

It’s very natural to confuse dramatic and ethereal essence; there’s a very thin line between their physical attributes.

They both have elongated bodies and faces with unusual and rare appearances and styles. 

That’s when a person’s vibe and essence come into play!

Have you ever met someone who directly gave you a spine-chillingly calm vibe?

That’s someone with ethereal essence. 

On the other hand, if the person executed power and dominance— they are dramatic essence. 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence

Dramatic essence Vs Ethereal essence

Dramatic essence is often associated with pointy or sharp edges.

This sharpness gives them a dangerous, aggressive, or “threatening” look.

On the other hand, Kitchener’s ethereal essence is adorned with long faces that are round and smooth around the edges; it makes them appear distant and peaceful. 

Why? Consider a sharp/pointy object— you automatically know it’s dangerous and can harm you.

That’s probably why individuals with dramatic essence tend to appear dangerous, not that they will hurt you in any way. 

Dramatic essence is usually outgoing and well-spoken. Ethereal essence remains absent in this reality and is often disassociated with the human world.

ethereal essence
ethereal essence

They speak less, and their expressions are always closer to nirvana than useless chit-chat. 

Dramatic essence approaches you with power and poise. Ethereal essence drifts away from you into nothingness. 

Ethereal clothing style

Want to style your ethereal essence perfectly? These angelic clothing suggestions might give you an idea of how to accentuate your angelic styles with subtlety. 

How to look ethereal and attain the perfect angelic wardrobe? Follow this brief angelic clothes guideline. 

Soft colors 

The first ideal variety for ethereal essences is soft and muted colors. 

These colors often come with a mixture of glitter dust or chrome effect.

This combination makes their angelic look shine day and night. They bathe in the sun and reflect glitter in the light. 

Soft colors: They are the lighter version of a hue. Angelic essence wears colors that are softened with the addition of white (for example a Summer color palette).

So, you might not see an individual wearing navy blue, but they will slay like a fairy in sky blue colors. 

Examples of soft colors: Soft pink (Coral, Flamingo, Salmon), lilac, blush, pastel, ivory, cream, peach, powder blue, seashell, etc. 

Muted colors: Other than soft colors, ethereal essence also compliments individuals with muted colors— like cosmic blue, the luminous ocean in the night, emerald green, pale pink, etc. 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence


You will witness delicate draping, webbing, and wrapping in angelic style essence.

The details may include gentle frills and pleats.

These dresses often cover the body softly with no trace of stiff silhouettes, edgy angles, or irregular cuts.

Ideally, this stitch doesn’t accentuate a woman’s sensuality but her entire existence. 

Angelic outfits’ draping or webbing is also done with a very thin or delicate fabric, ensuring an airy/floaty aura. 

Flaring angelic dresses

Ethereal essence has an earthy appeal in their existence.

They are close to mother nature, and thus, their appearance always appears airy.

Picture a woman standing freely amidst nature, her hair and dress ruffling with the air— that’s ethereal essence. 

If it’s ethereal, it has to flow and fly. Their floating appearance, combined with their wavy hair and flowy dresses, brings the best out of their ethereal essence.

ethereal essence
ethereal essence

It embodies her free nature that naturally flows with the wind towards eternal nothingness. 

Whether it’s a dress, pants, shirt, or even sleeves— they all dance and ruffle with the wind.

Flaring shapes, loose-fit pants, A-line stitch, and butterfly or bell sleeves enhance the earthly ethereal essence. 

Most of these dresses are handcrafted with extra thin and translucent material to make ethereal essence look like they are floating in the air.

The thin material often resembles the clouds’ mistiness or fogginess and the feathers’ softness. 

They fly with wings and feathers.

Ethereal essence adorns intricate details crafted with wings and feathers.

These winged and feathery details enhance their overall mythical and fairy-like existence. 

Embedded with gold, silver, and diamond rhinestones

You will find detailed work of gold, silver, and diamond in their attire.

Their dresses are adorned with intricate jewelry and gemstones. It brings elegance and an ethereal type charm to their overall look— extravagant yet subtle, intricate yet soft. 

You must have seen rhinestone-embedded work on fabrics, dresses, and the whole attire— that’s the go-to material for ethereal essence. 

Others may appear a bit of a show-off with such details. However, ethereal essence pulls off these details like it’s their second skin. 

Glitter, sparkle, and luminescence

They sparkle in the sun and dazzle in the night. Their glory illuminates the world— the reference does justify their mystical existence, like the vampires or faes. 

Just like a fae, ethereal people look best with glittery and sparkly fabric.

They slay shiny or glittery textures, like the stars in the night or the magnificent cosmos. 

Whatever colors ethereal essence chooses to wear, muted or soft, they always have a tint of sparkle. 

Royal and fine fabric and material

Delicate fabrics allow dresses to flow and float with the air.

The best fabric choices for ethereal essence are silk, satin, georgette, chiffon, tulle, and transparent organza. 

Silk and satin shine with vibrancy. Georgette and chiffon give a hazy touch to their appearance, and transparent organza further enlightens their subdued chroma. 

Abstract work

They communicate history and art through their clothes. They might not prefer too many patterns or prints in their outfit; however, when they do— it’s often historical or artistic.

The gold and white hanbok (a traditional outfit of Korea) is a beautiful example of a subtle historic dress with ethereal essence. 

  • Nuanced but subtle lace work.
  • Miniature (gold) floral work. 

This historical and artistic preference portrays their old soul and mystical things. 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence


Gold and silver are the hallmarks of ethereal essence. Subtle yet elegant jewelry complements ethereal essence beautifully.

The design may resemble intricate earthy patterns— a pearl necklace, bracelet made with gold leaves, floral tiara, gemstone pendant, bushy hairpin, etc. 

These earthy ornaments may include patterns such as small (detailed flowers), leaves, bushes, pearls, the crescent moon, stars, or the cosmos. 

Gemstone rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets are widespread in ethereal essence. It intensifies their witchy aura. 


Modern or basic accessories never go well with ethereal essence. They naturally choose accessories with a timeless glow.

So, you might not see edgy clutches or stylish handbags with ethereal essence.

They will often prefer accessories with a bit of history; it demonstrates their love for art and their connection with their old soul. 

So, you will find drawstring handbags handcrafted with jewels and stones. They might as well have bags with ancient prints. 

Other accessories may include rhinestone high heels, veils, Japanese hand fans, crystals, etc. 

ethereal essence
ethereal essence

Ethereal celebrities 

Picture all the witches, faes, angels, mermaids, and goddesses you have seen in the movies.

They all have hazy and misty appearances. Directors intentionally overline mystical characters with a hazy aura to add to their ethereal nature. 

Ethereal-looking characters in movies are often displayed in tulle, sheen fabric with subdued colors and rhinestone-studded dresses. 

Ethereal women examples: 

Sofia Boutella: Her wavy hair flows delicately, and her eyes hold a different kind of peace.

Her eyes capture, intrigue, invite and lure us in for secrets we never know. I’m simply drawn deep within her eyes— it’s soul-wrenching. 

Sofia Boutella in the movie ‘the mummy’ perfectly captures the essence of ethereal style.

Of course, not when she is tied up. When you are taken to her past, you can feel the mythical aura around her. Her makeup, jewelry, and Egyptian vibe perfectly captured her essence. 

Even with the Egyptian tattoos, she looked ethereal and unworldly because she indeed was!

Deepika Padukone: Deepika is overly an embodiment of the dramatic essence. She pulls off edgy, dramatic styles like a pro. However, it would be utterly ignorant of us to not notice her ethereal features. 

She definitely has those deep, capturing eyes— big and far away. Watch her in the movie Bajirao Mastani— her character, outfits, and aura gently scream ‘ethereal woman.’ 

Gillian Anderson: It’s challenging to find someone with a hazy appearance in real life, but Gillian Anderson is a breathing example of a foggy and misty appearance.

It’s Probably because she is a true spring beauty— warm eyes, blonde hair, warm skin, and overall peachy complexion. 

Plus, her eyes, a lighter shade of blue, further accentuate her ethereal essence. Her blue eyes sometimes appear green, and that’s magical! 

Gillian looks ethereal in the TV series Sex Education. Her hair is bouncy and less saturated. Plus, whenever she speaks, she speaks with depth, her eyes scrutinize truth, and there’s a knowing smile continuously on her face— a great trait of ethereal essence. 

Fan Bingbing: She looks most like herself when looking far in the distance. Her eyes are always deep, delving, and mournful— as if looking straight into your soul. 

Take a look at her outfits. You will find a striking difference in her overall aura when she is wearing something that compliments her essence and when she is wearing something that doesn’t.

Draped dresses, tulle fabric, flaring shapes, wavy hair, and muted colors enhance her looks. 

She doesn’t leave a lasting impact when dressed as a natural, gamine, or Ingenue essence. 

You should watch Fan Bingbing in the series ‘Lady of the dynasty.’ She is ethereal, a pure goddess. 

Tilda Swinton: Tilda Swinton is the pure representation of ethereal essence— her face looks unreal and out of this world. Take any of her movies; she has always looked ethereal and angelic— rare and distant. 

She has a movie named ‘the ethereal daughter,’ what more could we ask for? Regardlessly, I believe the directors know her aura and the gentle calmness it exudes— that’s probably why Tilda Swinton has done so many mystical roles. 

Tilda Swinton in Narnia: The outfits, the hair, the subdued makeup— everything screams ‘ethereal essence.’

All the designers and artists who designed Tilda’s costume won the game in the movie. Her ethereal outfits were beyond perfect.

She was always dressed in shades of white and warm blue— the ideal combination for ethereal essence. 

Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange: The woman had no hair and still engulfed the audience with a magical aura— spiritual and forever existing. 

Elle Fanning: Elle Fanning is a beautiful example of ethereal Ingenue and gamine-style essence.

Her features and attributes blend together into harmony— probably because she is a blend of light summer and light spring.

Plus, her girlish features and playful nature also give her Ingenue+gamine style essence. 

Jun Ji-Hyun is another excellent example of ethereal, classic, and Ingenue style essence.

Bzork: Bzork is another excellent example of a combination of different essences. She falls somewhere between ethereal gamine-style essence.

Wrapping up

Ethereal essence is poetic and artistic, that’s for sure. If you think your personality fits perfectly with the description; your ethereal clothing style will accentuate it!

It’s a cherry on top if you also have some of the physical characteristics the ethereal essence embodies. 

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