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2 Nov

Deep Autumn vs Deep Winter: Differences & Similarities

Are you wondering what the difference between Deep Autumn vs Deep Winter is?

This article has all the answers!

A mildly contrasting color type that stands out with at least two vivid appearance elements is often referred to as Dark or Deep Autumn.

This type can also be called a “Sweet November” since the palette of its tones lies on the border between Autumn and Winter.

Autumn usually has “muted” warm colors, but the shades that distinguish women of the Deep Autumn subtype cannot be completely called as such.

These are very noticeable beauties; their appearance has been influenced by Winter, which means that although the colors of the Deep Autumn are rich and deep, they are brighter and cooler than the Soft Autumn tones.

Differences Between Deep Autumn Vs Deep Winter

dark autumn color palette
dark winter color palette
dark winter color palette

Belonging to late Autumn is especially difficult to determine as Winter steps in and it all gets blended.

It’s the most controversial color palette because there is no very vivid and clear transition.

This transition is so feathered that you often cannot spot clear evidence of Autumn or Winter.

As a reminder, those are both transitional color palettes jumping to one another all the time, depending on how you change through time.

deep autumn vs deep winter

If we overlay the Autumn palette with Winter, we will simultaneously see some similarities and differences.

This is because the depth of a color can make it difficult to understand and determine if an appearance expresses warmth or coolness since it’s a transitional type on the color palette chart.

By default, we determine that Deep Autumn belongs to a warm color palette and Deep Winter to a cold one.

But the main difference here is the intensity and the brightness of the color plus the undertone of the conglomerated shades.

What do I mean by that?

Deep Autumn colors are very rich, meaning that the intensity of the richness of the color is going to its highest peak. On top of that, it will have a warm dark undertone.

On the other hand, Deep Winter will have a dark but cold undertone with a higher brightness intensity, so it will lean towards the basic color.

And I will remind you that there are five basic colors: white, black, red, yellow and blue.

Deep Autumn broken down
Deep Winter broken down

Here I took one color from each color palette and broke those down into individual conglomerates.

Because we need to know where the color comes from and why it will or will not suit the personality of each seasonal color palette.

The Deep Autumn color consisted of Orange (the secondary color which was created from red and yellow on the color chart).

And as an undertone, we see the admixture of brown (brown can be created of many different colors as cold and warm, but the admixture of orange and blue has created this specific one).

We see the majority of the admixture of shades comes with a warm temperature (orange: red+ yellow and brown: orange + blue).

There we have a mutation of warm temperatures that resulted in the Deep Autumn undertone.

The same goes for the Deep Winter conglomerate of shades. We see that the undertone has been created by adding the black color.

So the difference between Deep Autumn vs Deep winter is the admixture of a brown color undertone for Autumn and a black color undertone for Winter (and black is a cold basic color).

And what about the brightness and “muted” tonality?

The contrast will play the most crucial role here. The other difference between Deep Autumn and Deep Winter is that the Autumn has a rather mildly medium contrast, and the latter will see a high contrast (this is where the brightness of the color comes in handy).

Appearance Of Deep Autumn Color Type

A woman of this color type is the owner of bright but dark hair, usually chestnut or chocolate shades.

The eyes can be deep brown, almost black, but there are also green-eyed beauties. The skin will likely have a tan, perhaps even a bronze tone.

Deep Autumn - Priyanka Chopra

Representatives of Deep Autumn will be Priyanka Chopra and Zandaya

Women-Autumns are luxurious and chic; designers love them because, for the most part, they are beautiful in their naturalness, full of femininity and charm.

Deep (it is also called “cold” or “dark”) Autumn is a little more contrasting than the other Autumn subtypes, and this is similar to Winter. But it gives out a softer, warm skin tone.

Late Autumn can have dark hair: chestnut, dark blond, chocolate, brown-black.

The eyes are rich in color, and bright (brown, green, hazel).

At the same time, there is a slightly yellowish golden hue, as if a reddish tone and fiery shades are hidden in the hair.

Deep Autumn - Zendaya

The skin is even and pleasant in color; beige, peach, ivory-beige, and freckles (if any) are warm and dark in color, not flashy.

Cold shades, absolute pallor of the skin, blue-black hair color and bluish whites of the eyes are alien to autumn.

Autumn rarely changes the hair color dramatically: a naturally beautiful and rich transition tone harmoniously sets off clean and fresh skin.

If autumn girls still decide on fashionable experiments, warm blond, chestnut, and chocolate shades with a reddish, copper or golden tint are more suitable for them.

Blue-black, ash blond, lilac and blue tones are advised to avoid; they will give ruin the harmony of the look.

Deep Autumn Color Type Wardrobe

When choosing clothes for an autumn woman’s wardrobe, prefer natural and high-quality fabrics that are beautifully draped with soft folds (silk, velvet, tweed, wool, cotton, fur, leather, etc.).

Textured materials look great and soft, with a soft (not glossy) sheen.

Autumn is close to nature, so the most organic images in folklore, ethnic and country styles are obtained from autumn women.

National motifs and patterns are appropriate on clothes and accessories of the deep autumn subtype.

Oriental style (large accessories made of gold, natural stones, wood, leather), fringe, and tassels on clothes and decoration are combined with the general style of autumn, gracefully set off.

In the wardrobe of late autumn, warm pastel shades of all colors, brown and green colors from light to rich tones, look good.

Red, yellow, and golden colors can be represented especially widely (wheat, plum, peach, red eggplant, lingonberry, sand, blackberry, salmon, terracotta, ocher gamma, burgundy, etc.).

Red, yellow, and golden colors - Priyanka Chopra

Let’s pay special attention to this copper and mustard yellow color, as this color will not suit just anybody.

If Priyanka looks stunning in this outfit, a representative of the Deep Winter will have difficulty pulling it off.

There is high intensity of the warm temperature, and it is obvious that cold seasons will not be up to the task.

It is better to bet on coral shades, avoiding cold pink tones.

Red and coral tones - Zendaya
Red and coral tones – Zendaya
Brighter autumnal tones - Zendaya
Brighter tones – Zendaya

Good combinations are obtained in green colors (emerald, spruce, marsh, khaki, olive), with yellowish shades of white (milky, cream, ivory), with gold, yellow, copper, crimson and red.

Colder shades - Zendaya
Colder shades – Zendaya

As we see, Zendaya looks absolutely gorgeous in all Autumn greens like olive green and emerald, but the colder teal green goes a little off.

Emerald and olive green - Zendaya
Emerald and olive green – Zendaya

It is obvious that she belongs to a warm season that makes her look better.

The blue color can also be present in the wardrobe of late Autumn: these are dark blue tones, milky blue, and azure with a warm tone as if muted, softened and saturated with the sun.

Milky blue and azure - Zendaya
Milky blue and azure – Zendaya

Here we can spot the big difference in how the muted, cold summer blue really made her all appearance go greyish, and it is not even remotely as good as the electric blue or the deep rich navy blue.

Dark blue tones - Priyanka Chopra
Milky blue and azure – Zendaya

Pure cold, neon pink, and purple should be left behind.

The color can overlap the natural beauty because it strikes the naked eye with its brightness.

Look how much better Priyanka looks in deep rich raspberry shades.

The whole complexion stands out, and the face becomes calmer.

deep autumn vs deep winter
Pink – Priyanka Chopra
deep autumn vs deep winter
Pink – Priyanka Chopra

Black is best replaced with rich anthracite or dark brown. In deep autumn, clear contrasts of colors are alien, but softer shades or classic combinations in warm colors go well.

To accentuate an even complexion and set off eye and hair color favorably, choose basic things in dark brown, rich greens and reddish tones or their muted variations.

deep autumn vs deep winter
Autumnal greens – Priyanka Chopra
deep autumn vs deep winter
Rich green – Priyanka Chopra
deep autumn vs deep winter
Pastel Green shades – Priyanka Chopra

And for contrast, we can see how neon colors hit the eye of the viewer and completely destroys the beauty’s image.

deep autumn vs deep winter

The same goes for cold colors like Summer with the obvious admixture of grey.

deep autumn vs deep winter
Yellow – Priyanka Chopra

The same goes for Winter-like bright colors – for Autumn women to go well with it, they need to change the skin’s temperature and even add up heavily on the makeup and maybe even intensify the hair color.

If cold colors are needed, then it is better to separate them from the face with a warm base shade.

Against such a background, it will be easier to collect the rest of the details of the image; it is advantageous to beat your merits.

deep autumn vs deep winter

To make the image whole, pay attention to accessories and jewellery.

deep autumn vs deep winter

Give up simple jewellery and inexpensive accessories; they will create dissonance with your deep, beautiful and rich color type.

deep autumn vs deep winter

Deep Winter Color Type

Nazanin Boniadi will be used as a Deep Winter example

deep autumn vs deep winter

So the winter color type is divided into cold and warm winter, deep and clean, contrasting and non-contrasting

deep autumn vs deep winter
Black and White – Nazanin Boniadi

The girl of the Deep Winter color type conquers with her appearance, playing on contrasts – it’s high.

Black and dark brown hues represent her hair, and she breathes an inner radiance with brown shades from her eyes.

The skin of deep winter is beige and bronze, and fair skin with a greyish pallet is also found.

The main advantages of this color type include its brightness and, at the same time, some softness.

This color allows you to wear what others look dull and boring.

So, the black and white color scheme is exceptionally suitable for dark winter girls, making the accents even brighter, especially if in sheer or heavy and leather-like fabrics.

deep autumn vs deep winter
deep autumn vs deep winter
deep autumn vs deep winter

And, of course, women with the color type of winter have amazing beauty. They combine the touchingness of Snow White and the stateliness of the Snow Queen, tenderness and sexuality.

The color palette for winter presents the coldest and clearest shades from various tones.

So, white here represents snow with a bluish tint, and black reveals its depth precisely on winter girls.

In addition, these basic and ideal tones for winter are perfectly combined with others.

For example, pink in all cold manifestations is suitable for this appearance.

deep autumn vs deep winter

My favourite one is the bright hot pink one – just what a Winter woman needs (unlike Autumn, which needs to stir away from such colors).

deep autumn vs deep winter

The cold Summer tones go well with her cold and bright undertone, but the warm pink is really calming her down (in my opinion, absolutely unnecessary).

deep autumn vs deep winter

Do not bypass the lilac and purple tones. These colors are mysterious and cold, like the winter girl herself.

White color can also be present in the wardrobe of the color type. Shades should be bright and clear.

deep autumn vs deep winter
deep autumn vs deep winter

See the difference between the bright white and yellow between the grey shade.

deep autumn vs deep winter

It’s a colossal difference in how we are going to precept the person. The grey color does absolutely nothing to her appearance.

So, the blue color is perfect for girls, especially if it reveals itself in deep and rich tones of ultramarine, indigo and pervanche.

deep autumn vs deep winter
Blue shades – Nazanin Boniadi

Be careful with brown Autumn colors. Only cold and very dark shades can make the right accents, while light ones will give the skin a painful look.

However, we see that the admixture of the warm Autumn palette brings an undesirable effect on her skin.

deep autumn vs deep winter

Deep winter loves rigour in lines and cuts. Bright representatives of the color type are absolutely contraindicated in naive and slightly childish dresses, which evoke thoughts of romance in many.

No, this choice is not for the Snow Queens. A business suit, sheath dresses and other models with clear lines – this is the secret of a winter seductress.

At first glance, dull clothes turn winter into the embodiment of nobility and sophistication.

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