Soft Autumn Vs Soft Summer: Differences And Similarities
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19 Oct

Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer: Differences And Similarities

Are you wondering what the difference is between Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer?

This article has all the answers!

Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer? Surely you have heard that all people are divided into four main color types.

However, there are also types and subtypes that do not have a deep rich description while having a much wider spectrum of color definition.

Similarities of Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer

Soft Autumn and Soft Summer types are both transitional types, and not only that but also they are seasonal and factual “neighbours.”

soft autumn color palette
soft autumn color palette
soft autumn color palette
soft autumn color palette
soft summer color palette
soft summer color palette
soft summer color palette
soft summer color palette

The owners of which will jump from one color palette to another one just by virtue of being “in transition.”

The skin undertone in both seasons will be very similar or even the same, and it will be warm and cold at the same time.

And the contrast will jump from low to medium at most.

This is what we call a “neutral” skin tone that will lean towards warm if Autumn and cold if Summer, and sometimes being right in the middle if you tend to jump quite often.

This is especially helpful for people who cannot find their seasonal type, and both gold and silver shades fit them well.

If you are an “in transition” type, you will even use both cold and warm colors for your wardrobe and not only jewellery.

And not only that, but this type can also wear color conglomeration of cold + warm at the same time.

For example, blue (cold) and red (warm); yellow (warm) and blue (cold).

Differences Between Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer

I have to specify the three types of the official Summer vs Autumn transition. There is Soft Summer type – “In transition” type – Soft Autumn type (three types).

An “in transition” by itself can be a separate type as well, and it will be recognized in Kate Middleton’s example.

soft autumn vs soft summer

Let’s distinguish the differences between the actual type of Soft Autumn and Soft Summer.

I took the actual palettes from these seasons and picked one color that has been broken down into a specific conglomeration they consist of.

We all have heard that Soft Autumn and Soft Summer palettes are “muted down,” but many people still find it difficult to understand why that happens.

So, as you see in the example, Soft Autumn’s color has been created with an addition of brown (which is warm by default), and if you add brown to any basic color, it will enhance the rich and deep warmth of the shade.

Here we obviously receive a warm undertone predomination.

While Soft Summer color has been created by the addition of black and white color (cold by default), here in this conglomeration, we have added yellow (warm) + black (cold) + white (cold).

This is how we received the milky ashy shade.

Thus, this whole composition of color was created by simultaneously adding warm and cold colors, still resulting in a predomination of a cold undertone.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer

So we have Soft Autumn – warm undertone and a Soft Summer cold undertone. And if we combine them both in a third type of “in transition” from summer to Autumn, we can use both palettes at the same time and even more.

We will also use contradictory colors of high contrast just because Soft Summer gave us “permission” by default (because it consists of high contrasting colors of its conglomerate).

So, you might have a cold undertone, and your eyes can be ashy blue, and you will still be allowed to we highly contrasting color like electric blue, scarlet red, orange, bright yellow, etc.

Soft Autumn Appearance

Take, for example, Soft Autumn, which is a warm type by default. Such features characterize such a woman as blue-grey, grey-green, smoky, light brown and turquoise eyes.

The hair color of the Soft Autumn color type can also have different colors – this is light blond, faded blond, and ash chestnut.

Women with this appearance are considered very gentle and romantic persons. Facial features take on soft lines due to warm hues.

soft autumn vs soft summer

We are going to discuss Soft Autumn of the example of Kate Moss.

Soft Autumn Wardrobe

The main feature of this color is the presence of autumn colors with a slight influence on summer.

Therefore, the clothing color scheme should range from warmer to slightly cooler shades.

For example, olive, salmon and mahogany are considered ideal for this type.

You should also pay attention to such colors as brown, light yellow, pale blue, khaki, yellow-green, and pink-beige, but you can also experiment with fuchsia and bright turquoise.

Some of the cooler colors will only be good if the tan is present on the skin.

soft autumn vs soft summer

Here we can spot low to rather medium natural skin contrast.

However, when choosing clothes, you should not focus only on the colors from the actual palette.

Since each person is an individual, you can check whether the chosen shade suits you by applying it to your face.

If the skin is shining, this thing is yours, but if the image begins to fade, it is better to choose something else – maybe that’s not your palette, after all.

Well, a skillful combination of colors will only emphasize your originality and irresistibility.

Soft and muted tones should dominate the appearance without soft transitions and contrasts.

For the base, it is better to prefer warm and natural shades.

It is also worth remembering that the black color for soft Autumn is heavy, so it is undesirable to use it in makeup or portrait zone.

It is better to replace the harsh color with a different shade, for example, grey.

As for the shadows, in this case, it is worth excluding white, replacing it with sand, caramel, mocha, grey-blue and light brown – especially when the skin is tanned.

Black can still work well, but if you pay attention to how Kate Moss is wearing it – it’s rather far from the face, and she has jewellery that will enhance the overall image.

The lipstick she chose is in an Autumn color palette – so besides that black dress, there is no harsh contrast near the portrait zone.

soft autumn vs soft summer

Lipstick, like everything else, should also be chosen in a range of warm shades.

Bright colors should be avoided; for example, it is better to replace bright red with something close to a soft orange.

Soft shades of caramel, light pink, copper, light brown, and various lip glosses in neutral tones are also welcome.

soft autumn vs soft summer

Speaking of black color or any harsh contrasting shades, the fabrics’ structure also has nuances here.

It always looks better if the chosen color is of shiny reflective structure – sequence or silk, for example.

You can work around it if it has any reflection near the face, and it will not drag you down like any other blunt matte material.

  • Blue color

As you see, all muted shades should work well with the Autumn type, including deep navy blue.

However, the fabrics’ structure plays a very important role here.

If your appearance is as delicate as Kate’s, something like velour will look too heavy for you.

You might have your color chosen right, but the fabrics might be something to reconsider, for example, for lighter materials like silk.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
  • Pink color

In the left example, we see the Summer type of colors. This summer, pink will look a little off if she has completely white skin in the pink blouse.

You will have to be tanned in order for this summer cold color to cool you down and appear great for Autumn.

In the example to the right, we see Autumn pink and even hot pink enhancing her complexion.

A spot-on for her warm undertone.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
  • Yellow color

On the left example, we see Summer yellow. Why is it good? Because there is tan present on her skin.

On the right, we see Autumn yellow – no need to alter the skin tone whatsoever.

  • Grey color

Normally, grey is one of the basic colors. For her, it’s good, but there is nothing special for her with this color; it just blends in well with her skin tone.

It’s a great idea to break this color with the addition of the other shade to enhance all the assets.

That could be a sheer color reflection blouse, a necklace, or lipstick.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer

Soft Summer Appearance And the “In Transition” Type

The Soft Summer color type is a soft coloring of appearance with neutral shades.

The shades of the appearance of people with the soft summer color type are not as obviously cold as those of the “real” summer, and they are more neutral but still cool, not warm.

Soft summer is a transitional color type between summer and Autumn.

What colors can be called neutral: grey-brown, beige-pink and so on. The leading feature is soft—additional – cold.

Note! The difference from the Soft Summer color type: the leading characteristic there is cold.

Clearly, very cold shades (like winter) do not suit soft summer; they need added colors with a little dissolvent.

Skin tone: pink-beige undertones, always cool, light skin, often pale.

Eye color: soft dusty colors with an admixture of grey. Gray-blue, grey-green, grey.

Associations: natural, feminine, transparent, tender.

soft autumn vs soft summer

I am going to discuss Soft Summer in the example of Bella Hadid.

Color Features: Summer colors with a slight fall influence.

Neutral colors with a predominance of cold: the range of colors suitable is from warmer to cooler, but never completely warm or cold.

Do not get confused – soft coloring does not mean at all that you need to turn yourself into a mouse or dust.

It is important to learn how to choose a color so that it does not “eat” you with its brightness but rather makes your face brighter.

For the soft summer color type, using bright colors means “eating” your delicate face visually. In appearance, people of mild summer are dominated by muted and cold tones.

Therefore, you need to use a muted range when creating an image.

Muted colors for Soft Summer

soft autumn vs soft summer

I love to see Bella in grey outfits; that color really works well with her and makes her look chances with or without makeup.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer

What we don’t want to see on her is warmer shades like this golden shade – I wish she were in silver.

And on the example of neon yellow – the whole idea of her “frozen” lady is distorted by that shade only.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer

Here you can see how color can make a difference and elevate your look or put it down.

soft autumn vs soft summer
  • Blue Color
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer

The Soft Summer in its best cold undertones.

In transition type between Soft Summer And Soft Autumn

I will discuss Kate Middleton as an “In transition” type.

Even though some resources claim that she is a Summer type because of her seemingly cold undertone, pink blush and ashy blue eyes, I would still argue with that.

She is a mixed type separate type with a clear tendency of low and high contrast and the possibility to wear warm, cold and highly contrasting colors in her wardrobe.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer

We can see that she is definitely not the type of person whose features blend in together.

soft autumn vs soft summer

The paradox of her type will be the possibility to use colors from the neighbouring Soft Autumn and Soft Summer color palettes and contradicting high contrasts.

Because we have the composition of warm and cold colors and undertones all together in one.

If we mix Soft Autumn (warm) and Soft Summer (cold) there, we will see a third type that has appeared.

That is very helpful for those struggling to find their type because that has it all: the tan during summer, white porcelain skin during winter, warm and cold undertone changing all year and even some redness appearing occasionally.

I would even specify that Kate is Autumn In Transition because she leans towards warmer shades that work well for her.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
  • Blue color

Most of the blue colors suit her, from Summer to Winter blue shades.

Look at that electric blue that enhances her complexion to the other level.

If Summer blue calms her down and even makes her look more grey, then the Autumn and Winter blue shades with deeper saturation really make a huge difference.

soft autumn vs soft summer

Once again, Summer Light blue is actually a color to consider for the summer tan. Her whole complexion got lost a little.

We cannot see that beautiful delicate contrast that she owns, and her features definitely don’t stand out.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer

The same goes for Summer Light yellow. It’s a very delicate color that requires more color-saturated skin – otherwise, the skin’s whiteness will be emphasized, not in the best light.

On the other hand, look how gorgeous she looks in a golden yellow dress.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer

Winter Bright Yellow provides enough contrast and brightness to her beauty.

She looks stunning in that dress – this is when warm and cold colors blend in in your appearance.

soft autumn vs soft summer

Take a look at the beautiful Autumn burgundy, the deep raspberry red and even sheer fuchsia.

That’s a stunning combination for her. And check out the dusty blue for the comparison.

It definitely brings the greyness to the face, and suddenly, you don’t notice anything standing out.

soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft autumn vs soft summer
soft Autumn vs soft summer
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