True Autumn Vs True Spring: Differences And Similarities
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7 Oct

True Autumn vs True Spring: Can Spring Wear Autumn & Vice Versa

Are you wondering what the differences & similarities between True Autumn vs True Spring are?

This article has all the answers!

True Autumn vs True Spring? The autumn color palette type, like spring, refers to a warm color undertone. However, these two seasonal color palettes are completely different.

I am going to discuss this topic on the examples of Evangeline Lily and Rachel Lefevre as True Autumns and Léa Seydoux and Amy Adams as True Springs.

True Autumn Color Palette

If we talk about skin tone (and the skin tone is the basis of the color), then, as a rule, in the Autumn color type it is either a light pale shade, a golden hue of champagne, or a golden beige or peach hue tones.

It’s been stated that this skin generally does not tan well, and it doesn’t have a blush. If there are freckles, they are red or brown.

I cannot completely agree with that, there are definitely types that have it all the freckles and the tan while being almost translucent during winter.

Note: Not all autumn girls and women tan badly. This rule, like any other, has its exceptions.

And yet, light fair skin in the Autumn type is very common.

  • True Autumn Hair Color

Normally, the autumn natural shade of hair is much more intense and brighter than in spring. These are rich red shades, golden red, and sometimes quite dark, for example, chestnut brown. And a lot of similar sades we are also going to find in Spring type as well.

Also, the hair of representatives of the autumn color type may not be bright red, but even reddish-blond.

As for the color of the eyes, a rather large variety is acceptable for autumn:

  • amber;
  • all shades of brown, from hazel to dark brown;
  • bright turquoise or turquoise blue;
  • green, yellowish-green tint

Autumn girls always make a very bright impression. They have a lot of yellow or yellow-red pigment in their hair, much more than grey-brown.

If they are compared with the spring color type, then the spring color type has a more transparent, lighter shade of hair. Autumn women have hair of deeper, richer, more intense shades.

Julia Roberts is probably the most famous autumn girl who topped the list of the most beautiful women in the world!

This is a variant of autumn in which the skin has a warm peach undertone.

Autumn has fairly light eyebrows and eyelashes and lighter hair color. But these are only the most common options that are not an indisputable sign of the autumn color type.

Another example of the luxurious brightness of the autumn color type: is light skin, brown eyes, and bright red hair.

The autumn color type is distinguished from the spring color type by thicker-looking skin. Just as winter has denser skin than summer, so autumn has thicker-looking skin than spring.

A characteristic feature of the autumn color type, in addition to skin tone, is a warm shade of hair.

I would specify the True Autumn into two subcategories:

  • Natural Autumn

They speak of natural coloring in cases where there are no special contrasts in a person’s appearance: eyes, skin, hair – nothing stands out sharply.

Here you can see with the example of Evangeline Lilly that all her features blend in smoothly without a sharp or striking stress on some individual zone.

The contrast is medium, and the eye color is green but not bright and makes a holistic composition with the color of the skin and freckles. That type will even tan well without changing the seasonal color palette.

  • Bright Autumn

Representatives of bright colors usually have one of their features stand out and in this example of Rachel Lefevre, you can clearly see the bright blue eyes.

True Spring Color Type

Spring women have fair skin but with warm, radiant undertones. These are mainly peach or honey shades, but there might look cold, almost translucent tones.

Even if the skin is too light, in general, the image does not look cold due to other features of the appearance of the Spring color type.

Hair color – light blond, warm shades of blond and extremely rarely dark shades. The owners of light brown hair have strands of honey, golden, reddish and wheaten tones.

Eye colors of the Spring color type can be grey, green, sky blue, grey-green, light brown or hazel. In general, the shades of the eyes of the Spring color type are always from a light palette.

On this type’s face, there are often freckles of brown tones.

Another characteristic of the Spring color type is a delicate pinkish blush on the cheeks and natural soft pink lips.

I would specify True Spring Color PaletteInto two subcategories:

  • The Natural Spring color type is characterized by low contrast and warm shades of appearance. It is often confused with Winter since there are common notes in the coloring like very fair skin.

A distinctive feature of a particular type is light eyes. They are light green, grey, blue, grey-blue.

The skin is usually light, clean and even, but with a gentle blush. There are no freckles and pigmentation on the face.

The hair color of the subtype is often light, golden, and wheaten. Even if the curls are colder (for example, light blond), there will be warm honey highlights in the sun.

Here is this example you can see a very low natural contrast, and in the picture with the black dress, you see that it’s the outfit that makes the difference, not the features of Léa.

  • The Pure Spring type is characterized by fewer contrasting shades than the colors for the Bright Spring color type and it’s often confused with Autumn type.

Appearance is bright and refined but by no means faded. Sunlight reflections of wheat, honey and light brown hair give the image softness and expressiveness.

In the Pure Spring color type, blue and grey eyes with a warm glow are most common. Sometimes there are amber, green and brown pupils. The skin, though light, but with a golden-beige undertone.

True Autumn vs True Spring Colors

Colors that are perfect for autumn and spring are warm; however, for autumn, they will be earthy, deep, and rich but not too bright.

The most suitable definitions for them are: deep, saturated, warm, autumnal, bright, sunny, and dense.

These are really warm colors, but they are not overly bright. They produce a luminous impression due to the presence of red and yellow in them.

  • Red color for autumn and spring color types

Red shades for the autumn color type are deeper, heavier and somewhat “earthier” than spring ones. They are warm, earthy, deep, and rich, but not too bright.

These are tomato red, orange-red, copper red, and rusty brick red. That is, it is red with the addition of yellow, but darker and deeper than spring. Such shades resemble an autumn forest, with its ocher and burgundy colors.

These are the colors of the autumn color type. Despite the fact that they are quite deep, rich and soft, they make a very vivid impression.

This autumn red play well with both actresses and that is exactly what an Autumn red is. It blends well with the subtle greyish and warm features.

Here for contrast what kind of red should be avoided? The color that creates too much contrast hence ruins the wholistic composition of the Autumn.

It’s rather a winter red of the left side, which is definitely too bright and even with red hair – the brightness of it goes beyond the skin brightness levels.

And again, we can see the Autumn copper red – is a beautiful Autumn color palette that compliments her natural features of Rachel and bright winter pink completely overlaps her natural assets.

  • Blue color for autumn and spring color types

Blue is initially a cold color, and there are not so many warm shades of it. Warmth is added due to the yellow presence in it.

Blue for autumn is the color of the sea wave, moray. That is all darkened versions of turquoise. Unlike the summer blue palette, in which the shades are greyish, the autumn palette glows with the addition of yellow. We can also add teal and my favourite – electric blue (which is created with purple and blue colors).

And there you have a visual difference – the dark navy blue “eats” her up a little, but bright teal shades – plays a perfect but not too-bright composition. Navy blue is still not a bad color ( but in this case I’d say: “Pay attention to the textures of the fabrics – it’s a great choice if it’s silky, shiny, lushy-looking surfaces).

For Springs it’s always a risky choice.

As we see on the example of Léa the bright blue looks as quite a harsh color for such a delicacy of the face that she has. If she wants to use such a contrast -she will always have to add bright complimentary makeup to match the contrast.

However, if she is tired on that day, that will immediately show (just like with black or any other dark and contrasting colors).

I’d say she still looks good with teal-blue as she has her hair color darkened as well. However, I’d rather see her in Light True Spring colors.

Here is a better version of the blue color for her; even though the Blue on the right is a Summer colour shade, she can still pull this off. But obviously, the winner is – the Spring blue color on the left.

Here you can see how to wear the color that doesn’t really fit you 100%. On the right, you see her beating almost “choked” with the heaviness of the blue color.

What do we do here instead?

We keep it away from the portrait zone! You are still welcome to use it in the lower body part (for example, pants or skirt, accessories).

Amy Adams – a very interesting yet very different example. Her features are not as subtle as Léa’s and her hair color is much deeper – it’s very confusing with Autumn.

And using Autumn colors for her would sometimes be even advisable – she on the verge of jumping int another color palette.

Her example will be much richer as she will have this stretch for choosing blue colors from various palettes. The electric blue – creates a magnificent contrast for her!

  • Green color for autumn and spring color types

When choosing green shades for the autumn color type, you need to visually recall the autumn forest – its warm mossy-olive green shades with the addition of yellow: swamp shades, khaki, warm variants of coniferous shades, the color of green peas.

All of them effectively emphasize the warmth of the features.

LIke here – an absolute Autumn type in her own green zone.

Teal-green, dark khaki green – all are amalgams of Autumn!

Spring at, on the other hand, will shine in her own color palette with the verde pomme shades.

Here we can see Adams in darker Autumn colors – obviously they don’t really suit her because she is a Spring after all.

However, the texture of the fabrics makes the whole difference here. She is only able to wear the dark Teal because of the shiny surfaces.

Otherwise, if the color is as blunt as the Green dark forest green – it will overlap her beauty. The color will be too stong for her.

And when we look at another redhead that can wear the dark Autumn colors and verde pomme green at the same time. However, we can spot that darker green fits her like a glow.

Neutral Shades For Autumn And Spring Color Types

As for the beige and brown neutral shades of the autumn range, in contrast to the spring options with a slight yellow tint, the presence of red and orange is pronounced.

For representatives of the autumn color type, brown-beige and golden-beige shades, cinnamon, rusty or red-brown, as well as copper shades, are suitable.

Grey is not the best choice for warm colors. It is acceptable only if it is present in appearance, that is, for women with grey eyes.

In all other cases, grey can be used in shoes and accessories, but only in warm variations. Cold shades of grey, even in this form, are taboo for spring and autumn.

For autumn, variations on the theme of creamy shades, ivory and champagne, all shell shades, brown and golden beige, camel shade, cinnamon color, cognac color, rusty brown, reddish brown, brick brown, copper, etc.

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