Kibbe Romantic Summer Outfits |  A Complete Style Guide
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5 Jun

Kibbe Romantic Summer Outfits |  A Complete Style Guide

This article is all about Summer Wardrobe For Kibbe Romantic Body Type

With summers finally clearing the winter fog; it’s now time to accommodate & highlight your body type/personalized style without having to hide under warm layers of winter essentials. 


The summer season is essentially good news for kibbe romantic body types with their soft silhouette, curvy figure, and small stature. 

Summer is your season! 

Layers and winter outfits aren’t your best forte because they hide your features and characteristics.

You are all about body hugging and body flattering clothes that highlight and quite frankly glorify your curves. 

Remember, you are an enchantress, a seductress, and a powerful lady. Sultry and seductive are the two famous adjectives for you.

And before you forget, it’s not always about what you wear on the outside, these traits are just as equally intrinsic as they are extrinsic. 

So source that aura from within, carry it in your eyes, in your walk, and in your existence. Meanwhile, I’ll help you express that on the outside.

Because fellas, style is BIG SELF-EXPRESSION. 

It’s not just seduction that you can portray with your body type, as is often assumed.

You can route towards modesty, casual, chic, and sometimes cute as well! It’s quite possible when you know how to dress without damaging your body lines. 

How to do that this summer season?

Below is the complete Summer style guide for Kibbe Romantics! 

Summer & Winter Fashion Transition

Winters came and went with a massive obsession for layers in the fashion world, you could legit see everyone layering to the point of no return. 

Now that summer has finally hit the weather and the heat is hot enough for a change of wardrobe, individuals have gone clueless.

They don’t know how to come out of those layers. 

Creating a style statement out of our winter wear is one thing but to submit only to layers without any individuality is tremendous damage. Now, that’s criminal!

This always reminds me of how “style” and “fashion trends” are two different aspects.

Following the trends is fun but losing your personalized style/personality while doing so will steal the uniqueness you carry.

So follow trends but don’t ever stop finding your own style. 

The same goes for kibbe body types. You just simply need to follow the lines David Kibbe outlines, not all fashion suggestions he has to impart. 

Is Kibbe romantic all about dresses and sensuality? No! You can create any divergence in your style and it will still look gorgeous on you as long as you follow the baseline of your silhouette. 

So, it does not just dress that you can wear as a kibbe romantic this summer. There is so much more waiting for your wardrobe. 

Let’s get out of those layers and “styling” rules!

Kibbe Romantic Body Type Geometry

Your body is sensual, and your lines are soft. There is no sharp attribute to your figure or features; it’s gorgeous and rounded glory. 

  • Rounded glory: People often desire a body that’s lithe, but also heavily curvaceous which is a ludicrous desire. If you are kibbe romantic, your frame will have a soft and visible wrap of flesh all over your body, i.e., the roundness will always be visible whether it’s your legs, hands, thighs (specifically), torso, shoulders, or even nose.
  • You accommodate a double curve: Defined and visible breasts and hips. Compared to the curves, your waist is not as fleshy, but keep in mind it’s not too narrow/lithe/toned either! Your torso is broad, thus accommodating a bigger waist. This is also the reason you don’t fall under petit despite the short height. 
  • Short Height: Kibbe romantics are taller than the Gamine family, but shorter than the rest of the kibbe types, even theatrical romantics. Their height is usually 5”5 or under. 
  • Waist Definition: This needs to be highlighted separately because although kibbe romantics are broad; their breasts, waist, and hips ratio make their waist dip visible. 
  • Features: Your features have the same characteristics: Sensual, fleshy, and lush. Everything about you is lush. You have a round face with plump cheeks. Your eyes are big but also droopy in a seductive manner. You have full lush lips and a rounded tip nose. 

Kibbe Romantic Summer Outfits | A Complete Style Guide! 

From dresses to casuals, here’s everything you can wear this summer!

Remember, you can be as extra and as subtle as you’d like to be, there are no rules! 

image 1

Kibbe Romantic Dresses

Bodycon dresses are your forte! They can never go wrong. If you are ever in a hurry, just throw a dress over yourself and it will win the night over. 

Of course, your dresses need to meet a few checkpoints: 

  • It should emphasize your curves. If you want the dress to flow from the hem, simply choose one that wraps your hips and then falls freely thereafter. Don’t choose a dress that falls freely from your waist.
  • The fabric is one of the crucial elements of your dress: You want a fabric that is fluid, flowy, and creates a soft image. Fabrics such as satin, georgette, chiffon, jersey (soft and stretchy), etc., work like a charm for your silhouette. Stiff fabrics can work with draping and webbing. 
  • After fabrics, the neckline is another crucial detail you don’t want to miss: Emphasize your cleavage and let the lines be rounded and soft. 

For instance, a U-neck would always be a better choice than a V-neck or square neck. When choosing v or square neck, let there be a subtle roundness at the edges or arcs instead of straight lines. (More on necklines ahead in the article)

  • Let the details be lush: Bring in ruffles, frills, jewels, and glamor to the dress. This can be added to the neckline, bodice, and hem of the dresses. 

Plain dresses Vs. Grandeur: While lush and grandeur are a requirement, they are not reasonable choices in our day-to-day lives. 

image 2

Plain and simple can also work for your body type as long as you carry the grandeur in your eyes.

You can also highlight it with your fabric choice, makeup, hairstyle,  jewelry, accessories, heels, and bags. 

For instance, a simple slip satin dress can dazzle the night as long as you choose grandeur details. 

  • Jewelries adorning your neck, fingers, wrists, and ears. 
  • Accessories like a veiled hat or wide-brim sun hat with polished heels. 
  • Lace details! 
  • Lush makeup: Bold eyes and lush glossy dark lips.
  • Hairstyle: Long waves or curls. Shine is a must! Let it sparkle. 

Dresses for summer: Plain colors for the summer seasons are quite boring if you ask me! 

Small details in the print/fabric would brighten up the whole vibe. Of course, this doesn’t mean you only wear sundresses. But choose colors other than black. Lush colors from your color palette. 

Summer Fabrics

  • Chiffon/Georgette: Georgette is not a stretchable fabric but it works like a miracle for your body type. A little draping creates beautiful folds to your outfit further adding roundness. Plus, georgette is perfect for summer, especially if you get them in gorgeous/vintage print.
  • Satin: Satin is another fabric that doesn’t hug your body, but it’s still a better choice for its quality, visuals, and drape. Satin falls on your body, outlining it seductively. It also has a rich (grandeur) appearance further enhancing your overall aura. 
  • Silk: Rich, beautiful prints, and luscious!
  • Lace: Lace is romantic and perfect for the summer season. It has see-through tendencies that somehow fit the season in the most delicate manner. 

Kibbe Romantic Tops

Dresses aren’t your only option as a Kibbe romantic as is mostly assumed. Adding tops to your wardrobe allows many style options, especially for the summer season. 

image 3

You can style them with long skirts, short skirts, casual shorts, pants, and denims.

After floral dresses with frills, skirts with ruffles and frills paired with equally gorgeous tops in the warm season. 

When choosing a top, your length selection should be cropped or one that reaches your waist.

When choosing a top longer than that, tucking it in your bottom will emphasize your waist. 

Waist emphasis will compliment your body type and curves. But length is secondary, your top priority should be choosing the right fabric and neckline. 

Romantic necklines

A neckline can make or break your wardrobe. A bodycon high neck can work during winters.

But for summers, you want to choose something bolder, fruity, and playful. 

For instance, a sweetheart neckline will always be the right choice!

A sweetheart neckline paired with ruffle/frill sleeves will be the cherry on top. You can also go with straps that tie at your shoulders with a bow. 

After sweetheart neckline, here are all the many necklines that will compliment your body type:

  • Off-shoulder: Off-shoulder with draping details is more than welcome. 
  • Curved V: You don’t want a chiseled or sharp v-neckline. Instead, the v should be curved and softened. 
  • Plunging necklines with a necktie call for extravagance. 
  • Broad U-neckline with straps that tie at your neck. 
  • When going with a straight strapless neckline, invite ruffles and frills. 
  • Illusion 
  • Spaghetti straps 
  • Queen Anne

The summer magic mostly lies in your fabric and print choices. Instead of choosing plain fabrics for the season, go with prints and patterns.

They just look ethereal under the sunshine. 

Romantic sleeves

All sleeve lengths are welcome, but you need to take a creative leap here. Instead of choosing simple plain sleeves, you can play with many styles as a Kibbe Romantic

And before we get into the sleeve details, strapless works for you at any given time as well. 

  • Spaghetti straps: Choose straps that you can tie at your shoulders for a summer fling. 
  • Fallen short sleeves with draping (2 inches in size): They look absolutely stunning! You can also match a similar patterned bow to your hairstyle to complete the look. 
  • Balloon sleeves of all lengths, especially in printed georgette. You can also go off-shoulder with balloon sleeves. 
  • Off-shoulder full sleeves add a playful flutter to your attire. 
  • Bishop sleeves
  • Bell sleeves
  • Butterfly sleeves
  • Angel and kimono sleeves 

Shirts & T-shirts

You can also choose tops that end below your breasts as long as you pair them with a high waist bottom. 

As long as you keep the length and neckline in check, any kind of blouse works for you!

T-shirts and shirts aren’t your best choices! But if you do want to choose them, keep them body-fit and short. 

image 4

When wearing shirts, don’t forget to tuck them in! It’s even better if you keep the shirt unbuttoned and layer it over a bralette than weaning it alone. 

Because shirts aren’t our most flattering fit, choosing the right fabric will be a game changer for your wardrobe.

A plain shirt will not work in your favor, but a floral-printed shirt with soft and silky fabric will save the day at the office! 

Romantic Bottoms

We already know high-waisted bottoms, whether it’s your skirt, pants, jeans, or shorts, will forever be top-tier.

But that’s not the only element you should take notice of when choosing bottoms. 

Every article on your body should have a romantic element. 

For example: Simply choosing a skirt won’t do it! It should hug your hips and upper thighs. The fabric should be soft and regal, like chiffon or georgette. Asymmetry works as long as the different lengths are adorned with ruffles and frills. 

The fabric shouldn’t fall stiff on your legs. It should either wrap your legs closely or be fluid with the wind; but never STIFF! 

Draping details, ruffles, frills, ties, and belts are additional romantic elements that you should absolutely add to your outfit. 

¾ Romantic Skirts

¾ skirts will forever remain an OG! The varieties are infinite. Plus, the way they flutter is perfect for the summer season. 

You can choose a bodycon high waist skirt for your body type.

But for summer, I highly recommend skirts with a little flow and fluidity. Of course, the skirt should wrap your hips before it starts to flutter. 

Here’s an example: A simple jersey (stretchable fabric) would look basic for the summer season.

Instead, a skirt made of georgette, satin, and chiffon draped at your hips will add softness to your silhouette, but at the same time, flutter to your legs. 

It’s the combination of subtle wrap and fluidity that wins the cake. Plus, printed fabrics are more summer-type than plain jerseys. 

Why satin? a ¾ satin skirt will outline your hips but have a flowy appearance down your legs creating a soft buttery image for your body. 

Asymmetry works for you, but it should be adorned with curvy cuts instead of straight cutouts to compliment your body type.

The asymmetrical curves can also be adorned with ruffles and frills at the hem. 

Don’t forget to choose slits, cuts, lace details, and curved asymmetrical details. 

image 5

Short skirts

The same goes for skirts. Choose high-waist skirts that highlight your hips. It can be bodycon, pleated, or frilly.

For high waist mini skirts, a body wrap isn’t needed because the short length will justify your body curves. So, bodycon or not, both work great for your body type. 

With short skirts, you can create a chic look for yourself and that’s a great variation in your otherwise sultry wardrobe. 

Short pants

On a casual sunny day, Kibbe romantic can very easily rock short pants. Get high waisted short pants to highlight the hourglass figure. You can choose any fabric whether denim or other thicker material. 

image 6


As I said, you can very easily rock casuals. Pairing pretty blouses with denim and casual trousers is a much desirable combination, but t-shirts and shirts work, too.

Don’t forget to choose the T-shirts that I have recommended above. They should be body-fit. 

When it comes to shirts with collars, tie the hem at your waist instead of choosing to tuck them inside your high-waist bottoms. 

Choose high-waisted jeans that wrap your hips and then run down your legs freely. 

  • They can be straight 
  • Bootcut
  • Flared 
  • Distressed
  • Skinny 

It’s even better when you choose denim jeans with pretty details like laces and embroidery. 

For summers, laces and embroidery should be a choice! 


Tailored pants also work for your body type. The fabric should be stretchable instead of thick and rigid though.

Again, high-waisted with thick (2-3” attached belts). Straight pants are better when it comes to attending offices instead of narrow or skinny pants. 

Can Kibbe Romantic Rock Office Outfits?

Yes, choosing formal outfits may not be the best choice out there for Kibbe romantics, but they do complement your lines.

A short formal top paired with high-waisted formal pants will never defy your silhouette. 

The neckline doesn’t have to be plunging but it shouldn’t constrict your neck either. High neck and turtleneck work but don’t go with boat necks.

Choose broader necklines and collars for your office wear. 

At the same time, you have bodycon ¾ skirts that bode well with your body type and also office rules.

I’ll ask you to avoid knee-length skirts because they morph the hourglass figure, and not in a good way! 

Full-tailored body suits also work as long as the fabric is stretchy and wraps over your flesh nicely. It shouldn’t have straight lines and seams. 

When wearing blazers, keep them untucked or strapped with a nice belt! 

Romantic Makeup This Summer Season

Summer makeup shifts towards subtly more than bold makeup looks. Does it work for your romantic features?

Yes! It does. Subtle makeup can be done with a bold retake. That includes colorful eye shadows, winged liners, and glossy lips. 

Does that mean you should only force yourself to do subtle makeup? No! You can be as bold with your makeup choices as you’d like.

Bring glitter, loud shades of lipstick, gloss, shine, and lashes. 

Don’t forget, trends are going to come and go, but red lips will never FAIL you! 

Romantic hairstyle This Summer Season

Romantic hairstyles should be lush, curly, wavy, and untamed. For summers, a scarf hair tie would take your beauty to the next level.

Scarf hair ties have a very romantic appearance to their existence. So, adorning your curls with it will be simply the cherry on top. 

Other hairstyles include:

  • Loose low bun: I would say you choose to keep your hair curly or wavy for any hairstyle. 
  • Straight hair takes the softness away from you. If you have straight hair, a sleek and gelled bun will bring your essence back because that hairstyle is glamorous. 

If you want to keep your naturally straight hair open, a U-cut to your hairstyle will gain the soft lines back!

kibbe romantic summer outfits
kibbe romantic summer outfits
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