Soft Gamine Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style
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14 Dec

Soft Gamine Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style

Are you wondering how Kibbe Soft Gamine Body Type Looks and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

The type is located in the centre next to the Pure Gamine type with an on the Yin-Yang scale shift towards Yin. Like the entire Gamine family, Yin and Yang are eclectically combined. For example, there may be large, rounded eyes and a pointed chin. And also, additional Yin appears in rounded, soft body shapes.

soft gamine

Kibbe called this type “explosive chic”.

The Soft Gamine type can be described primarily as a romantic Gamine. A woman of this type is Gamine, and the romantic trend is an addition, not the main factor. A stormy set of female and male elements affects the general countenance with a partial advantage.

Height diminutive, up to 170 cm. Soft Gamine is one of the most petite types in the Kibbe system.

Bone structure is generally delicate. But some broad bone may appear. So the shoulders can be vast and angular.

The palms and feet are small but broad and robust while remaining small. Extremities: Legs and arms are often short.

Charcoal lines may appear on the face. The chin, nose, cheekbones may be pointed. But at the same time, the general impression of a doll-like cuteness of the face is preserved.

The eyes are often large and rounded; the cheeks are round and soft; the lips are medium to full.

The structure of the body is soft, with curves. The chest and hips are pronounced, the waist is naturally marked. Often curvy arms at the top and thighs.

As you gain weight, Soft Gamine becomes very round. The extra pounds appear in the chest and the upper arms and legs. The waist is preserved, although it becomes less pronounced.

Figure shape, features, wardrobe

Women of short stature predominate in the Soft Gamine type, although the established limit is almost 170cm. And if a higher height is also associated with excess weight, it is difficult to talk about a small woman.

The cosmetic features remain the same, but the sizes are completely different. Soft Gamine will look very different with a height of 155 cm and a weight of 50 kg than with a height of 170 cm and 70 kg. This will naturally lead to a slightly different choice of clothing or accessories.

However, regardless of height or weight, the cosmetic characteristics of all Soft Gamines remain similar. And the main key to deciphering this type is the cute faces of girls, regardless of age—this is a strong effect of the Yin element, which re almost 100%.

The structure of bones in the Soft Gamine type is very similar to that of pure Gamine, and the bones are small and slightly angular. However, the facial bones that often give it the shape of the heart are slightly wider. Another characteristic of soft looks, and a common feature, is a rather elongated (but not bulging) chin, as is the case with Reese Witherspoon.

Physiognomic differences between Gamine and Soft Gamine are mainly related to the structure of the bodies, and the feminine element of Yin underlines its activity the most. Soft Gamine has soft, rounded lines, influencing thinner features and more feminine shapes.

The pure-type girl Gamine has a more boyish figure and slightly sharper features. Her body is not as strongly marked with the Yin element as in the case of Soft, and the yin element in the type can be noted to varying degrees.

Therefore, the principle tits affiliation determines that not all attributes assigned to a given tradition are applicable here. The eyes should not be the size of saucers, and the cheeks should evoke fruity associations, reminiscent of two halves of an apple.

The most important thing is the general impression that the beauty of a given type has on us. And additional confidence in determining the type will be supported by the question of choosing a wardrobe. His rules are pretty simple despite his looks.

The more the appearance is marked with the yin element, the more it should be emphasized by the wardrobe. Converselsuppose if the Yang element is dominant. In that case, stylization should also go in an androgenic direction, which does not necessarily use all the attributes associated with a given type and determine to belong.

(As a side note, a small note addressed to people who are shocked by the Far Eastern stylistics used in David Kibbe’s descriptions of types should be noted.) Using the Yin / Yang measure facilitates the definition of individual types, clarifies concepts and affects the form of articles, angularity would be inaccurate).

The style for Soft Gamine was dubbed Spitfire Chic by David Kibbe. The term is rather mysterious, and, probably, only the author himself understands its meaning. Frenzy and strong expression can complement, and the pinch of zest that gives the styling a bit of a crazy character can be an interesting addition to them.

However, the basic style better reflects the term “puppet”. Naturally, literally liking a doll isn’t a good idea either. Rather, the point is that the Yin elements are more girly, flirty (like animated) than strictly feminine or romantic. A girl whose beauty plays an important role in the Yin element is very easy to pick up a bad wardrobe. We all know that poorly chosen clothes worsen or age the look, regardless of type.

The selection of wardrobe, accessories and makeup are discussed here.


Height – from low to 170cm
Relatively short vertical lines (Soft Gamine woman doesn’t seem to be taller than she is)
Body type – a slightly outlined hourglass or pear
Shoulders – straight, somewhat angular or tapered
Arms and legs – short or proportional to the body
Palms and feet – small (may be wide)
Bust – medium or large
Waist – Indented
Thighs – rounded, wider than pure Gamin
Forearms – Fairly full, relatively short


The lower part of the face is more comprehensive, sometimes slightly sharper, tapering to a rather often elongated chin.
Nose – medium or small, maybe a little wide
Cheekbones – wide, slightly traced
Eyes – large, round or medium in size
Lips – full or slightly full
Cheeks – Rounded, often very full, resembling two halves of an apple

Style recommendations

Kibbe recommends precise, compact forms, lively and fun images that look holistic and thoughtful.

The silhouette should be well defined and accentuated at the waist. It is important to think over a holistic image. In which a combination of opposites is possible but without overloading (for example, only the contrast of color or textures, or patterns).

Fabrics should be light to medium so they hold their shape but drape slightly as they move. A matte finish is preferred, and let’s admit, a slight shine. Textures shouldn’t be rough or heavy.

Details should always be bright and unusual. It is important to pay attention to the finishing of things. The line of the shoulders is clear, but no extension. The cuts are preferably simple and rounded. The collar fits under the throat.

The details near the face should be small and well-cut. Round or rounded shapes are the best choice. The waist should always be accentuated! The folds from the waist should be small and tight, keeping their shape. A contrasting hem is perfect.

Choose bright and rich colors. Intense shades, in contrasting combinations. Bright and bold color schemes.

The print is bright with high contrast. Well defined. Small to medium in size.

Jackets should be short and have a lot of detail or trim. The waist is always indicated, a peplum may be present. Jackets should fit. And contrast trim will work well.

The skirts are short, well-defined and trimmed. The waist is clearly defined with neat darts. A good option is a tulip skirt, and fluffy skirts work well. The optimal length is just above the knee or mid-calf.

Trousers should always be well-defined and cropped trousers that reveal the ankle. And also skinny models.

The blouses are soft and draped, but fit tightly around the collar and cuffs. Lace trim is possible. And also blouses with an intricate cut.

Knitwear. Sweaters should indicate the waist: nice tiny and tight collar. The material is soft and cosy (for example, angora or boucle), possibly finishing from beads and appliques.

Dresses with a clear waistline. Dresses with flounces on the skirt and the shoulders are clearly marked. The skirt is slightly tucked up at the bottom of flared options but without substantial volume.

The bags are small and rounded with a neat shoulder strap. Finishing and decor may be present.

Jewellery is very important in the image of Soft Hamina. The shape is round, dense, irregular—bright colours, funny and cute figurines; beads and beads. An excellent option for jewellery is brooches and hairpins.

Hairstyle Optimally creates volume and curls. Asymmetrical haircuts are also possible if the hair is curly. Long hair will fit well Soft Gamine.

Hair color should be expressive, and bright shades are recommended. Softening the color makes for a tired look, but light, lightened strands near the face or on top can look great.

Makeup in bright colors and rich colors is what Soft Gamine need. Bright colors accentuate the eyes, blush freshens the cheeks. Highlight the lips with gloss. We shade the paints, avoid sharp lines and corners.



Inverted triangle body shape – Capsule Wardrobe

Pear shaped body – Capsule Wardrobe

Apple body shape – Capsule Wardrobe

Rectangle body shape – Capsule Wardrobe

Hourglass body shape – Capsule Wardrobe

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