Kibbe Gamine Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Outfits
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10 Dec

Kibbe Gamine Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Outfits

Are you wondering how Kibbe Gamine Body Type looks and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

Gamine Body Type on the Yin-Yang scale is located clearly in the centre, like the Classic type.

But the difference between the Classics and the Gamine is huge. Kibbe says that the Classic types have Yin and Yang harmoniously combined in equal proportions, and the Gamine types collide eclectically.

For example, if we see average eyes and average height in the Classic type, then in the Gamine type, we will undoubtedly encounter a certain eclecticism.

For example, large eyes (like the Romantic) and the angular structure of the skeleton (like the Dramatic) with a general diminutiveness.

And these collisions can be the most unpredictable.

Gamine Body Type

Yin (divine feminine) manifests in short height, big eyes, and sometimes cheeks.

And in the overall miniature look, the subtlety of the bone structure is also present.

Usually, they do not have pronounced hips, but if they are present, they do not have a rounded shape (like a Romantic type).

However, they can be outlined with several straight lines.

The Gamine type results from the intense action of extreme masculine and feminine traits.

The influence of the Yang element is manifested in the structure of the body and the bone.

Yin marks its facial features and slightly increases the figure’s volume.

The simple, angular, and slim figure are reminiscent of the dramatic type.

If two women with a height of 167 cm and similar weight stood next to each other, one in the dramatic type and the other in the gamine type, their silhouettes would be very similar.

However, the faces would be very different: the gamine woman has large eyes and softer contours, which results in a much less balanced appearance.

This creates an attractive, mischievous, youthful, and cocky image, which David Kibbe described as “piquant chic.”

Perhaps this is my favourite type in the Kibbe typology.

After all, how can you not love the Gamine type ?! These girls are always young, even when they become older and mature.

Gamine type height is miniature – about 165 or 168 cm and below. The skeletal structure is often narrow, and the structure of the bones is angular.

The shoulders are straight and narrow. The chest and thighs are not voluminous; the muscles are sinewy—small with thin palms and feet.

As a rule, the legs and arms are elongated.

Let’s look at the first representative of the Gamine type, Michelle Williams, who we see with Kelly Osbourne (Flamboyant Gamine) and Tilda Swinton (Dramatic).

David Kibbe speaks powerfully about women: in the descriptions of specific types, he emphasizes that each type is gorgeous, regardless of what beauty features it was endowed with by nature.

According to David Kibbe, many women observing pretty actresses and representatives of certain types deny the division into physiognomic types, mistakenly believing that he seeks to form “complexes” as disadvantages them.

Meanwhile, it turns out precisely the opposite. Each of us is individual and attractive in our way, and our appearance depends on the right style and makeup.

If a woman with a type of beauty marked with a masculine Yang element wears the Yin style, it will never add beauty.

On the other hand, the beauty of a Yin woman will never be favourably represented in the androgenic aura.

Once we recognize our type and follow what suits us, our beauty will flourish, and we will finally stop pretending to be someone we have never been.

Should an oval face, an hourglass figure, and exorbitantly long legs be one of the canons of beauty? The time has come for these models to stop crushing the beautiful half of humanity.

The specific influence of the feminine or masculine element also influences temperament and therefore endows certain character traits.

Styles inherent in certain beauty types help express what is hidden in a woman. We say: “I feel good in this, it suits me”, or “In this, I feel bad, somehow uncomfortable.”

It’s not just a matter of matching looks, and style should express our individuality and create a single whole with countenance and character.

Indeed, it is worth being yourself anytime, anywhere, from head to toe.

A great example of how much a woman’s charm is influenced by trying on someone else’s type of beauty was the role of Michelle Williams (Gamine) as the bombshell of all time, Marilyn Monroe (Romantic).

You can watch Michelle’s beauty fade away, and Michelle’s pretty face, stylized as Marilyn’s, becomes strangely androgenic and uninteresting.

The figure was modelled with special lingerie, so Michelle did not gain weight for the role. Even if she had to do it, her figure would still not acquire the roundness of the typical romantic type.

Another film starring Michelle Williams is Oz the Great and Mighty. Here, too, the role and style were not particularly conducive to highlighting the beauty of female boys.

The best actress was Rachel Weisz (Theatrical Romantic), in which Evanora’s appearance flashed brightly with beauty.

After the film’s premiere, three actresses were often seen playing the leading roles: Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz (Theatrical Romantic), and Michelle Williams (Pure Gamine).

Their physiognomic types of beauty are pretty different from each other, and the comparison is very contrasting.

Gamine style – Spicy Boyish Chic. Everything is complemented by sharp geometric details, patterns, and embellishments.

Also worth noticing are the colorful, animated, slightly humorous elements that represent Picasso’s bold aesthetic. All accents must be sized.

Short Gamine women will choose smaller designs and more delicate jewellery.

Taller or bulkier members of this type of beauty can use slightly more detailed accessories.

Another essential element of the gamine style is the clearly defined contours of the silhouette with its short vertical and horizontal lines.

Women with this type of beauty look best in things that fit their bodies, and the dress or skirt can only expand in the middle of the thighs.

Of course, these are the strict guidelines of David Kibbe, from which you can make a slight digression, especially if you have a slender figure.

Many girly style dresses and skirts (which go perfectly with the Gamine) are flared at the waist, and it would be best if you were careful not to get too close to any of the heavily Yin-marked styles.

Strongly flared skirts and dresses should also be avoided.


  • Height – from miniature to 170cm
  • Quite long vertical lines (the Gamine woman may appear taller than she is)
  • Body type – usually a rectangle body shape
  • Shoulders – thin, straight, angular or oblique
  • Arms and legs – often quite long in relation to the torso (however, this is not a 100% rule)
  • Palms and feet – medium to small, often narrow
  • Bust – small or medium size
  • Waist – straight or slightly emphasized
  • Hips – straight, narrow, boyish
  • Forearms – slender


  • Lower face – slightly defined
  • Nose – medium to small with soft lines or slightly sharper
  • Cheekbones – slightly sharp (visible only with low weight)
  • Eyes – large, round or medium in size
  • Lips – slightly full, often narrow
  • Cheeks – slender

Style recommendations

Kibbe recommends compact forms with sharp geometry and a precise fit.

The silhouette should be sharp, straight, and strict. The Gamine Type will be accessorized with small, cute details.

You can use the technique of combining many horizontal and vertical lines, which against the background of a clear silhouette will only enhance the beauty.

The fabric should hold its shape well and be of medium weight. The fabric’s surface is smooth, not satin, but somewhat matte.

It is better not to allow looseness in textures.

Details are essential in the image. And there cannot be too many of them.

On the contrary, small, pointed, eye-catching details will be worthy accessories/jewellery—extravagance, broken lines – just what you need.

The colors are bright and rich juicy color palette. Gamine types can use vibrant color contrasts to add liveliness to their look.

Prints: medium-sized and geometric, charcoal lines and asymmetry, ironic designs.

Jackets/blazers/coats: we choose short, well-fitting, sharp details like lapels, collars, cuffs.

Skirts: straight, short, and narrow can also be flared if the hip is straight.

If you need a long skirt, it should be narrow, slit, and contrast with the top.

Pants: with a clear silhouette and is compact in length to the ankle. Also, skinny pants work well for them.

Blouses: they should also have a clean cut, with pointed details.

Clear collars, pleats, cuffs. For these tasks, the Gamines will need a dense and smooth fabric that holds its shape well, such as heavy sharp or stiff cotton.

Knitwear: the knitting should not be too loose. Dense or thin knitting, but always a product that fits the figure, there can be an accented waist.

Dresses: A clean cut. Tight dresses with pointed details in the form of collars and cuffs.

Dresses in the style of “Chicago” of the 20s.

Bags: choose medium-sized, dense, precise geometry—clutches, cross-body, thin briefcases.

Decorations/accessories: large, geometric, asymmetrical, bright, avant-garde, ironic.

Hair: short, voluminous, tousled haircuts are suitable for the Gamine Body Type. Here we are not striving for naturalness.

And hair color should be deep and expressive, creating a vivid contrast between skin, eyes, and hair.

Makeup: we achieve the effect of a fresh face. And we focus on the eyes.

You can apply techniques that emphasize the outline.

Gamine Type also looks great with smoky-eye makeup and lipsticks of a deep shade.



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