Dramatic Classic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Outfits
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7 Dec

Dramatic Classic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Outfits

Are you wondering how Kibbe Dramatic Classic Body Type looks like and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

DISCLAIMER: I would like to remind those who came to my site searching for information about types according to David Kibbe that my typing is based on the works of David and his book “Metamorphoses” but may differ from the usual interpretation and even from the source. This is because I have checked and practiced all the information I write in my work with clients and is based on my practical stylistic experience and knowledge as a professional painter/artist, my view of the person, and my perception of external and internal factors. I also ask you to include your critical thinking, both to this and any other absorbed information.

The type is placed in the center on the Yin-Yang scale with a slight shift towards Yang (divine male). With generally harmonious balanced proportions of the face, representatives of the type have a fine sharpening of features. The Dramatic Classic Body Type receives symmetry, moderation, and elegance from the classical style. From the Dramatic, more elongated lines and sharper angles.

dramatic classic

These are the very girls who look fabulous in strict jackets with sharp satin lapels, stiletto heels, and tapered pencil skirts. David Kibbe called this type a “Strict Chic.”

Additional Yang in the Dramatic Classics can manifest itself in a specific sharpening of the lines of the nose and chin.

Dramatic Classic is an elegant beauty with a sharp edge. Sometimes people call the restrained image of the Dramatic Classics cold, sometimes too strict, but the classic beauty of the Classics plus additional Yang creates a girl whose appearance is the artist’s dream.

It combines the correct facial features and some sharpness, which gives piquancy and interest. Dramatic Classic Body Type is designed for chic style—jackets made of luxury fabrics, shoes with thin heels, pencil skirts, and expensive jewelry. Minimalism and quality bring out the beauty of the Dramatic Classic best.

What are these “Nordic princesses” like?

Yin and Yang Ratio: Like all classics, Yin and Yang mix evenly to form a classically regular smooth face. But – the Dramatics adds another portion of Yang. It can manifest itself in some acuity of the nose or chin. The cheekbones may protrude, or the shoulders may be angular. But this yang portion is a savory addition; it shouldn’t be much. Otherwise, it would be best if you moved to other types.

The lines in the face are aristocratically elongated; the general impression is refinement, sharpness, not aggressively dramatic, but calm and restrained. At the first acquaintance with each of them, the first association that arose was the Lady of Perfection.

That’s right before humming this song. Refined and so mysterious. The difficulty in finding a style for these types also touched the girls. Too simple in casual and in traditionally smart clothes, too, somehow too. But with the perfect balance of strict lines and bright details, their appearance shines like a diamond.

Physical profile of the Dramatic Classic Body Type

  • Height: medium. From 167 to 171-174 cm (including acceleration).
  • the structure of the skeleton is proportionate; everything is according to the canonical rules of beauty; but extra
  • yang gives some angularity and width
  • shoulders can be slightly square and pointed, often narrow
  • palms and feet lean towards slightly square (wide)
  • facial features – slightly sharp, angular or square
  • neat and compact figure when at ideal weight; slight muscularity possiblenaturally marked waist (not super narrow), sometimes a little short and high
  • legs and arms are classically medium; sometimes can be a little long
  • the width of the bones is average; narrow bone is rare
  • in the face of classic proportions, with some sharpness (there should not be a lot of it!)
  • When you gain weight, the Dramatic Classic becomes a pear, gaining weight especially actively – from the waist down (hips and upper legs).

Dramatic Classic will not:

  • very long-legged or long-armed
  • have extremely wide palms and feet
  • have full or exotic features
  • have a miniature skeleton, palms, feet
  • curvy like a real “hourglass” (with a strong difference between the chest-waist-hips over the pelvic bones)
  • have a thin boyish figure.

  • General impression: I usually say that it is most difficult (sometimes almost impossible) to draw a cartoon on girls from the Classics family. Dramatic Classics are also typical of this – their zest is in the severity of individual features of appearance, but globally, these are beauties who are lucky to have the right face and a good figure (although not the subtle boyish one that many idolize now).
  • The Dramatic Classics, due to their Yin and Yang proportions, can be confused with the Vivid Gamine, which has the same actual ratio, and the tall Dramatic Classics become similar to their older Dramatic sisters. To distinguish between these three types, which are similar to each other, it is necessary to analyze the harmony of features and how exactly Yin and Yang are mixed in the body and face. Let me remind you that in the gamins Yin and Yang collide without mixing, while in the classics they just do mix, forming the “arithmetic mean”.

I propose to train your flair for the celebrity type Dramatic Classic. By tradition, consider the Dramatic Classics, typed by Kibbe and our contemporary stars.

Celebrities of the Kibbe Dramatic Classic: Diane Kruger, Connie Sellecca, Diana Rigg, Gena Rowlands, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Jane Wyman, Katharine Ross, Linda Gray, Maria Shriver, Michelle Dockery, Phylicia Rashad, Polly Bergen, Suzanne Pleshette.

The height of representatives of the Drama-Classical type is average, about 170 cm (+, -)

The structure of the skeleton is proportionate, like that of the whole family of classics. Yang gives a slight sharpness of bones or slight broadness, for example, in the line of the shoulders.

The width of the bones is medium, maybe slightly wide; narrow-neckedness is not found. The shoulders are pointed or somewhat square. The length of the limbs is medium; sometimes, they can be a little long.

The facial features of the Dramatic Classic are proportionate, slightly pointed, or square. The eyes are medium to large; the lips are medium; the cheeks are tucked up; the nose is medium or somewhat sharp.

When the Dramatic Classic is average, it has a compact and neat figure. WhTheramatic Classic builds up extra pounds from the waist down the hips, buttocks, and upper legs grow fat).

Dramatic Classic Body Type Outfits

Kibbe recommends to the Dramatic Classic a triangular shape, with a broad line at the shoulders and a narrow hem. Symmetrical geometric shapes that can be sharp or sculpted. Cut to the figure, precise, even, slightly wide.

The silhouette should fit perfectly and have sharp edges. Clean, smooth, straight lines. Long draperies. Emphasis on the shoulder line, with crisp edges. Strong vertical and diagonal lines.

High-quality fabrics of moderate density. Matte materials will become a wardrobe staple for Dramatic Classics, although shimmering silk can also be used for details or blouses. Additional shine will be pretty appropriate in accent details (belt, lapels) for an evening out.

Details should be precise geometric with sharp edges, and it is advisable to emphasize the line of the shoulders. Necklines – Sharp V-neck, Chinese stand-up collar, asymmetrical necklines, sharp collars. Sharp cuffs, jacket lapels.

The waist can be clearly outlined with a belt (medium to wide) with a geometric buckle. Clear color contrast can be used.

It is better to choose colors that are neutral and deep. Elegant combinations of two colors. Contrasting trim.

Print: geometric, chunky, contrasting: stripes, zigzags, oblique lines, and elegant asymmetry.

Jackets can be the perfect wardrobe staple for Drama Classics. They should be perfectly cut, dense in texture, with prominent shoulders and an elongated line. Shortened models should be avoided. Double-breasted models work well.

Skirts. Straight and narrow, a few stiff darts at the waist are usually needed to make the skirt fit. Keep your skirts straight from your hips to your hips. Contrasting seams, belts look great. The optimal length is around the knee.

Pants. Simple cut with darts and masculine style. Straight, clean lines and elegance.

Blouses. Elegant, clean-cut, and edgy details. A flowing cut is acceptable in combination with a rigid jacket, and more dramatic options are best worn without a coat.

Knitwear. Elegant, not heavy sweaters, thin or ribbed knit. Slightly elongated models with accentuated shoulders. Sweaters in the form of jackets.

Dresses with a narrow cut to the figure, accentuated shoulders, coat dresses, sheath dresses. The waist should be emphasized with a belt (often of a contrasting color). It can be lowered or even without it (if the dress is narrow). Long draperies and diagonal cuts are also acceptable.

Bags. Perfectly tailored bags with a precise shape. Envelopes, clutches. Narrow to medium.

Decorations should be smooth, simple in form, slightly chunky, and elegant. Sharp-edged geometry. Decorations should not contain hanging elements. Neat bracelets, slightly large chains of dense form. Avoid an abundance of jewelry. One elegant aspect will brighten you better than a large number.

Hairstyle. Geometric haircuts with sharp edges; haircuts with an even outline are best, but thinning is possible if the texture of the hair requires it—length – from medium to short. Long hair should be pulled back to maintain the sculpted shape of the styling. Asymmetry works great. Choose a hair color that contrasts your skin tone for a radiant effect.

Makeup. Accentuate fine features – neutral skin tone, sultry eyes, emphasis on cheekbones, and bright lips. A little glitter can be allowed for the evening. The general appearance is contrasting and sleek.



Inverted triangle body shape – Capsule Wardrobe

Pear shaped body – Capsule Wardrobe

Apple body shape – Capsule Wardrobe

Rectangle body shape – Capsule Wardrobe

Hourglass body shape – Capsule Wardrobe

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