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7 Dec

Dramatic Classic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Outfits

dramatic classic body type
Are you wondering how Kibbe Dramatic Classic Body Type looks and how to style it? This article has all the answers! The type is placed in the center on the Yin-Yang scale with a slight shift towards Yang (divine male). With generally harmonious balanced proportions of the face, representatives of the type have a fine sharpening of features. The Dramatic Classic Body Type receives symmetry, moderation, and elegance of classic style. From the Dramatic type, more elongated lines and sharper angles. dramatic classic dramatic classic body type These are the very girls who look fabulous in strict blazers with sharp satin lapels, stiletto heels, and tapered pencil skirts. David Kibbe called this type a "Strict Chic." Additional Yang in the Dramatic Classics can manifest itself in a...
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