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26 Dec

Dramatic Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style

Are you wondering how Dramatic Body Type looks like and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

Kibbe endowed the Dramatic Body Type with the definition of The Royal Lady.” And it reflects the character and image of the Dramatic majestic types.

The Dramatic Type queen appreciates her nature and dresses according to her style, translating a truly royal impression.

Dramatic type people are distinguished by sharp, straight lines in the face, angles: sharp cheekbones, chin, may have sunken cheeks, eyes are often narrow.

For dramatists, there is a “predatory squint”. The lips also differ in volume, often straight and thin (with sharper details or angles).

Dramatic body types – girls are quite tall, have a height of around 167 cm and could be much taller. However, they are not miniature by definition.

Absolute Yang means tall, remember?

The skeletal structure of the Dramatic types is narrow-boned. The limbs are elongated; the fingers are thin and long.

Dramatics often wear large shoe sizes; a miniature foot is not about Dramatics.

In the body’s structure, as in the face, angles prevail; the shoulders are not sloping but straight bones with sharp angles.

Drama’s muscles are lean and sinewy even when they gain weight;

Dramatics don’t get stocky or bulky. Often the extra pounds are deposited in the lower body, leaving the top fragile.

The figure of the Dramatic types is often straight or rectangular, and we will not see curvaceous forms or a pronounced waist in them.

The dramatic body type woman is best characterized as “aristocratic.”

David Kibbe focused only on the shape of the face and figure, calling the Dramatic woman sharp, elongated and angular.

This doesn’t sound very appealing to a woman who discovered that she represents one of the most masculine types of beauty (the other is Flamboyant Natural).

Usually, women want to feel feminine.

Mr Kibbe’s epithets regarding the Dramatic type do not indicate the feminine traits of this type.

Therefore, it is worth looking at this type from a different point of view – to reveal noble features, royal posture, and graceful movements in a Dramatic woman.

David Kibbe contrasted the Dramatic with the Flamboyant.

The Dramatic type is easily confused with Flamboyant Natural.

Both types often represent tall women with the same body types (rectangle or cone “inverted triangle“) and solid and expressive features.

Moreover, Dramatic women have a thinner physique, a much clearer silhouette and a face.

The difference between these two types is best illustrated with an example of modern models from the 90s.

Today the Dramatic type is most often seen on the catwalks.

And the models in the 90s were most often women with the Flamboyant Natural type (more massive physique, larger breasts).


  • Height – around 167 cm and taller
  • Long vertical lines
  • The silhouette type is the most common rectangle
  • Shoulders – straight, angular, thin
  • Arms and legs are often narrow and long, but this is not an absolute rule
  • Bust – small
  • Waist – thin, slender
  • Hips – balance the width of the shoulders at the right weight
  • Forearms – slender, thin


  • The jaw is sharp, well defined, with a prominent beard or square.
  • The nose is sharp and expressive.
  • Cheekbones – high, sharp, well-defined.
  • The eyes are narrow, straight or almond-shaped, with small to medium distances between the eyes.
  • The mouth is most often narrow, sometimes, it can be broad, but the lips will never be full.
  • Cheeks are firm (even after gaining weight).

Dramatic Body Type Style Recommendations

Dramatics are encouraged to compose their wardrobe for any situation based on shapes with sharp geometry and vertical solid lines.

The fabrics must keep their shape well—best of all – dense materials with a smooth matte surface and a loose texture are not the best solutions for Drama.

The details in the clothes are laconic and minimalistic.

Large geometry, sharp edges, angular shapes, and straight lines will work well: ironed arrows, sharp lapels, V-notches.

Strive for a solid silhouette, always maintain a solid vertical line, and avoid splitting the silhouette apart, for example, by color contrasting top and bottom.

Choose jackets that are well-fitted and made of fabric that keeps their shape. Short jackets/blazers will not work since the Dramatic is a rather tall type.

The jacket/blazer should be long enough (up to mid-thigh).

If you choose a fitted jacket above mid-thigh, strive to keep it well in shape and consider combining it with the bottom of the set.

The vertical line must not be broken.

Skirts – straight and long, below the knee. A pencil skirt is perfect in this sense. All options that add volume to the hips will not work.

Choose straight trousers; ironed arrows will work well. Skinny pants, if slim fit, are also acceptable.

Blouses are laconic and straightforward with geometric details. Shapeless, oversized, flowing softly, ornate will not work.

Warm knitwear, jumpers, and cardigans should be smooth knit from a thin thread.

Loose knitting from thick lines will be rude and forgive Drama. The landing should be in shape; the shoulders should remain straight.

Choose dresses straight, below the knee length, according to the figure. You can emphasize the waist with a wide belt with bright geometry.

But even without an accent on the waist, if the dress is narrow and not short, it will also decorate. Dress-shirts look good on Drama.

Bags should be geometric, with right angles, without excessive decor, and minimalistic: envelope bags, clutches, briefcases.

Choose sleek and elegant jewellery, avant-garde, with subtle and edgy details.

Asymmetry will work well. Jewellery shouldn’t be small, but overly bulky pieces won’t work either.

Hairstyle. Strive for rich and even hair color. This applies to any shades from blonde to black.

Try to avoid carelessness in your hair and soft styling. Smooth, elegantly styled hair will look best.

Makeup. Variations on the theme of nude makeup are not suitable for Drama.

But bright makeup with clear lines, emphasising the eyes, cheekbones and eyebrows is what you need.

A rich lipstick shade against matte skin will look great too. Use a pencil to create a sharper lip line.



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