Flamboyant Natural Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits And Style
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Flamboyant Natural Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style

Are you wondering what a Flamboyant Natural Body Type looks like and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural Body Type is one of the natural types (to be precise, a subtype of a pure Natural).

It is based on all the features characteristic of the Basic type.

This means a strong dominance of the Yang male element with the absence of the sharp focus characteristic of the Dramatic type on the Yin/Yang axis.

Flamboyant Natural is located between the Natural and the Dramatic.

The thread connecting this type with the Dramatic is fuzzy; it depends on the number of Dramatic features present in a woman’s appearance (it’s a transitional subtype, so for that reason, we see a mixture of both types in one).

The influence of the dramatic essence is also manifested in a certain clarity of the image, which gives it strong charisma and fantastic charm.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Thus, this type differs from the pure Natural, which does not have these features.

Even a slight influence of a sublime and majestic Dramatic can make a woman strong and bossy.

In the Flamboyant Natural Body Type, an accessible and bright naturalness is seasoned with a pinch of smoky spices under the Dramatic sign.

David Kibbe called Flamboyant Natural Type a “Free Spirit Chic” style.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

For us, it will be just the style of the artistic soul expressed in a bold, extravagant image.

The silhouette should be built based on the letter T.

Vertical lines are essential, emphasizing the slenderness of the silhouette (an element of creating an image of a dramatic type).

In addition to vertical lines, horizontal lines, especially the shoulder line, play an equally important role.

For a woman of this type (as, indeed, of any other), creating her image must be based on the lines and shapes given to her by nature.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

A Flamboyant Natural Body Type is characterized by strong and long vertical and horizontal lines, and these should form the basis for the corresponding cuts and patterns.

Free Spirit Chic” isn’t precisely boho, and there are no small details and decorative ornaments typical for boho.

It is a freestyle spiced with ethnic and folk music following David Kibbe. It is based on geometric shapes with blunt edges.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

There is no place for lace, baroque ornaments, or the many small details typical of the typical boho style.

The Flamboyant Natural Type is best associated with supermodels from the 90s.

Tall women with a strong body structure and broad shoulders, Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer will not meet the model requirements today.

To reach their desired size 32, they would have to go on a rigorous diet.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Of course, there are Flamboyant Natural Types among today’s models, who, unfortunately, have to constantly follow a diet to maintain a very slim figure.

Free Spirit Chic is presented by Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Blake Lively, Alessandra Ambrosio, Liv Tyler, and modern, slim models with somewhat undefined types.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Laetitia Casta, Lisa Kudrow, Adriana Lima, Deepika Padukone, Song Hye Kyo, Anne Hathaway, Gemma Chan, Princess Diana, Yasmeen Ghauri, Viola Davis, Alva Claire, Sharon Tate, Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Campbell, Jill Cortleve, Alek Wek, Dua Lipa, and Amrit Kaur.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type Description

On the Yin-Yang scale, the type is biased towards strong Yang (male/divine masculine). From Yang, the Flamboyant Natural Type is tall, with long legs.

The type receives softening from Yin, so the bones are not sharp but dull and comprehensive, and the body is flexible and feminine. Outwardly, such girls radiate energy and confidence.

The structure of the Flamboyant Natural Body Type skeleton is straight, vast, and angular but without sharp angles.

The shoulders are broad, and the arms and legs are long.

The hips are straight and not pronounced, and there is no big difference between the waist and the pelvic bones. The chest and hips are toned.

An hourglass figure with a lush chest and hips is not found in this type.

The palms and feet are large, often broad, but they can also be narrow and long.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Flamboyant Natural Type Face Description

The facial features of the Flamboyant Natural Type are wide and open.

Often wide cheekbones and chin. But no sharp corners. All angles are obtuse, which is typical for all-natural types.

Often, something stands out in the face: a wide mouth, a long nose, a heavy chin.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

The eyes are either enormous and open or medium-sized and straight.

Lips are often not splendid; they can be thin and straight. The cheeks are usually tucked up.

When overweight, a Flamboyant Natural Type Face usually becomes full and round.

The body becomes square and stocky; extra pounds usually accumulate from the waist, below, and on the face.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type Style Recommendations

Kibbe recommends expressive geometry with rounded corners to the representative of the Flamboyant Natural Type.

Large asymmetry. Rectangles, squares, and irregular shapes. Free flying silhouette. Relaxation. Expressive elongated lines with an emphasis on the shoulders.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

The fabric can be of any density. But preference should be given to combinations of various textures in the image.

Rough surfaces are preferable to smooth ones, and any leather, suede, or velour is an excellent choice for a type.

High-shine fabrics can be chosen for the evening. But their density must be high to look “heavy.” Coarse and thick knits, heavy and dense draperies.

Oversized styles suit Flamboyant Natural Body Type like no one else.

Details of the image should be expressive, large, irregular, and asymmetrical.

  • The shoulders should always be accentuated.
  • The cutouts are free and open.
  • The waist is lengthened or dropped.

Clothes without an emphasized waist work great: blouses over trousers (french tuck style), etc.

Underlining the waist rarely suits them since it violates a strong vertical.

Decorations should be large and expressive, catchy, asymmetrical, and minimalistic.

Choose colors that are bold and vibrant, rich and sharp. Unusual and bold color combinations will suit Flamboyant Types well.

The work of color combinations is essential as the play of textures in the image.

There can be a rich palette of natural shades, with different textures and bright color accents in the picture.

Print: bold and bright, abstract geometric, irregular shape with rounded corners. Predatory and tropical prints.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

A combination of different textures, patterns, and colors in the image is suitable for a Flamboyant Natural type.

The principle of building a set, which is relevant today, adds sophistication to the kind.

Long and loose jackets are needed with accentuated shoulder lines with significant and straightforward details, with or without wide lapels and large pockets.

Double-breasted jacket models are available.

Skirts. Long and straight (but not austere). Loose and wide in silhouette. Or tight and short dresses combined with an oversized top.

Any details (such as pockets or buttons) should be kept low. The visual emphasis should not be on the waist but on the hip line.

The pants should be loose and wide. Men’s fit, deep pockets, pleats, wide cuffs.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Blouses. Spacious with effortless details. Wide necklines for easy movement.

Knitwear. Loose and long sweaters, heavy, thick, and coarse knits. The patterns are expressive and very large. Underlined shoulder line

Dresses. Free in silhouette and shape. Slim and tight dresses, semi-fitting at the waist.

With an emphasis on the shoulders and lengthened or lowered waist.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Bags. They can be large and shapeless. Or vice versa of a clear shape and large.

Decorations and accessories. It must be large and expressive. Rough, voluminous shape. Ethnic and exotic motives.

Massive jewelry of irregular or geometric shape with rounded corners. Extravagant and large costume jewelry for evening outings.

Hairstyle. For a Flamboyant Natural type, loose hair with the effect of carelessness or gathered in a loose ponytail goes.

It is essential to create an effect of volume, whether it is a short haircut with a slightly tousled styling or a luxurious “lion’s mane.”

Hair color should be rich and vibrant. You can add bright strands to emphasize the juiciness of the image, but it is better to leave the color close to natural on the face.

Makeup. This type will greatly decorate makeup with an emphasis on the cheekbones and using lipstick of a deep shade and slightly emphasized eye shadows.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Flamboyant Natural Body Type Celebrity – Liv Tyler Analysis

While sorting through the list of Flamboyant Natural Types for preparing this review with recommendations from Kibbe.

I came across the name Liv Tyler among the Natural Body Type Description ( the dominant personality of which is Jeniffer Aniston).

However, when I opened the online pages with her clothes, I got puzzled – Liv fits much better with Flamboyant Naturals than Pure Natural Types!

But what about the official Kibby list? (I will write the answer at the end of the article 🙂 I decided to conduct an analysis – of what kind of Kibbe Body Type Liv Tyler is.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

If we touch on the physical portrait, the most important thing is that the Flamboyant Natural will be taller and more “powerful.”

The shoulders are broader, the chest is more expansive, and the bones are longer.

If Pure Natural is up to 171-174 cm tall, Flamboyant should be hypothetically much higher.

Liv Tyler is 178 cm, and every centimetre of her body is noticeable. She has the clear proportions of a tall person.

In addition, a “powerful” or rather a bulky physique catches the eye, no matter what ruffles you wrap it up in:

Association with Pure Natural is a “girlfriend” or the “girl next door.” Flamboyant Natural is a “Free spirit chic,” “Amazon,” and “Warrior.”

And then it’s a sin not to remember her in “The Lord of the Rings” – with a sword and on horseback 🙂

In addition, if we talk about physiology – Liv Tyler has a “trademark” mouth of the Flamboyant Naturals – super smiley.

Breaking the vertical:

I think tall Liv looks much more harmonious and slimmer with a long vertical.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

Massive Jewellery:

Unfortunately, Liv has no photos with decorations suitable for Flamboyant Natural Type. But here, she looks excellent.

The basic rule for all types of Kibbe – the smaller the facial features and body parts – the smaller the details should be. And vice versa – as is the case with Liv Tyler.

Big bags:

And here, by the way, in one frame – a small and a large bag.

Although Liv’s overall image is not the most successful here, it can be seen that, in general, the large bag looks very good (better than the small one).

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

We have, of course, to collect from the world on a string – more precisely, in fact – but I hope you now understand the doubts that have arisen.

Liv Tyler is a Flamboyant Natural Body Type based on everything I see.

David Kibbe, at his workshops, periodically analyzes the stars, but not always in detail.

His excellent listeners then upload the synopsis of the seminars to the network – but after repeated replication on sites, such vital nuances are lost.

Flamboyant Natural Body Type
Flamboyant Natural Body Type

And in any case, you should always be critical of the information given to you and never take everything as a strict rule, as there are always deviations from regulations.



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