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25 Nov

Kibbe Natural Body Type For Wardrobe & Makeup

Are you wondering what Kibbe Natural Body Type looks like?

This article has all the answers to wardrobe and makeup tips!

Kibbe Natural Body Type is “the girl next door” kind of a woman.

At first glance, she disposes herself seems very simple, down-to-earth, and insanely charming with a touch of simplicity.

There are many Natural body types in America and Scandinavia, for example, in Sweden.

These are girls with an athletic figure, “open faces”, and a big broad smile (well, the Swedes may not have such a wide smile – they are Nordic, after all ;-).

Images by Walt Disney Television under the license CC BY-ND 2.0 and Diariocritico de Venezuela, CC BY 2.0

You will first turn to such girls for help if, for example, you get lost in an unfamiliar city because they look genuine.

For example, a Dramatic body type with sharp cheekbones and narrow eyes (often with a “vamp face”) does not cause a desire to come closer at first sight. And natural types in this regard – expanse!

Remark: I remember Kaley Cuoco, who played the role of Penny in The Big Bang Theory.

Her heroine just went to work in sales, and there she finally found herself because all the deals were made with a bang, most likely because she looked credible and straightforward 🙂

Mixing Yin and Yang: Natural body type is a type in which Yin and Yang are combined in almost equal proportions but with little focus on Yang.

This may surprise some of you because, in conversations, we are used to referring to Natural types of people as unambiguously Jansky.

If you line up all the types in one line, Natural will be somewhere near the Classic and Dramatic Classic, i.e. not that far from the golden mean.

By the way, Kibbe himself describes a Natural Body Type as a balanced Yang type between the Classic and Dramatic types.

In this case, Yin and Yang are mixed to give blunt-rounded but long and, therefore often powerful-looking bones. But more on that later.

The Natural type shape is a rectangle with rounded corners. This is no longer the Classic with its oval and not the Gamine, whose face mixes everything unpredictably.

Image by Walt Disney Television under the license CC BY-ND 2.0

Physical portrait of the Natural Body Type

  • height – average and slightly above average, up to 174-175 cm.
  • bones are somewhat straight, angular and obtuse;
  • the shoulders are often broad;
  • angular facial features (for example, the chin), with dull corners (Natural, most likely, will not have sharp cheekbones or a sharp thin nose).
  • palms and feet tend to be square / wide; medium to slightly large size
  • the figure is muscular; it often builds muscle quickly;
  • appear thin and slightly lithe when at ideal weight;
  • the thighs are somewhat straight and flat;
  • arms and legs tend to be rather long;
  • the waist can be lengthened;
  • facial features are often disproportionate and non-classical; something stands out;
  • eyes tend to be medium to small;
  • cheeks are often sunken; lips may be slightly thin (but not necessary);

As you gain weight, the Pure Natural type gets chunky and boxier – the more weight, the heavier the silhouette looks.

At the same time, they gain weight on the waist and upper body; therefore, femininity does not appear in the figure from fullness.

Legs retain their slenderness for the longest time.

Overall impression: I associate a Natural Type with a cheerleader girl.

So it seems – put on her a beautiful uniform with a short skirt, give out pom-poms – and go!

The Natural type gives off a feeling of health and athleticism; it is easy for her to keep fit;

The body is responsive to any fitness, but one must beware of shoulder exercises to not pump them over.

The Natural type also has beautiful slender legs that other types can envy.

It is often easy to imagine the Natural body type girl on the tennis court or in the park near the barbecue.

Nature, with its rich textures – spike grass, rough tree bark, lush foliage – emphasizes girls’ appearance of this type.

The Natural Body Types Will Not

  • have a feminine (curvy) figure with a significant difference between the waist and the pelvis; (BUT! Note that Straight people may have a hint of the waist; their physique is slightly upright, like a Pure Classic, for example. But the waist will never stand out sharply)
  • be tall or extremely short,
  • have exotic or harsh facial features, and have a classically balanced face
  • that will not be very narrow in silhouette (due to the shoulders’ width). This is my addition to the original text.
  • Celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Ally Sheedy, Ali MacGraw, Carol Burnett, Chris Evert Lloyd, Ingrid Bergman, Karen Allen.

Jennifer Aniston – Natural Body Type

This is a warm, open, and charismatic type. She is genuine and incredibly charming, and her smile is conducive to communication.

The figure of a Natural type girl is fit and athletic, and a sense of health and sportiness emanates from these girls.

Images by Walt Disney Television under the license CC BY-ND 2.0

Looks slim and lithe without being overweight. The waist can be lengthened, the reeds are straight and flat, and the chest is tucked up.

The arms and legs tend to be slightly elongated.

If it gets fat, the natural type gains weight more often in the waist and upper body, while the legs remain slender.

They become no more rounded and feminine with weight gain but rather stocky.

Kibbe Natural Body Type Wardrobe

Kibbe recommends choosing clothing shapes based on rounded rectangles and soft asymmetry.

The silhouette should be straight and relaxed. Always free and not restricting movement, and an easy incompleteness will work well.

There can also be a straight and narrow silhouette without an accent.

The natural type is the richest in texture. Especially decorating fabrics with a rough and textured surface.

A set of materials will look interesting: for example, a light silk dress worn with a knitted cardigan intercepted by a leather strap, boots with a metal buckle on the feet, complemented by wood and bone ornaments.

Image by Walt Disney Television under the license CC BY-ND 2.0

The appearance of a natural type appreciates textures very much. She will also appreciate the work with a combination of prints and colors.

Restraint in strict shapes and colors is not the best solution for a natural type.

Details should be minimalistic and straightforward; you can complement the look with handmade pieces.

The clothing in the silhouette is kept loose and relaxed.

Colors. Bold, bright, lively, pastel. Neutral colors combined with bold accents.

Blazers/Jackets. Go for a relaxed, loose fit and long (down to the bottom of the thigh). The shoulders are softly defined, without sharp edges.

The surface of the jacket is textured; patch pockets may be present.

Skirts. Simple and straight, with a soft fit. Medium length – just below the knee.

There can also be short and slightly flared skirts, which will still be straight at the hips.

Pants/Jeans. Almost any will do. Tailored models with minimal finishing. And short, and long, and more coarse, and silky. Jeans are natural-type pants, especially for a girl next door.

Blouses. Tailored, but not with a blind neckline. Relaxed silhouettes with a smooth surface or texture.

Knitwear. The natural type is perfect in any sweater or cardigan, and it can be a thick knit mohair and various patterns, and prints.

Dresses. Simple, straight, loose, no accent on the waist. A wrap dress or a dress shirt will be beautifully presented.

Bags. Medium size. A bit shapeless. Simple geometry in soft leather.

Accessories. Made from natural materials. The shape is simple geometry with rounded corners, and large and bright—handmade ethnic-style jewelry.

What To Avoid For A Natural Body Type

  • retro style
  • vintage style
  • romantic style
  • and all styles related to beauty types with a powerfully feminine Yin element (this applies to both clothing and accessories or jewelry)
  • girlish style
  • tight-fitting clothing (except trousers)
  • thin fabrics
  • clear asymmetry
  • sharp geometric edges and patterns
  • small patterns (except for animal and camouflage patterns)
  • classic sets from head to toe (but one item, like a jacket, does not do much damage)
  • too many additives

Hairstyle. Loose, tousled, flying hairstyles. Avoid simplicity and crisp hair-to-hair styling.

Image by Walt Disney Television under the license CC BY-ND 2.0

Choose colors in natural or earthy shades, various highlights, balayage, and others that will beautifully reveal the beauty to add a play of light to the hair.

Coloring in one tone of deep and saturated tones will look less attractive on the Kibbe Natural Body Type.

Makeup. We want to achieve the effect of the fresh radiance of healthy skin.

All colors (lipstick, eye shadow, blush) should be close to nature. We shade the contours (lips, shadows) well, avoiding clear rigid boundaries.

Image by Walt Disney Television under the license CC BY-ND 2.0

Makeup, like hair, should give the most natural effect. Thin, minimal eye makeup and almost natural lips are delicate during the day.

Light eyelid makeup in smoky tones (without emphasizing the lower eyelid), lips are bright (or nearly natural, but not much brighter than natural), or a darker tone.

The overall makeup look should be primarily matte. Natural shine can only appear on the lips (effect, healthy glow).

The use of lighting cosmetics can be considered after forty years.

Avoid sharp contours, clear definition of the lower eyelid, dark eye and lip makeup, eye shadow, or too bright pencils.

Iryna Fedorchak

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