Dramatic Gamine Body Type: Sarah Jessica Parker Style
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7 Feb

Dramatic Gamine Body Type: Sarah Jessica Parker Style Analysis

Are you wondering what Dramatic Gamine Body type is?

This article has all the answers with Sarah Jessica Parker Style analysis!

Everyone, or almost everyone who is faced with the topic of style, and not only, watched the Sex and the City series, with Sarah Jessica Parker as the main character, Carrie Bradshaw.

Today we will analyse her type of appearance according to the Dwyn Larson type system.

So, Sarah’s height is 160 cm. The set of possible types is immediately sharply reduced due to low growth.

This is the theoretical analysis by the system of Dwyn Larson, and here we can see the features of Dramatic to the left and the Gamine to the right.

As you see, the Drama is predominant here, especially in the face, but the Gamine side still exists, at least considering the height of the Gamine type (160 cm).

Consider the features of appearance. The figure is balanced due to rounded hips, broad shoulders, and a noticeable chest. The limbs are extended, and the head is proportionally slightly larger than 1/8 of the body.

Despite the diminutiveness, the figure is more feminine than youthful.

I didn’t find an overweight Parker, but it’s clear that the hips + slightly rounded chest are most noticeably rounded with age.

I examined about ten children’s youthful face photos; I publish here youthful ones.

What do we see in the face of Dramatic Gamine type?

The oval is elongated. Eyebrows are straight with a slight kink down. The eyes are narrow and almond-shaped. The nose is angular and prominent. Lips – the upper one is wider than the lower one and has more angles – dramatic, and the lower one is more gamine from the rosebud. The cheekbones and chin are narrowed and pronounced and mixed shape chin.

The result is a dramatic gamine body type. Moreover, if we take the height dominant according to Larson as a basis, there should be a gamine dominant. But no – in the face, there is a dramatic dominant, in the figure – mixed, or also dramatic (depending on weight, but rather leaning to drama).

And now, let’s look at the successful images for the dramatic gamine type.

Main principles for Dramatic Gamine Body Type Clothes

Broken silhouette (dominant – vertical/diagonal, but not to the floor like a pure dramatist – open the ankles, or add contrasts or something very unusual emphasised shoulders, angular elements that are larger in drama, shine, dynamics ( according to the dominant – calmer – not in small, but in large blocks, diagonals).

Remember that the face of a dramatic gamine type with a dramatic dominant is not the face of a dramatist but only his more significant influence in a mixed type. General recommendations in the image are still based on the dramatic gamine type but are adjusted according to the dominant.

Accessories will also be contrasting. Like all dramatic gamines, it will withstand some unusual details in the image – bare parts of the body, or, conversely, dark tights under a white dress, incongruous textures, prints, accessories, knock-out elements, the presence of a certain peppercorn – there is always a particular challenge and courage.

The hair is straight, smooth, or wavy, elongated with sharp ends and strands—makeup with enhanced eyes, more matte, graphic. Parker has a lot of images that suit her type of appearance. She boldly tries something new, a little outrageous – in the spirit of gamine dramatists, but with a certain severity and restraint in terms of drama.



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