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Portuguese leather boots: The best choice!
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25 Jan

Amazon Splurge: La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir Dupe

Are you looking for the La Praire Dupe? No worries! I got your back! I must confess. I am a true cosmetic geek and one of those that dives deep into learning the ingredients of every little bottle. I just need to know what chemicals I am not only paying for but also rubbing into my skin. Do not disregard the fact that ingredients that you put onto your skin get absorbed into your organism, which also affects you directly. It's like eating foods that are dirty and then complaining about it. Watch what you put not only inside but also outside onto your body. After checking the prices of La Prairie creams get as high as to 1000$ per one bottle....
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22 Jan

Perfect Body: Body butter for glowing skin

Perfect body
Are you trying to perfect your body as much as possible? Yes, I know, I am just like you! The body that you have is a pure sculpture. You can create it and fit into any for you want. My journey was not as easy and being a ballet dancer back then taught me that we are all a flexible material. Hence, the only thing was that at that time my body did not look like that of today. And the main reason was that I didn't accept it and I didn't love it. I needed many years to accept who I really was and love things that were and not are perfect. And I cherish that experience that I had...
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15 Jan

How to fix your beauty issues with just Kaolin Clay Mask: My beauty routine

Kaolin Clay Mask
Looking for the best working face and hair mask that can also be affordable? I got it for you! Kaolin Clay Mask Before the beauty industry popped up with the overwhelming quantity of beauty items and supplies we only had a specific set of "working bottles". Come on, ask your grand-mom what she used to use for her beauty routine back then. One of those "oldie but goodie" was a kaolin clay mask for literally everything. Why women use it? It was and still is a dope excess oil controlling beauty tool. It helped millions of people fight and heal acne, breakouts, scalp irritation and excessive grease, etc. And the best part of it is that kaolin clay does not have drying effects...
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1 Jan

Blonde CURLY Hair: How to rock it in 2020!

blonde curly hair
Were you thinking of changing for the curly blonde look this year? I will help you! Blonde curly hair My choice is always the most natural colour as possible. This kind of a color will not be trendy, but it will definitely be priceless and timeless. So if you got this hair colour naturally, you're a winner and if not you should pay your attention to it! When it comes to straight hair, the owner of which I am. It's not always easy to make it curly especially if you live in a humid climate as I do (it's Portugal). When it's raining, snowing, or just a fog - no way it's going to stay for more than 1 hour! Check out how I...
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22 Dec

Makeup for green eyes: How to make it POP naturally!

Makeup for green eyes
Can a natural makeup really enhance your green eyes and your beauty? Absolutely! What colors make green eyes pop? It's all about the right colors! And for me, there are 2 main rules when it comes to making green eyes pop. 1. choose a contrasting color; 2. choose a complexion complimenting colors like (a warm and cold type of beauty). I am a warm type if you were wondering. What makeup looks good with green eyes? These five colours are your best bet for those gorgeous green eyes. Brown. Like the one, I am using on all of these pictures. Especially if you are blond!Gold. A gold eyeshadow, be it yellow gold, a champagne gold, or a rose gold will complement your...
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14 Nov

Botox pros and cons: What doctors hide from you!

Botox pros and cons
Are you thinking of your next procedure? This is why you need to take a moment and think twice! No secret that Botox among many other fillers on the beauty market has become a true saver of many beautiful people especially women including celebrities and social media influencers. The market of cosmetology has grown so much that making an injection with the aim of fixing appearance has become as easy as brushing teeth in the morning. A lot of young women have been influenced by Instagram gurus who promote artificial beauty enhancement. We have become too tolerant of something that is not supposed to be promoted among wide masses.  Here are some side effects that you need to consider before visiting...
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13 Nov

Golden Jewellery and Starseed Makeup

Golden Jewellery
Trying to find something new and interesting for a special occasion? I have a great solution for you! Golden Jewellery As I am always looking for something new and unique to try on, I came across a doubtful thing which bace the best choice for my dress. A body chain golden jewellery that fits well with literally any dress! What to wear with body jewellery? My first choice was a beige dress that would have a nude effect. So this golden jewelry became the main accent in the outfit. Wear a dark tone dress even if its long sleeve with a turtle neck or a famous little black dress.Wine tone or a burgundy dress/top or anything with a deep color where golden...
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16 Sep

7 Holy Grail Drugstore Skincare Dupes

The best skincare dupes
All your favorite face creams are too expensive? Here are the best skincare dupes I found! Drugstore Skincare Dupes La Mer is not only one of the most expensive face creams out there, but also one of the best due to its ingredient. I have taken a closer look at the list of contents and found out that the 1st ingredient is Seaweed. Yes, there has been a lot of debates that German Nivea cream has the same identical basis and costs only 8$, but Nivea cream doesn't contain seaweed or whatsoever. If you literally try out these two creams you will see that Nivea was not made for the face as it leaves grease and stickiness. It might be suitable for...
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11 Sep

Makeup for burgundy dress

Makeup for burgundy dress
So you are ready for your special event but not sure about this special color? Here is my advice! Makeup for Burgundy Dress Makeup for a burgundy dress can be easy if you understand something very important about the color scheme. Basically, there is a cold and a warm undertone or everything in the world. It all depends on your natural skin color, eyes, and hair as well as the very dress color. Makeup for burgundy dress Burgundy shade is a very deep color that requires specific makeup. When you are wearing that kind of a dress you have to wear makeup that will be noticeable. That would be best to wear it either in the evening or during the cold weather. You...
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29 Aug

H&M beauty products that work: My makeup secrets

H&M beauty products review
Did you know that H&M cosmetics is a MAC Dupe? And here is what you need to pay attention to! H&M beauty products that work Why I love H&M beauty products Here I used all the H&M beauty products that work like magic. I used them all on these pictures and would actually buy again when they are finished up. According to the recent rumors, they are so good because they are made at the same fabric where MAC is being made. It's just I bought all these products for 2$ each! Here in Portugal we had a summer sale season from the end of July to the end of August. And if you were wondering what to buy - H&M should be on...
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