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25 Oct

Where To Buy Japanese Skincare Online: Edobio Picks

japanese skincare online
Are you wondering where to buy japanese skincare online which is effective and fast? Here is your answer after a thorough research! I already mentioned a Japanese skincare online brand last time in the article about the benefits of collagen and how to avoid premature aging. I really found that product effective because I saw the real effect of tight and lifted skin in 2 months after taking their powder. And the I thought, why not to reasearch the Japanese skincare further since I sw such a great effect? And so I did, I found Edobio selling at thier minimalistic looking stuff at The Ritz-Carlton Osaka. I like it how they make it look simple, pure and yet luxury. This is what I...
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25 Jun

INSTANATURAL Hyaluronic Oil Free Moisturizer: What I chose at iHerb

INSTANATURAL Hyaluronic Oil Free Moisturizer
Are you looking for a lightweight moisturizer for this summer? I got a great solution from iHerb with Instanatural Hyaluronic Oil Free Moisturizer that I tested myself! I am a fan of organic and bunny-free cosmetics and I believe so are you. So usually, it's either I shop from Yesstyle Korean cosmetics or I browse iHerb. This time the latter has surprised me with a cool-sounding brand Instanatural. It really didn't sound too promising, but once I used it, I loved it! This summer in Lisbon is really hot and we can even get t a 40 degrees point, so It's almost Dubai here. The sun is really dehydrating my skin and I always need rich moisturizers especially when it comes to...
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21 Jun

Curly Eyelashes: Sky High vs Korean Drugstore Mascara

curly eyelashes
Curly eyelashes that is what every girl wants to have once she leave her home! That is what I tested for the best instant lash lift to get these perfect curly lashes curly eyelashes I tested two mascaras that are Tik Tok's favorite thing and organic Korean drugstore mascara. Those are two completely different formulas that have different effects on eyelashes. Both of those are good enough to deal with the problem of straight eyelashes. My lashes are more like Asian lashes, they are growing downwards and usually, it makes a huge difference when they are curled. Maybelline Sky High Lash Sensational is considered the best drugstore mascara as of today. Every teen tried it even though it is not made for kids....
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23 May

30+ Cute Nails For Summer: Stickers For Nails Or DIY At Home

cute nails for summer
Are you trying to brighten up your life with cute nails for summer? If you haven’t tried cute summer nails for summer 2021 yet, you’re in for a treat! Before covid, I was actively using gel nails or acrylic coverage and I always looked forward to my monthly visit to the local nail salon. However, during the pandemic, I found out that there actually might be a cool substitution to "do it at home treatments and nail art". The restrictions are no longer on the rise but my nail is doing just fantastic with these stickers and press on nails! Why Stickers For Nails? There are so many reasons to love stickers on nails, no matter if you’re used to acrylic nails...
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19 Mar


soft girl
Do you get fascinated by the teen aesthetics like me? This is what you can implement to be today's Soft Girl soft girl It is believed that the Soft Girl term came to life due to the Tik Tok platform which also means something in-between the VSCO Girl and 2020's Grunge Style. The very look of pure innocence and pink dreams gave life to the whole realm of a new era and those who love trends need to try this look at least once. What is a soft girl? As CNN has called it: "...
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24 Jan

How To Wear Pearls Every Day And Look Classy: Etsy & Amazon Picks

I always wondered how to wear pearls every day to look classy and still be young! Are you mesmerized by the beauty of peals like me? Welcome to the club. HOW TO WEAR PEARLS However, many women are afraid to wear those in their everyday life because pearls were worn by "serious and mature" women in the past. Luckily for us, today, wearing pearls is the most significant trend ever since the last year. The only thing you need to think of is what you choose to look like that day. Of course, if you wear the collar with jeans and something more casual like a T-shirt, you will highlight your young side and attitude. If you choose to look more formal, like a...
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6 Dec

Eyelashes On Amazon: Are Korean Faux Lashes The Best?

eyelashes on amazon
Here I am going to test only the best Amazon eyelashes that actually work and wear well eyelashes on amazon I have tested numerous brands for the last two years Different brands sent me out their product for testing and marketing ( p.s. I was modeling for their items). I have at least ten bestsellers of faux lashes at home, and I couldn't ignore it. eyelashes on amazon All those magnetic lashes that are on the 1st page on Amazon are not that good. I believe you have already check those out (especially those in pinkish boxes). Those five boxes that I already own are only good for making a Halloween project for your child's homework! eyelashes on amazon Let me tell you that my eyelashes are...
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6 Apr

Drooping eyelid: Fix droopy eyelid with makeup

How to fix droopy eyelid with makeup? Stop worrying and watch me do it! *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info. So you got a drooping eyelid and need to fix it or learn how to even out your hooded look This would work regardless of your age. The drooping eyelid can be a natural feature and also could be caused due to aging. Not all people want or can perform plastic surgery and I completely support those decisions. Natural features are always better than those artificial ones. If you do not like your hooded eyes,...
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4 Apr

French Ombre Nails: Ballerina Shape Nails At Home

French Ombre Nails
French Ombre Nails? Easy at home with my favorite Ballerina Shape Nails! *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info. What I love about the "at home" manicure is that it is much safer and it does not ruin your nail surface As you may know, I am a victim of acrylic nails in the past which has destroyed my nails completely. It did take me good 4 months to grow it back to healthy-looking. So this is why I chose to do a manicure on my own at home and now I love it! It took me...
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27 Mar

Ballerina Nails Short: How I Do It At Home

Ballerina Nails Short
Ballerina Nails Short Shape is not only beautiful but also elegant! *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info. Ever wondered how to do your ballerina nails short? Do not worry, I will tell you and even show you how I do it at home in 5 minutes. Things that I would be using are a nail file, a crayon ( I use the one for eyebrows), and 2 different nail polishes for s strong and natural look (you can use any color that you like). Ballerina Nails ShortBallerina Nails ShortBallerina Nails Short First things first, I would...
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