Checkered Nails DIY Are Now Trending On Pinterest
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4 Jun

Checkered Nails DIY Are Now Trending On Pinterest

Are you wondering how to do your checkered manicure at home?

This article has all the answers!

Checkered nails manicure has a certain mysterious appeal, originality and style. That is why it is often used to create festive images and everyday ideas.

To make checkered nails – a spectacular contrasting combination of cells – is within the power of any fashionista. After all, the nail art algorithm is extremely simple and understandable.

What is needed for a checkered manicure?

Traditional checkered manicure – black and white cells. They alternate through one on the nail plate, attracting the attention of those around them with the contrasting brightness of the created pattern.

The size of the cells determines the complexity of the planned work and varies solely at the request of the fashionista.

The simplest manicure involves dividing the nail into four zones, which are painted either with black and white varnishes or in an arbitrary combination of shades.

It is a little more challenging to make a checkered manicure with medium cells, and the top of professionalism, style and grace is a small “chessboard” painted on nails.

To create a checkerboard manicure, you will need:

  • nail polishes in contrasting colors;
  • transparent nail polish (top coat) for a glossy finish;
  • the base coat for a manicure.

Important! For a chess manicure, you need to choose nail polishes with a very thin brush or purchase the accessories necessary for a beautiful drawing.

How to make a checkered manicure?

The first step in any manicure is the preparation of the nail “canvas”.

This includes gentle cuticle removal with a special tool and an orange stick. As well as filing the nail bed for a smooth surface.

The next step will be directly creating checkerboard cells – for example, in traditional black and white.

To make a beautiful manicure, you need:

  • cover the nailbed twice with white nail polish and allow both layers to dry;
  • make a checkered board marking the lines with black polish – line the nailbed into squares of the desired size with thin vertical and horizontal lines;
  • slowly and carefully paint over the squares in the selected colors, alternating the arrangement of shades;
  • wait for the nail polish to dry;
  • cover the nails with a transparent polish to fix the finished manicure.
  • so that the joints and manicure errors are not conspicuous, it is recommended to paint over with a grey or silver tone before applying the final colorless coating

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Fascinating ideas of a checkered manicure

The traditional chess cage on the nails always looks great. But unfortunately, its outlook may seem tedious and non-trend.

To avoid this, nail design masters recommend combining checkered manicures with other techniques, creating original author’s ideas.

Among the most exciting and stylish checkered manicure designs are:

  • moon jacket – a “smile” painted in addition to both chess shades will add fabulousness and unusualness to the manicure;
  • rhinestones or broths – the use of small elements to create cell borders guarantees brightness and festivity to the nail design;
  • slider – “crowns”, “rooks”, “horses”, and other figures pasted on nails will allow you to experiment with chess manicure and create something new every time;
  • matte variations – monochrome “chess” when using two types of coatings.

Checkered manicure gives vast scope for creativity. Replacing traditional colors with gold or silver shades, using emerging new nail techniques, and other opportunities will allow you to create a gorgeous and bright manicure for any image, image and even mood.




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