Ballerina Nails Short: How I Do It At Home Easy And Quick
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27 Mar

Ballerina Nails Short: How I Do It At Home

Ballerina Nails Short Shape is not only beautiful but also elegant!

Ever wondered how to make your ballerina nails short?

Do not worry; I will tell you and even show you how I do it at home in 5 minutes.

Things that I would be using are a nail file, a crayon ( I use the one for eyebrows), and 2 different nail polishes for a strong and natural look (you can use any color that you like).

First things first, I would clean my nails, apply a moisturizer to the cuticle, and spread it to the whole surface of the nail.

I usually remove the dry cuticle off to get this ballerina a clean and sophisticated look. It can be a usual hand cream, or I also like to use a lip balm because it’s more concentrated.

An oil for the cuticle will also do if you have it around!

How I File & Shape My Nails For Ballerina Shape Nails

As my nails are clean and soft, I wipe off the excess moisturizer to keep it polish applicable.

Then, it goes quickly and smoothly: I start shaping my nails with a crayon.

I take pointe shoes and shape them with the same silhouette. It’s quite different from the coffin shape because it would have a softer and bulkier shape (the coffin shape is sharp and straight).

Take a closer look at a ballet pointe shoe, and you will get it!

Once I drew the shape with the crayon, I started with the nail file. Starting from the top to the bottom in a diagonal way, making a curve with a tipping point at the end.

Now, once you are happy with the shape of one nail and you think it resembles a ballet shoe shape to the maximum, you are good to go with the rest of your nails.

I can tell you that it’s the perfect color and shape to use. As a former ballet dancer, I confirm that this clean look is what every ballet dancer would really want to use all the time.

If you are up for a classy look, use these polishes to get that vibe:




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