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11 Sep

Makeup for burgundy dress: Use Minimum

Makeup for burgundy dress

Not sure about this special color?

Makeup for a burgundy dress can be easy if you understand color scheme

Basically, there is a cold and a warm undertone of everything in the world. It all depends on your natural skin color, eyes, and hair, as well as the very dress color.

Makeup for burgundy dress

Burgundy shade is a very deep color that requires specific makeup. When you are wearing that kind of a dress, you have to wear makeup that will be noticeable.

That would be best to wear it either in the evening or during the cold weather.

You have to make an accent either on the eyes or on the lips.

How to dress modest but stylish

Achieve Voluminous lashes without falsies

Eyes – it’s not necessary to put a lot of eyeshadow on, but what I usually prefer is voluminous eyelashes.

And I have a special secret for achieving this so as I never wear fast lashes…like ever…

The secret to the biggest volume is having 2 different mascaras.

For me, it’s a mascara that would hold the curl and not irritate my sensitive eyes and the second one to boost the length and volume to the maximum.

Rire Mascara – a Korean Brand that is founded on natural ingredients, holds it up just perfectly. I have lashes that need to be curled with the eyelash curler.

This little beauty does the job just the way it needs to be done!

Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara is the second layer that makes the whole “Drama Queen” effect on your eyes. It’s a more affordable prototype of Dior Lash Sensation or Clinique Chubby Mascara.

I would also emphasize The Classic French Cabaret from Vivien Sabo, which also makes unbelievable lashes.

I have heard so much positive feedback about it, and all Youtubers are raving about it.

My top 5 list cannot stand “live” without a Collistar Black Mascara, and I would also stress on Lancome Definicils for a calmer effect but with very long and defined lashes.

Cherry shade Lips

Trust me, these 2 are inseparable in my makeup routine. And remember, when you accentuate your eyes, don’t put a lot of emphasis on your lips in order to balance it out.

For the lips, I chose something more blurry with a cherry shade. It’s a liquid lipstick from MAC in the cherry shade.

But I would also go for the more affordable prices from the options down below and just add some transparent lipgloss on top of it.

Eyeliner for the evening

I always use eyeliner whenever I have time the preparation for a night out or a special occasion.

My most favorite ones are from Eveline and NYX Cosmetics. But I would also emphasize the L’OREAL and Revlon affordable selection.

Silver Cream Eyeshadow for Shine

For the inner eye, I used Revlon eyeshadow. It opens your eyes and makes it so much brighter. But I would also use these from the down below selection.

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