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23 Jun

How to dress well: A stylist​ recommends!

how to dress well
Ever wondered how to look better and what kind of clothes to buy to always look presentable? Here I have a solution for you how to dress well! How to dress well every time This is what you could do to always look great without a lot of effort. The answer to this question is a "capsule wardrobe". Just look through your existing closet and choose al the most basic colors. I personally like beige, white and black. Those are my basic colors for absolutely any season. This time I chose a beige cotton dress and a beige oversized linen blazer. You don't have to mix it up with a pair of high heels, you can always take your most favorite sneakers. Beige...
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2 Jun

Green dress shoes: How to choose the right ones

Green dress shoes 2019
What color of shoes should you wear with a green dress? Green dress shoes So you chose your perfect green dress for the occasion and now you don't know what color of shoes to pick. What style to pick when there is such a big variety of different brands? From Manolo Blahnik expensive range to more affordable at Massimo Dutti. Where do you go from there? Depending on where you are aiming to go, whether it's a cocktail party or just everyday wear, you need different kinds of shoes. There are occasions where you can literally take your favorite pair of sneakers. Or that could e an event like Red Carpet and you need to look chic. green tunica for summer Let's start with...
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1 Jun

White pants suit for women: summer look

white trousers suit for ladies
Looking for fashion inspiration? Check out my white pants suit for women! Why the quality of the fabrics matters a lot when it comes to white pants suit for women. I always stress on the quality of the clothes that you choose. This is essential to pick your wardrobe so that it would consist of natural materials and fabrics. Especially for summer, it is not advisable to wear artificial covers like polyester, spandex or acrylics. Especially when it comes to white pants suit for women! Suit trousers cannot be made of polyester solely! Try to notice what you are choosing. Always check for the tag to see if that item has at least 50% of cotton, silk, or linen. If you change...
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30 May

What to wear today: Simple fashion is beautiful

What to wear today, loose white shirt and jeans shorts DYI
Were you wondering what to wear today to keep it simple but beautiful? "What to wear today" is an ever ending question that bothers every woman. I am no exception, I always think before going out. But when it is summer, you realize that you need a wardrobe rehab. Or how we call it - a decluttering of your old closet. You might not realize that yet, but it will definitely save your time in the morning! Decluttering tips for your wardrobe In order to find your most functionalists wardrobe, you need to become a bit of a minimalist. I love minimalist style when there is a maximum of 10 pieces of wardrobe that could be built upon during the...
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8 May

Shopping List of a Fashion victim in 2019

shopping list fashion 2019
What could be your shopping list in 2019? This is the best advice from a personal stylist that you could ever find for free. So buckle up and let's continue with your shopping list! T-shirt and shirt to shop for First and almost the most important is the renewal of the basics at last once a year. As I have mentioned before your basic wardrobe always starts with a white T-shirt or a white basic shirt. Depending on your personal preferences this is the hot thing this season. Pay your attention to materials like cotton and silk. As it is a hot season it is not advisable to wear materials such as polyester. Jeans for a shopping list 2019 A new pair of jeans...
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6 May

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

how to build a Capsule wardrobe
Do you know how to build a capsule wardrobe? What is a capsule wardrobe Let us find what a capsule wardrobe is and how to build easily. A capsule wardrobe is a set of basic clothes that suit to any of the other pieces that you have. Whenever you have no time - you need to have a "capsule" that will always look good on you. This capsule wardrobe will be your saver at any time and situation in life. Capsule wardrobe Imagine a capsule wardrobe to be your basics or a clean "canvas" before you add up colors. Put all the seasonal trends aside and really think what basics you already have in the wardrobe. White T-shirt for a capsule wardrobe Number...
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29 Apr

How to dress for an hourglass figure: the guideline

hourglass body type outfit
Were you wondering how to dress for an hourglass figure? Here is what confirms that your body is of Hourglass Shape and how to dress for an hourglass figure You would see your body as curvy Your waist is well-defined Your bosom and bottom are even or almost even Your bust, hips and possibly things are curvy Your silhouette is perfect! And every woman desired to have your silhouette. Your main objective is to define and emphasize your main assets. Fitted pieces were made for you so you could celebrate your beauty every day. Hourglass figure preferences for the TOP Wrap tops Peplum blouses Tops with a lot of room in the chest area V-neck, round neck or boat neck When it comes to SLEEVES for an hourglass body If you want...
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28 Apr

How to dress for an Apple body shape

how to dress for an apple body shape
Do you think you might have an Apple body shape? Here is how to confirm that you have an apple body shape - You are generally well-proportioned. Your shoulders and bosom are broader than your hipsHips are not on a curvy sideYou don’t have a well-defined waistline (If you do, you are body shape is not an Apple body type) Preferences of the Apple Body shape for TOP A-line silhouettes Flared tunics Relaxed, boyfriend button-up shirts V-neck anything Regarding the SLEEVES If you think your arms and shoulders are good for strapless or sleeveless - go for it! If you prefer to cover up, try a more fitted sleeve to help balance out your bosom and tummy. If you are curvy, try to elongate your neck with V-neck or scoop-necks. Apple...
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27 Apr

Pear Shape body: How to dress correctly

Dress for pear shape body
You think you may have a Pear Shape body? Here is what you need to know about it: Your waist is wider than your bust You consider yourself to have fuller hips in comparison to your top Narrow shoulders You have a fuller rear So now you know all the characteristics to the Pear Shape body. So what could be your perfect wardrobe? Preferences for the Pear Shape body Top Plunging V-necks in any silhouette Bell-sleeves Deep U-neck cut We are trying to construct an hourglass body shape. By adding up more emphasize to your shoulders and waist you will get the desired shape. Please note that fitted top will totally make it for you! Fitted waist T-shites, blouses, tops, ect., will draw attention to your assets. If you are...
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26 Apr

Inverted Triangle body shape: How to dress appropriately

Inverted triangle outfit
You think you have an inverted triangle body shape? How would you know it is you? As an actually inverted triangle body shape owner, you have wide shoulders and a very tiny bottom. How to easily resolve your problems with the body shape The goal of your body type is the recreation of an hourglass type figure. You need to work mostly on your bottom in order to fix the disproportionality. So that you could easily achieve an hourglass shape you need to take off the stress from your shoulders and add up on to the bottom. Tops for inverted triangle body shape I would definitely stress on a v-neck, low round, cross over, cowl, square neck. By doing that you will add...
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