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28 Sep

Kibbe Dramatic Fall Outfits: Navigate Through Autumn With These Tips

kibbe dramatic fall outfits
Are you wondering what are the next Kibbe Dramatic fall outfits? This article has all the answers! For dramatics, the fall season smells fresh of leather (faux), cheetah prints, the color mud red, body jewels, and oversized silhouettes. And while each season is a box full of bold choices for you, the fall season takes the cake home. Why?  Styling and layering without losing your authentic charm is a fruitful challenge, and what dramatic individual has ever backed down from a good challenge, right?  Your element is drama; your element is success. Your element is power, and your element is dangerous. How to incorporate that with your fall outfit choices? We’ll get there soon! Here’s the best catch, fall season’s fresh breeze expects you...
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26 Sep

True Autumn vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn: Which One Fits You?

True Autumn vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Are you wondering what the difference is between True Autumn, vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn? This article will answer all the interesting questions! Autumn is a season of change, and it's not just the leaves that are transforming. Your whole personality or what we call a "vibe" (P.S. and for the vibes, I'd consult the Kitchener system if you're looking for the answers) can also shift during this time of year, and it's essential to understand which type of Autumn color palette you are. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between True Autumn vs Dark Autumn vs Soft Autumn color palettes and how they can impact your fashion choices (I know a lot of people are also using...
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18 Sep

Classic Style Essence By John Kitchener: Style Your Wardrobe With Elegance, Poise, And Sophistication!

classic style essence
Are you wondering what Classic Style Essence is? This article has all the answers! Do you have an intense desire to dress more timelessly, elegantly, and gracefully rather than dramatically or sensually? Do you relate with women of historic royalty more than current-day women? Does Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn inspire you the most in terms of styling and fashion? Welcome to the classic style essence by John Kitchener! This style essence portrays balance, poise, and class. Mind you, it’s not boring or dull as is mostly perceived— dressing timelessly is all about sophistication, modesty, and charm.  Individuals with this style essence execute royalty— one look at their superiority is enough to notice how elegant, proper, and collected they always appear.  It’s not only an...
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31 Aug

The Eight Style Roots— Find Your Core Aesthetics And The Clothes That Best Suit Your Vibe

style roots
Are you wondering what the 8 style roots system is? This article will help you understand it! What's this fuss all about the eight style roots? It’s good when Kibbe body types match your personality, but it’s a dilemma for individuals who don’t confide with these style aesthetics. It’s not rare for individuals to feel lost in their own body types. Their body may have “Kibbe Dramatic” imprinted in BOLD; but their soul may want to translate a different story, perhaps more gentle, sweet, or sensual.  This is where “Style Roots” come to play. It’s a simplified style system, articulated to help you dress according to your personalized aesthetics without feeling constricted or strained.  In a way, “Style Roots” is relatively similar to ‘Kitchener style essence,” yet...
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30 Aug

Kitchener’s Dramatic Style Essence— How to style yourself without losing your persona!

dramatic style essence
Are you wondering what Kitchener's Dramatic Style Essence is? This article has all the answers! Unconventional, fearlessly savage, sincerely unbothered, and daringly dominant; that’s dramatic style essence for you.  Their eyes reflect power; their aura reverberates superiority. They walk and people turn in awe; each step is confident and well-calculated. They speak and people stop to listen. They have power over others; they stupify the crowd with their presence.  Women with dramatic essence represent glory, they sit on the highest hierarchy and the world follows. That’s a woman with dramatic essence; she is successful, she is unabashedly unabashed, and she is the true definition of power and poise.  Cher often comes to mind when we talk about Dramatic style essence; she is the embodiment...
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12 Aug

Most common face shapes— the right hairstyles and glasses for your face cut!

most common face shapes
Are you wondering what your face shape is and how to style it right? This article has all the answers! Have you ever bought an expensive set of sunglasses only to regret it later because it somehow doesn’t suit your face shape despite the heavy price tag?  Or worse, you got a trendy haircut that turned out to be the worst choice of your life? That’s the thing about ‘style,’ a price tag or fashion trends cannot define its worthiness; only your uniqueness can!  Just like your body; your face is unique and would better accentuate in beauty if you choose hairstyles and accessories that compliment your face shape. Understanding your face shape is the first step towards styling it better with more-tuned hairstyles, accessories, glasses,...
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21 Jul

Kibbe Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic: What’s The Difference?

soft gamine vs soft classic
Are you wondering what's the difference between Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic? This article will answer all your doubts! Knowing the difference between Soft Classic vs Soft Gamine body types can change your wardrobe game for the better!  Have you ever wondered why Soft Classic outfits just don't do it for you, despite having similar physical attributes to the said body archetype?  It's possible that you are confusing your Soft Classic body type with Kibbe's Soft Gamine body, and vice versa.  In all aspects, your confusion is entirely valid and not at all ridiculous. Kibbe's body typing system differentiates body types on a very thin thread— these dissimilarities are negligible yet powerful!  Soft Gamine Vs. Soft Classic body type is one such confusing combination.  Jessica Alba will...
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20 Jul

Elevate Your Style With These Irresistible Romantic Academia Outfits

19 1
Are you wondering what are your best Roamtic Academia Outfits this time around? This article has all the best suggestions! When it comes to Academia outfits - it all comes down to the fact that you want to look polished and put together. This style mixes old-school classroom looks with soft, dreamy details. Think of wearing a smart scholar's outfit with a fairy-tale twist. Sounds cool, right? So, let's get started on this fun fashion trip. We'll share outfit ideas to help you get this look just right. Stick around, as we dive into the exciting world of Romantic Academia fashion. So if you are someone who wants to look pretty and put together, this blog is for you. So get ready to make your...
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26 Jun

Mastering the Blues: Aesthetic Blue Outfit Ideas For Your Wardrobe

Aesthetic Blue Outfit Ideas
Are you wondering what could be your next aesthetic blue outfit ideas? This article will answer your questions! Blue is a color that never goes out of style, and it's a favorite for a reason. The color blue is versatile, calming, and soothing. It's no wonder that blue has become a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. From denim jeans to pastel blue dresses, blue outfits are an evergreen trend that everyone should try. If you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe with aesthetic blue outfits, you've come to the right place! This guide will take you through the basics of blue clothing items, how to accessorize them, and outfit ideas for every occasion. So, let's get started on mastering the blues and adding some...
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22 Jun

Deep Autumn vs Bright Spring: Secrets You Need To Know

deep autumn vs bright spring
Are you wondering what the difference is between Deep Autumn vs Bright Spring? This article has all the answers! Deep Autumn and Bright Spring might seem a little incomparable and comparable at the same time. Deep Autumn is rich, luxurious beautiful color palette while Bright Spring radiates with saturation and chroma. And we are going to see how Autumn can wear Spring and even more. Usually, the beauty of Deep Autumn contains dark hair, darker colored skin, and quite contrasting appearances of all representatives of Autumn. The color palette is the deepest and most magnifying like the brightly saturated sun lurking through the deepness of the dark forest gravitating to the ground. The colors are diluted not with grey or dark gray, but with black...
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