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26 Oct

How to appear taller if you are short and female

How to appear taller
Are you wondering how to appear taller if you are a shortie? I have all the recommndation over here! Good afternoon, my dear readers of my blog! If you looked at me, then you definitely, at least once, asked the question “How to appear taller” like here with this short height? (I'm 160 cm). What if I told you that even tall models can look short. How is this possible? I'll tell you in this article. I will share 3 techniques that will help you visually become taller and tell you about the main mistakes. I will also dispel the stereotypes about midi skirts and tell you why the V-neck does not help to make your silhouette look taller. How to appear...
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21 Oct

Vase Body Shape: How To Dress Well And Right

vase body shape
Are you wondering how to dress your vase body shape right? Here are all the answers from a stylist! Description of a vase body shape: large breasts (proportional to your overall outlook of the body), well-proportioned shoulders, long and thin waist, slimmer legs and hips than the hourglass body type. The type of figure "vase" can be considered a kind of "hourglass". If you take the "hourglass" type of figure and stretch them somewhat in height, you get a "vase". If your body type is "vase", then it is easier for you to choose clothes than "hourglass" - you are not as embossed as they are, and your lower part of the figure is not as prominent as theirs. But most representatives of...
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17 Oct

Mesomorph body type woman: Celebrities, Style, And Workout

mesomorph body type woman
Are you wondering how to deal with a mesomorph body type? Let's see the answers here! Mesomorph body type woman can be considered genetically gifted. They are characterized by an athletic, strong, compact, and naturally slim body. They have excellent posture. Their shoulders are often broader than their hips, and women tend to have an hourglass shape. Mesomorphs are born athletes, thin and muscular, without even striving for this. Usually, their physique is called "average". The world's leading tennis rackets, figure skaters, and bodybuilders belong to this group. Pure mesomorph is a classic "Hercules" with a predominance of bones and muscles. As a rule, such people have a massive cubic or round head, broad shoulders and chest, muscular arms and legs. The amount of...
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15 Oct

Ectomorph body type celebrities: Dress, Diet & Workout

Ectomorph body type
Are you wondering what an Ectomorph body type is and how to deal with it? I got your back with these responses! An ectomorph is a body type that is prone to thinness. Usually, people of this type are very thin and are above average height. A characteristic feature of ectomorphs is also a small muscle mass, which looks quite prominent. With its small joints and waist, it is difficult to blame the ectomorph for storing fat for the winter. The fact is that this type of person has a very high metabolism and therefore the problem of fat is completely absent for them, even if they lie on the couch all day long. However, ectomorphs have a very serious problem - their high...
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14 Oct

Endomorph body type celebrities – How to dress, diet, and train

endomorph body type celebrities
Are you wondering what are endomorph body type celebrities? Here is what you need to know! According to statistics, endomorph is the most common type of physique among women. In particular, with age, the level of estrogen in the female body decreases, which changes the appetite and can lead to a change in the original somatotype - plus, to gain weight. At the same time, endomorphic girls are distinguished by rounded body shapes, increased number of fat cells, large waist circumference, the larger shape of the head or just a broad face, and short neck. Researchers note the potential for muscle gain as well as the problems with weight loss. How to determine an endomorph body type? endomorph body type celebrities Endomorph is one of the...
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11 Oct

Dresses for short women per body shape: How to choose the right one

dresses for short women
Are you wondering how to find dresses for short women as per your body shape? This is what a stylist has to say! How to choose the right dresses for short women of petite size depending on the shape and the occasion? For my miniature height (160 cm), I managed to create an excellent collection of outfits, they all fit me perfectly and visually lengthen my silhouette. Many of my friends are constantly trying to figure out how I manage to dress so stylishly and beautifully despite my small stature. You are interested? Then let's get started! How to choose the right dresses for short women? When choosing a dress, first understand whether you like it or not. If so, go through this checklist to...
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9 Oct

Jeans For Plus Size Women: How To Wear And Style Them Right

the best jeans for plus size
Are you wondering what are the best jeans for plus size women? Here is what you need to know! There is an opinion that only slim girls can wear denim pants. But this is far from the case. With the right choice, jeans are perfect for ladies with curves, helping them not only to hide extra pounds but to emphasize the existing advantages of their figure. jeans for plus sizejeans for plus sizejeans for plus sizejeans for plus sizejeans for plus sizejeans for plus size Models The stereotype that has developed over time that overweight women can afford to wear only straight jeans has long lost its relevance. Today, denim pants appear more and more often at fashion shows of collections for obese women, and...
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7 Oct

Indian Saree: How To Wear And Style In A Chic Way

Indian Saree
Are you wondering how to wear Indian Saree the right way? Here is what you are missing! On the pages of magazines and websites, you have probably seen more than once Indian beauties in bright outfits trimmed with precious stones and embroidered patterns. The fabric they wear is called a saree. Saree is the traditional dress of women living in India. Appearing many centuries ago, such an outfit was made from a long piece of canvas in the form of a rectangle. Women wrapped themselves in such a canvas, draping it to emphasize the curves of the figure and hide possible flaws. Centuries later, sarees are still popular. This is the casual and smart dress of Indian women, as well as the original...
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26 Sep

Pear Body Shape Celebrities And How To Elevate Your Wardrobe

pear body shape celebrities
Are you wondering how pear body shape celebrities are maintaining their style and diet? Join my discourse on how to elevate your body shape maintance! One of the most common types of shapes is the pear body shape. The same "pear" with wide hips and small breasts, which for some reason is not loved by its owners and is so attractive and feminine in the eyes of men. How to dress correctly for women of this type? Description of the pear body shape Many people immediately associate the female figure of a "pear" with a wider lower part in comparison with the top, which is generally true. This type is also called A-silhouette or a "triangle". Wide hips (noticeably wider than the shoulders) in women...
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25 Sep

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Celebs: Style, Diet & Exercises

inverted triangle body shape celebs
Are you wondering how Inverted Triangle Body Shape Celebs maintain their bodies and elevate style? Here is the ultimate answer There are many types of shapes. For each of them, stylists have come up with names, developed rules for choosing clothes, fitness trainers give advice on how to bring the body closer to the ideal, nutritionists recommend what and in which quantities to eat. But they all forget about one thing, the main thing in a woman is individuality. There are no right or wrong, standard or non-standard shapes. So it is with the "inverted triangle" - a figure, in the opinion of many, disproportionate. However, following simple rules and listening to yourself, the "triangle body shape" will be a great opportunity...
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