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22 Jun

Soft Gamine Summer Outfits | A Complete Style Guide

soft gamine summer outfits
Getting your wardrobe refreshed for summer for your Soft Gamine body type? Here are the guidelines that I have for you! You are all about pretty details— those summer dresses are made for your Soft Gamine body type. Floral, dainty, delicate, and pretty in existence. If you thought the winter wardrobe for soft gamine was your true element, wait until you unravel this summer wardrobe selection.  The summer season is all about airy silhouettes, colors, and minimal clothing. Lucky for you, petite is your main accommodation. So, minimal and dainty clothing is your forte. It compliments your small stature. But that’s not all.  Because your Soft Gamine body type is youthful and girlish, your style shifts towards everything that’s pretty and young, something...
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18 Jun

Detailed Explanation Of Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Summer Outfits | A Complete Style Guide!

Theatrical Romantic summer outfits
Confused about your summer wardrobe if you're a Theatrical Romantic type? This article has the best suggestions! Theatrical romantics are closely similar to Kibbe Romantics with a few add-ons when it comes to their wardrobe. While you follow the same geometry as the KRs, there are a few adaptations. First, you are curvy with a sweet sharpness; Keeping that aside for a moment, let’s talk about theatrical Romantics and whether summer is the season for you!  The answer is an edgy YES! Your body type molds in every weather, whether it’s winter or summer. While the romantics represent “day,” you represent “the evening” and “coming dusk.” Romantics are floral. Their wardrobe is lush and out there. You, on the other hand, are a night blossom....
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9 Jun

Soft Summer Color Palette Summer Capsule Wardrobe – Aritzia Edition

Soft Summer Summer Wardrobe
Get this easy-to-complete summer capsule wardrobe ready for you Soft Summer Palette Aritzia Shopping Guide The soft summer color palette is normally, as we know it, characterized by muted, cool, and delicate hues that are reminiscent of the season when after a scorching hot day we suddenly have dark foggy grey clouds and it starts raining. Soft Summer is all about chilling the hotness down and clearing the air - the summer rain is so much needed to harmonize the day. Soft Summer is this cloud that transits to dimmer colors with cold wind in the air - and that is exactly what the soft summer palette looks like. These colors are often inspired by nature, such as soft dusty blues, dusty rose pinks,...
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5 Jun

Kibbe Romantic Summer Outfits |  A Complete Style Guide

kibbe romantic summer outfits
This article is all about Summer Wardrobe For Kibbe Romantic Body Type With summers finally clearing the winter fog; it’s now time to accommodate & highlight your body type/personalized style without having to hide under warm layers of winter essentials.  The summer season is essentially good news for kibbe romantic body types with their soft silhouette, curvy figure, and small stature.  Summer is your season!  Layers and winter outfits aren’t your best forte because they hide your features and characteristics. You are all about body hugging and body flattering clothes that highlight and quite frankly glorify your curves.  Remember, you are an enchantress, a seductress, and a powerful lady. Sultry and seductive are the two famous adjectives for you. And before you forget, it’s not...
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23 May

Dressing An Autumn In-Transition Type: Exploring Dark Autumn vs True Autumn vs Soft Autumn Misconceptions

Dark Autumn vs True Autumn vs Soft Autumn
Differentiating through Dark Autumn vs True Autumn vs Soft Autumn Learn to see all the common mistakes about seasonal color types The Autumn color palette is a rich and warm tapestry of hues that evoke the changing of the seasons. From the deep, earthy tones of the forest floor to the vibrant golden shades of the sun-drenched foliage, the Autumn palette is a true feast for the senses. The Autumn color palette is a harmonious blend of warm, earthy tones that range from deep, rich burgundies and plums to vibrant golds and ochres. These colors are often inspired by the natural world, drawing inspiration from the changing leaves, the ripening harvest, and the cozy comforts of the season. Whether you're drawn to...
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16 May

Pear Shaped Body: Capsule Wardrobe, Clothes & Style

Screenshot 2024 04 15 at 15.33.51
How to know if you have a pear shaped body? If your body shape looks similar to this, you are a pear shaped body type Your hips tend to be wider than your bust You consider yourself to have fuller hips in comparison to your top Narrow shoulders You have a fuller rear Your body reminds a pear shape, and it is easily spotted if you have any of these characteristics from above. Related: This class on body shape capsule wardrobe will help you understand your proportions much better and choose the best clothes as per your body's geometry. A pear shaped body is actually one of the best body shapes out there, and it is effortless to find the best wardrobe capsule. It tends to become an hourglass body, so this...
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1 Mar

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Winter Outfits: A Complete Style Guide!

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Winter Outfits
Feeling lost with Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Winter Outfits? This article will answer your questions! Come winter, the style of clothing for Theatrical Romantic types changes dramatically. The smooth drapes must make way for thicker fabrics and layers. At the same time, it is crucial to emphasize the double curve of the silhouette. To keep from freezing in winter, bulky layers are a must, a silhouette that never suits romantics. However, fashion and styling are all about a good challenge; otherwise, where’s the fun!? Luckily, the winter season isn’t as tough a nut to crack for TRs as it’s for pure romantics.  Why, you may wonder! TR’s Yang Undercurrent gives way for winter outfits to come naturally for the body type. It gives space for...
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23 Feb

True Winter Vs True Summer: Gilmore Girls Seasonal Color Analysis

true winter vs true summer seasonal color palette of alexis bledel
Discovering What Gilmore Girls Seasonal Colors Are And What's The Catch With Winter vs Summer This article has very interesting answers! As a fashion enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the concept of seasonal color analysis and the same time as an artist who worked with colors and painting for over 12 years (P.S: I have a degree from Lisbon University and I have a published book discussing Jean Michel Basquiat among all of my artistic endeavors) - I found a lot of compromises I couldn't agree with when it comes to the seasonal color analysis. There are obvious things that work and those that make absolutely no sense. In this article, I want to find some senses that will actually...
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14 Feb

Kibbe Romantic Winter Outfits – A Complete Guide

kibbe romantic body type winter outfits
Everything you need to know about Kibbe Romantic Winter Outfits This article has all the answers! Romantic body type was the talk of the town during the fall season— those sensual bodycon silhouettes layered in opulence were sure to leave a bold and enchanting statement.  But, can they unleash similar drama and intoxication with absolute panache during winter as well? Truth be told, winter requires a lot more covering than fall could ever. Bare skin is out of the question, so how does one, with a romantic body type, choose outfits for the cold season to complement their body without losing warmth?  I still agree, for those with a romantic essence, the cold is but a fleeting whisper. You don’t feel cold as...
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8 Feb

A Complete Style Guide To Soft Classic Winter Outfits! 

soft classic body type winter outfits
Wondering how to dress in Winter if you are a Soft Classic by Kibbe? This article has all the answers! Sometimes, less is more, and for soft classics less is always more! Your body type dazzles on moderation and modesty; its importance isn’t lost in the winters either, despite the urgent need to cover up. Minimalism is your forte, poise is your vision, and soft is your gentle appearance.  Where dramatic classics add a dangerous glint to their otherwise harmonious body type, soft classics take the opposite route and highlight themselves with subtlety, elegance, poise, and charm.  And before you conclude it to be meh, the very subtlety and elegance sets you apart from the crowd. The less becomes a statement!  It’s no different for...
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