How To Dress For A Pear Shape Body: Tips From A Stylist
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27 Apr

How To Dress For A Pear Shape Body: Tips from a stylist

how to dress for a pear shape body

Are you wondering how to dress for a pear shape body?

You are in the right place!

So How To Dress For A Pear Shape Body And Pick The Right Wardrobe?


  • Here is what you need to know about it:

  • Your waist is wider than your bust

  • You consider yourself to have fuller hips in comparison to your top

  • Narrow shoulders

  • You have a fuller rear

So now you know all the characteristics of the Pear Shape body.

So what could be your perfect wardrobe?

How To Dress For A Pear Shape Body

How To Dress For A Pear Shape Body

Preferences for the Pear Shape body Top

  • Plunging V-necks in any silhouette
  • Bell-sleeves
  • Deep U-neck cut


We are trying to construct an hourglass body shape. By adding up more emphasis to your shoulders and waist, you will get the desired shape.

Please note that a fitted top will make it for you! Fitted waist T-shirts, blouses, tops, etc., will draw attention to your assets.

If you are curvy, feel free to wear a deep U-neck or V-neck cut.

By doing so, you will draw attention to your natural beauty and even make you look taller by creating a room at the neck.

Long and 3/4 sleeves are made for you.

Please pay special attention to bell sleeves as they will draw attention to your upper body and carve the perfect silhouette.

And, of course, pay attention to constructing an essential capsule wardrobe.

Preferences of the Pear Shape body for the Bottom

  • Flared trousers
  • Classic jeans

In order to slim down your bottom, it is advisable to use darker colors instead of bright ones.

Dresses and skirts for a Pear shape body

Dress for pear shape body

Dramatic sleeves and belted styles will define your body in the desired places.

A-line styles would look fantastic on your body type, which goes for skirts too.

Hemline and Maxi styles will bring more flair and feminine taste to your shape.

If you feel like you can wear fitted styles – feel free to stress on your bottom.

That would be a great idea to try something from the beige color range.

This season is hot for you! We have a lot of linen and cotton summer dresses with an emphasized waist.


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