How To Dress For A Rectangle Body Shape: Stylist's Tips
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18 Apr

How To Dress For A Rectangle Body Shape: Stylist’s Tips

How To Dress For A Rectangle Body Shape

Are you wondering how to dress for a rectangle body shape?

No worries, you are in the right place!

Rectangle body shape what is it and how to deal with it.

Alternatively, you can watch a video to explain what a rectangle body shape is and show what to wear on live models. They are over 40 and 20.

How to dress for a Rectangle body shape? Yes, you are right. Suppose you want to look elegant and wear a wardrobe that suits you when you need to find out your body shape.

The only thing required to do that is facing the mirror and evaluating your body type as it is and not as it will be when “I lose weight.”

You need to understand what body shape you tend to have on a typical day.

We are not talking about extremes like pregnancy, etc. Just what your form is looking like daily.

So what is a RECTANGLE body shape?

  • Most of the times, you will have no defined waist
  • Hips will be somewhat symmetrical to your shoulders
  • You are on the skinny side and will most likely struggle to get some curves
  • Your bust will not be too big

rectangular body type
How to dress for a Rectangle body shape

These rectangle body attributes are regardless of the height, of course. 

How to dress for a Rectangle body shape?

So you have found out that your body shape is rectangular. This is one of the more accessible body types for dressing so that you know.

I recommend avoiding too oversized clothes like these that are so trendy this season.

Like this, you have a big chance to ruin all the shapes, which is not the goal to reach.

The goal is to emphasize and maximize the assets that you already have. The ideal body that we are looking to recreate is an hourglass shape.

While you are still trying to get on a diet or sculpt the perfect curve in the gym, here is my list of how to make your body look the best:

Preferences for the top for a rectangle body type

    • To define your body and enhance it to the maximum, I would use a bright color (T-shirt, blouse, shirt, tunic). That would be best if you could create a contrast between the top and bottom.
    • Be sure you wear a precisely fitted and enhancing bra. That might make a massive difference in your overall body shape.
    • Choose a jacket, blazer, or coat that will create an accent on the waist. That might be a button at the waist or a belt. By doing this, you will create an hourglass shape.
    • To emphasize the geometry, you may add padding to your shoulders.
    • Pay your attention to halter neck tops which will add more volume to your top.

Preferences for the bottom for a rectangle body shape

  • My first best option will be flared trousers. They can be flared from the waist as well as a knee. This type of trousers will not only shape your bottom but will also make you look taller. Try to pair it up with a slight heel or platform wedges.

  • A-line skirts work well, and tight skirts/trousers that highlight the curves that you possess.
  • A knee-length pencil skirt or a dress will highlight the curves. You can match it up with classic heels or knee-length boots.

white flared trousers pants for a rectangular body type

Always remember the “how to dress for a rectangle body shape” rule!

 If you make your top loose and flared – the bottom needs to be fitted and calm. And vice versa, a flared base-fitted top.

Much love.


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