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17 Apr

Best luxury shopping in Lisbon: A personal stylist shows!

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Where to start with high-end best shopping in Lisbon

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Should I buy Portuguese luxuries?

Shopping may take several days if you are looking for something unique and luxury shopping in Lisbon is even more tiresome! Let me give you a hand with that situation, so you could navigate freely in luxury shopping when in Portugal.

This magnificent city will mesmerize you from the very beginning. The sun of Portugal will make you lose your mind and the beauty of its nature will beat you off the ground. Once you notice Portuguese people style you will understand that you are so different. The beauty of their style reflects their true nature.

Their signature thing would be top notch genuine Portuguese leather shoes – only Portuguese crafted by a Portuguese shoe master. A sharply tailored suit and one of the most favorite preferences would be designer jewelry.

As you may know, luxury shopping in Lisbon always starts from the main street with the world famous boutiques. Avenida da Liberdade – the avenue of Liberty. This long street starts from the main monument of Marques Pombal, behind the monument of whose you can easily see one of the best hotels in the world theFourSeasons hotel.

As you walk by towards the end and the start of the city center, you will see all luxury shops to the right and left side.

To the left side, you will find: Bvlgari, Prada, Miu Miu, Zadig&Voltaire, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Elisabetta Franchi, Lacoste, Cuccinelli, Furla, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Stivali multi-branded forum, Fashion Clinic, To the right side, you will see: COS store, Massimo Dutti, Ermenegildo Zegna, Maz Mara, Boss, Armani, Maje, Boutique dos Relogios, etc.

So what is the best luxury shopping like in Lisbon?

Basic wardrobe is a must for every capsule closet

Your basic functional wardrobe starts with a plain white T-shirt and a white shirt. White cotton T-shirt serves as a “basement” for every outfit. Whatever you choose to wear – you can start with your T-shirt and then later layer up your outfit. Every single person has it and the only thing that is different is quality. I personally recommend a basic T-shirt from COS store. The quality and softness of their range are literally outstanding! That will literally be the best 100% real cotton T-shirt you have ever owned in your life. They suggest V-neck and round neck lightweight loose style. This season of spring-summer 2019 there is a pastel colors range like deep green, light blue, and brick orange shades.

Little of you know that such fashion houses as Balmain and Versace are manufacturing their goods in Portugal. For instance, those non-basic T-shirts in the Fashion Clinic right in the middle of Avenida da Liberdade. You will be surprised by the wide and sophisticated choice of the last collections. I suggest trying out the latest trend of Byredo or Serge Luten perfumes.

Tailored suits and couture collections in Lisbon

The most prissily tailored suit you will find at Ermenegildo Zegna Lisbon store. This is a style created only for you, dear men. You can be confident in your suit, as they will craft it under your request in no time. I would highlight their Couture XXX branch of sneakers – try it out – a great alternative to those from Gucci.

Take into consideration, that for Portuguese luxury leather shoes for men please visit Undandy store. And for ladies, it will be Helsar or Portuguese shoes on-line space. Dear women, let me emphasize once again, genuine Portuguese leather boots are a must have at all times.

Find timeless classics in Lisbon

Nevertheless, for more class and precision I would choose English style and that would automatically be Burberry store. If you are looking for classics, I would definitely recommend paying attention to trench coats in neutral colors like beige. I personally love Burberry heritage and you should know that their goods were manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This trench coat will always be a good idea.

A woman’s best friend is a bag

The amalgam of luxury shopping not only in Lisbon but at all times is, of course, a bag corner for women. In other words, all we know that Hermés is the best out there. After all, you know how hard it is to get their Kelly or Birkin. However, in Lisbon, there is a little boutique where only friendly sellers are at your service. The beauty of their iconic bags is that you can choose the size and even the color of your hand-crafted bag. Everything is being done under your request.

Take into consideration that, there is not a big amount of people that know that getting their most desirable bag is not that easy. And for your own comfort, here I tell you the guidelines on how to get it and how to pass an interview. Otherwise, you can request more information in regards to that topic. This can be very helpful if you also read why you need a personal shopper in Lisbon.

I hope you enjoy your stay,


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