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12 Nov

Luxury Experiences of Portugal: Drive a Ferrari in Lisbon

Drive a Ferrari in Lisbon
Luxury experiences are more accessible than you think! So you were trying to impress your other half or take a Ferrari for a wedding ride? Here is why and where you need to request your go see in Portugal. Drive a Ferrari in Lisbon PortugalTopCars has this beauty which was penned by the Ferrari style in collaboration with Pininfarina. The new California T is a fully ergonomic sophisticated fast ad furious horse available for rent in Lisbon and Porto at Portugaltopcars. Drive a Ferrari in Lisbon What you need to know before you ride a Ferrari The California T boasts its classic Ferrari proportions: the shape of its flanks is inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa’s famous pontoon-fender styling, with the front wing line...
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15 May

Best beach in Portugal in 2019

Arrabida beach in Portugal Asos bikini
Thinking of visiting the best beach in Portugal this year? As an experienced expat with that baggage of many years living in Portugal, I could definitely say that Portugal is one of the best places to visit not only in summer. However, summer is the most convenient season for visiting. For those who were planning there trip specifically in summer, I would suggest the best beach in Portugal. "Praia da Arrabida" is a place a bit more secluded from the Lisbon area. It is located in Setubal which is not that far from the capital. It takes only 30 minutes to get there and it is definitely worth it! I can definitely claim Praia da Arrabida the best beach in Portugal. How...
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17 Apr

Best luxury shopping in Lisbon: A personal stylist shows!

Luxury shopping in Lisbon Must de Cratier silk scarf with yellow tulips makeup editorial beauty face
Where to start with high-end shopping in Lisbon Shopping may take several days if you are looking for something unique and luxury shopping in Lisbon is even more tiresome! Let me give you a hand with that situation, so you could navigate freely in luxury shopping when in Portugal. This magnificent city will mesmerize you from the very beginning. The sun of Portugal will make you lose your mind and the beauty of its nature will beat you off the ground. Once you notice Portuguese people style you will understand that you are so different. The beauty of their style reflects their true nature. Should I buy Portuguese luxuries? Their signature thing would be top notch genuine Portuguese leather shoes - only Portuguese crafted...
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26 Dec

Pros and cons working at Farfetch

The truth about Farfetch
If you ever wanted to score a job at Farfetch, here is what you need to know The article is based on my own experience in Lisbon, Portugal. After working at Amazon where I had a 9 to 5 regular office job, I really got interested in becoming freer in regards to my schedule. One of these hot Portuguese summers I was walking at Cais do Sodre station and noticed it was a beautiful artistic area with high-tech studios. There it was a big name of Farfetch shining out in a timely fashion. A new office of luxury retail business. At that moment I decided that I definitely need to work here. Working at Farfetch: Recruitment process The process of recruiting took around...
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20 Dec

Balenciaga – a luxury must have you need

Blenciaga green sunglasses 2019 sale buy
Your perfect gift guide whether it is for your beloved , a friend or yourself. There is one thing that I have learned in my life journey - always reward yourself! Do not be a "Scrooge Mcduck" when it comes to your own self. That feeling of satisfaction will always pay off in return. You have done a great job - please yourself There is absolutely nothing wrong with it! Right on the contrary - you will appreciate your work even more. Buying a new pretty thing will always remind you why you work so hard whether it is a new bag, a silk scarf or a little accessory. Personally for me a great "reward yourself" gift does not mean...
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9 Dec

Thought of moving to Portugal? 3 astonishing ways to stay in Lisbon!

How I moved to Portugal Lisbon
Are you moving to Portugal? A short introduction into the life of an expat who moved to Lisbon, Portugal. Moving to Portugal is not so easy. I will not beat around the bush and tell how amazing the fairytale of Portuguese expat living is as you may imagine in your head. I've heard people would say, "oh, you live in Portugal! Your life must be a dream near the ocean and palm trees with its always sunny weather, and always smiling people". But those are just comments of people that have never visited the country or never had an opportunity to see it from the inside. Moving to Portugal Pros and cons of moving to Portugal There are obviously pros and...
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6 Dec

How to look expensive on a budget or why not to buy LV bag

buy beige leather bag
   How to look expensive on a budget with just one color Can you imagine? All these commercials of very expensive brands are just marketing campaigns for convincing you to buy their products. And this absolutely true! Have you ever noticed that the more beautiful woman is in the advertisement - the more you are open to spending your money on the product even if you don't even need it? Just take a look at a Perfumes campaign. Whenever you see these perfectly photoshopped and edited face - the more you want to look and feel how they do. You just instantly want to be in alignment with that kind of lifestyle and be in resonance with that luxury smell. You subconsciously create a...
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15 Oct

Helsar Portuguese shoes and Massimo Dutti

Hello ladies, If you like things that are purely unique and also like to wear shoes that nobody else has, you are on the right way to finding Portuguese leather craftsmanship. Portuguese shoes are in the same luxury range as Italian, being in the top 20 best leather shoes in the world. I personally love Portuguese leather and always recommend everyone to get something from my favorite shop as a top 5 things to buy when you are in Portugal. Today I wear Helsar boots from here: http://helsar.com , or when you are in Lisbon go directly over here: Av. Dr. Adolfo Coutinho 230, São João da Madeira They are currently producing women's shoes for the high-end segment, Helsar has been gaining ground internationally. Specialized in formal...
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7 Oct

Indian summer in Lisbon

Hello ladies! It's time for Indian summer and it's still hot here in Portugal, so it's time for natural materials. This warm color dynamics consists of linen, silk, cotton and of course straw.  It's a very functional outfit as you can choose this look for office and to go out at night if you change for stilettos and red lipstick. The white silk lace top and peach pink blouse from Massimo Dutti gives this look a bit of romanticism and feminine vibe as it's always better than the usual white shirt. The beige linen jacket doesn't look too official because of the material and color, however this correct geometrical shape together with classic lapels makes it comfortable for work and for...
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17 Sep

Personal shopper for Hermés

How to find a personal shopper for Hermés Have you been thinking about getting your Birkin or Kelly from Hermés? Probably you heard that the process was quite complicated and took too much time to wait? The answer is yes. Yes, it takes a long time for a lady to get her desired bag even if you are rich and famous. We heard multiple stories how Hermés seller denied Oprah of a bag in Paris and even she had to be on a waiting list. To get Birkin from Hermés can take years to get Nobody likes to wait! Thank God, that nowadays you can ask a professional to get it for you. You could even check out a reseller's site. We all know that Vestiaire...
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