Linen Pants Wide Leg: Where To Get And How To Wear
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23 Jun

Linen Pants Wide Leg: Where To Get And How To Wear

Linen pants are not only elegance but also comfort

I know how to wear your favorite linen pants with wide leg model!

Linen clothes are among the trends for summer! In skirts, dresses, blouses, and pants, linen is wonderful for creating more elegant and comfortable looks. I separated 10 looks to teach you how to wear linen pants in the hot days ahead.

Linen history

Researchers indicate that linen was discovered 8000 BC But it was the Egyptians who began using linen as a fabric of the nobility, several pharaohs were embalmed with this fabric.

Even today, linen is a noble fabric, which has high strength and is extremely cool for hot climate regions. Which greatly facilitates acceptance in the Brazilian climate. It is used in various garments and home items.

How to wear linen pants

Although linen has this heavy aspect it refers to comfort and elegance. It is naturally crushed which gives the piece a very special charm. Linen pants are a very versatile piece for your summer looks. Check out my suggestions on how to use:

With basic t-shirt/ white/off-white top

The plain white t-shirt is always a good ally to put together comfortable weekend looks. Combine with sprat with straw soles.

Colored Linen Wide Leg Pants

With colorful or striped t-shirt

The first way I suggest you wear beige linen pants is with a striped t-shirt. It can be with sleeves or without, the key to this look is to keep the basic look in the clothes. Leaving the shoes and glasses as the main highlights of the look.
If you have another piece as elegant as linen pants, this piece is the silk shirt. Note that in the look below the silk shirt is printed in more closed tones, which gives an amazing look for work. The high-waisted pants make the look even more elongated along with the nude sandals.

With colorful sweater or shoe

Linen pants are usually nude, beige, white, and navy blue. As they are neutral tones, an idea is to add color through accessories. A red low-heeled pump looks charming, creative, and yet comfortable.

High-waisted linen pants

The high-waisted linen pants model by itself is quite elegant. When the pantaloon is made of linen, this look goes up many steps in the scale of elegance (rs). Linen pantaloons are also an excellent choice for women who need a more formal look at work but don’t want to die of heat with the fuller fabric pants.

With soft blue summer top

The combination of sober colors makes the look very elegant, for work or leisure this look goes well on different occasions. Note that the shoe also has a great visual weight and balances with the lighter and more fluid pieces of the look.

How to wear linen pants on the weekend?

Although linen pants are very elegant depending on the pieces you use to complement the look, you can get a more serious look, for work, or a more informal and comfortable look, ideal for the weekend.

With loose tops and sneakers

My suggestion is to wear it with a tank top and a very pretty top or bra showing. The sneaker/boot completes the relaxed and comfortable look.

With bodysuits and body-fitting tops

As linen pants are generally looser on the body, you can combine them with a tighter blouse, such as the bodysuit for example. Complement the look with colored glasses and a straw bag that is also a summer trend.

Where to buy linen pants?

As linen pieces will be the main protagonists of the 2021-2022 summer, you will probably be able to find them in the most diverse stores. As it is a natural fabric, linen clothes are usually more expensive, but it is a piece that lasts a long time!!! Years and years in the wardrobe and you’ll still be able to wear the piece, so I believe it’s worth investing in linen pieces.

My favourite choice is Etsy and Zara

Furthermore, this fabric helps in the exchange of heat between our body and the external environment, facilitating perspiration. In other words, it is fresher to use and does not smell of sweat. A great choice for our high summer.

Do you like to use linen pieces?

Iryna Fedorchak

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