Sagittarius Rising Appearance Clothes, Wardrobe & Style
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29 May

Sagittarius Rising Appearance Clothes, Wardrobe & Style

Are you wondering what a Sagittarius Rising Appearance looks like?

This article has all the answers!

What is Sagittarius Rising Appearance? The look, physique and character of the people of this Ascending sign are significantly influenced by the owner of Sagittarius – the Jupiter.

Ascendants ruled by Jupiter usually create the typical Jupiter type unless another planet is aspecting Jupiter itself or the ascendant.

Sagittarius is the third sign of the element of fire, and fire is manifested here in its most mature quality.

If Mesha (Skt. Aries) is “the fire of warriors”, Simha (Skt. Leo) is the “fire of kings”, then Dhanu (Skt. – Sagittarius) is “the fire of priests, teachers”.

Fire reaches here the highest spiritual power. Sagittarius is an active, direct and noble character of a person striving for a great goal or upholding some good deeds in life.

No wonder they say that the dharma of Sagittarius is to shine on others.

As a rule, Sagittarians are healthy, cheerful, fair, serious and spiritual people with an open soul, generous, working for the spiritual uplift of others.

They know the field of philosophy and even foresight skills. They are modest, impulsive, enthusiastic, love to travel and hate hypocrisy. They strive for a godly life.

KEY CONCEPT: fight for freedom and justice; focus on truth and justice.

FAVORABLE FEATURES: idealism; courage; self-confidence; energy; truthfulness; searches for the causes of the phenomenon and the goals of the case in which he participates; moral; humanity as an action; Benefits from constant mental and physical stimulation.

ADVERSE TRAITS: fanatic; too passionate about the idea; imposes beliefs; greedy; tactless; needs a frequent change of scenery; hot-tempered.


Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra states, “The natives of this Lagna have a well-proportioned and well-developed body.

They are tall, with a large forehead, high and thick eyebrows, a long nose, bright eyes, an elegant look, a clear complexion and a beautiful figure.”

Due to the influence of Jupiter, Sagittarius often has a large, athletic build. They have a good posture, and they initially have certain representativeness.

As they age, they can put on weight and become quite overweight. In general, they are impressive, look solid, and open their eyes.

The face is friendly and inviting. Behavior is pleasant, and manners are important.

In other cases, it may be a person with an expression of arrogance and a desire to teach much less often.

They are ruled by Jupiter and belong to the element of fire. Sagittarius often has a pitta constitution mixed with Kapha.

There is often something yellowish or golden in their appearance (skin color, hair color), and they tend to belong to a warm nature due to good blood circulation and good metabolism.

Like all Jupiterian types, Sagittarians often have tremendous strength and enjoy physical work exercise, and love to be outdoors.

They are more active and athletic than other Kapha types, which is an essential component of their well-being.

As a rule, Jupiterians are healthy and live long but can suffer from self-indulgence and the desire to achieve too much in life.

If people of this type begin to lead a sedentary lifestyle, then the advantages of their hefty physique quickly disappear.

Among all the fire signs, Sagittarius on the ascendant gives the highest growth, developed hips, an elongated face, “looking down”, and thick, coarse hair.

But at the same time, there is a tendency for oily hair and their early loss ( men with age can have large bald patches on their foreheads).

Women have very short haircuts or bouffant hairstyles. (Some argue that women with Sagittarius Lagna are more likely to wear ponytails than other signs.

Like other fire signs, Sagittarians walk fast, put their feet firmly, their heads are slightly raised, and look ahead of themselves.

The movements are abrupt, usually moving in a straight line. The handshake is energetic.

The voice is loud and sharp, with guttural timbre and demanding intonations.

Sagittarians are often pronounced extroverts; they strive for active communication and keep the initiative in their hands.

In a conversation, they focus on one topic, not allowing themselves to be distracted and the conversation to be transferred to a calmer channel.

They move close to the interlocutor, enhancing communication’s intimate, personal nature. It can be said that many Sagittarians that they are not good at listening and like to impose their point of view, easily move on to an argument, and raise their voice.

Often they sit with their back straight, but in a tense position, with both hands folded under the chin.

A person whose Lagna is in Sagittarius is straightforward in his statements, and his sometimes rude but truthful speech can even shock.

The fact is that Saturn rules the house of speech in Sagittarius through the sign of Capricorn, and Jupiter, in this sign, is experiencing a fall.

Facial Features Of A Sagittarius Rising

The facial features of the Sagittarians Rising are large but beautiful.

The forehead is often with a fold, characteristic of all signs of the element Fire.

A heavy, strongly pronounced chin often has a dimple (strong-willed chin). The skin of the face varies from very light, “blood and milk” to slightly golden (but seldom naturally dark).

Direct, clear view. The eyes, as it were, glow from the inside, “burn with fire”, and look directly into the eyes of the interlocutor. As a rule, the eyes are wide apart and wide open.

The nose is large, often with a hump or has one line with the forehead (“Roman profile”), the tip of the nose can be bent down, and the nostrils are sharply defined. In general, the face leaves an impression of energy or majesty.

A person whose Lagna is in Sagittarius is straightforward in their statements, and his sometimes rude but truthful speech can even shock.

Sagittarius Rising Clothes, Wardrobe & Fashion Style

For the Sagittarius woman, boutiques and fashion stores are relegated to the “background”.

Even if she buys a chic dress, it is not something significant in her life. At times, she likes to go shopping, but the shopping that attracts many is not her style.

Her wardrobe is austere. We can say that fashion is anathema here, and she considers it unnecessary to wear what is alien to nature.

She may bring back a Beijing padded jacket from her travels or an embroidered skirt from Turkey, but most of the time, she wears clothes that can be worn forever, usually jeans and a shirt.

She is not interested in talking about which celebrity is wearing what. Her ideal is freedom of actions, thoughts, and freedom in clothes.

She does not like a lot of clothes, does not like to depend on things, and she believes that freedom ends where there are a lot of them.

The attitude of a Sagittarius woman to beauty is very simple: what is natural is good.

She can spend hours in beauty salons, making avocado masks and other things that women usually do to look beautiful.

However, her beauty program is natural under normal conditions, and the only thing she considers natural is sunscreen.

So can this “wild horse” dress up in a fabulous dress and build an unimaginable hairstyle? Yes maybe.

This temporary domestication is so extraordinary that it amazes the eyes of others with its appeal.

Despite the illegibility of clothes, and the lack of interest in purely female activities, the Sagittarius woman has many girlfriends.

It’s just damn interesting when she’s there, it gets boring when she’s gone. Her male friends are those who, like her, dress according to the type of activity.

They know how to jump with a parachute, and climb mountains, that is, their way of life is different, different from the way of life of ordinary inhabitants.

What happens when a Sagittarius Rising woman falls in love?

Since she does not know how to do something halfway, she completely immerses herself in love relationships, from the top of her head to her feet.

She sees a great feeling in love, she is delighted like on a roller coaster.

The Sagittarius woman is not a domestic matron, who is surrounded by children and household chores. Her dream is not a sweet little quiet house in some suburb.

Fences make her nervous. To seduce her, she must be brought to a house on the shore of an angry ocean or to a hut on the Amazon.

This woman with a soul and thoughts of romance. Mercantile interests cannot attract her.

Fashion and fashionable clothes for her are just a necessity that society requires.

Sagittarius Rising Preference In Clothes& Shoes

Sagittarians do not blindly follow fashion, but still, dress with an eye on fashion trends. They are bright on their own.

At the same time, they do not like too frank, defiant outfits. They stand out in the crowd but by no means thanks to clothes.

They prefer to build an image in accordance with the status, and tastes of that social
the group to which they belong.

The horoscope of Sagittarius reflects their love of comfort, therefore, in clothes, the first plan for them is convenience – along with the good quality of things.

In everyday life, a Sagittarius woman is likely to prefer trousers, but will not challenge society and appear in them where a skirt is needed, for example, working in a prestigious company.

Noticed a fondness for leather trousers, riveted leather or suede jackets.

Sagittarius will prefer sneakers and boots. If a woman needs to go out, she will be wearing an elegant evening dress.

Another weakness of the representatives of this sign is denim clothing, which is also very convenient for movement and travel.

The older a Sagittarius woman becomes, the more she gravitates toward elegance, classics, and bohemian chic.

Among mature representatives of the sign, there is a noticeable love for luxurious expensive clothes from famous brands.

They are happy to put on stoles, and ponchos, and love solid cardigans made of dense, rich-looking fabrics such as velour.

Sagittarius Rising Preferable Colors

Sagittarians love natural colors, such as green and all its shades, as well as indigo and purple.

From calm dark tones, all shades of the earth, and soil can be attributed here, and from bright ones – the colors of various berries.

Representatives of this zodiac sign, as a rule, are very suitable for blue, purple and aquamarine.

Sagittarius Rising Accessories & Jewelry

The Sagittarius woman will indifferently pass by jewelry that many other ladies would pay attention to.

They prefer exclusive, having a weakness for massive chains, wide bracelets, an abundance of rings on their hands, and long or large earrings of an unusual shape.

They like to wear gold and silver jewelry, trimmed with precious stones, however, they must also be distinguished by their original design.

Sagittarians Rising also love leather accessories – in the wardrobe of many of them you can find a lot of leather belts with varied finishes.

Sagittarius Rising Makeup

Such women do not like too bright colors in makeup, opting for pastel shades. I’m over-impressed by cosmetics that look as natural as possible and emphasize their natural dignity – and they, as a rule, have something to emphasize.

All the pictures were sourced from and given a note of courtesy to the creators: Tom Simpson with the respective license of use; Pulseman license; Honey Boneylicense; Slagheaplicense;

Most Sagittarius have naturally tanned skin, and a natural light blush, which greatly adorns their lively look.

Sagittarians can spend several hours in a row in a beauty salon and then come out of there with such a natural appearance, as if their face was not touched by a stylist’s brush – they really like to produce this effect.

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