Virgo Rising Appearance Wardrobe & Style: Stylist Advice
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22 Apr

Virgo Rising Appearance Wardrobe & Style: Stylist Advice

Are you wondering how a Virgo Rising appearance
looks how to dress well?

This article has all the answers!

Where does the Virgo Rising Appearance start at? The appearance, physique and character of the people of this Rising Signs are greatly influenced by its ruler – Mercury.

Mercury, which is very strong in Virgo, endows its wards with superior intelligence, analytical, and other literary, mathematical, and creative abilities. It gives tact in communication, agility, interest in spiritual knowledge and, at the same time in the objective world; insight and the ability to trade.

Refracted through the element of Earth, Mercury gives such people pedantry, the ability to see small details, and practical skills – for example, keeping records or making things with your own hands. In addition, they have a powerfully developed sense of reality, a rational, practical approach to everything.

Mercury, however, has a double effect on them. Virgos are curious but, at the same time, timid. This distinguishes them from the outgoing, humorous, restless Gemini (who are also ruled by Mercury).

Virgos are often reserved.

As a dual sign, they often lack self-confidence and hesitate about any decision they make. But unlike the rather superficial Gemini, Virgos are deeper. In principle, all cases are brought to an end. In the development and implementation of ideas, they act systematically and systematically.

The symbol of the sign, Virgo, speaks of purity and innocence, and it symbolises human virtue, help and service. Being the 6th house of the natural zodiac (service, health care), Virgo is deeply interested in hygiene and health care and is service-oriented.

Many of those born under the influence of this sign strive to be helpful and serve other people. And it’s pretty easy for them. They feel good in secondary roles and are not inclined to the position of leader.
Purity (both external and internal) is the first quality of the Virgo; she constantly strives for it.

The Virgos will actively clean, rub, put in their places, and put everything on the shelves. They strive to bring comfort, cleanliness, and order to the environment and their world. For them, conscientiousness in the surrounding inner world is order in the family and at work.

Virgos have the absolute purity of their character. The sign of Virgo is a sign of a person who is pleasant, sensitive and creative, pure, innocent, or naive, quickly falling under the influence of others, even with great general wisdom (“in character, he is like the character of a child” (Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra)).

Virgos are sensitive, graceful, sophisticated, beautiful and endowed with high self-esteem. They may have fragile health, increased nervous sensitivity, are very sensible, have a critical view of things, and can adapt to people and situations.

Virgos are shy and responsive, capable of learning foreign languages, inventive, and good at drawing and writing. They are thorough, systematic, practical, and discriminating but often lack energy.

Virgos are, by nature, prone to high spiritual knowledge, and their heart is religious, but their mentality is analytical. It is believed that under the sign of Virgo, people are born who already had experience in serving high ideals in a past life.

The reverse side of the Virgo personality can be fantastic tediousness and slovenliness, significantly when the 1st house is affected.

Then a person is not satisfied with himself and is not happy if at least something is wrong with him, so he can rarely sincerely rejoice. And with a harmful Mercury, he satisfies his desire for communication through gossip, tedium, pickiness and grumbling.

In addition, the increased sensitivity and instability of the mind and nervous system can turn Dev into neurotics.

But, like no one else, he knows how to see and appreciate the beauty and perfection of small details: both the outer material world and his internal structure, likes to bring his skills to full brilliance.

Virgos are picky and meticulous, very demanding of themselves and their surroundings. Therefore, it is difficult for many to get along with them: after all, the Virgin is often dissatisfied with something. However, their exactingness can turn into the spiritual realm.

Then the Deva will become an outstanding connoisseur of philosophical teachings based on the ideals of purity and requiring great attention to detail.

Profound sensual nature is hidden inside them. However, their clear, cold, objective and unemotional attitude is often the first thing that catches the eye of other people.

Virgos can seem like a dry and businesslike people, more conservative than they are. (Venus, responsible for emotional life, is in its fall in this Lagna.)

Therefore, a Virgo Rising is the person from whom the people around expect more technical advice or an unbiased opinion, but not emotional support.

Due to natural perfectionism, such people often have a high ideal of personal relationships, because of which they have to experience many disappointments, difficulties and worries in life.

They make excellent workers, but often they suffer from overwork or do not receive sufficient recognition for their labors.

Ket Concept: perfection achieved through purification; a focus on service, protection, and improvement.

Advantageous features: analytical mind; service orientation; diligence; high standards; purifies and improves everything in pursuit of the ideal; sensitivity; restraint; flair for commercial gain; methodicalness; attention to detail; skill in dealing with letters, numbers, and measurements. Hard work, perseverance. They own a great desire to learn.

Negative features: makes excessive demands; criticises unjustified expectations; narrows focus too much; tormented by anxiety; disappointed; sceptic; finds fault with trifles; understands too literally; importunity; lack of self-promotion skills.

Depending on the degree to which the ascendant is in Virgo, Nakshatras will influence a person.

  • Nakshatra Utara Phalguni influences the Virgo, helping them get to the bottom of the truth and learn the secrets.
  • Nakshatra Hasta rewards with intellectual creativity, unique healing abilities and “golden” hands.
  • A person born under the auspices of the Chitra nakshatra will have charm and charisma and will be able to experience sudden spiritual insight in life.

Virgo Rising Appearance

Ascendants ruled by Mercury (Virgo, Gemini) usually give a mercurial appearance unless another planet dominates Mercury and the ascendant.

Since Mercury is a mutable planet, it can easily take on the properties of those planets with which it is in conjunction.

Therefore, the influence of Mercury is always felt more in mind than in the physical area.

In general, physically mercurial types tend to be shorter or taller than the average representatives of their weight category.

They are of a delicate physique and look very attractive (the positive aspect of Vata Dosha ). Often youthful or changeable in appearance and behaviour.

Mercurial types represent the healthiest aspect of Vata Dosha.

Virgo Rising Facial Features

Facial features of Rising Virgos are usually thin, clearly defined – “refined face”.

It is easy to confuse with the Gemini, but in the look of the Virgins, there is certain chosenness, immobility and aristocracy.

And the facial features are not so elongated. The face fits into a wider oval than that of Gemini. The eyes are small. It can be set reasonably close and deep. Sometimes it gives the impression of a “shooting” look.

Lips – bow, often narrow.

They usually have thick eyebrows—thin and even sometimes shrill voices.

However, the speech is soft and charming; they generally speak gracefully.

Usually, curly hair is the color of ripe rye or darker with an ashy tint.

Because Virgos are very active, they often appear younger than their actual age. However, specialists in physiognomy note in everyday life the usually anxiously stern expression on their faces.

As a result, and also because of the natural dryness of the skin, they may have more wrinkles than corresponds to their biological age.

Almost all the facial features of the Virgo have the same proportions, which makes the appearance not so memorable, without any great signs.

Virgo Rising Outfits & Style

They love the classic style. And they do not allow themselves to be too bright pretentious in appearance.

Virgo is also very practical in choosing a suit, but when buying it, she first of all counts on the versatility of its use, that is, for work as for a holiday, but also for a holiday as for work. If you meet a person with a lot of pockets and pockets, small buttons and rivets, you can suspect a “maiden” in him.

Virgo pays special attention to the details of the costume, and she has no concept of “minor” details, and so there is a threat to overload her costume with a lot of details.

Apparently, the “Virgin” was the author of clothing ensembles, where various skirts and blouses are attached to one jacket, or several blouses and jackets to one skirt.

The rationalism of the “Virgin” finds here an excellent ground for creativity.

Virgo Rising Celebrities

In choosing a color, Virgo allows herself more liberties than Capricorn. At heart, she is partial to bright colors, especially red.

Virgo can afford to wear the whole gamut of colors (Mercury, the owner of this sign, gives variegation and variety), she prefers fabrics with a pattern, preferably abstract.

However, in everyday life they still prefer soft “basic” colors – gray, green, brown, and as an elegant suit, dark brown, dark red with lurex tones.

Virgo loves a lot of small jewelry, preferably inexpensive and not necessarily made of precious metals. There are “virgins” who have 2-3 cheap rings on each hand.

They do not like large and obliging jewelry, preferring more subtle, elegant things – rather for themselves than for others, and preferably combining several functions, for example: pendant-watches, rings-watches, bracelet-watches.

Everything in which rationalism and mind are visible, delights Virgo.

Reasonable Virgo does not like any eccentricity and avant-garde! Impeccable strict style. But it is not necessary to bring everything to perfection – this is unrealistic.

Do not go down to “dullness”, try bright colors in your wardrobe. Remember that even a conservative style can look very attractive.

The practical Virgo is perhaps the only representative of the zodiac circle who proudly walks past the flashy sale sign in the window of a clothing store. If curiosity kicks in, she will take on sale only the most necessary things that she simply could not afford without a discount.

But the fact that Virgo does not like chic, gloss and brilliance at all is fundamentally wrong. This proud and independent fashionista remains faithful to proven, really “her” brands to the end.

Virgo with frank contempt looks at unclean and slovenly dressed people – she herself will not allow even a spot from a ballpoint pen on clothes.

They puts quality and functionality at the forefront, and always pay attention to the fact that the color scheme of things is in harmony with her natural external data.

So, Virgo will never wear a fluffy sweater in a “pull-out-eye” shade, even if it appears in three lists of seasonal trends at once, but she will expertly pick up a blouse of a deep emerald shade under green eyes.

Familiar faces: Designers Tom Ford and Stella McCartney are exemplary Virgos, with all models always dressed to the nines.

From the legendary icons of style, we will name Greta Garbo and Sophia Loren, from the modern ones – supermodel Claudia Schiffer and actress Blake Lively.



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