Kibbe’s Soft Gamine Winter Clothes Style Guide!
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3 Jan

Kibbe’s Soft Gamine Winter Clothes Style Guide!

Dainty. Delicate. Soft. Fluff like the first snow— Kibbe’s soft gamine represents women full of youth and young charisma. 

Their bodies are soft yin, i.e., endowed with flesh. However, instead of inclining towards sensuality, their subtle roundness emphasizes childlike whimsy. 

And because their appearance is dainty, delicate, and petite, their wardrobe will bloom under the same category. (While this is not strictly necessary, there’s no doubt that dainty and bijou details would look far better on you.) 

However, with winters on board and chilly breezes to freeze the night, it gets a little complicated for women with soft gamine body types to balance their dainty and delicate wardrobe selection while also keeping themselves warm. 

It’s complicated, but not at all impossible!

image 7

There’s always a way to highlight your body type without losing warmth in the winter season.

Not to forget, winter accessories are especially Soft-Gamine-Coded, whether it’s the woollen scarf, fuzzy and huge ear muffs, boot sleeves/gorgeous leg warmers, colorful socks, cute sweaters, gloves, beanies, etc. 

Layering comes naturally as for soft gamine winter clothes as well.

Plus, while other body types may only have to resort to long overcoats, you get the liberty to choose as many varieties of winterwear as is available in the market— no restrictions!

So, bring in those knitted sweaters, jackets of all lengths, jumpers, soft hoodies, sweatshirts, teddy jackets, puffers, fluffy coats, knitted vests, etc!

Soft Gamine Body Type Geometry

Before we dive into the details, outline your body type accommodation to have a better understanding of your silhouette and what would look best on you.  

Kibbe Accommodation recognizes your best features and aims to highlight them instead of hiding them. 

“To embrace your body type without forcing it to mold into what society deems beautiful.”

For soft gamine body type, their accommodations include: 

  • Petite Frame(yin): Your first visible trait is an overall petite frame— Your height is short, including a short torso, dainty limbs, and an equally small face. These characteristics are essentially why your appearance is girlish and full of warmth. Wardrobe suggestion: Petite and dainty outfits instead of long or oversized.  
  • Subtle flesh deposition (soft yin): Soft gamines have a subtle layer of flesh on their body, but it’s not overly voluptuous like the romantics. It provides your body with a gentle roundness, which translates to a softer overlook instead of a sensual one. 

This subtle flesh is present throughout your body, including your bust, hipline, and limbs. This is also the reason why you accommodate waist definition.

Wardrobe suggestion: soft fabric, flattering designs, waist emphasis. 

  • Edgy frame (yang): While your body is soft, it’s not at all sloppy or droopy. It’s straight with well-defined lines, especially at your shoulders, limbs, and features. 

Your features include highlighted cheekbones and jawlines. These, of course, are layered with soft flesh. Overall, it adds structure and softness at the same time. Wardrobe selection: Emphasize shoulders and limbs to highlight your lines. 

  • Expressive features: Big doe-like eyes that are slightly apart, dainty, straight nose with a rounded bottom, prominent chin, and high but full cheeks. This mix of yin and yang features creates a heart-shaped face for soft gamines. It may sometimes appear fuller or slightly inclined towards a round face. 

Here’s a detailed overview of Kibbe’s soft gamine body type and its main accommodations

Soft Gamine Vs. Soft Classics

Kibbe’s gamine and classic body types can confuse anyone new to the Kibbe System because of the many similarities they share.

However, both body types have distinct accommodations. Here’s how to differentiate: 

Kibbe’s classic body type resides between the yin and yang spectrum, i.e., they are neither too yin nor strongly yang but reside in the middle of both extremes.

On the other hand, the kibbe gamine body type has a combination of both yin and yang characteristics, present independently. 

image 3

For example, 

  • Classics are neither tall nor short; they have a moderate height. Classics face is neither too yin nor too yang but balanced and symmetrical— not too big eyes, neither too small. The same goes for almost every bit of their existence. 
  • On the other hand, Gamines are short (a yin character), but they also have an edgy bone structure, which is a yang trait. They have big eyes (yin trait) but straight nose (yang trait) 

Soft gamines are petite with subtle flesh, soft classics have moderate (balanced) height and are usually taller than soft gamines. 

This height and flesh distribution create two different images: Soft gamines, with their petite stature, appear girlish and cute. Soft classics, with their balanced stature, appear poise and sophisticated. 

It’s important to highlight this distinction because it separates soft gamine style choices from those of soft classics.

Your wardrobe selection inclines towards soft, playful, and vibrant choices which is different from the symmetrical and modest style choices classic body types embrace. 

Still confused? Here’s a detailed overview of soft gamine vs soft classic body type (including their style choices)

Soft Gamine Body Type Winter Collection |  A complete style guide!

Winter accessories are your HOLY GRAIL!

Not only do they keep you warm and fuzzy throughout the season, but the right choices will compliment your persona and personality to the Y! 


The choices will cover you from head to toe while also featuring dainty elements to your OOTD (outfit of the day.)

Keeping you warm without taking away your aesthetics. 

  • Starting from winter hats (Mind you, the variety is infinite) to keep your ears covered.
  • Mufflers/soft scarfs
  • Fur-lined woollen gloves— Choose thicker and fuzzier gloves. 
  • Tights under your mini skirts: Choose tights that resemble pantyhose but are layered and warm.  
  • Leg warmers: Leg warmers are the NEW trend that is worth all the hype. The style variety is enormous, and you will find everything from lace-layered leg warmers with cute little bows to pink (faux) leather A-line leg sleeves. 
image 5

After warm accessories, layering and winter wear are your two best friends in the cold season.

Below are all the details, read along! 

Soft Gamine Accessories

Everything soft and fuzzy is already labelled “soft gamine.” As a soft gamine, you get the full liberty to accessorize yourself from tip to bottom.

Of course, choose dainty and small details compared to huge or BOLD accessories, including cute little pendants, miniature ear cuffs, bracelets, etc. 

Soft Gamine Hats

For SGs, all hats are welcome as long as they are made of soft fabric or vibrant colors. 

  • Bucket hat: Bucket hats are for casual days and casual outfits. While most bucket hats are a variety for the summer season, you can also find teddy bucket hats made of faux fleece and fur for the winter season. 
  • Beret: The Beret hat has an elegant appearance, so they are definitely for days when you want to dress with more luxury and charm. Nonetheless, they coordinate with every winter outfit, whether overcoats or teddy jackets. Ensure you coordinate the color precisely with the rest of your get-up. 
image 4

Just like bucket hats, beret comes in different fabric varieties, including hand-knitted wool, fleece, faux fur, wool felt, etc. 

  • Beanie: Beanies are officially a winter accessory! Skip the common black color and instead choose beanies in softer and lighter pastel colors. 
  • Newsboy hat: The leather and pink Newsboy hat automatically takes you back to the pop era when Britney Spears took the fashion world by storm! These hats are playful and full of pop energy!
  • Ivy cap: Ivy caps add a vintage charm to your 2024 aesthetic getup!
  • Pillbox hat: Pillbox is elegant and sophisticated, mostly apt for soft classics… but they also go well with your body type, especially when chosen in the right color. 
  • Ushanka Hat: This hat is a Russian variety, but choose one without ear covers. 

Winter Scarves

At times, you can ditch the hats completely and replace them with a scarf covering your head and neck casually.

Place it like a hood, loose and playful along the wind. 

image 6

You can also pair the scarf at your neck with a hat; there’s no such thing as “too many accessories” for soft gamines. The more, the merrier! It makes you come across as someone playful, vibrant, and bubblish. 

Ear muffs and gloves

After scarves and hats, ear muffs also keep your ears closed and away from the wind.

Of all body types, soft gamines are the only ones to slay ear muffs without looking like a kid. It makes you look fun and youthful. 

Choose a similar fabric for your fuzzy gloves. Fur-lined gloves will always work for you; don’t think twice!


For any soft gamine, tights are crucial— essentially because they keep you warm without demanding you to let go of your mini skirts and mini dresses. They come in multiple colors and fabric varieties, including skin-colored (pantyhose-like), lace layered, and even leather tights. 

Leg warmers

As said, leg warmers are exclusively the fashion statement in 2024!

Not only are they warm and fuzzy, they are also extremely stylish!

Simple woolen leg warmers are fine, but you also have fancy variety when it comes to leg warmers. 

image 2

There are lace-lined leg warmers, fur-lined leg warmers, leg warmers with bow attached, leg warmers with cute crochet designs, hand-knit leg warmers, colorful denim leg warmers, and my current favorite— pink leather leg warmers. 

Boots and Chunky shoes. 

The new fashion world is all about blending classics with modern varieties. For soft gamines, Mary Jane heeled shoes are the GOAT! 

Mary Jane shoes have a very gentle and girlish appearance. Adding block heels to them gives them a new and modern energy.

These shoes go perfectly well with any type of leg warmers, especially leather leg warmers locked below the knees. 

Chunky big struts/loafers

While Mary Janes is new to the trend, chunky loafers have been around here for a while and are not going anywhere in the coming years.

While looking forever classics, these loafers also add significant height to your stature without taking away your girlish charm. 

I find these a better substitute for stilettos. Stilettos will often make you appear elder and more womanly instead of making you look girly or sweet. 

So, loafers for the win!


All types of boots are welcome whether knee-length or ankle-length. You can choose the one with the heels or one without the heels, the choice is yours!

However, the color choice is crucial here. Dark grunge boots will take away your warm aura towards emo fashion, which is flamboyant gamine to the core. 

Choose light colors and soft finishings instead of dark colors. When choosing leather boots, choose anything other than black!

Black could be an option, but you will have to balance it out thoroughly with your outfit so it doesn’t take your persona towards metal. 

Other varieties include Uggs, Long Chelsea (Wellington boots), etc! 


Under all the layers, jewelry is often hidden. However, for days when you don’t wear or carry scarves and hats, dainty jewelry is your cutest option. It can be designed winter-specific, such as snowflakes, bells, stars, or snowy earrings and pendants. 

Hair & Makeup 

Glossy. Sweet. Peachy. 

Highlight that winter blush on your cheeks, and don’t shy away from trying a soft eye palette.

Add a good amount of glitter dust (highlighter where humanly possible (especially eyes, nose tip, and cheeks.)

The makeup choice will make you shine in the snow’s ethereal glow. 

For lips, keep them pink, plum, and glossy instead of matte. 

Hairstyles: Loose waves, healthy curls, ponytail, open hair with headband, two ponytails, Half ponytail with bow tie, hairstyle with big (georgette) bow, loose fairy braid with floral elements, etc

Soft Gamine Winter Outfits

Remember, your warmth relies on layering. So, your soft gamine summer tops are just as welcome as any other article as long as it’s well-layered. 

SG Tops

Skip crop tops this winter season because they allow cold air to enter your body. 

Instead, choose a top height that reaches just above your hip line. At the same time, your top should always provide waist definition.

When you do want a cropped look, choose a longer length and tuck it inside a high-waisted bottom. 


  • Short collar
  • Turtle neck
  • High neck
  • Polo neck
  • Fur-lined (V) necklines
  • Broad sweetheart neckline with strings at the center 
  • U-neckline

Don’t choose an oversized top! Even when layering with a cardigan and coat, don’t allow them to be too loose or oversized. 

At the same time, if your top is loose, choose a bottom that wraps your body closely to maintain balance. Waist 

SG Bottoms

For bottoms, mini skirts are more than welcome as long as you are pairing them with winter tights. The same goes for mini-dresses. 

Mini skirts are your vision whether bodycon or flared. 

  • A-line skirt/dress hem
  • Box pleats
  • Wrap
  • Yoke
  • Mini handkerchief skirt with long and narrow ruffles reaching your calves. 
  • Circle, tiered, etc. 

After skirts and dresses, skin-tight jeans and pants would look absolutely gorgeous on you.

When opting for a loose bottom, choose a bell-bottoms, boot-cut, straight pants, or anything that curves at your hips!  

Shorts are equally encouraged, but instead of choosing denim, go for short pants. 

Highwaist should be your first choice for bottoms, but when going with a low waist, ensure it is backed with high heels to balance the height. 

Soft Gamine Dresses

For dresses, a mini length always works. It gets even perfect when you pair the article with a coat/jacket of the same length and high-heeled knee boots. 

Soft Gamine winter layering

Bring it all in— bring in sweaters, pullovers, crochet cardigans, jackets of all varieties, overcoats, sweatshirts, knitwear, hoodies, coats… EVERYTHING!

Your body type adjusts to every winterwear like it’s your second skin (might I add, thick and warm skin at that!)

image 1

If I had to choose the best among all, it would be the following: 

  • Hip-length wool-felt jackets
  • Bomber jackets
  • Fur-lined teddy jackets
  • Thick woollen jackets
  • Zipped woollen sweaters with fur lines at the neckline and cuffs
  • Loose-knit sweaters
  • Hand-knit woollen sweater with cute crewel work. 
  • Fur-lined cardigans
  • Woolen vests
  • Thick and fleece overcoats 
  • Fluffy sweaters and cardigans
  • Puffer jackets
soft gamine winter clothes
soft gamine winter clothes
soft gamine winter clothes
kibbe soft gamine body type outfits
kibbe soft gamine body type outfits
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