Soft Classic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Makeup
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5 Dec

Soft Classic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Makeup

Are you wondering how Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type looks and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

The Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type is located in the center next to the Classic Type on the Yin-Yang scale with an offset towards Yin (the divine feminine).

Soft Classic is a balanced type characterized by symmetrical shapes.

Kibbe called this type a “Graceful Lady,” emphasizing this type’s refinement, tenderness, aristocracy, and nobility.

Kibbe Classic Body Type
Kibbe Classic Body Type

The height of the Soft Classic Body Type is average (+/- 168-170 cm).

The skeletal structure is symmetric, with the correct proportions.

A figure with delicate curves may be slightly straight, and we will not find too curvy forms in this type.

The shoulders can be sloping or straight. Medium to small palms and feet; may be slightly wide.

The upper arms and legs are usually soft and might be somewhat chubby. The limbs may appear slightly short.

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Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

The face of Soft Classic is symmetrical and classic in proportions.

Facial features are soft and slightly plum or rather rounded. The eyes tend to be medium to large, the cheeks are smooth, the lips are full, and the chin is soft.

When gaining weight, the Soft Classic type accumulates weight, first of all, on the waist and face.

The body becomes more stocky, rectangular, and very soft, and there is a splendorous countenance.

Soft Classic Body Type is one of the three types of classic beauty.

In the primary classical type (the Pure Classic – represented by the Princess of Monaco), the elements of Yin and Yang are in perfect balance (there is absolutely nothing eye-striking or really outstanding in that beauty like full Angelina Jolie lips, for instance).

In Soft Classic, you can see the influence of other relevant traits where the female element Yin predominates thanks to the lower level of the masculine Yang element. 

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

The streamlined shape and softness of the body structure are given to the Soft Classic.

Symmetrical beauty, making the soft Classic the most mellow and sort of “pastel” classic type.

The visualization and stylization should be based on smooth, harmonious, and well-balanced basic shapes, details, and color palettes.

The grace and charm of delicate, classic beauty should be embraced in feminine elegance.

The basis of the Soft Classic style is smoothness, which should be manifested in each element of the image.

There are three actresses whose beauty embodies the Soft Classic Body Type among modern movie stars. Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain, and Marion Cotillard (which I disagree with Kibbe)represent one physiognomic type, with three completely different types of color alternately: Light Summer, True Spring, and True Winter.

Kibbe Classic Body Type
Kibbe Classic Body Type

Even though the color palette of these three ladies is entirely different, they are all the same physiognomic type.

They must adhere to the same rules when choosing the hairstyle’s shape, the kind of makeup, and the style and shape of clothing or accessories.

Knowing your color type is too little to create a great look and find the perfect style.

Choosing the right color palette is just the first step in creating the right look.

Even the most perfectly matched colors do not properly emphasize beauty when shapes and lines do not form a harmonious whole with our bodies.

In practice, it turns out that shape is sometimes more important than color.

This is especially true in the dress code, and a poorly chosen cut is worse than an inappropriate color.

An example of how color analysis is not a sufficient element of image building was the role of Naomi Watts as Princess Diana Spencer.

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

Both ladies combine Summer’s vibrant palette of colors. At the same time, they represent completely different physiognomic types.

Kibbe Classic Body Type
Kibbe Classic Body Type

Graceful, fourteen centimeters shorter, she played a Flamboyant Natural beautiful woman, and makeup and costumes couldn’t really help.

Kibbe Classic Body Type

The difference in type is overwhelming. An actress with similar height, body shape, and facial features will look much more like Diana Spencer, even if she introduces a different type of color.

Naomi Watts’ acting ability is an entirely different matter and not up for debate.

Kibbe Classic Body Type


  • Height – from 167 cm to 170 cm.
  • Not very long vertical lines
  • Body type – usually a soft rectangle with a slight deposit in the lower parts of the body
  • Shoulders – slightly sloping
  • Arms and legs – in proportion to or slightly shorter in relation to the body
  • Feet and palms – medium to small, sometimes slightly wider
  • Bust – medium, proportional
  • Waist – slightly emphasized
  • Hips – in proportion to the arms and waist
  • Forearms – not too long, rounded


  • The lower part of the face is slightly delineated and sometimes appears wide (especially with age)
  • Nose – medium in size, often slightly wide
  • Cheekbones – broad with soft edges
  • Eyes – large or medium, medium distance
  • Lips – fleshy, full or medium in size
  • Cheeks – soft, slightly fleshy
Kibbe Classic Body Type
Kibbe Classic Body Type

Soft Classic Body Type Style

Kibbe recommends soft shapes with rounded edges. Smooth, symmetrical, and slightly flowing. It moderately fits at the waist.

The silhouette should remain smooth, soft, and symmetrical. Neat smooth lines slightly flared—soft horizontal or diagonal draperies.

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

Separate top and bottom clothing should be combined harmoniously and elegantly; an image with contrasts and broken lines should be avoided.

Fabrics should be light to medium in weight to drape softly and be slightly flowing while keeping their shape.

The surface is slightly dull or shiny, possibly velvety (silk, cashmere, crepe, velvet, suede, etc.).

The fabric is always of high quality.

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

The details should be smooth and symmetrical, rounded with slightly accentuated, intricate edges.

But here, the main thing is to observe moderation since the image in the Romantic style still needs to be in the lines and verticals of a Cassic type.

Kibbe Classic Body Type
Kibbe Classic Body Type

The shape of the neckline or soft shoulder pads, draperies, and folds should slightly emphasize the shoulders.

The colors are pastel and moderately bright—soft monochrome color combinations, with shades smoothly passing into each other.

Print: watercolor, soft, flowing, abstract, rounded shapes of drawings.

Jackets/blazers should be softly cut, not look like a hard “c and emphasize the waist.

The shoulders may be slightly accentuated.

The skirts are soft and slightly fluid. A straight skirt should be lightweight and slightly tucked in at the bottom to avoid pinching the shape.

Flared skirts are best, especially those with an uneven, and the waist should be marked.

Length: straight skirt – near the knee; flared skirt can be longer.

Kibbe Classic Body Type
Kibbe Classic Body Type

Pants are made of lightweight fabric, soft silhouette, folds, and neat darts, and not wide at the bottom—length – below the ankle.

The blouses are soft and elegant, with soft edges and intricate details: soft bows, lace edges, frills, and draped necklines.

Moderation in the decor is essential, and the fabric is used light in weight, for example, silk.

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

Knitwear. There can be soft and smooth sweaters here. Fine knit and very pleasant to the touch.

Cashmere, angora, and others like that.

The dresses are sophisticated, elegant, and slightly fluid—flared shapes with accentuated waist.

Delicate details in the finishing.

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

Small to medium-sized bags. Rounded shape with slight trim.

Soft leather: clutches or shoulder bags.

Jewelry should be simple, elegant, and feminine, and it is not recommended for the type to wear a lot of jewelry.

The shape is round, fluid, and symmetrical—waves, and spirals.

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

Hairstyle. Neat styling with a rounded shape. Curls and waves look good as long as there are not too many.

Medium to long length. Kibbe recommends styling up their hair.

Lack of styling or carelessness in the hair will ruin the image even more than any other “violation” of the recommendations.

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type

Hair color. Do not stray too far from the natural color. It should be soft and realistic.

Highlighting is also undesirable since it scatters attention and distracts from the harmony of the lines of the face.

Makeup. It is necessary to achieve a watercolor effect when all the colors are shaded, shades from light to bright—a little glitter around the eyes, rosy cheeks, and a little gloss on the lips.

The overall look is fresh, feminine, young, and elegant.

Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type
soft classic body type
soft classic body type
soft classic body type



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