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5 Dec

Soft Classic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style, And Makeup

Soft Classic Body Type
Are you wondering how Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type looks like and how to style it? This article has all the answers! The Kibbe Soft Classic Body Type is located in the center next to the Classic Type on the Yin-Yang scale with an offset towards Yin (divine feminine). Soft Classic is a balanced type characterized by symmetrical shapes. Kibbe called this type a "Graceful Lady," emphasizing the refinement, tenderness, aristocracy, and nobility of this type. The height of Soft Classic Body Type is average (+/- 168-170 cm). soft classic body type The skeletal structure is symmetric, with the correct proportions. A figure with delicate curves may be slightly straight, and we will not find too curvy forms in this type. The shoulders can be sloping...
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