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22 Nov

13 Kibbe Body Types: 5 Basic & 8 Subtypes For Women

Are you wondering what the Kibbe Body Types are regarding your appearance?

This article has all the answers!

If you have stumbled somewhere on kibbe body types, you are probably struggling to choose the right clothes for your body without looking uncomfortable and out of place or style! 

You have come to the right conclusion. Wearing clothes that don’t suit your body will automatically make you look unflattering, uncomfortable, and weird! 

In order to look your best, it is important to determine one crucial thing— your type of appearance.

And today, we are going to discuss a detailed analysis of your appearance with Kibbe’s guide and the clothes that best suit you!

Following fashion trends has been and remains an essential part of our life.

But often, we spend exorbitant sums on shopping, visits to beauty salons, and consultations with stylists and designers, and as a result, we still feel out of place.

And those around you continue to “judge your looks” and do not discount your failures and countless attempts to make it right.

What’s worse? The continued obsession with one single (hourglass) body figure; it’s considered the most womanly, sensual, and desired. 

It’s also the reason why many women (without an hourglass figure) consider their body ‘not pretty enough’ or ‘not womanly enough.’ 

That’s precisely why the Kibbe typing system came to existence! It’s a body-positive movement in itself; constructed to help women accept and embrace their natural body, whether hourglass or not!

Then, come up with a wardrobe that highlights their best features! 

David Kibbe’s revolutionary book, Metamorphosis: A body-positive & trend-defying movement in itself!

In the 1980s, rising fashion and style star David Kibbe, the author of the bestselling “Metamorphosis” book, introduced the public to an entirely new idea of body ​​typing.

It determines one’s clothing style (including color scheme, makeup and hairstyle preference), depending on the woman’s physical characteristics! 

Physical characteristics include everything from tip to toe and not just the shape of your body: your skeleton (bone structure), flesh deposition, facial structure and facial flesh deposition. 

Kibbe’s goal is to help you identify your body silhouette/image ID and why some clothes bring the best out of you and why some don’t compliment you at all!

You can say, David Kibbe was ahead of his time; he didn’t believe in one single definition of beauty or body homogenization.

He believed ‘beauty’ and ‘style’ should be unique and personalized rather than singular or universal. 

Classification of Kibbe body types!

In his book, Kibbe goes all the way to perfectly define these body archetypes into five main body types that are further divided into 13 Kibbe body types!

Wondering ‘what Kibbe body type am I?’ Let’s unravel all Kibbe body types and see where you fit in the best! 

Kibbe body types chart: Five main families. 

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The furthest left starts with yang. On the right side, you have the Yin spectrum. 



13 Kibbe body types chart

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Understanding Kibbe Body Typing System: The Yin and Yang spectrum! 

David Kibbe established his body typing system on two crucial spectrums: Yin and Yang!

Taken from Chinese Philosophy, it translates to ‘opposite but interconnected forces.’

In its broad spectrum, Yin, in this context, defines gentleness, softness, sensuality, whimsical, and feminine energy.

Physically, Yin defines the roundness and flesh-endowed delicacy of a woman. 

On the contrary, Yang defines fierce, strong-headed, rebellious, and masculine energy.

Physically, Yang portrays women with straight, vertical lines and an angular figure.

What does feminine and Masculine energy mean? 

It’s important to bring light to the fact that ‘masculine energy’ doesn’t mean more manly and less womanly. 

Individuals, regardless of gender, possess both forms of energy in their existence.

That is, women innately have masculine energy along with feminine energy and the same can be said for men. However, one energy will be dominant over the other! 

In this case, women on the Yang spectrum have dominant masculine energy, the feminine energy still exists in them, but not prominently.

Women with the Yin spectrum will have dominant feminine energy. 

A little philosophy chapter: What does masculine energy and feminine energy represent? 

Masculine energy is stability— it emerges from the mind; dictating calm and strong-headed values.

Feminine energy represents flow and streams from the heart. It dictates intuition, raw instincts, norm-breaking mindset, etc. 

In this context, feminine energy represents gentleness, sensuality, and the lively essence of a woman.

Masculine energy defines fierceness, strong-headed principles, rule-breaking personality, rebelliousness, etc. 

“Opposite and interconnected forces.” 

Feminine energy(yin) and masculine energy (yang) are both opposite forces yet very much interconnected.

That’s precisely why David Kibbe further divided his five main body types into 8 subtypes. 

No body type is solely yin or yang; they will always have a secondary influence or undercurrent.

Yin body types will have Yang undercurrent and Yang body types will always have Yin undercurrent. 

For instance, the dramatic body type is fiercely Yang, but its subtype is ‘Soft Dramatic’ which has an evident yin undercurrent. a secondary influence. 

Yin-Yang distribution in Kibbe body types

After analyzing the external data of many ladies, the stylist established an interesting pattern— 

  • Smooth facial features, plump lips, big eyes, rounded shoulders, soft body lines, petite frame, fleshy figure— these are Yin women.
  • Cheekbones, defined jaws, chiselled body contours, quickly traceable geometric shapes, vertical lines, elongated bodies, lithe and taut frame— Yang women.
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Each feature is a beautiful characteristic in itself, whether yin or yang. 

Kibbe also came to the conclusion that not everyone would be a composition of extremely Yin attributes or Yang characteristics. Some would be subtly yin or soft yang. 

This led us to four categories: 

Sharp Yang and Soft Yang

Petite Yin/ (Just) Yin and Lush Yin. 

  • Sharp Yang: Sharp yang refers to everything sharp and to its extreme extent— Visible verticality, straight, pointed, angular, elongated body, little to no waist definition. 
  • Soft Yang: It’s still Yang but not extremely— Instead of angular edges, soft Yang will have blunt edges (squircle instead of a square), and broadness as compared to the narrow frame of sharp yang. Not as tall or as vertical as sharp yang. 
  • Lush Yin: As the name suggests, lush yin is full, extreme, voluptuous, rounded, soft, hourglass figure, fuller lips, bigger eyes, petite frame, broadness, and double curve. 
  • Petite Yin: Petite Yin is the subtle version of Lush yin, it’s not sensually fleshy but does have subtle and flesh deposition, including small/petite features and attributes. 

What does contrasting and blending yin-yang composition mean?

After solidifying his foundation, Kibbe further analyzed the distribution of these (yin/yang) characteristics in women and how they were interconnected, blended, or contrasted into each other. 

Some women were dominantly Yang, and others were dominantly Yin.

Blending features, found in Classic body type

Kibbe also found women who were a proper (50-50) blend of yin and yang attributes, i.e., they are neither too yin nor too yang, but a balance between both the spectrum. 

For example: They are neither too tall like the dramatic body type nor too petite like the romantic/gamine body type; their height is balanced between the two extremes. 

Kibbe Classic Body Type

Contrasting features, found in Gamine body type

His theory also includes women who have an equal but distinctive mix (50/50) of yin and yang.

That is, these attributes don’t blend together but are present independently. 

For instance, their body type may have angular shoulders (Yang trait), but a petite frame (Yin trait).

They may have a broad frame/bone structure (Yang trait) but a fleshy body (Yin trait).

gamine body type

Kibbe’s accommodation

Kibbe’s terminologies can seem a little difficult initially, but this one term ‘accommodation’ is what will help you organize the perfect wardrobe for yourself. 

‘Accommodation’ here means ‘your most defining characteristic/feature.’ It can be your voluptuous figure, roundness, petiteness, width, verticality, bluntness, balanced body, etc. 

Each body type can have more than one accommodation and Kibbe’s main aim is to highlight and bring light to those features through your wardrobe instead of hiding or camouflaging your flaws. 

It is important to remember that any typing should not be taken as a direct instruction to action or a list of strict prohibitions.

This is just a tool that can be useful for those looking for their style and who want to make it easier for themselves to choose clothes.

Therefore, you do not need to give up your favorite color or hairstyle if you like them and if those help you feel more confident and comfortable.

Now that you are familiar with Kibbe’s basic principles, it’s time we have a detailed dive into all the 13 Kibbe body types, their accommodations, and the clothes that will best suit you!

13 Kibbe Body types: Physical characteristics and clothing lines

Initially, Kibbe had 13 body types in his system. However, recently Kibbe has removed three main families from his classification:

Pure Naturals, Pure Classics, and Pure Gamines; only their subtypes remain. 

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Regardless, we’ll still study Pure natural, pure classics, and pure gamines to better understand their subtypes because they strongly resonate with their primary family! 

All the main families have two specific subtypes: One with yin undercurrent, and the other with Yang undercurrent. 

Vocabulary such as Flamboyant and Dramatic define Yang. ‘Soft’ defines Yin undercurrent. 

1. Kibbe Dramatic body type: Sharp Yang. 

First on the list is Kibbe’s dramatic body type; the sharp yang. It sits on the left (yang side) of the spectrum and is prominently known for its verticality, tallness, elongated body/limbs, narrow body frame, angularity, straight and taut figure, and thin-chiselled features. 

“Aristocrat” is the designated term Kibbe uses for individuals with a dramatic body type, for their superior and dominating aura. They are the epitome of fierceness and boldness— their aura executes power, poise, and dominance that automatically makes people bow in respect. 

They turn eyes wherever they go; dramatic body type with the right clothing style is an enigma for the commoners! 

dramatic body type

Physical characteristics for dramatic body type Kibbe

Dramatics accommodate vertical lines(elongated body), angularity (sharp edges), and a narrow frame. Their shapes are rectangles with pointed corners! 

You may not align with all the features Kibbe outlines and that’s alright!

As long as your accommodating/defining lines match; you are good to go! Below are all the physical characteristics of the Kibbe dramatic body type. 

Height: Sharp Yang

The Dramatic Type defines girls with a height that’s often taller than the average kind, starting from 5”5 and above. Exceptions may follow and allow moderate height! 

While height is not constant, elongated appearance is definitely one!

Whether tall or with moderate height, dramatic body types will always appear taller than they usually are, in general.

It’s because they accommodate verticality— their limbs and torso are stretched and elongated. It makes them come across as taller compared to other women. Their narrow frame benefits from that fact! 

Bone structure: Sharp Yang

The body type’s bone structure is narrow, lean and tall, but also very edgy, angular, pointed, and elongated.

This narrowness continues from tip to toe and is visible in their face, torso, arms, and legs! 

Girls of this type are stately, slender, and often with a sinewy figure.

The arms and legs are usually long, the bone structure is thin, and the shoulders are most often square.

  • Shoulders: Just like their overall body, their shoulders are also narrow, prominent, angular, and a defining feature for dramatic body types. 
  • Little or no waist definition: Because they have a squarish body and not a fleshy figure, they don’t accommodate waist definition; their torso resembles a long vertical rectangle. This rectangle shape allows dramatics to slay sharp and dangerously unconventional outfits! 
dramatic body type
Body flesh: Yang

As mentioned, the dramatic body type doesn’t have a fleshy body or an overly voluptuous figure; this benefits them to wear the most shocking & theatrical outfits and still slay the night. 

Dramatic Face flesh & structure: Yang

Again, the face structure/skeleton is narrow with no fluffy or full cheeks, it’s very angular in appearance. 

  • Nose: The facial features are straight, with an expressive, sleek, and pointed nose. 
  • Lips: narrow, straight, and thin lips, 
  • High cheekbones and chiselled jawlines. The absence of pronounced fuller cheeks. 
  • Siren eyes: The eyes are almond-shaped or slit-shaped. They are often half close, scrutinizing you and daring you to go against them. Siren eyes best describe someone with a dramatic face. 
  • The overall face appears very bony and precisely cut to provide angularity. 

Dramatic types need not be afraid of excessive severity, geometry, and contrasts (both in clothes and in the beauty component)— they will not get lost even in the most shocking images.

At the same time, it is better to forget about romantic “flying” dresses and oversized sweaters or baggy jeans. You are born to slay dangerously unconventional and theatrical outfits!

Kibbe Dramatic celebrities: Katharine Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Eva Green, and my favorite Tilda Swinton. 

Kibbe Dramatic outfit suggestions: 

Anything unconventional bodes well with dramatic body type; clothes that aren’t regular, simple, or basic.

  • Asymmetrical outfits with sharp edges. 
  • Rough and hard fabric choices provide structure and straight lines, but also fabrics to add extravagance, such as sequin, bold shimmer, and net. You want fabrics that are flowy or soft. 
  • Oversized men’s wear is the hallmark of dramatic body type. Women in suits and pants represent power and superiority; a woman high in the hierarchy. 
  • Bold, unconventional patterns— animal prints, angular shapes, eclectic art, checkered patterns. 
  • Strong color choices such as magenta pink, neon orange, purple, and of course, black.
  • Vertically long dresses and suits complement your tall frame. 
  • Avoid color blocking because it will hide your length. 
  • Go with a monochromatic color combination. 
  • Geometric shapes are your best bait!
  • Tailored outfit choices. 

While others may get laughed at for choosing such strong colors and outfit choices, dramatic body type in these style choices leave everyone stunned and stupefied. 

2. Dramatic Subtypes: Soft Dramatic body type

Just like dramatic body type, soft dramatic kibbe also accommodates angularity and vertical lines… but they also exhibit a yin/romantic undercurrent. 

Unlike pure dramatics, Soft dramatics’ otherwise tall and angular structure has a soft wrap of flesh; enfolding them in a sensual flesh-endowed and gentle silhouette. 

kibbe soft dramatic body type

Of course, you are still dominantly Yang (Dramatic ID) but with a slight deviation and presence of the romantic ID (Yin undercurrent)

Kibbe calls her ‘The Diva.’ 

This subtype still has sharp facial features, in particular, the prominent cheekbones, nose and long limbs.

But the appearance of this subtype is softened by a feminine figure with lush breasts and hips.

Soft dramatics combine boldness with sensuality and I have never seen a deadlier combination! 

Physical characteristics of Soft dramatic body type: 

It very much resembles Pure Dramatic in all senses of existence. Here’s what they adapt from the yin undercurrent: 

Height: Similar to pure dramatics— 5”5 or taller. Please note, height is not an absolute giveaway for dramatics. You can be 5”5 or shorter and still be pure dramatic/soft dramatic. 

Bone structure: Very much like the pure dramatics. Angular/square shoulders, narrow/lean/lithe frame, elongated limbs/torso, sharp and chiselled face structure. 

Body flesh: Flesh is prominently present on the bust and hip lines. You may also witness this flesh on their arms and legs.

Overall, they still appear lithe and taut, but you can see a visible soft outline of their flesh as compared to pure dramatics. 

Waist definition: Unlike pure dramatics, soft dramatics will have a slight waist definition in their silhouette because they accommodate lush breasts, hips, and limbs.

Face features | Yin: While they do have high cheekbones and chiselled jawlines their face also accommodates big/enlarged eyes and fuller lips (both are yin attributes) 

Soft dramatic celebrities include Monica Bellucci, Irina Shayk, Rachel Weisz, Barbra Streisand, and Ava Gardner.

kibbe soft dramatic body type

Soft dramatic outfits!

Because you have an exotic contrast of yang (dramatic) and yin (romantic) undercurrent, you have a wide range to choose from.

If Pure Dramatics is the up-class business tycoon, you are the charismatic diva! 

First, you will have to accommodate your Yang dominance— you can do this by choosing straight outlines, asymmetrical designs, unconventional patterns and stitches, men’s wear, etc. 

To complement your yin undercurrent, you can add a slight waist definition in your outfits rather than going all straight.

Moreover, you can choose flowy & luxurious fabrics to accentuate your curves. This can include satin and silk. 

Soft dramatists should combine long vertical lines and flowing delicate fabrics, accentuate the shoulders and choose extravagant jewelry.

Avoiding small prints and accessories, thick materials, and tight-fitting and baggy silhouettes is worth avoiding.

Soft dramatic hairstyle and makeup: sophisticated styling can include 60s hairstyles with gelled waves. 

Bright makeup looks excellent on soft dramatics. They can safely emphasize the cheekbones, eyes, and lips at the same time and not look vulgar at the same time.

3. Natural body type— Soft Yang

The second Yang body type is Kibbe natural body type. While dramatics are an amalgamation of straight vertical lines and pointed squares/rectangles, natural body type is about bluntness and squares/rectangles with rounded corners (Squircle). 

Call her ‘the relaxed woman’ because her natural body type is all about free-spirited and carefree styling. Mind you, natural body types aren’t lousily or under-dressed.

On the contrary, they best shine in clothes that resemble freedom, comfort, and mother earth. 

In Kibbe’s body typing system, pure natural body type sat in the middle of pure dramatics and classics.

Kibbe’s has recently removed pure naturals from his system but we’d still study it to better understand its subtypes: soft naturals and flamboyant natural kibbe body types. 

kibbe body types
Kibbe Natural Body Type

Physical characteristics of pure natural body type

Physically, the natural body type has a broad, muscular silhouette, endowed with straight lines but blunt corners. It, however, lacks sharpness like the dramatics! 

Main accommodation: 

  • Broad frame, including torso, limbs, and shoulders. 
  • There’s a visible width in their upper torso and it usually stands out from the rest of the figure. 
  • Bluntness (Emphasis on straight lines but with blunt corners).
Bone structure: Soft Yang

A tall but wide frame, blunt angles, and Kibbe width. 

  • Height: Typically 5”5 or over— Could be of moderate height or taller. (height is not a deciding factor) 
  • Shoulders: Natural body types have blunt but broad shoulders, they stick out of the body frame and are the most prominent feature naturals. 
  • Face structure: Unlike dramatics, naturals have a wide face structure with a wider nose (blunt tip), and visible but blunt jawlines. This broadness and blunt angularity makes their face appear squarish. 
  • Broadness: Their body (torso and limbs) is wide (broad) giving them a boxy appearance. The figure is “square”, with broad shoulders and no roundness. The chest, waist, and hips are approximately in line.
  • Vertical lines: Elongated limbs and torso. 
  • Face features: The cheeks are predominantly sunken; the eyes are almond-shaped or round, small to medium in size. The lips are thin and straight.
Body flesh: Soft yang
  • Flesh: Natural body types have a lean frame with a flat bust and hip line, their limbs are lean and thin as well. 
  • Waist definition: Because they don’t have a fleshy body, they have no waist definition. 

Natural body type celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Hu, Cameron Diaz, Gabrielle Anwar, Jennifer Morrison, Kate Middleton, Eli McGraw, Ellie Sheedy.

Natural body type outfits

The name of this type speaks for itself— you can safely rely on casual style, relaxed combinations, denim and knitwear, a calm “earthly” palette, and moderately loose silhouettes.

The same goes for makeup and styling: soft shades and slight negligence will be as appropriate as possible. 

  • Loose cut, textured fabrics, and small prints are well suited for naturals.
  • Fabric choices include denim, wool, jersey, suede, stretchable fabrics, muslin, linen, etc. 
  • You should be more careful with overly strict (closed and tight jackets and coats, classic blouses, sheath dresses) and romantic things (blouses and dresses with frills and ruffles, fluffy skirts).
  • Go for an unstructured silhouette, you have a rule-breaking frame, own it! This can be asymmetrical skirts, ponchos, loose-fit bohemian tops, long (loose-fit) skirts, etc. 
  • Blunt lines are appreciated but nothing too sleek!
  • Bohemian jewelry and accessories with shells, beads, gemstones, etc. 
  • Soulful, artistic, and bohemian patterns. 
  • Natural body type hairstyle: Women with natural body type look best in natural hairdo and makeup. So anything natural and messy is welcome. Soft haircuts with ragged edges and careless, slightly voluminous styling ideally emphasize the beauty of naturals. Long hair, messy carefree buns, and loose braids are all beautiful choices. 
  • Makeup should be light and matte, without sharp contrasts, bright colors, and clear lines. Keep it simple and subtle with nude shades or slightly tinted shades. 

4. Natural subtype: Soft Natural Kibbe

This subtype has a feminine figure without having an hourglass shape. Kibbe soft natural body type is dominantly soft yang but has a subtle yin undercurrent. 

soft natural vs soft classic

While they mostly resemble a pure natural body type; their bodies are generally fleshier and curvy than pure naturals.

You can easily trace a beautiful curve on their blunt square body, They also appear fuller and more lush. Take Britney Spears, she is straight, and blunt, but also has a subtle flesh deposition to her frame! 

Just like pure naturals, soft naturals are free-spirited and wild— they definitely have an innocent but whimsical aura to their existence!

They are often carefree, bubbly, and playful.  

Physical characteristics of Soft Natural Kibbe:  

Soft naturals resemble their main family, just like all the subtypes. 

Bone structure: Soft Yang

Height: Height is either moderate or slightly shorter than pure naturals

Bone structure is Broad with blunt angularity. Your edges aren’t sharp, but round and polished. You do have straight and vertical lines just like the Pure naturals. 

  • Shoulders: Slightly angular and broad shoulders 
  • Face structure: The face is wide but round and full because you have a yin undercurrent. 
  • Facial features are often small or irregular, and other features include a broad nose, rounded cheeks, and a tapered chin.
  • Moderate and broad limbs. 
Body flesh

Unlike pure naturals, soft dramatics have subtle flesh deposition in their silhouette and it’s present throughout the body, especially bust, hips and limbs. 

This flesh is also present on their face, shout out to the yin undercurrent. Their faces appear round with fuller cheeks! 

  • Waist definition: the subtle flesh on your body does allow you significant waist definition. It doesn’t translate to an hourglass figure, but a rather gentle and fleshy s-shape! 

Soft natural celebrities: Helen Mirren, Heidi Klum, Fergie, Chloe Sevigny, Jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johansson.

Soft Natural outfits

Soft naturals should choose things in loose silhouettes with an emphasis on the waist, drapery, or textured materials.

  • Loose silhouettes are a must but don’t forget to emphasize your waist! A belt is always complimentary on your dresses, two-pieces, and outfits. It defines your waist precisely. Remember, you don’t need to suffocate your waist though, the waist emphasis should be subtle and free. 
  • You can delicately outline your bust and hips because it gives you a gentle curve. The rest of the outfit can hang loose without fear! 
  • Combinations of different prints and colors also look good on this subtype. You must avoid too voluminous and tight-fitting outfits, tight cuts and a lot of decor on clothes.

Soft natural hairstyle: This subtype is suitable for messy but soft hairstyles. It is better to choose the length of the hair, not too short.

Light, subtle, radiant makeup with delicate accents on the eyes and cheeks is an excellent solution for soft naturals.

soft natural vs soft gamine

5. Kibbe Flamboyant Natural Body Types

On the opposite side, we have the flamboyant natural body type—  it’s dominantly ‘soft yang’ with a ‘sharp yang’ undercurrent! 

So, they would mostly resemble pure naturals, but with an added benefit of a musculature figure.

Now, I know many of you are reluctant to be called a natural, FN, or SN.’ Many even consider these kibbe body types to be plain, basic, unwomanly, and not pretty enough. 

Flamboyant Natural Body Type

It’s because society has predetermined a homogeneous definition for what is considered pretty— anything that falls out of the box is stated as ugly and not pretty.

While in reality, beauty is the uniqueness you carry with you! 

If that’s not enough, have you seen Cameron Diaz and Brooke Shields in their era? They are gorgeous and their taut/toned body is to die for! 

Physical characteristics of Flamboyant natural body type

Height: Considered usually tall, 5’5 or above. 

Bone structure: Yang

The structure of the Flamboyant Natural Body Type skeleton is straight, vast, and angular, but without sharp angles.

Broad, lithe, and vertically long bone structure. 

  • Shoulders Blunt square with width.
  • Facial structure: Broad, blunt angular, and diamond-cut with blunt but prominent jawlines. Expect 
  • The arms and legs are long.
  • The torso is long and straight with no waist definition. 
Body flesh: yang 

The hips are straight and not pronounced, and there is no significant difference between the waist and the pelvic bones. The chest and hips are toned.

They are 90s models with very well-structured bodies and mesmerizing faces like Cindy Crowford.

Flamboyant natural celebrities: Christie Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Cameron Diaz.

Charlize Theron, Cindy Crawford.

For an in-depth overview of the flamboyant natural body type and its clothing style; refer to my guide, here

6. Classic body type

Poise and balance best define the Kibbe classic body type; they were defined as the perfect 50/50 blend of yin and yang characteristics.

That is, they are neither too yin nor too yang, but a balance between both extremes. 

They embody class, royalty, and elegance! 

The classical features of the face are characterized by proportionality and precision!

The same can be said about the figure: flexible, slightly sinewy, with a commensurate ratio of the lengths of arms and legs, which do not exceed average values.

Kibbe Classic Body Type

Physical characteristics of Kibbe classic body type

  • Height: Classic body Type height ranges within 160-170 cm. They are neither too tall like the dramatics, nor too petite like the romantics. 

Their height is balanced, symmetrical and proper, neither sticking out nor hiding behind! 

Bone structure

Just like their height, their bone structure is also neither too wide nor too narrow. The same can be said for their limbs; they are neither too long nor too short. 

  • Shoulder: Their shoulders are neither too sharp/angular nor too sloppy, they are balanced. Their shoulders don’t stick out like the naturals, they align and harmonize with the overall body! 
  • Face structure: Their face is neither too wide nor too narrow, it lies beautifully in the middle. Their jaws are well-defined but not overly sharp, the same goes for their nose. It’s not wide and neither is it narrow. The nose is small straight with a pointed tip. 
Body flesh

Pure classics are neither too fleshy/voluptuous nor too taut and lean. They lie in the middle and have subtly round bodies, perfectly assembled with straight lines! 

Their bodies adorn a beautiful and silent s-curve with visible bust and hip flesh. Their bodies appear subtly curvy, but not sloppy.

They stand tall in the room but not without lacking flesh. This flesh is present on their bust, hips, limbs, and cheeks. 

Face flesh

Their cheeks are high and full! They have a tapered chin, giving them a heart-shaped face! Their eyes are balanced as well; neither too large nor too small! They hold elegance and classy power in those eyes! 

Classic body type celebrities:  Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve, Kate Bosworth, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively.

Pure classic body type outfits

This type is recommended to wear classic-cut outfits with smooth lines and calmer natural colors. But the classics should refuse the abundance of details, rough fabrics, and baggy styles.

  • Symmetrical outfits. 
  • Clean and crisp outfits
  • Unbroken silhouette. 
  • Remember, less is more! 

Pure classic hairstyle: Smooth hair of medium length, lying in soft waves, will advantageously frame the face of the classics. 

Pure classic makeup, classics should use neutral muted colors and avoid crisp lines, contrasting shades, and strong shine.

7. Classic subtypes: Dramatic Classic Kibbe

As the name suggests, dramatic classics are dominantly classics with a bit of drama and theatrics in their body type. Kibbe refers to dramatic classics as the ‘tailored chic’ and for all good reasons.

soft classic vs dramatic classic

They slay clothes that are specially designed and stitched for their silhouette. 

Their Yang undercurrent benefits them with a certain edginess throughout their appearance. So, they are classy but also fierce. 

They execute power, poise, class, and royalty with an edgy, dominating fierceness. 

Physical characteristics of Kibbe Dramatic Classic body type

Their body and facial flesh are primarily classic, i.e., balanced with a slight undercurrent in their bone structure.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of their characteristics. 

It’s essential to note dramatic classics don’t have a lot of variation from their original Pure classic family.

Still, a changed bone structure can really create a newer persona and reflection of your overall body type.

Height— Moderate but slightly Yang

After Kibbe’s Dramatic and flamboyant naturals, dramatic classics are the only ones who accommodate the taller height. They are not as tall as the dramatic/FNs but are still next in the queue.  

Dramatic classic height in numbers: 5″ 7, but it can be slightly shorter or longer.

Height can be a great giver for DCs if your otherwise balanced body is taller with visible angularity— you are most probably a dramatic classic. 

Bone structure— Sharp Yang

Your bone structure is broad, edgy, sharp, angular, and pointed and may appear slightly elongated. 

Because they accommodate shapes like squares, rectangles, and triangles, they may appear calmly dangerous and more refined than the pure classics or soft classics. 

  • Facial structure: Prominent, highlighted, and high cheekbones, a visible slender that gives away an elongated face. Sharp, pointed, and chiselled or squarish jaw lines as if sculpted with preciseness. 
  • Shoulders: A little broader than soft classics, but not overly sticking out with width like the Kibbe Naturals. Regardlessly, they are very much in proportion with the rest of the body silhouette. Their shoulders are not sloppy or blunt; they are very much angular, lean, muscular, and defined and may appear taut or toned. 
  • Narrow frame: Slightly wide, but they appear slim overall. The body is elongated or stretched and thus may appear taller than it actually is!
  • Elongated and broad limbs: Again, this wideness is subtly present, not overpowering the rest of the body. 
  • Waist: Although they have a squarish or triangle torso, the flesh present in their body does allow a moderate waist definition. It’s not as prominent as the soft classics, but a slight dip in the waist is definitely present. 
Body flesh— Balanced

Unlike the dramatics, DCs do have a visible wrap of soft flesh over their bodies. It isn’t as highlighted as the romantics but isn’t wholly absent either. It’s neither lean nor overly fleshy, just like the pure classics. 

For the same reasons, they don’t appear flat— they have subtle but visible bosoms and buttocks. This is also why they have a slight waist definition on their body. 

This flesh is visible throughout their balanced body—their face, arms, thighs, breasts, and hips. 

  • Thin waist
  • Moderately fleshy limbs. 
Face Flesh— Balanced. 

Their faces appear fierce and classy because of their sharp bone structure. 

  • Face Shape: Elongated square.
  • Eyes: Usually large or moderate in size with a certain sharpness. 
  • Cheeks: Uplifted cheekbones with subtle flesh.
  • Jawlines: Chiseled jawlines. 

Dramatic classic celebrities: Michelle Dockery, Olivia Wilde, Diane Kruger, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Dramatic classic outfits— how to style your kibbe ID. 

She’s successful, and she’s an icon. 

Unlike the calm gentleness of the soft classics, dramatic classics are calm, cunning, and calculative, like the ocean.

DCs don’t follow trends; they are inclined towards tailored outfits that are unique, rare, and not bulk-made. 

  • Highlight your shoulders with well-defined lines. 
  • Men’s wear is your babe!
  • Formal skirts.
  • Vertically long dresses.
  • This subtype, like pure dramatics, is suited to understated silhouettes with sharp angles, straight lines and emphasis on the shoulders.
  • Also, representatives of this subtype need to pay attention to dresses and skirts with a tapered hem and clothing made of dense fabrics.
  • Small prints and their combinations, lace, cropped pieces, ruffles, fluffy skirts and baggy cuts look strange on dramatic classics.

Dramatic classics hairstyles: Fo for sleek, gelled, and elegant hairstyles with crisp edges.

DCs Makeup should be discreet and matte, without soft shading, with accentuated cheekbones and eyes.

8. Classic subtypes: Soft Classic body type

On the softer (yin) side, we have Pure Classics’ other sub-family— the Kibbe Soft Classic body type.

Adorned with a balanced figure, soft classics have a calm, elegant, and graceful energy. 

Moderation and balance greet SCs at every corner of the body.

While Soft Classic is first and foremost a classic, its yin undercurrent is also very much visible throughout the body.

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Physical Characteristics of Soft Classic Kibbe body type. 

Bone structure— Balanced. 

Soft Classics’ bone structure is very much proportionate with the rest of the body— not a single characteristic looks out of order or frame. Nothing stands out; nothing hides away. 

This balanced or moderate bone structure is very much visible in your height, width, limbs, and torso. They are all symmetrical, structural, and proper. 

  • Soft Classic Height: Soft classics have a moderate height and reach up to 5″ 6. 
  • Facial structure: Soft classics combine softer and rounded features and a few chiselled details. This includes puffy cheeks on high cheekbones—a small but straighter nose. 
  • Shoulders: Soft classics have a balanced shoulder. It doesn’t have a width like soft naturals, nor is it sloppy like the romantics. 

Similarly, soft classics’ shoulders don’t appear as muscular and lean as the DCs. They are soft and delicate but well-defined. 

  • Body frame: It’s neither wide like the romantics nor narrow like the dramatic classics. It’s balanced and symmetrical from left to right. The same goes for their limbs; they are neither short nor too long. Plus, their body doesn’t appear elongated or short either; it’s moderate. 
Body flesh— Yin

Soft classics have a fleshier body distributed evenly throughout the body. 

This flesh is visible on their arms, thighs, bosom, buttocks, and face. Because of their fleshy bodies and balanced torso, soft classics accommodate a soft and visible curve. This curve can also help them attain an hourglass figure. 

Soft Classic Face Flesh— Yin

Soft classics’ faces are very chubby and fleshy. This undercurrent allows them to have fuller cheeks and lips, big doe eyes, and a small, rounded nose. 

Sometimes, you notice slight definitions in their jaws and nose, but it isn’t necessary. 

Soft classic celebrities: Examples of soft classics: are Naomi Watts, Marion Cotillard, Meryl Streep, Jessica Chastain, and Emma Thompson.

Soft Classic’s outfits— How to dress soft classic body type!

Your wardrobe should focus on being soft, gentle, elegant, and classy. You want clothes that are classy but, at the same time, very delicate and royal. 

  • Too defiant things with an abundance of decor and an unusual cut will distract attention from the sophisticated appearance of soft classics.
  • But they are very fit with a simple cut, delicately emphasizing, but not tight-fitting, soft fabrics, drapery and flowing lines in clothes.
  • Go for soft and rounded edges. 
  • Symmetry is a must! 

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9. Gamine Body Type

And while Kibbe’s classic family was more like a blend of yin and Yang, pure Gamine represented contrasting ratios of both the spectrums, yin and Yang. 

gamine body type

They are distinguished by large eyes, lips of medium thickness, and often sunken cheeks. Girls of this type have sharp, geometric body contours.

They are thin and flexible, their shoulders are narrow, and their arms and legs tend to be long.

Gamine Type is a special type that will look equally impressive in a mini dress, and in an androgynous look, for example, an oversized T-shirt and skinny jeans.

But things overloaded with details, excessive severity or excessive negligence and baggy should be avoided.

Feminine, soft lines, drapery, oversize and significant details in clothes are unsuitable for Gamine types.

But geometric elements – lapels, collars, cuffs, bright accessories and cropped items will perfectly complement their fragile figure.

Gamine haircut: Short haircuts, tousled hairstyles and light makeup with an emphasis on the eyes and eyebrows go most of all to the Gamines.

Gamine celebrities: Audrey Tautou, Twiggy.

10. Gamine Subtypes: Soft Gamine body type

Soft Gamine is more gentle and luscious. It’s endowed with a small frame but a curvy body. 

Soft Gamine vs Soft Classic

Their curves are subtle (but visible), with soft flesh wrapping their overall body. This subtle flesh is also why soft gamines appear girlish and doll-like. 

As discussed, soft Gamine is a mixture of yin and yang elements with an extra dash of yin. 

Physical characteristics of Soft Gamine, Kibbe

  • Bone structure— mostly Yang: Like the FGs, soft Gamine has a wide bone structure and angular edges. While the rest of the soft gamines’ body is well-hidden under the subtle body flesh, this yang bone structure and angular edges are well highlighted in their shoulders. This is also why soft gamines don’t appear sloppy. 
  • (All in) Petite body: Soft Gamine is either 5’5 or shorter. Soft Gamine is overly petite, including its limbs. Their hands and legs are wide but small as compared to flamboyant gamines. 
  • Soft gamine face: Their face is very doll-like with wide, doe-like eyes that are far apart. Their noses are small and round with visible wideness. Their faces are more heart-shaped than square because of their fluffy cheekbones. 
  • Body Flesh: Soft gamines aren’t as luscious as romantics, but their bodies are endowed with visible flesh. Unlike flamboyant gamines, they don’t have a flat bustline or hip line; it’s wrapped in flesh, allowing them to have a visible curving line (curve/double curve)

Soft gamine celebrities: Reese Witherspoon, Winona Ryder, Judy Garland, Halle Berry, and the Olsen sisters.

Soft Gamine outfits

They should choose clothes with soft, rounded lines but add “sharp” details to them, such as collars, cuffs, and belts.

To make the figure a little lighter, the soft gamines need to open up the thinnest body parts: the wrists and ankles.

For soft gamines, complex asymmetrical haircuts without straight lines and short or medium hair length are recommended.

This subtype shouldn’t make smooth-licked styling and replace them with light, voluminous curls.

Delicate lines, glosses, bright lips and eyes are the main elements of a successful make-up for soft gamines.

11. Flamboyant Gamine body Type

“Dare a little.” 

Visually, flamboyant gamine body type can be described as lean, fit, muscular (toned, even), narrow, skinny… ish (unless overweight), and very elongated.

Their aura executes a boyish/fierce charm and appeal. 

Flamboyant Gamine Vs Soft Gamine

This doesn’t mean women with flamboyant gamine body types lack femininity; instead, they appear very naughty, young, and charming. Kibbe describes FGs as the ‘sassy chic’ on board. 

Physical characteristics of flamboyant gamine type

Bone structure— sharp Yang

Flamboyant gamines’ bone structure is extremely angular with pointed triangle and rectangle shapes. Their bone structure is wide, and this is also visible in their face, especially their noses and jaws. 

  • Shoulders: FGs have rectangular/boxy shoulders with sharp edges. Their shoulder line is well-defined, giving their silhouette a straighter and more taut figure. 
  • Vertical lines: As stated, FGs have very long legs and equally long arms compared to their torso. So, they naturally accommodate vertical lines despite having a small figure. 
  • Wide body: FGs’ wideness is not only visible in their face but throughout the body. This includes their shoulders, torso, and limbs (feet/palms). 

The only ‘Yin’ influence that FGs have in their bone structure is their petite height. 

FG’s height— mostly ‘Yin.’

While Flamboyant gamines are usually considered short and below 5’5, Kibbe’s rules allow FGs to have a height of up to 5’7. So to say, you can be anywhere between 5’2 to 5’7 (or shorter) in the family. Please note 5’7 is usually a case exception for FGs. 

Flamboyant Gamine Face type

FGs face displays a great contrast between Yin and Yang. 

  • Yin eyes: FGs are known to have big, doe-like eyes. However, instead of executing innocence, these doe-eyes portray mischief. 
  • Full or slightly full lips: FGs will mostly have yin lips that are fuller in appearance, but it’s not necessary. They can range from average lips to wholly full lips. It’s rare for Flamboyant Gamines to have thin lips, though! 
  • Square face structure: FG’s face is usually Yang because of the wide bone structure. The wide nose and jaws create a box shape for their face. 
  • Pointed nose and lifted cheeks: Compared to their yin eyes and lips, FGs usually have pointed noses (still, wide) and cheeks. Their cheeks aren’t fluffy either; they are taut and well-defined. 
Body flesh— Yang

Flamboyant gamines have negligible flesh present on their bones. Visually, they have a flat bust and hip area. Their body doesn’t accommodate flesh in other areas either, such as their legs, hands, and whole body. 

Because their body is taut and fleshless, they appear more muscular, lean, and fit. 

Waist definition: Since their body is lean and their bone structure is wide, FGs don’t have a waist definition either.

They create a square/rectangle body silhouette. This is another reason why FGs are different from SGs. 

Flamboyant Gamine celebrities: Miley Cyrus, Zooey Deschanel, Rooney Mara, Kelly Osbourne, and Liza Minnelli.

Flamboyant gamine outfits

Best of all, the catchy appearance of the flamboyant gamine types is emphasized by combinations of contrasting colors, textures and shapes, asymmetry, sharp broken lines and unusual accessories.

This subtype is advised to stay away from oversize, monochrome, and simple styles.

Flamboyant gamine types organically look even with the most extreme and daring hairstyles with geometric shapes, sharp milled ends, short length and layering.

In makeup, they should use deep, saturated colors of eyeshadow and lipstick, emphasize cheekbones and do soft shading.

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12. Romantic Body Type

Kibbe Romantic takes us back to Marilyn Monroe— the epitome of beauty in the 1950s. Her body defined what today is called sensual, womanly, and curvaceous.

romantic body type

Pure romantics’ physical characteristics are outlined by sheer femininity, i.e., the most Yin in Kibbe’s system. 

You will not find a single sharp edge in this body type; it’s endowed with soft, rounded, fleshy, and sloped silhouettes.

Their bodies are adorned with fuller breasts, tiny waists, and rounded buttocks. 

That’s not all; pure Romantics also have rounded faces with full cheeks, lips, small noses, big eyes, and delicate/soft jawlines. 

Kibbe defines Pure romantics as ‘dream spinners.’

Their body is the perfect embodiment of the hourglass figure— their shoulders are dainty, the breast-hip curves align with each other, and they share an extremely tiny waist.

Physical characteristics of Kibbe romantic body type

Bone Structure— Lush Yin

A Romantic type is a girl of medium height, 170 cm and below.

Their body doesn’t have shapes like rectangles or triangles anywhere; it’s just rounded glory from their shoulders to the ankles! 

One thing to remember, pure romantics do have a wider torso, so they appear more prominent than theatrical romantics. ‘Bigger’ here doesn’t mean tall or muscular; bigger here means fleshier. 

  • No visual verticality: Pure romantics have visibly smaller hands and legs than their bodies. 
  • Short height: Pure romantics generally have a short to moderate height, which doesn’t exceed 5″ 5. 
  • Soft and enclosed shoulders: Their upper torso is aligned to the rest of their curves, so it doesn’t stand out with sharp lines or wideness. They are enclosed, soft, and sloppy. 
Pure romantics face type— Lush Yin

Their face is endowed with fleshiness and is extremely Yin. 

  • Cheekbones: Their cheekbones aren’t sharp or edgy either. Pure romantics’ cheeks are full and fleshy, so their cheekbones are naturally invisible. Instead, they have rounded, tinted, and full cheeks that you’d instantly want to squeeze.
  • Face: Because their jawlines and cheekbones aren’t defined, their face is often oval or round in shape. 
  • Nose: Their nose is small and has a round tip. It can be wide or narrow. 
  • Eyes: Their eyes are often large but can also be moderate in size. 
  • Full lip. 
Body flesh— Lush Yin 

This is the most giving attribute of the romantic body type, the lushness in their flesh (not fat). It’s apparent in their arms, thighs, face, breasts, and hips, except for their waist.

Their waist is very tiny! Their body flesh present at the right places, along with their tiny waist, is what gives them the hourglass figure. 

Kibbe Romantic Body Type clothing

On representatives of this type, romantic outfits of flowing materials that gracefully fit the curves of their figure look best. And strict minimalistic things, straight cuts, massive details, and heavy fabrics are contradictory.

  • Flattering or sensual necklines because you have a beautiful bosom. 
  • Shapes that wrap your hourglass figure elegantly. 
  • Shorter dresses will compliment your short height more beautifully. 
  • Bodycon dresses and gowns (body hugging choices)

Romantic hairstyle: The hairstyle should be chosen with a smooth and soft shape, and the styling should be a little voluminous. Romantic types are advised to do well-shaded radiant makeup; it is better to use soft but bright enough colors with a warm undertone.

Romantic Celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Gene Simmons, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Helena Bonham Carter.

13. Romantic subtypes – Theatrical Romantic body type

What does a theatrical romantic kibbe look like?

The soft appearance of theatrical romantics (an hourglass figure, plump lips, large eyes, and rounded cheeks) is delicately complemented by small sharp features: high cheekbones, a slightly pointed nose and chin, and angular shoulders.


Theatrical romantic celebrities: Salma Hayek, Vivien Leigh, Rihanna, Mila Kunis, and Jean Harlow.

Physical characteristics of theatrical romantic body type

Their body type is small but lethal, sensual but playfully wild! This femme fatale chic has a curvaceous body and an hourglass figure, just like the romantics.

However, it’s not as extreme as the ‘Lush Yin’ romantics. Instead of being overly voluptuous and wide, they are standardly fleshy and narrow. 

Bone structure— Yin with slight Yang 

TRs are petite and delicate with a small body frame. However, they do appear taller than pure romantics because of their narrow bodies. 

  • Some verticality: Theatrical romantics are slightly taller than Pure romantics. This allows them to have a little verticality! This verticality is further enhanced because of their narrow body. 
  • Angular shoulders: There’s visible sharpness in their shoulders and collar bones. Theatrical romantics’ bodies aren’t sloppy; it stands out boldly with finely defined edges. 
  • Height: TRs can have a height of up to 5″ 6. They aren’t tall when seen on a broader spectrum but they are definitely taller than Pure Romantics. This might not be the case every time though, some TRs can be shorter than Pure Romantics.

Theatrical romantics’ face type

Theatrical romantics have sharp cheekbones and jawlines. 

  • Eyes: They also have round and big eyes, which are often sharp and pointed like a cat’s.
  • Nose: Their nose can be pointed and sharp. 
  • Cheekbones and jawlines: They can be Yang in appearance as well. 

So, instead of appearing round and fleshy, Theatrical romantics have sharp faces with equally sharp features. 

Body flesh— Yin

Their body is voluptuous and curvaceous but not as extreme as the Pure Romantics. In any look, theatrical romantics must emphasize the waist and curves of the figure.

Theatrical romantic outfits: 

  • flattering necklines, intricate details, and rounded shapes.
  • This look can be achieved with the help of soft and light materials, drapery, tapered to the wrists and knees cut.
  • Graphic lines, straight cuts, and rough fabrics are not suitable for this subtype.
  • outfits should always have a luxurious or exotic charm
  • It is better to choose voluminous but neat styling.

For theatrical romantics, it is better to prefer soft, rounded hairstyles without hard lines.

Makeup should be light and sparkling, but always with bright lips and eyes. It is better to refuse dark shades, a clear outline, and a neutral palette.

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