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22 Nov

13 Kibbe Body Types: 5 Basic & 8 Subtypes For Women

Are you wondering what are the Kibbe Body Types in regards to your appearance?

This article has all the answers!

In order to look your best, it is important to know only one thing – your type of appearance. And today we are going to discuss the Kibbe body types!

The ability to form an individual style that would be a true reflection of your personality is a real art. But in order to achieve the goal, it is not at all necessary to act by trial and error and spend a lot of money on personal consultation with a stylist or shopping with him. Just read on what type could fit your appearance the best.

Yin and Yang woman in Kibbe body types

Following fashion trends has been and remains an important part of our life. But often we spend exorbitant sums on shopping, visits to a beauty salon, consultations with stylists and designers, and as a result, we still feel out of place. And those around you continue to “judge your looks” and do not discount your failures and countless attempts to make it right.

In the 1980s, rising fashion and style star David Kibby, the author of the bestselling “Metamorphosis” book, introduced the public to a completely new idea of ​​typing. Its basis was the determination of the style of clothing, hairstyle, and color scheme, depending on the woman’s belonging to a particular type.

Kibby suggested two – a Yin woman and a Yang woman.


It is important to remember that any typing should not be taken as a direct instruction to action or a list of strict prohibitions. This is just a tool that can be useful for those who are looking for their own style and want to make it easier for themselves to choose clothes. Therefore, you do not need to give up your favorite color or hairstyle if you really like them and if those help you feel more confident and comfortable.

Kibby classification: 5 types and 8 subtypes

After analyzing the external data of many ladies, the stylist established an interesting pattern – many of them are similar:

  • Smooth facial features, plump lips, big eyes, rounded shoulders, soft body lines – these are Yin women.
  • Cheekbones, chiseled body contours, easily traceable geometric shapes – Yang women.

Kibby deduced 5 main types that complement 13 subtypes (combinations when one psycho type complements the other without replacing it) and invented for them the key to the ideal style.

5 basic types by Kibby:

  • dramatic – pure Yang;
  • romantic – pure Yin;
  • classic – complete harmonious mixing of Yin and Yang;
  • natural – a mutually beneficial union with distinguishable Yin and Yang characteristics;
  • gamine – collision of Yin and Yang while maintaining contrasts.

Why is this approach valuable?

David Kibby introduced the concept of typing by appearance. With it, a woman only needs to pass a special test and study her own portrait in order to easily adjust her style – to make it more harmonious and original. Knowing your individual basic wardrobe gives you a lot of advantages for revealing your unique style and gives you a complete understanding of how to emphasize the advantages of appearance and make the flaws less noticeable.

Principles for determining your Kibbe type

In order to understand the features of your appearance, it is important to figure out which features are the most striking on you. As a rule, these include height, face, and figure.

Romantic type

A Romantic type is a girl of medium height, 170 cm and below.

She has a rounded, expressive, slightly plump face with noticeable cheeks. The facial bones are neat and small, while the nose, cheekbones, and chin are wide and plump. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, or half-closed.

The figure is a classic “hourglass”. The chest and thighs are rounded, the waist is thin, the arms and legs are soft and plump with small, wide palms and feet. The shoulder line is soft, sloping.

Experts recommend to such girls of a romantic type – the classical feminine outfits with an emphasis on the waist and without geometry, as well as soft pastel colors. Sharpness and active colors should be abandoned in makeup.

What are the best things to wear for a Romantic type

On representatives of this type, romantic outfits of flowing materials that gracefully fit the curves of their figure look best. And strict minimalistic things, straight cut, massive details, and heavy fabrics are contradictory.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

The hairstyle should be chosen with a smooth and soft shape, and the styling should be done a little voluminous. In this case, both negligence and rigid fixation of the hair must be avoided.

Romantic types are advised to do well-shaded radiant makeup; it is better to use soft, but bright enough colors with a warm undertone for it.

Celebrities: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Gene Simmons, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Helena Bonham Carter.

Romantic subtipes Thetrical Romantic

  • Thetrical Romantic

What you need to know about the theatrical romantic subtype

What does a theatrical romantic look like?

The soft appearance of theatrical romantics (an hourglass figure, plump lips, large eyes, and rounded cheeks) are delicately complemented by small sharp features: high cheekbones, a slightly pointed nose and chin, angular shoulders.

Examples of theatrical romantics include Salma Hayek, Vivien Leigh, Rihanna, Mila Kunis, and Jean Harlow.

What are the best things to wear

In any look, it is important for theatrical romantics to emphasize the waist and curves of the figure. This look can be acheived with the help of soft and light materials, drapery, tapered to the wrists and knees cut. Graphic lines, straight cuts, rough fabrics are not suitable for this subtype.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

For theatrical romantics, it is better to give preference to soft, rounded hairstyles without hard lines.It is better to choose voluminous but neat styling.

Makeup should be light and sparkling, but always with bright lips and eyes. It is better to refuse dark shades, a clear outline, and a neutral palette.

Natural Type

The Natural type includes women with a height of 160 cm and above.

They have a broad face with angular cheekbones and chin. The cheeks are predominantly sunken, the eyes are almond-shaped or round, small to medium in size. The lips are thin and straight.

The figure is “square”, with broad shoulders, no roundness. Chest, waist, and hips are approximately in line.

The name of this type speaks for itself – you can safely rely on casual style, relaxed combinations, denim and knitwear, calm “earthly” palette, moderately loose silhouettes. The same goes for makeup and styling: soft shades and slight negligence will be as appropriate as possible.

What are the best things to wear

Loose cut, textured fabrics, and small prints are well suited for naturals. You should be more careful both with overly strict (closed and tight jackets and coats, classic blouses, sheath dresses) and with romantic things (blouses and dresses with frills and ruffles, fluffy skirts).

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen
Soft haircuts with ragged edges and careless, slightly voluminous styling ideally emphasize the beauty of naturals.

Makeup should be done light and matte, without sharp contrasts, bright colors, and clear lines.

Celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Gabrielle Anwar, Jennifer Morrison, Kate Middleton, Eli McGraw, Ellie Sheedy.

Natural subtype

  • Soft Natural

What you need to know about the soft natural type

What does soft natural look like?

This subtype has a feminine figure without a perfect hourglass. Slightly angular shoulders and slightly full hips and arms are characteristic of soft naturals. Facial features are often small or irregular, and other features include a wide nose, rounded cheeks, and chin.

Examples of soft naturals include Helen Mirren, Heidi Klum, Fergie, Chloe Sevigny, Jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johansson.

What are the best things to wear

Soft naturals should choose things in loose silhouettes with an emphasis on the waist, drapery, or textured materials. Combinations of different prints and colors also look good on this subtype. You need to avoid too voluminous and tight-fitting outfits, tight cut,s and a lot of decor on clothes.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

This subtype is suitable for sloppy and slightly disheveled, but soft hairstyles. It is better to choose the length of the hair not too short.

Light, subtle, radiant makeup with delicate accents on the eyes and cheeks is an excellent solution for soft naturals.

Dramatic Type

The dramatic type is girls with a height from medium to tall, starting from 165 cm (5,4).

The facial features are straight, with an expressive nose, narrow straight lips, and the absence of pronounced fuller cheeks. The eyes are almond-shaped or slit-shaped.

Girls of this type are stately, slender, often with a sinewy figure. The arms and legs are usually long, the bone structure is thin, the shoulders are most often square.

Dramatic types need not to be afraid of excessive severity, geometry, and contrasts (both in clothes and in the beauty component) – they will not get lost even in the most shocking images. At the same time, it is better to forget about romantic “flying” dresses and oversized sweaters or baggy jeans.

Star representatives: Katharine Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Eva Green.

Dramatic Subtypes

  • Soft Dramatic

What you need to know about the soft dramatic type

What a soft dramatic looks like

From a pure drama, this subtype inherited the sharp features of the face, in particular the prominent cheekbones and nose, and long limbs. But the appearance of this subtype is softened by a feminine figure with lush breasts and hips.

Examples of soft dramatists include Monica Bellucci, Irina Shayk, Rachel Weisz, Barbra Streisand, and Ava Gardner.

What are the best things to wear

Soft dramatists in clothing should combine long vertical lines and flowing delicate fabrics, accentuate the shoulders and choose prominent jewelry. It is worth avoiding small prints and accessories, thick materials, tight-fitting and baggy silhouettes.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

Sophisticated, sophisticated styling and asymmetrical haircuts without straight lines are the best choices to create a bold look for this subtype.

Bright makeup looks great on soft dramas. They can safely emphasize the cheekbones, eyes, and lips at the same time and not look vulgar at the same time.

Classic Type

Owners of the classic type are height within the range of 160-170 cm.

The classical features of the face are characterized by proportionality and precision – it is extremely difficult to single out the “outstanding” part in them. The same can be said about the figure: flexible, slightly sinewy, with a commensurate ratio of the lengths of arms and legs, which do not exceed average values. The true advantage of the classic type is that when you gain weight, it is evenly distributed over the body.

The classics also rule the show in fashion and beauty recommendations of this type. However, in this case, it is not at all synonymous with boredom and despondency – noble restrained shades (from pearl and beige to “royal blue”) and classic silhouettes combined with elegant and discreet accessories will become the ideal solution.

What are the best things to wear

This type is recommended to wear classic-cut outfits with smooth lines and choose calm natural colors. But it is better for the classics to refuse from the abundance of details, rough fabrics, and baggy styles.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

Smooth hair of medium length, lying in soft waves, will advantageously frame the face of the classics, which cannot be said about boyish haircuts and lush styling.

In makeup, classics should use neutral muted colors and avoid crisp lines, contrasting shades, and strong shine.

Star Representatives: Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve, Kate Bosworth, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively.

Classic subtypes

  • Drammatic Classic

What you need to know about the Dramatic Classic type

What a dramatic classic looks like

The correct and perfectly harmonious appearance of the classics in this subtype sharpens and becomes more strict. The dramatic classics are of medium to tall stature, narrow and sometimes sharp shoulders, elongated arms and legs, and a straight figure with proportionate but not pronounced chest, waist and hips. Face – with sharp features and large or medium-sized eyes.

Examples of dramatic classics include Michelle Dockery, Olivia Wilde, Diane Kruger, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

What are the best things to wear

This subtype, like pure dramatics, is suited to understated silhouettes with sharp angles, straight lines and emphasis on the shoulders. Also, representatives of this subtype need to pay attention to dresses and skirts with a tapered hem and clothing made of dense fabrics. Small prints and their combinations, lace, cropped pieces, ruffles, fluffy skirts and baggy cut look strange on dramatic classics.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

Dramatic classics go for sleek, elegant hairstyles with crisp edges.

Makeup should be discreet and matte, without soft shading, with accentuated cheekbones and eyes.

Classic subtypes

  • Soft Classic

What you need to know about the Soft Classic type

What does the soft classic subtype look like?

Smooth body curves, like those of romantics, in this subtype are combined with pointed or sloping shoulders and a high waist. Because of this, the figure of the soft classics looks both fragile and feminine. Representatives of the subtype have large eyes, rounded cheeks, and plump lips, facial features are correct and proportionate, but softer than that of pure classics.

Examples of soft classics: Naomi Watts, Marion Cotillard, Meryl Streep, Jessica Chastain, and Emma Thompson.

What are the best things to wear

Too defiant things with an abundance of decor and an unusual cut will distract attention from the sophisticated appearance of soft classics. But they are very fit with a simple cut, delicately emphasizing, but not tight-fitting, soft fabrics, drapery and flowing lines in clothes.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

The best hairstyle for this subtype is classic soft waves, but any sleek, elegant styling and haircut will work well.

Light, well-shaded makeup without bright colors and with a slight shine is recommended for soft classics.

Gamine Type

The gamine type is girls with a height below 165 cm.

They are distinguished by large eyes, lips of medium thickness, often sunken cheeks.

Girls of this type have sharp, geometric body contours. They are thin, flexible, their shoulders are narrow, their arms and legs tend to be long.

Gamine Type is an amazing type that will look equally impressive in a mini dress, and in an androgynous look, for example, an oversized T-shirt and skinny jeans.

But things overloaded with details, excessive severity or, conversely, excessive negligence and baggy should be avoided. Another feature of the gamine type – they are ideally suited for short haircuts “like a boy” (which can be clearly seen by reading the famous representatives of the type).

What are the best things to wear

Feminine soft lines, drapery, oversize and large details in clothes are not suitable for Gaminam. But geometric elements – lapels, collars, cuffs, as well as bright accessories and cropped items will perfectly complement their fragile figure.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

Short haircuts, tousled hairstyles and light makeup with an emphasis on the eyes and eyebrows go most of all to the Gaminam.

Star Representatives: Audrey Tautou, Twiggy.

Gamine Subtypes

What you need to know about the Soft Gamine Type

What does a soft gamine look like?

This subtype, like all gamine types, has a diminutive figure, but it is devoid of boyish features. In soft gamines, the chest and hips are pronounced, the arms and legs are short and tend to be overweight. Their rounded face resembles a doll’s face: large open eyes, plump lips and cheeks are combined with a small pointed nose and chin.

Examples of soft gamins: Reese Witherspoon, Winona Ryder, Judy Garland, Halle Berry, and the Olsen sisters.

What are the best things to wear

They should choose clothes with soft, rounded lines, but add “sharp” details to it, such as collars, cuffs, belts and belts. To make the figure a little lighter, the soft gamines need to open up the thinnest parts of the body: the wrists and ankles.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

For soft gaminas, asymmetrical complex haircuts without straight lines and short or medium hair length are recommended. It is better for this subtype not to make smooth licked styling and replace them with light, voluminous curls.

Delicate lines, gloss, bright lips and eyes are the main elements of a successful make-up for soft gaminas.

  • Flamboyant Gamine Type

What you need to know about the Flamboyant Gamine Type

What does a flamboyant gamine look like?

The flemboyant gamine types have a round or elongated face with large features, a wide nose, large eyes, and plump lips. It is a subtype with a sinewy strong figure, flat chest and hips. The physique in this case does not look fragile, like that of pure gamines.

Examples of flamboyant Hamines include Miley Cyrus, Zooey Deschanel, Rooney Mara, Kelly Osbourne, and Liza Minnelli.

What are the best things to wear

Best of all, the catchy appearance of the flemboyant gamine types is emphasized by combinations of contrasting colors, textures and shapes, asymmetry, sharp broken lines and unusual accessories. From oversize, monochrome and simple styles, this subtype is advised to stay away.

What types of hairstyles and makeup should be chosen

Flamboyant gamine types organically look even with the most extreme and daring hairstyles with geometric shapes, sharp milled ends, short length and layering.

In makeup, they should use deep, saturated colors of eyeshadow and lipstick, emphasize cheekbones and do soft shading.

P.S .: Having studied your own type, you can easily form a wardrobe and choose accessories that emphasize your style.

As Kibby said: “Each of you is unique.” And if you still have not decided on your own appearance, take the test to determine the type or read his book “Metamorphoses”. It may change your life!



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