Flamboyant Gamine Winter Outfits: A Complete Style Guide
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14 Jan

Flamboyant Gamine Winter Outfits: A Complete Style Guide

Wondering how to dress for winter if you are a Flamboyant Gamine body type?

This article has all the answers!

Seasons change, but Flamboyant Gamine’s sharp edge and rebellious mischief remain the same, and it’s no different now that winter has finally arrived.

The season demands layering and warm additions to your wardrobe.

But can Flamboyant Gamine types do it without losing their daringly mischievous, BOLD, sharp, emo persona? 

Yes, of course!

Should there ever be a doubt!?

David Kibbe described them as “Sassy Chics” for a reason!

Flamboyant Gamine isn’t your conventional body type relying on rules.

It essentially demonstrates a style that’s rebellious and rule-breaking. And that very essence isn’t lost during winter, either! 

Flamboyant Gamine Winter Outfits

Leather is your winter favourite, but that’s just the start.

FGs rock asymmetrical layering, especially those cutout tops matched with boxy biker jackets.

Just like soft gamines, flamboyant gamines also slay winter accessories, but there’s a huge difference in both their style choices. 

Soft gamines get engulfed in everything that’s fluff and soft, as discussed in our “Soft Gamine Winter Edition.”

On the other hand, FGs bask in accessories that are sharp, unconventional, and edgy.

For that, we have leather biker gloves, leather or denim leg warmers, high knee-length combat boots, tights with edgy lace designs, ear bands, headbands, berets, bucket hats, etc. 

Essentially, you can choose any winter accessory from our soft gamine winter edition, but with sharper details.

Ditch soft colors and silhouettes, and welcome sharp and edgy colors/silhouettes whenever choosing a winter accessory. 

My personal favourite for FGs is the current famous woollen balaclava, especially the one with hell horns! 

image 2

Most of your silhouette matches that of soft gamines— compact, petite, and full of youth, but it’s the style choice that differs.

If soft gamines are snow, flamboyant gamines are fire. If soft gamines are the clouds, you are the moon! 

Where soft gamines choose teddy jackets in light color varieties, you choose bomber jackets. When they opt for fleece, you opt for leather!

We’ll disclose all winter flamboyant gamine outfit inspirations soon enough.

Let’s first outline Kibbe’s main accommodation for your body type. 

Flamboyant Gamine Body Type | Main Accommodation

Flamboyant gamines are essentially a combination of yin and yang with a sharp incline towards yang, i.e., They have a combination of soft and sharp attributes. 

  • Petite frame with sharp bone structure: FG’s petite frame is what puts them closer to the yin spectrum. On the other hand, their bone structure is sharp, edgy, pointed, lithe, and toned, i.e., Yang. 

This yang bone structure includes sharp shoulders, lithe and elongated limbs+torso, and a toned and flat waist. 

Now, flamboyant gamines do accommodate a petite height, but their body appears elongated and long compared to other yin body types.

Despite their height, they appear taller. This is further accentuated because of their lean figure. 

Wardrobe selection: You want to choose compact and petite outfits, but at the same time, they should be sharp, pointed, and boxy.

For instance, A crop biker jacket. Breaking your OOTD into separate fragments is also the right way to go instead of opting for one single (unbroken) image. 

A crop length emphasizes your yin height, but a biker’s cool and rebellious look complements your yang frame solely because biker jackets have a stiff appearance. 

image 1
  • Toned flesh: Instead of being voluptuous or soft with flesh, your body doesn’t have a lot of flesh deposition. 

This lack of flesh throughout your body gives you a toned and fit figure, further enhancing the sharp lines of your silhouette.

Because you accommodate a flat bust and hipline, there’s not much waist definition to emphasize. 

You might have been forced to believe that this particular characteristic is unflattering, but trust me when I say this: it further enhances your rebellious and notorious charm. 

Not many women can slay clothes that suit FG’s body type— all those exotic emo and goth aesthetics are made for your body type.

No other body type can rock them, not even dramatic body type. 

Wardrobe suggestions: Asymmetrical goth jacket with lace trims, cutout lace tops, corsets, crop tank tops that flatter your toned and narrow waist, grunge fashion, emo varieties, goth varieties, and so much more! 

Now, for some, kibbe’s fashion advice may seem outdated and boring, but it dates back to the 80s. In that era, those choices were rebellious with a boyish charisma. 

This is also the reason why I suggest you only use Kibbe’s system to understand your silhouette and then curate your wardrobe on your understanding instead of choosing the style guidelines he provides. 

Flamboyant Gamine Winter Outfits – A Complete Style Guide

The actual fun begins! At all costs, ensure your outfit is expressive enough to let everyone know whom not to mess with! Don’t forget to keep it warm, of course! 

Flamboyant Gamine Winter Accessories

Winter accessories are crucial because they add small but warm details to your outfits. It ensures you accommodate petite details to benefit your yin height while also providing warmth.

While small elements are crucial, they shouldn’t soften your look, so choose accessories that provide an edge to your assemble.

Let’s start from head to toe. 

For head FG Winter Accessories

  • Horned balaclava 
  • Head scarf tied behind 
  • Head scarf tied below chill 
  • Headphones
  • Bent Beret
  • Short beanie 
  • Baseball cap
  • Ear muffs work for you as well! Just keep the color in mind! A better substitute for ear muffs is your headphones. While ear muffs have a soft appearance, headphones are stiff and structured.

Horned Balaclava is everything— they are warm, fuzzy, woollen, but at the same time, unconventional, daringly BOLD, and edgy!

A deadlier combination would be bringing BOLD smokey focus to your eyes. 

When choosing a head scarf, go with dark-themed or anime-themed prints.

The same goes for beret! As for the beanie, the length should be small and petite. Instead of reaching your nape, it should stop at your ears. 

Baseball caps highlight your boyish charm and roguish appeal! 

Did we forget the (Knit) hooded stand-alone? After Balaclava, knit hoods are also taking the fashion world by quite a statement storm.

The knit hood is usually attached to a tiny tank top for support, it reaches your bustline (or sometimes a little higher).

You can layer it underneath your outfit to bring focus to the hood or you can use it as the topmost layer to highlight it boastfully!

For hands

leather gloves would be your go-to choice. On days when it’s not so cold, choose fingerless palm gloves that cover your arms. 

image 5
  • Rugged palm and arm gloves with straps to tie. 
  • Mummy arm warmers 
  • Arm warmers with leather straps and metal details 
  • Punk gloves with a tattered lace finish
  • Goth arm warmer with chain extension. 

For the torso: 

Because highlighting your torso emphasizes your toned waist, you often choose crop top varieties.

However, with winter on board, it’s difficult to wear crop tops without layering them enough to keep you warm. 

You, of course, have full-body tights to begin with. They keep your body away from the cold breeze outside.

At the same time, they camouflage and mimic your body quite confidently. 

For legs

We have wool-lined tights just like the soft gamine body type for when you are opting for a skirt. These sheer tights also come in multiple goth and emo designs if you are up for some ROCK! 

  • Tattered tights
  • Suspenders
  • Corsets 
  • Harness
  • Funky print tights

After tights, we have my second favourite of the season— leg warmers! While soft gamines stun woollen varieties, you take it to the next edge!

Your first choice should be leather leg warmers; they are the talk of the season.

  • Next, we have the denim leg warmers with straps and goth details.
  • For a fancier look, you can choose a full-length leg warmer (reaching thighs) with jewel details. 

Last but not least, we have combat boots of all lengths, whether knees, ankles, calves, or thighs! The chunkier, the better! 

High platforms, chunky sneakers, and school shoes are all great choices! 


No other body type has as much liberty to accessorize themselves with jewellery as the flamboyant gamine body type!

You can carry jewelry from head to toe and they don’t even have to be dainty or delicate.

They can be as BOLD as your personality! In fact, they should be as bold as your personality! 

Bring in those much-awaited piercings, noserings, bull rings, bulky and chunky layers of chains around your neck, chokers, knuckle rings, waist chains, leather garters, etc! 

Don’t worry about wearing them above your layers! They go quite well at the top!


You are expressive, and so should be every element of your existence and it goes all the way to your hair and makeup!

There’s a plethora of hairstyles for your face type, and each one’s stunning, whether you wish to keep your hair short, bob, pixie, or long! 

  • Straighten out your long hair, keep them open and sleek. The centre and side parts both work! After parting your hair, adorn both sides with prong curl clips. Trust me, you’d love the results. The same hairdo can be tried on short hair length. 
  • Thick fringe at the front with thin braids on both sides. For long hair, you can twist and turn the remaining hair into a bun. 
  • Messy curls or braided curls. 
  • Ponytails with a short beanie. 
  • Pixie haircut is the most popular for flamboyant gamines! Who can forget Audrey Hepburn’s pixie haircut back in the time? It would always work for you! 
  • Wolf haircuts are the current trend, and rightly so!
  • Blunt fringes above the eyebrows. This is symbolic of ancient Egypt and has always looked gorgeous! It’s coming back in trends and looks exceptionally beautiful on an FG face type. 


Again, be as bold and experimental with your makeup as you’d like to be! Think Lady Gaga! Of course, that’s not your only option— You can experiment with smokey eyes, wolf wings, and other patterns with the liner.

It’s not just about lipsticks, eyeliner, and blush; you can legit go bold with colors on your face and play with patterns, stencils, diamonds, etc.! 

For lips, a touch of maroon or brown is always a go-to choice, but don’t stop yourself from trying out black lipstick, either!

At times, you can also go for a no-makeup look or drunk look and slay every second of it! 

Flamboyant Gamine Winter Outfits— Layering!

We are talking about leather, biker jackets, parachute fabric, denim articles, or any fabric that provides that boxy getup full of structure, lines, and geometry!

These fabric choices would enhance your toned, fit, and sharp body frame.  

image 4

This doesn’t mean you have to cut down on sweaters, sweats, or cardigans, but they have to be paired properly to bring out your essence and highlight your frame. 

Without a doubt, biker and bomber jackets are your OG. Right next in the queue are the oversized, edgy coats and shirts!

Remember, you OWN boyish and men wear, and we’ll discuss just how to bring it to life shortly! 

Fabric Choices For Flamboyant Gamines

Opt for stiff materials for the outer layers, especially the top layer. Why? Because they help you attain that boxy silhouette.

image 3
  • Leather: You must have heard leather when talking about the dramatic body type. FGs and Dramatics have a similar style sense. However, dramatics have an adult poise, and you carry youthful mischief and playful rebelliousness. 

So, while dramatics choose long leather overcoats, you go for crop or hip-line leather jacket lengths.

Dramatics go for long silhouettes; you break your silhouette with smaller articles to accommodate your petite height. 

  • Men’s suit material: Again, you don’t style men’s wear like how dramatics do it! Your style is more playful and mini. You style a shirt with a high school skirt and a coat (stiff shoulder edges) reaching the same length as the skirt. You pair this formal combination with informal and heavy goth boots.    
  • Denim: Denim allows you many casual varieties, but not like how naturals do it! You use denim when it’s grunge, not plain or boring. Whether top, bottom, or footwear— the denim should be adorned with grunge details, straps, cargo pockets, and chains. Visible stress and tattered appearance work in your favor, too! 
  • The parachute material, again, has a stiff and non-conforming structure. Even when it’s crunched, it gives you geometric shapes instead of curves! Popular bomber and biker jackets are usually made with this material. 

FG Winter Tops

Length: crop and hipline. 

When choosing a crop length, go with full body tights inside it to ensure no cold air contacts your skin. Instead of going with blouses, go with tank tops in asymmetrical designs. 


  • High Neck
  • Woolen turtle necks/polo necks 
  • Buttoned down collars 
  • Halter neck
  • Strapless because it highlights your sharp collarbones. 

Distressed and tattered details on your layers are always welcome! 

Because you have a toned torso, body-fit layers work well for you because they outline your lithe frame. This is also the reason why top lengths reaching below your waist flatter your figure prominently. 

After tops, loose-fit t-shirts are your OG, especially when you style them with knee-length chunky boots!

FG Winter Bottoms

Skirts are your bae, just like a soft gamine wardrobe, but the design choices stand on the opposite sides. Instead of a bodycon, pleated skirts suit you!

Length can be even shorter than SGs because you don’t have to highlight your behind like the SGs. 

However, don’t forget to layer the skirt above the tights to ensure warmth during the cold weather. 

Soft gamines cannot slay a low waist skirt like the FGs, and it’s because FGs don’t accommodate waist definition and don’t require an emphasis on it.

Low-waist skirts also work for you because you have an elongated and toned torso. 

After skirts, bring in all grunge bottoms— loose-fit cargo, vintage pants, bikers strapped bottoms, shorts (tights beneath), leather pants, etc! 

FG Winter Dresses

Of course, you can wear dresses, but keep the theme dark and emo! A dress with cutouts at the neck and slits at the upper thighs will balance your body type.

Sharp Lace details will add a dangerous glint to the look, just like what I vampire would wear! 

FG Winter layers

Bringing our attention back to the biker jackets is our first priority. Next in the queue are crop leather jackets with pointed shoulder edges. 

However, crop length isn’t always a necessity. If you have small details in other layers, you can choose to opt for a longer jacket (of any fabric) that reaches your hipline or comes slightly below. 

You don’t need to hold back on prints, patterns, and designs. Let them roll in; they will fit your body type naturally without seeming absurd.

You can wear a biker jacket (in all its aesthetic prints), pair it with a checkered mini skirt, and still slay the night!

That’s just your body type; mischievous mismatch comes naturally to you!

After leather and parachute, you can absolutely add woolen varieties to your wardrobe as long as you are keeping your aesthetics in vision.

Loose-fit high-neck sweaters, fur-lined cardigans, crop loose-fit sweaters, and even teddy jackets. 

When choosing woollen wear, choose bold prints for them to go with your overall OOTD. For instance, the cheetah print teddy jacket it’s warm but still unconventional! 

After that, we have funky tweed crop jackets (button-down collar), blazers, and sometimes. 

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