Kibbe Romantic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style & Outfits
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22 Dec

Kibbe Romantic Body Type For Wardrobe, Style & Outfits

Are you wondering how Romantic Body Type looks and how to style it?

This article has all the answers!

A romantic body type woman is usually associated with an ethereal, delicate blonde with a petite curvy body, and David Kibbe had a completely different vision.

According to his concept, a representative of the romantic type basically has the most feminine body structure.

Full bosom, narrow waist, and rounded hips are the most characteristic romantic features, regardless of weight and height.

The arms are rounded, and the bust is not always the same as that of the dramatic type, as is the soft dramatic, although it is always significant.

The hips and buttocks are more rounded, and the waist is more clearly defined.

Let’s take a look at the figures of Marilyn Monroe (romantic) and Sophia Loren (soft dramatic).

In addition to the more refined body structure, Marilyn’s narrow, delicate hands are clearly visible (a strong dominance of the female Yin element – both in the form of the body and the bone structure).

Sophia Loren has long, well-defined collarbones, and her bone structure is dominated by the male element Yang.

romantic body type
romantic body type

Romantic type: Yin bone structure.

Soft Dramatic: Yang bone structure, Yin body structure (romantics tend to be shorter than soft dramatics).

In the case of overweight, certain types change their physiognomy completely differently.

Romantic-type women gain weight all around the body, and the waist is still narrow and well-curved.

romantic body type
romantic body type


  • Height – low or medium (up to 167 cm).
  • Short vertical lines (rounded shapes make a romantic woman appear shorter than she really is).
  • The silhouette type is an hourglass (regardless of the ratio of weight and height);
  • This is not an hourglass with straight, wide arms, as in the case of the soft dramatic; A pear shape is also possible.
  • Shoulders – Rounded, often substantial.
  • Arms and legs – relatively short in relation to height and body.
  • Hands and feet – small and thin (narrow or wide).
  • Bust – large or medium.
  • Waist – narrow.
  • Hips – rounded, a clearly visible transition from the waist.
  • Forearms – short, full (slightly rounded even with low weight).

The skeleton of a romantic is delicate and miniature, and bones are also fragile, maybe slightly wide.

But one must remember that looking at a girl of a romantic type, it would never occur to her to say that she has a “bony” build or structure of her face.

Romantics almost always tend to gain weight.

And height tends to be from miniature to medium.

The figure of a romantic, as a rule, resembles an hourglass in shape. Lush breasts and hips and, of course, a thin waist is sure to be present.

romantic body type
romantic body type


  • The lower part of the face is thin with soft lines, round or slightly tapered (sometimes wide, like Salma Hayek).
  • Nose – delicately defined, soft lines, often broad.
  • Cheeks – thin, rounded.
  • Eyes – large or medium, usually rounded.
  • Lips – full (slightly or very full).
  • Cheeks – thin, slightly rounded (even for thin women).
romantic body type
romantic body type

Everything in the appearance of Romantic Types is rounded: the oval of the face, eyes, and curvaceous body shapes.

David Kibbe called this type “Dream Spinner.”

romantic body type
romantic body type

Romantics are the embodiment of pure Yin: delicate, round and curvy.

The facial features of the romantic type are also rounded and curvy. Large, round eyes, full lips, lush cheeks, slightly wide, neat nose.

Romantic Body Type Style

The main word for romantic body type is softness.

romantic body type
romantic body type

Particular attention should be paid to the forms, and this is a fundamental point.

The shape should be round with soft edges! Always accentuate your silhouette – the hourglass body shape!

Don’t try to pack your curves into tight, straight lines; this will always look bad.

Circles, spirals, and intricate flowing prints directly express your extreme Yin.

I want to take a chance to recommend a magnificent dressmaker who has sawn this amazing old Dior-like blazer as per measurements.

I already order mine, and as for a Romantic body type, I cannot recommend it more.

It emphasizes the waist perfectly, not tightly fitting the bottom, and has a beautiful neck cut.

romantic body type kibbe
romantic body type kibbe

The silhouette should be fluid and loose to showcase your voluptuous curves.

romantic body type
romantic body type

As I noted, the accentuated waist is an important detail, as is the presence of soft draperies.

Choose fabrics that are easy to drape. Soft and pliable fabrics are also among the favourites of the romantic body type. And don’t forget the soft textures.

All details should be soft, intricate and feminine, emphasizing and framing your face.

Large bows, ruffles, and lace are always good choices, but they should be feminine, not childish.

Necklines should be soft and draped with curled edges (heavily decorated necklines will also look great).

The shoulders should be gently arched without sharp edges.

Sleeves should be tied around the wrist with an intricate closure or be very soft and fluid.

Any sheen will be a great option (pearls, sequins, beads, etc.).

romantic body type
romantic body type

The waist should always be emphasized – with soft gathers, pleats, and lightweight and flexible straps to give an accent.

Buckles should always be intricate in detail and feminine.

You need to combine different elements of your clothes not to disturb the fabric’s overall fluidity and the look’s softness.

Mix colors and textures, but avoid harsh contrasts between the top and bottom of the look.

Jackets/Blazers: They should always be soft and well-fitting, with a belt at the waist or a strap.

When choosing a jacket, please pay attention to the lapels; they should be curved and rounded.

A lapelless model would also be a good choice. Draperies will be a suitable attractive accent here too.

Skirts: Your skirts can be curvy. Have soft ruffles at the waist. Uneven hem is possible.

romantic body type
romantic body type

Your base skirt is a tulip skirt. All skirts widening to the bottom are a great option; length with an uneven hem – to the middle of the calf; and up to the knee – if it is a tulip skirt with a straight hemline.

romantic body type
romantic body type

Pants: You should always be soft and show your curves. They should be gently tucked together at the waist, drawing attention to her.

Blouses: Soft, draped. Intricate, interesting ruffles and curls. Antique-style blouses are suitable for romantics.

Sweaters: Soft, fluffy knit. Plush. Short length with emphasis on the waist.

Dresses: The form of dresses should always be feminine and fluid. The waist is emphasized; it can be exquisitely decorated with a fluffy or sun skirt.

romantic body type
romantic body type

Choose small, rounded bags made from soft, pliable leather or fabric. With a complex ornament. Luxurious. Neat shoulder straps. Elegantly slim portfolios.

Jewelry: should always be delicate and bright, with intricate and luxurious details: rounded shapes, curves, spirals.

Shining materials – crystals, stones, glass, polished metal.

The appearance of hair should be very well-groomed. Hairstyles – gently frame the face. Avoid harshness. The curls will look good.

Hair color should be rich and luxurious. Lightened strands are possible without solid contrast (especially if you are a brunette).

Individual, brighter strands will work well for medium to light hair tones. Be careful with the intense colors – platinum blonde, black and blue, and fiery red.

romantic body type
romantic body type

This color is often too harsh if it’s not your natural shade. If this is your color, do not lighten it, as this will immediately add ten years to your age!

romantic body type
romantic body type

Makeup should be soft and watercolor-like. Soft colors (pink, peach, reddish, pink) on the cheeks and lips will help create the desired impression.

Eye makeup should be smooth, with some shine, even for daytime. Evening makeup can even be with a lot of glitters!



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