Marilyn Monroe Color, Makeup, Outfits, And Style
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21 Dec

Marilyn Monroe Color, Makeup, Outfits, And Style

Are you wondering what Marilyn Monroe Color is and how you could make it work fo you?

This article has all the answers!

At the beginning of her acting career, the future “star” hinted that being Norma Jean Martensen was sounding unpresentable. This is how the name Marilyn appeared, to which the maiden name of the actress’s mother, Monroe, was organically added. And since 1946, no one else called the young beauty differently than Marilyn Monroe.

But before the girl got to the studio 20th Century Fox, she had to go through a lot. In the family, Norma was the third child. She was brought up “anywhere”: now in a foster family, then in a shelter, then with relatives. The girl’s favorite outlet was films – in them, she lived bright moments of an exciting and eventful life. However, Norma Baker had no goal of becoming an actress.

In 1944, the girl began her working career at a radio-controlled aircraft factory. And the same day was the first step towards a bright career. The beauty of Norma was appreciated by photographers and journalists who prepared the report “The Work of Women in World War II”. With their submission, the girl decided to try her hand at modelling, and later in acting.

During the same time, Marilyn Monroe abandoned the natural color of a natural brown-haired woman and forever chose the image of a touching and delicate blonde. This is how the style of Marilyn Monroe began to form – a photo of which a little later became an ideal iconic image for many women.

Marilyn Monroe style icon

To create that image of Marilyn Monroe, which subsequently conquered the whole world, the girl had to work on her appearance every day. The main components of the style were:

  • platinum hair styled in flirty curls;
  • eye-catching red lips;
  • languid look;
  • great figure;
  • gait, facial expressions, gestures.

Everything was unique and inimitable in this bright girl!

It is worth noting that the figure created by Marilyn Monroe evokes male admiration to this day!

What is so remarkable about her?

  • She had almost reference proportions: 92-60-92. Many women dream of such parameters today.
  • High chest. Many attribute the unique shape of Marilyn to the unique design of her bras but do not diminish the value of daily exercise with dumbbells.
  • Menu. Meat, carrots, eggs – these products that most often figured in the “stars” menu, allowing you to avoid gaining excess weight.

In addition to the spectacular hourglass shapes that emphasized each dress of Marilyn, other components of her image deserve attention:

  • Craving for feminine silhouettes. Skirts, dresses, shirts with ties, blouses, high-waisted trousers. Many of Marilyn Monroe’s outfits were erotic-tight; others had a spectacular neckline or revealing cuts.
  • Spectacular fabrics. The star had flowing materials in high esteem – thin, emphasizing the figure. And be sure to furs – capes, fur coats, coats.
  • Accessories. Monroe loved headscarves, gloves, hats, belts, sunglasses.
  • Jewellery. Earrings, rings and bracelets decorated with diamonds were Marilyn’s favorites.
  • Marilyn Monroe makeup. Red or bright orange lips, expressive eyes and pale, aristocratic marble skin – makeup, which has become the standard of attractiveness for many years.

Many have become style icons since the 50s of the last century. These are Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham, and many other bright personalities. But only Marilyn Monroe is out of competition everywhere. She is admired by men, and women still copy her style. The bright sexuality, tenderness, touching and unconditional femininity of Marilyn Monroe remain the standard for everyone who strives today for spectacular images and stylish solutions.

Marilyn Monroe makeup and style

What is Merlin Monroe makeup?

The makeup of the famous film star has become a classic for a long time. Makeup artist of Merlyn Monroe invented it. Modern Hollywood actresses often try on the image of Merlin. These include Renee Zellweger, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani.

What are the main secrets of this makeup? Let’s consider the components without which the image in the style of Merlyn Monroe will be incomplete.

Seductive lips

Merlyn has repeatedly stated that her motto is “to worry others, not to be worried.” Red lipstick has become the hallmark of the actress. To create the effect of full lips, the actress could apply five layers of lipstick, using three different shades.

Perfect face proportions

Here the secret lies not so much in good genes as in the right shades of foundation. So, to expand the upper part of the face, Monroe applied a light tone along the forehead, and to soften the lower part, she used a darker tone in the neck, cheekbones and temples. Merlyn used coral or pink blush to highlight her cheekbones.

Healthy shine

The face of the actress always looked radiant and clean. In the morning, she rubbed it with ice cubes. Note that this procedure helps tighten the pores and gives the skin a fresh look. Also, the actress avoided tanning. She has often said that she wants to be “all blonde”.

Enchanting eyes

Marilyn was sure that mascara is one of the main tools of a woman. Her eyes had a beautiful almond shape, thanks to the fact that the actress’s makeup artist used false eyelashes for half a century. Also, the actress is hard to imagine without the famous eyeliner.

Feminine outfits

Monroe’s makeup would have had little effect if the actress did not complement it with feminine outfits. Just like the famous white dress from the movie “The Seven Year Itch”. All of Marilyn’s outfits fit well.

Marilyn Monroe Color

Most of all, Marilyn’s makeup will suit fair-skinned blondes

Cold shades of pale pink, grey and a contrasting combination of light and black suit this color type. Saturated, cool shades of red lipstick (red-raspberry, burgundy, cherry) will complement the look nicely. But such makeup will turn brunettes and brown-haired women into fatal seductresses. It is better for owners of dark skin to use warm shades: beige and golden eyeshadows, peach blush, scarlet, coral or red-brown lipstick.

Marilyn Monroe’s makeup secrets

  • Radiant skin, languid eyes and luscious lips: how to repeat the sexy beauty image of the cult film star of the 50s.


Marilyn Monroe had very dry skin, so she always used a lot of moisturizers: the movie star even applied a thin layer of Vaseline under the foundation, which gave her face perfect smoothness and freshness.

The actress highlighted the cheekbones, the dimple above the upper lip, the chin and the tip of the nose with a highlighter.

To emphasize the soft “heart-shaped” oval of the face, Marilyn applied a lighter powder to her forehead and darker to the line of her cheekbones, hair growth and chin.

The actress used only pink or peach blush for a natural and healthy look.


The secret of Marilyn’s languid seductive look is false eyelashes. The actress glued on only half of the strip of false eyelashes towards the end of the century, which gave the eyes an almond shape, and the look – languid drowsiness.

The actress painted a thin elongated arrow with a dark brown, not black, as is commonly believed, eyeliner, and applied brown shadows to the lower eyelid, blending to the cheekbones and down, thus creating the effect of shadow from heavy eyelashes.

To keep her eyes wide open, the beauty let down the inner eyelid with a white pencil, and in the corners of the eyes near the lacrimal canal, put a small dot with a red pencil; this made the eyes seem brighter.


The legendary Marilyn had rather dark bushy eyebrows with a characteristic curve. Draw brows with a pencil darker than your root color, at the base of the brow, at the bend, and complete the line. Then paint in shadows along the growth line.


Marilyn Monroe is said to have used up to four different lipsticks, each applying several layers to create the effect of luscious, seductive lips. To repeat the image, you need to outline the lips along the maximum contour with a dark red pencil.

Then apply your favorite shade of lipstick on the lips, you can in several layers, and paint over the middle of the lips with a shade slightly lighter. This will give the 3D embossed effect. When repeating the look, it is better to use trendy lacquer lipsticks, which will give your lips a glossy shine.


Marilyn Monroe naturally had a mole on her cheek, emphasising with a dark pencil. To imitate a mole-like a movie star, you first need to draw it with a dark brown pencil and then apply a darker shade in the middle for the most natural look.

At the end of the look – a couple of drops of a Chanel perfume!

Marilyn Monroe outfits

Six essential ingredients of Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood style that will be useful to you too.

Marilyn Monroe is known not only for her striking appearance and roles in films, but her stylish images have also become iconic and entered the chronicle of fashion history as the sexiest and most feminine.

We analyze what features of Monroe’s style made the actress the leading sex symbol of the 20th century and how to implement them in your life.

Body-flattering outfits

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the name of Marilyn Monroe is, of course, her seductive figure. The forms of the actress were considered ideal, and even in the age of skinny fashion,, models seemed to be something special, sexy, feminine, genuine. Today, with the return of curvaceous forms to fashion, the figure of Marilyn could again become a standard.

The actress was well aware of her advantages: a thin waist, lush breasts and rounded hips required tight-fitting clothing that emphasized the smooth curves of her body. The actress mainly wore tight-fitting dresses made of light fabrics, sometimes translucent for social events. And even her everyday looks consisted of clothes that did not hide the main advantages of the star’s figure.

This rule is worth learning for all women: emphasize the merits of your figure and hide the flaws. Clearly define the howling color and body type, and choose clothes based on these parameters, then your every exit will be successful!

Not to say that Monroe’s makeup was chosen clearly in accordance with her appearance, but rather with the image of a sexy blonde, correlated with the ideal of that time. Even Marilyn’s face with the help of makeup, makeup artists “reached” a little to the “gold standard” of beauty.

You, too, can find your perfect makeup option and use it whenever you need to look your 100%. This does not mean that you do not need to experiment, but imagine what a spectacular woman you will become if you also have your own brand ideal makeup option!

Marilyn Monroe hair

Marilyn’s hair styling has always looked perfect, but it was not at all that difficult. It was easy to create and maintain in everyday life. Finding your color and hairstyle is the task of every girl who wants to be attractive.

There is no need to go far from the natural qualities of your hair: that is, straightening curly and curling perfectly smooth is nonsense since you will get tired of doing it every day. Besides, nature knew better than to reward you. Try to find a middle ground.

Comfortable everyday looks

A cropped cashmere sweater, a white shirt, a black pencil skirt, straight-leg trousers or tight 7/8 trousers – Marilyn in everyday life preferred comfortable, high-quality and durable things. I also chose shades that can be easily combined and fit into the composition of any image: white, black, grey, beige and pastel shades.

At the same time, the cut of clothes left the star to emphasise the figure’s femininity – the actress managed to exploit sexuality in images outside of screens and cameras.

Shawls, scarves and sunglasses are necessary not only for a movie star but also for any woman to keep her hair in order in windy weather, or vice versa to hide the lack of styling or enough sleep (in the case of sunglasses). And yes – looks with the right accessories look incredibly stylish!

Pumps and Stilettos

Marilyn’s fluid, sexy gait has become legendary. There is a version that Monroe specially sawed off one heel to achieve a graceful and seductive swaying of the hips while walking. It seems to us just another invention of pseudo-biographers, but there is no doubt that stiletto heels make a woman’s gait seductive and alluring!

Nowadays, when almost all girls and women have switched to undoubtedly stylish, comfortable shoes at a low speed, girls in classic “pumps” are incredibly admirable! It is not necessary to wear heels every day, but to altogether refuse them is foolish! As the inimitable Marilyn used to say: “Give a woman a pair of good shoes, and she will conquer the world!”

Memorable perfume

Monroe loved perfume! Once answering a question from journalists about what she was sleeping in, the film star replied that she was putting on “only a drop of Chanel No. 5” in bed.

Marilyn knew very well that every woman should find her fragrance.

Perfume will remind people of you, even if you are not around. It is important to feel, understand which scent suits your image, character and lifestyle.

By the way, most men, when asked what they like about women, say that “women smell good.”

Makeup in the style of Marilyn Monroe. Merlin Monroe Makeup

Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe realized very early that there are no women with perfect looks in the world. And to achieve success in the chosen field, you need to change yourself. At first, the actress parted with luxurious dark hair without regret, making a short haircut and turning into a blonde. And then, she chose a makeup option for herself, which allowed her to turn into an American symbol.

Therefore, it is not surprising that today, almost half a century after the start of Marilyn Monroe rose, many women are trying to try on her image. Meanwhile, the clue to the sexy style that the actress came up with lies precisely in the sensual and discreet makeup, to which Marilyn Monroe treated with increased attention. Actual, to achieve this effect, you need to spend several hours in front of the mirror, experimenting with cosmetics. However, the general principles of makeup like Marilyn Monroe’s are pretty simple.

The blonde phenomenon in modern society is more than just hair color. The image of a blonde in the minds of many is associated with the intellectual level of a woman, the distinctive aspects of her behavior, with a specific type of female character. It is possible that the image was formed, among other things, under the influence of the cinematic image of the most famous blonde in the world – Marilyn Monroe.



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