Be Parisienne With French Tuck: Wear It Like French Women
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15 Jan

Be Parisienne With The French Tuck: Wear It Like French Women

Are you wondering how to wear the Frech tuck like a native?

This article has all the answers!

Add a fashionable twist to your look – tuck it in in an original way.

How to stylishly tuck a women’s shirt to create a french tuck?

A bow on a plain shirt tucked into trousers or jeans is suitable for a business meeting and a date if you want to look European. But under all circumstances, the look must be neat and clear.

Consider these options for stylish looks:

Timeless classicsThe French Tuck

  • This method has its own subtleties:
  • Unbutton your pants.
  • Start tucking in from the back, then working in a circle towards the front.
  • After buttoning up your trousers, smooth out any wrinkles and unevenness.
  • If the shirt is too wide, but you want to accentuate the waist, create small folds along the side seams and fold them back.

Half-tucked shirt

This method appeared on fashion catwalks not so long ago but immediately went to the masses. Thanks to that, a strict image turns into a romantic one, and an ordinary plain shirt becomes an outfit accent. However, you will get a stylish look if you fulfill two conditions:

The shirt should be light flowing material: silk, cotton, chintz, or linen.

Take trousers or jeans with a high waist. So, undo the bottom two buttons, tuck one-half of the hem into the pants, and gently straighten the fabric. We do not recommend buttoning the shirt collar: let the image withstand a relaxed, slightly playful mood.

French tucking shirt front

A shirt tucked in at the front creates an original asymmetrical look—products with an elongated back look incredibly stylish. But keep in mind: this method is best used only if there is no outerwear over the shirt. Unbutton the bottom buttons, fold the two shirt halves together and tuck into pants or jeans. Do not forget to release the sides slightly to add lightness to the look. How to neatly tuck a voluminous shirt An oversized shirt is a squeak of women’s fashion.

But if you want to tuck it neatly into your trousers, you cannot do without a unique technique. Little tricks will help:

  • Tuck the back of your shirt into trousers or high-rise jeans.
  • Unbutton the bottom buttons, fold the two front halves in a crisscross pattern and tuck them into the pants.
  • Unbuttoned shirt tucked into jeans – Layering is the main trend in recent years.
  • Slip a T-shirt under your shirt, then tuck in the edges without buttoning.
  • This look needs some volume, so tuck your shirt in without pulling on too much
  • The advantage of this technique is that it visually stretches the figure and makes it slimmer.

Tucking in a shirt or not: ideas for a stylish french tuck look.

If you follow the rules of the French style, then there are only two ways to wear a shirt – fully tucked in or out. The rest of the experiments can only spoil the image, making it untidy.

However, there are exceptions: The traditional way to avoid mistakes when creating a formal look, always to tuck in your shirt.

There are no secret techniques here: the main thing is that the clothes do not puff up and swell like a parachute. And yet, let’s pay attention to some rules that will help to tuck a shirt neatly into trousers or jeans:

  • All buttons must be buttoned.
  • Only tuck your shirt into unbuttoned trousers.
  • Make sure not to wrinkle before fastening your pants and belt.
  • Make the look more comfortable by slightly letting go of the shirt from the belt.
  • You should feel comfortable raising your arms, bending over, or sitting down.
  • Also make sure the vertical of the buttons is centered.

Army Method For The Fench Tuck

This technique will be helpful if you decide to wear a jacket or want to emphasize your waist. Even a loose shirt will fit if you follow a few extra steps:

  • After buttoning all the buttons, carefully tuck the shirt into your trousers or jeans.
  • Without buttoning your pants, use your thumb and forefinger to fold the side seams of your shirt.
  • Fold each fold in turn towards the back and press with the strap.
  • For a tidier look, pull the pleats all the way to the hem.
  • Zip up your pants and make sure nothing puffs up.

  • This method takes practice, but you can hide all excess fabric and maintain a slim silhouette if done correctly. An image in a casual style This method will not work with classic trousers, but it will add light negligence to a casual look.
  • Tuck In one-half of the shirt in the front, letting the rest out. However, you will need a subtle sense of style and the ability to assess your appearance soberly.
  • After all, not every shirt looks good this way. Here are some stylish ideas: Hawaiian shirt with loose pants, jeans, or shorts; summer linen shirt combined with loose trousers made of light materials; trendy total denim look.
  • Exposing the buckle

    Another way to make a perfect french tuck in the shirt in an authentic way is suitable for focusing on a beautiful belt buckle. Tuck the front of the shirt into trousers or jeans, and gently pull the edges out on the sides and back.

    As in the previous case, only items made of light and soft fabrics are suitable for this technique, which will gently fall off around the belt. Note that shirts made of thick warm materials are best not tucked into trousers. Often, such products play the role of outerwear and look awkward when tucked. This feminine look can be made more enjoyable with a bit of imagination. Feel free to experiment with style and look for solutions that work for you.



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