Soft Dramatic Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style
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27 Dec

Soft Dramatic Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style

Are you wondering what Soft Dramatic Body Type looks like and how to dress it?

This article has all the answers!

Girls of Soft Dramatic Body Type are very noticeable and bright. They give the impression of sultry and sensual beauties. They are tall and stately, which makes them stand out from the crowd. And to add exotic features of the face and outstanding forms – and now we get the image of “Gorgeous Diva”, as Kibbe himself called the soft-dramatists.

Yang manifests itself in their height and bone structure, Yin – in the volume of the chest and hips, a pronounced waist. From Yang soft, dramas got chiselled cheekbones and often a distinctive nose, and from Yin – soft full lips and large eyes.

The type of Soft Dramatic also implies exoticness in facial features, therefore, such girls are often found among eastern people, as well as in Italy, Spain, and Latin America.

The most typical representative of this type is Sophia Loren, a woman of intriguing beauty. When she came to the first casting in her life, she heard that her face was too wide, her mouth was too large and her nose was too long. And she was offered plastic surgery. Then the idea of beauty was women with more classic facial features. Sophia did not fit the canons of that time.

However, when her acting career was in full swing, the fashion for classic beauty faded into oblivion. Hollywood producers and directors, in addition to acting talent, appreciated the photogenic beauty of Sofia. The camera and the men loved her while all the women wanted to be like her.

Nobody ever offered her plastic surgeries anymore. And although more than half a century has passed since then, the beauty of Sofia is still considered the highest class beauty.

The beauty of Soft Dramatic in Slavic countries is quite exotic. A woman of this type, as a rule, has typical southern features and coloration.

Most of the representatives we will find among the Greek, Italian and Spanish women. There will be a large group of Hispanic women across the ocean.

Body Type And Features

David Kibbe, characterizing the type of Soft Dramatic, used the word “diva”. And he named the correct makeup and wardrobe as Diva Chic. These words best convey the style in which a Soft Dramatic woman should be.

Unfortunately, David Kibbe got a little lost in identifying some of the details. But keep in mind that his book was written in the eighties, and we, after thirty years of modern transformation, have a completely new look at the style of the woman who is a diva.

To discuss the details of Diva Chic’s appearance, let’s first take a look at the features specific to Soft Dramatic.

The Soft Dramatic woman usually has an hourglass figure. Although the masculine Yang element is dominant in the structure itself (the bones are wide and angular), in the body structure and facial features we can clearly see the influence of the feminine Yin element. Large breasts, rounded hips, large eyes, full lips contrast with the dominant Yang.

By comparing the faces, you can also see the significant influence of the Yin element. It is sometimes difficult to believe that Yang is dominant in this type and that Yin is only a complementary function.


Height – approx. 167cm and up
Long vertical lines
Body type – most often a full hourglass, possibly an apple
Shoulders – straight, equal to the width of the hips
Arms and legs – long, full (as opposed to very thin, in Dramatic)
Palms and feet – long, narrow or wide
Bust – full, largest
Waist – proportional
Thighs – full, rounded
Forearms – long, full

The above characteristic does not apply to very slender women. The body of a very slender woman Soft Dramatic loses its full forms, becoming more Yang. Then the silhouette begins to resemble the Dramatic type.


The lower part of the face is clearly defined, with a characteristic or square chin
Nose – long, well-defined, but not as sharp as the Dramatic
Cheekbones – Wide, well-defined
The eyes are large; round, straight or almond-shaped; medium or wider intervals
Lips – full, fleshy
Cheeks – full, fleshy; much fuller than Dramatic

The bones of the body are long and angular, therefore the limbs are often elongated. The waist is always very visible. There is a lot of softness in the body, in the chest, hips.

The bones of the face are expressive, often sharp. Something poking out: nose, cheekbones, eyes, eyebrows. The traits are exotic: a combination of sharp bones and lush soft tissue.

Weight gain in Soft Dramatics is distributed evenly throughout the body: the chest, hips, upper arms and legs grow fat. At the same time, the silhouette of the hourglass is preserved.

Style recommendations

Kibbe recommends Soft Dramas to choose Large, rich shapes. Bold geometry with softening edges.

As well as bold details, a T-shaped silhouette – wide, accentuated shoulders and a long vertical line decorated with draperies.

At the same time, the fabric should be light and soft in appearance, well-draped and bright. In general, girls of the Soft Dramatic type are very bright. And they need appropriate framing.

Details should be large, expressive and sophisticated. Rounded cutouts, with draperies. Expressive appliqués, embroidery, frill, deep and soft folds may be present.

Always think through your outfit from head to toe and maintain a single, elongated silhouette.

The colors are bright and original. Thoughtful color schemes, striving for a monochrome look.

Bold and flowery prints: large and abstract flowers, animal prints, irregular prints with rounded edges.

Jackets. Broad shoulders, long lines (up to mid-thigh). Lightweight, draped fabrics. The silhouette tends to be free. There can be soft draperies in the details.

Skirts. Should be straight, long (up to mid-calf) and draped. Knee-length skirts – paired with a long shirt, sweater or top. Finishing details should be vertical (corrugation, soft folds).

Pants should be straight, long, light draperies are possible. General shape – soft elongation (deep pleats, pleats, softly draped cuffs, pockets, etc.)

Blouses should be soft, with draperies, while maintaining the line of the shoulder; drapery can be on the sleeves. Details of trim should be elongated, soft and large: large collars or frill, lace trim. Fabrics should be lightweight, very soft or very shiny.

Knitwear. Soft sweaters with neat knits and draped necklines. Wide shoulders, elongated waist. Large patterns or finishes are also good decoration.

Dresses should be elongated, with draperies and accentuated shoulders. Details should be large and rich in appearance. It can be either a low waist or an accentuated high waist. Tight draped dresses are also the base.

Bags. Large softly rounded shape. Fine leather or fabric. Can be richly decorated for evening outings.

Jewelry is very important in the image of the Soft Dramatic. They must be big, bold and rich. Geometric shapes with soft edges. This is the case when minimalism does not decorate, but significantly impoverishes beauty.

Hairstyles. Hair should always be well-groomed and styled. The form must be large. Large soft waves and curls will look good. In general, the hairstyle should not look harsh.

Choose a color that is bold, bright and rich. Burning brunette, fiery red or bright blond.

Makeup. Should be bright at any time of the day. Emphasized eyes, cheekbones, luscious lips. And by all means a flawless skin tone.



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